What business to open a girl: the most interesting ideas

Not all women are satisfied with low-level employment, after which they have to run home, have time to do all the household chores, and still find time for their loved ones. Many people want to have their own business, and at the same time have enough time to communicate with children and for themselves.

It is the fear that the development of their own business will take all the time that prevents many women from making up their minds to meet a new life. Career or family - this dilemma stops many.

If a woman is wise, she will not choose between these two extremely important positions for her. She will be able to combine everything so that caring for the family and her own business do not interfere with each other.

Additional income can be obtained by starting a home business for women. There are a huge number of options. First of all, stop thinking that business is for men. It has already been proven that women have better intuition, are more patient and have more flexibility. And women are better at negotiating because of their charm.

Home Business Ideas

It is difficult to answer right away who to do what business. Each person has their own preferences and skills. Attention is drawn to the demand and the level of competition in the area that you have chosen. It is best to do something that you really enjoy. After all, each of you has your own hobby, your favorite business, which will help you find a stable income.

Why are we talking about home business? Because it's great for women. And that's why.

  • Your favorite hobby can become your profitable business.
  • No rent. And this is a significant savings.
  • Attachments are minimal. And you can start a business for women from scratch.

And if you think you're ready to take a step towards your success, think through a few questions.

  • Your place of residence. Much depends on this. Urban ideas may not work well in rural areas, and vice versa.
  • Competition. Market analysis will help you select an unfilled niche where demand is high and there are few products or services on offer that you can do.
  • Girls and women are able to organize their own business in any area. The main thing is to choose what you are really good at.

And now we will give you some specific options for starting your own business. Or maybe our suggestions will help you create your own unique home business ideas for women. Go ahead and try.


Each of you, of course, has seen decorations from balloons at anniversaries and openings of shopping and other centers. Why don't you do it? Imagine taking an order for wedding decoration, you can earn fifteen thousand rubles. And if you do it beautifully and appropriately, you will not end up with clients.

"Kinder, Küche, Kirche" - "Children, Kitchen, Church".

However, apparently, the women did not agree with the framework that the "stronger" sex defined for them, and, with their usual enthusiasm, took up the development of a new space for themselves - business. And I will try to help them with this a little by publishing a small top "business ideas for women". back to contents ↑

Following in the footsteps of past publications

In general, I must say that the blog has already published a lot of business ideas for women, as for those who want to do an active business: "How to open a massage parlor", "How to open a solarium", "How to open your own hairdressing salon ", etc. So for those who prefer to earn extra money at home, or due to some circumstances (decree, illness, etc.) are forced to stay at the "family hearth": "Printing on nails at home", "Modeling sculptures from plasticine" , "Embroidery of pictures with beads", and many others. Watch the blog, read business ideas, bring them to life, everything will definitely work out! And now, the promised top. back to contents ↑

Event Agency

It's no secret that children love holidays the most. And their women are the best. That is why the organization of various festive events, from birthdays and corporate celebrations to serious presentations and performances of show business stars, is just the right thing for women's ingenuity.

Women will be able to furnish any event much more colorful than men with their straightforward imagination. By the way, the opening of a wedding agency can be attributed to the same idea (you can find out how to do this here), or work as a stylist to select clothes.

Children's Center for Child Development

I already wrote about how to open a private kindergarten. In principle, a children's development center is not much different from a kindergarten. Perhaps the main difference is that in such centers more attention is paid to the development of the child, and not to his pastime while the parents are at work. I think that almost any of the women will cope with the upbringing and education of a child - they have it, as they say, "in their blood."

Surprisingly, almost all women's business ideas are related to those three “K” that the Germans came up with. The thing is that in the modern world, having expanded their activities, they have learned to derive material benefit from this.

Lingerie Sales

Every person, absolutely of any gender and age, the main thing is to have a great idea and initial capital. There are a lot of spheres in which your business can move, but in this article we will tell you what kind of business to open for a girl, here you will also find some recommendations for a novice girl who decided to start a business.

Recommendations for a beginner business woman

To be successful in business, there are some guidelines you need to follow.

Business ideas for girls

Tattoo parlor

It's not worth talking about the popularity of drawings on the body today, and pleasure is far from cheap, so why not open a tattoo parlor. If you know how to draw, you can try to sketch and get tattoos yourself, you can thus earn money for your own studio, hire other artists and make a profit.

Initial capital for opening a tattoo studio - 300 rubles.

In order to open your studio you need to do the following:

  • Rent a room in the city center or in a busy area.
  • Hire professional craftsmen.
  • Buy tattoo equipment, paint and other consumables.

