What business can be opened in the EU

How to actually choose a country in which business will definitely work out? The criteria by which you can choose a country for doing business: ease of registration of a company, including for a foreign entrepreneur, the amount of taxes and their administration, access to financing, a competitive environment, legal protection, ease of scaling up a business, in particular to other countries. Many of these criteria are measured from year to year by the World Bank's Doing Business rating. In addition, you can rely on news in the business media, from which it is quite possible to glean information about the development of technologies in a particular country, the level of corruption, political freedom, etc. As a rule, the Scandinavian countries are called the most convenient for doing business in Europe. But not everything is so simple. Together with a favorable business environment and high financial well-being of the population, one of the highest costs of doing business awaits you there.

Convenience Fee

Everyone, including a foreign citizen, can open a business in Sweden. Non-residents in Sweden can register a limited liability company (Privat Actiebolag) and an open joint stock company (Publikt Aktiebolag), these forms of business are similar to Russian LLCs and OJSCs. Privat Actiebolag can be managed by one manager, but Publikt Aktiebolag should have three or more directors, as in Sweden possible management conflicts are resolved "on the shore". Non-residents can also manage an LLC, without judicial problems in their country, at least one of the directors in an OJSC must be a Swede. To carry out managerial activities, a foreigner must have a special work permit (from the national register of Patentoch Registreringsvercet).

It is also important to choose a name and register with the Swedish Business Registration Service (Bolagsverket). According to the rules, it should not repeat any of the existing ones, as well as mislead consumers. The next step is to add the company to the state register, this can be done online. Moreover, you will receive confirmation literally in 2 hours. The main digital resource for doing business in Sweden is Verksamt. On it you can not only register a company, but also fill out a business plan. You can use the consulting service for all the org parts, it will cost $ 50 per hour. You can also buy a ready-made company that was registered in the name of a local resident of Sweden, and even with a ready-made pool of clients. In this case, 50% of the members of the board of directors will be appointed from among the residents of Sweden.

The Swedish authorities actively support local small businesses, in particular, they help unemployed citizens start their own businesses. For example, the employment service holds special educational meetings, even helps financially, until the business gains momentum. There are free courses on running and promoting a business and even an ambulance entrepreneurial assistance - business consultants who help you get out of such micro-crises for free. However, such support is not available for non-residents. In addition, Sweden has very high taxes - about 60%. 32% is a corporate tax, which includes municipal taxes, income tax and social contributions, 25% value added tax (VAT), partially refundable. Plus also customs fees if the company works with foreign partners. Reporting is end-to-end and unified - it is maintained through a unified database of banks, social protection services and other government agencies. It is not recommended to evade taxes; if such a fact is discovered, an entrepreneur can receive a fine of up to 40% of hidden income, as well as two years in prison. Access to financing is practically closed for Russians in Sweden. Only local residents and companies can open accounts in a state bank; private banks do not have such restrictions, but are reluctant to work with non-residents. And one more pitfall: good financial well-being of local residents is combined with high prices. Thus, both labor resources and operating costs will be an order of magnitude higher than in Russia.

Close people

A good place for new business is the Baltic countries, where many people still remember the Russian language and are generally close to us in mentality, they are also usually included in the top lists of countries that are comfortable for doing business. For example, Estonia is quite prosperous and technologically advanced. Non-residents here can open companies, while the form of the enterprise is very close to Russian realities: an individual entrepreneur (FIE), a limited liability partnership of the type LLC (OÜ) and a joint-stock company (AS). FIE, like individual entrepreneurs, is the most risky option, since the entrepreneur is responsible for his property.

The Tallinn Department of Entrepreneurship will help you draw up a business plan, and here you can also get free advice on preparing a financial plan and forecasts. The local unemployed, like in Scandinavia, receive free business training.

Loans from Estonian banks are practically unavailable for foreign entrepreneurs. But non-residents can count on financial assistance of up to € 15,000 from the Enterprise Development Fund (EAS). The start-up subsidy is intended for enterprises with high development potential; it should be engaged in services for the population or in production. The company that received the start-up subsidy must work for at least 3 years, otherwise the subsidy money will have to be returned.