There is not so much competition in this business, the main thing is to find professional specialists, and you can make good money on this business. In your studio, you can also do a tattoo, and thereby attract an even larger audience.

Pet breeding

For animal lovers, you can choose such a business idea as breeding pets. Small rodents, for example, hamsters, can be bred even at home, but such a business can hardly be called profitable, because hamsters are very cheap, but chinchillas or rabbits are another matter. You just need to equip the animals with housing, feeding system and other expenses.

Who among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity has not dreamed of having their own profitable business? For some reason, it is generally accepted that entrepreneurship is a man's business, and fragile women’s shoulders cannot bear such a burden as their own business. Those girls who not only decided to start their own business, but also achieved success are terribly called “Businesswoman”.

Start without initial capital

Many are mistaken, they say, to start your own business you need not just get out of your skin, working from morning to night, but you also need to have your own initial capital, and a considerable one. Business for a girl has its own subtleties and even advantages over a man's. The saying “A girl can make a scandal, a hairdo and a salad out of nothing” should be slightly supplemented with the phrase “start your own business”. Every girl who is not afraid to bring her own ideas to life can open her own business. Small business is attractive not only because you can work only for yourself, but also because business for girls can even become a hobby.

I blinded him from what happened

One of the options for business development can be considered knitting to order. Nowadays, hand-made things are in high demand and a considerable price. However, those who do their job quickly and efficiently are not so many as consumers. The demand in this direction exceeds the supply.

This option is also notable for the fact that absolutely no investments are required. After all, girls who love and know how to knit have had tools for their hobby for a long time. The material from which the products will be made must be paid by the customer. No cost, just work. After monitoring the prices for knitted items, it became known that the minimum cost of a knitted dress is 5,000 rubles.

And then, if there is grasp, zeal and, of course, desire, nothing will prevent you from thinking about even launching your own clothing line or atelier. The same scheme applies to soap making, making dolls, wedding accessories and other interesting areas of needlework.

Minimum capital

Ideas on how to start your own business are best written down in a notebook. By looking at the idea records and financial accounting, it will be much easier to see the full picture of how things are going. If a girl who has decided to start her own business, for example, in the field of cosmetology, does not have her own work skills, it will be much more difficult. After all, starting your own business not only as a director, but also as an ordinary employee is much more profitable. Firstly, this is saving on salaries for employees, and secondly, in the field of development and new services, the business woman will always be in the know.

Make money on beauty

The minimum capital in the development of this business will be spent on advertisements and the purchase of the necessary tools, cosmetics, presentations for clients. Forgetting that there is competition is one of the main mistakes of a beginner business woman. In order to fill the database with regular customers as soon as possible, you need not only to do your job efficiently, but also to please customers with very attractive prices.

Good material base

A girl who has a higher education or graduated from high school wants to get a job, but sometimes it is in vain. Professional skills are required everywhere. Where can you find your place in life? There is a way out - to open a business without capital.

Small Business Ideas for Girls

First, there is no need to rush to make a choice. It is necessary to carefully prepare for this decision and comprehend the future decision. Exactly which business to open? It is enough to prepare paper and make a list of your favorite things that you do great.

Second, study the market, how popular and competitive the selected type of business is in your region.

There are enough ideas for a young girl. Spheres:

  • beauty and health;
  • pedagogy;
  • psychology;
  • cooking;
  • tourism;
  • fashion;
  • internet technologies.

With minimal investment

  • sale of animals;
  • hotel with one bed;
  • decorative candles;
  • home delivery of water;
  • growing seedlings;
  • yoga school;
  • making decorative collars;
  • washing windows in shops, offices;
  • cleaning the room;
  • courses for expectant mothers;
  • creating your own website;
  • growing mushrooms;
  • karaoke - bar; <
  • travel agency;
  • Russian bath;
  • cafe selling pancakes;
  • organizing events;
  • breeding and sale of nutria;
  • handmade dolls;
  • school of creativity.

Selling animals

It is enough to choose a direction of business. Since puppies, for example, are sold once a year, the rest of the time will be spent caring for and raising the offspring. You can get additional income from combining several types of activities:

  • Master the work of grooming. Take orders for the care of dogs - wash the coat, cut, take care of the claws. Professional skills can be obtained in special courses.
  • Animal training. The instructor goes through the relevant courses and receives an admission document.
  • Handling is a service for bringing animals to the exhibition.
  • Set up a hotel for pets whose owners leave home.


The contingent will be attracted by the fact that prices are much lower than in a hotel, with obligatory homemade food. And also with an additional, bedside table, wardrobe, attractive curtains.

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