European Hub

An interesting and promising choice of business location - Austria. The country is not at the top of the ranks of doing business, but it is popular with young and talented entrepreneurs from around the world. Technological startups are actively developing here, plus, like in the Baltic countries, they are friendly towards Russians.

Government support for small businesses in Austria is very strong. A simple procedure for registering a company - the form of ownership of an LLC, or GmbH, with a minimum start-up capital of € 10,000, of which only € 5,000 needs to be paid in cash, low tax burden (single corporate tax - 25%), incentives for innovators (12% on research costs and development) - far from all measures to support entrepreneurs by the authorities. Non-residents who plan to open a business in Austria are advised free of charge by the state organization ABA - Invest in Austria, it will help with choosing an activity, organizing office work, taxes and labor law, and international trade. In addition, it is convenient to do business in Austria from a geographical point of view, the country is a reference point for the development of business relations with the countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, therefore, many headquarters of international corporations are located here - Siemens, Beiersdorf, Hewlett-Packard, Henkel, BMW, Shell, etc.

People with sufficient means and wanting to emigrate to Europe should consider the possibility of business immigration as the main way to move to permanent residence. Firstly, this method guarantees almost 100% obtaining citizenship over time, and secondly, your business will be able to provide a comfortable existence abroad.

What kind of business to open so as not to burn out, and how to do it, read on.

Business benefits in Europe

Starting your own business in Europe has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • The very first thing is business immigration, that is, the opportunity to obtain a residence permit, and then citizenship in a prosperous and developed country.
  • The second advantage is entering the world market, which opens up great opportunities for developing your business and generating more income.
  • An important factor is the possibility of using numerous tax benefits. The taxes themselves in Europe are far from low, but the state cares about the development of the economy, therefore it encourages small and medium-sized businesses.

Here it is worth clarifying that, speaking further about a business or business visa, we will mean a special type - an investor visa. A business visa to the UK, as well as a Schengen business visa, implies the existence of business cooperation between your company in Russia with partners abroad. An investor visa involves investing money in the country's economy by opening your own business.

Since these concepts are closely intertwined, but still different, future emigrants often confuse them. However, hereinafter, under a business visa, we will mean the investor visa.

What business is profitable to open in Europe

The Schengen Business Visa is the first step towards immigration. Its receipt will allow, after a while, to obtain a residence permit in the selected country, and then, subject to all conditions, apply for citizenship.

It's quite possible to open a small business in Europe. This can be done both with your own funds and with the attraction of borrowed money from European banks. Thus, you invest a certain amount in the country's economy, create jobs and at the same time earn your living.

Our company will help you buy and sell any ready-made business in Europe and abroad

costing from 25. 00 euros for an it-business in Poland to 55 million euros and more for a hotel in Switzerland, providing full legal support for the transaction.

useful tips on how to buy a business in Europe in d

First, you need to clearly understand why you want to buy a ready-made business in Europe - to obtain a residence permit and citizenship, or your goal is to conduct a real business in the EU.

1) If your goal is business immigration to Europe, then it is possible to obtain a European residence permit on the basis of buying a business, although this is the most difficult option, it is advisable to enlist the support of experienced specialists.

The main thing is to prove to the immigration authorities that your business will benefit the region, develop an appropriate business plan and provide evidence of the uniqueness of your project. Such rules exist in many European countries.

So in Germany, the criteria for issuing a residence permit through the purchase of a business have been changed, now it is not necessary to buy a business with a cost of at least 250.00 euros, as was previously accepted, but you need to show the value of your business plan (concept) for local authorities.

2) If your goal is a residence permit in Europe, then with business immigration to the European Union, even an "inexpensive business" will require serious administrative efforts and high financial costs from you, it is easier to obtain a residence permit for financially independent persons for programs without running a business - this will significantly save your costs.

This is usually a misconception. The idea that I will buy a business and a local manager will work hard for me day and night is not true. Yes, in Europe, the actions of the manager are clearly regulated and mainly controlled by the shareholder, especially in German-speaking countries, for example, according to Swiss law, the manager is personally liable, up to criminal, for the cleanliness of business.

But in practice it often happens that trying to save a couple of thousand euros on lawyers, without knowing the language and local laws of doing business, Russian owners with "our" mentality fall into a mess, incurring huge losses and turn to professionals for legal assistance only when it comes to regaining control over the business.

Many people who work for hire have the impression that their bosses are trying to save on salaries, although they have the means. Many scold their management and the entire company as a whole, while at the same time dreaming of creating their own business. At the same time, they do not take specific actions or already lose their desire at the stage of choosing a field of activity. Business ideas 2021-2021 will help you choose the right direction of movement, but before that it is worth analyzing your own capabilities, preferences, true goal and much more.

  • 1 Features of choosing a suitable business idea
  • 2 Ideas for small towns and rural areas
  • 3 Business for medium and large cities <
  • 4 Ideas for personal employment
  • 5 Universal ideas
  • 6 Business ideas from Europe
  • 7 Transparent concrete
  • 8 Making and installing rubber tiles
  • 9 Comfortable hostels for young people
  • 10 Eatable dishes
  • 11 Short-term rental of things for individuals
  • 12 Business ideas from America
  • 13 Mobile hotels
  • 14 Hidden mini safes
  • 15 Blanks for laptops
  • 16 Alcoholic quest for adults
  • 17 Mailing address for sale

Features of choosing a suitable business idea

The most important criterion for choosing the type of future business is the willingness of a novice entrepreneur to acquire new knowledge. If the topic of the idea is not interesting, then there will be no desire to learn something about it. It does not matter whether these are business ideas for 2021-2021 or ideas of past years, when choosing, you must focus not on the maximum profitability and quick payback, you should rely on your own preferences, supported by correct calculations.

If the chosen idea promises to be profitable, but "the soul does not lie" to it, then the likelihood of incorrectly made decisions or their untimeliness greatly increases. This can lead to a complete destruction of the business or a sharp decline in profits. Therefore, the very first and most important criterion will be the desire to engage in this type of activity.

In addition, it is worth considering the following:

  • timeliness ;
  • consumer demand;
  • demand-to-supply ratio;
  • seasonality or year-round;
  • potential business scaling;
  • psychology of future buyers or clients;
  • own opportunities to create favorable conditions.

It should be understood that the fifth grocery store in Q1 is unlikely to attract many buyers, and the only barber shop for several houses can bring a good income. It is also necessary to remember that in rural areas people are accustomed to seeing the goods, and not choosing them from catalogs. It is also important to take into account the relevance when choosing a business idea for 2021-2021 - a seasonal point for the sale of seeds will bring income only in the spring, and elite goods at high prices cannot be sold everywhere, even if they are unique.

Ideas for small towns and rural areas

Localities with a small number of residents only at first glance are not suitable for doing business. Even in small villages there is an opportunity to show your entrepreneurial inclinations. The final receipt of income may not be in the village itself - it is enough to organize a business with deliveries through intermediaries to city shops or work remotely.

It is high time for business people with sufficient free capital to think about what financially profitable business can be opened to develop their status in the EU. After all, this is an opportunity to get two benefits at once: to globally strengthen your material condition, to provide yourself or your family with guaranteed citizenship of prosperous Europe. In the first case, the consistently high world position of the Union will work, in the second - preferential conditions for immigrating investors.

The advantages of European business

Successful businessmen who have decided to open a company in Europe will have several privileges at once:

  • Business immigration - simplified schemes for obtaining a residence permit by business people with the subsequent assignment of citizenship to them.
  • The emergence of free access to world markets, contracts with large, developed partners.
  • Substantial tax bonuses for small and medium-sized businesses, whom the European economy carefully protects.

In addition, the European Union allows for the implementation of the most daring, progressive ideas, which gives an opportunity for enterprising, talented people to grow not only financially, but also intellectually.

Nuances of business visas

For everyone who enters the EU from the Eastern states (except Japan, Singapore and some other countries of the South-East), Schengen visas are required. Those arriving for business purposes need to apply for special business visas.

However, here it is important not to confuse their types. Namely:

The first type is designed for a temporary stay with Europeans, the second - lays the foundation for full-fledged immigration. It is its presence that allows, over time, to issue a residence permit, and then, if all the established requirements are met, to obtain citizenship.

What will bring success in Europe?

The most popular services among the inhabitants of the Old World are small services, but aimed at improving the quality of life. Therefore, at first, it is best to go to a medium-sized business, designed for a mass audience. There are some statistics showing the most popular spheres of influence in European markets in recent years.

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