Website development and promotion is not just a business idea, but a serious matter


Nowadays there are many ways to make money online, but creating and promoting sites should not be done privately. We will present an original idea that will tell you how to dramatically increase your own earnings, and then achieve universal popularity on the Internet.

Phased organization of the agency for the creation and promotion of sites

Turnkey website development is a necessary service. Large companies do not recognize templates and constructors, preferring to turn to professionals. This makes you think about opening a unique online agency that can grow into something more. This business idea is the beginning of a long-term development with rapid income growth.

  • Stage one - receiving documents. Are you still privately changing the code of the sites or drawing their designs? It's time to get out of the shadows by registering your own company. Why we advise you to open an LLC instead of an individual entrepreneur. Moreover, the tax inspectorate will have to indicate the provision of information services to the population as the main activity.
  • Stage two - team selection. You will not be able to deal with all the subtleties on your own. Because of this, we advise you to find a team of like-minded people. The approach to this issue can vary. It is often advised to negotiate a percentage of the payment for each project, but we advise you to refuse this. By retaining the chain of command, it will be possible to achieve better results in the future due to the absence of disagreements. Partnerships gradually develop into friendships that have no place in business.
  • Stage three - launching your own website. The original portal is an integral part of any business, but in this case it is irreplaceable. You must make every effort to show your capabilities. For potential clients, it will turn into a kind of portfolio representing the true achievements of specialists.
  • Stage four - advertising campaign. Surely experienced SEOs and targetologists will not have to explain how to properly organize the dissemination of information about their own company. Due to this, the agency will grow rapidly, surpassing competitors. Yes, the creation and promotion of websites in Moscow has long been a widespread service, but you can still show your own achievements, appearing everywhere in front of future customers.

How the agency works for creating websites

Ideally, the creation and promotion of Internet sites is more interested in clients if they have an office. If you completely abandon money investments, you will have to arrange a kind of online conferences to receive applications from clients. Just do not immediately stipulate terms and promise "mountains of gold".

After accepting the application, it is best to conduct a brainstorming session, during which each employee will have a chance to speak up and describe their own capabilities. As a result, the initial layout presented to the client is gradually built. Approval is the main stage, as it eliminates the subsequent introduction of changes to the project.

Further, all wishes are realized and the project is delivered. The customer should be satisfied with even minor details. In this case, he will give the necessary amount, which is best invested in further development. At the first stages, it will not be possible to do without this action, because employees need to immediately pay their salaries, and then think about finding new specialists.

Errors in the implementation of a business idea

Having decided to open a company to create and promote websites in Moscow, you need to think a few times. Remote mode allows you to work in any city in the world, so it is often more profitable to bypass the competition by contacting another region. This solution is simple and reliable, so it is worth using it. What mistakes arise when implementing a business idea?

  • Having refused to invest money, you need to foresee your own titanic work in advance. He guarantees attraction of clients and fast contracts.
  • If you can't communicate with customers, you should hire an experienced manager. “Selling your own services” is difficult, therefore it is difficult to do without professionals in such matters.
  • Organizing a common business is a common mistake. It leads to differences of opinion, and at the same time the lack of future development.
  • You cannot do without paperwork. Through them, simple professional activity takes on an official character, attracting the interest of large companies.

Business owners are directly interested in the business they are engaged in developing and showing all the best results. Business owners need to know exactly what will help promote the business correctly. Needless to say, how important it is to be visible in the vast sea of ​​information. But are you using all the methods available to us today to promote your business? Regardless of which methods you choose, the main thing is what you do to leave your competitors behind and delight your customers. Put your customers and their needs first.

What should be done?

Refresh your site

There is a lot of controversy around whether you need a website today when there are instant messengers and social networks. When it comes to your business, a website is definitely a must. This is the "island" that you can control. Yes, social media can help promote your business, but you will never have control over the social media. You can lose your account, get bad reviews, undeservedly, etc. You should always have a backup plan if your account gets banned. In addition, the actions that you do on the website and on social networks are not even worth comparing. Storis on Instagram lives 24 hours. The texts on the site can bring you results in a few years after publication.

By creating your website, you create long-term value for your brand, an asset that will work for you and help you find more and more customers.

Just search by brand name or by basic customer searches The site is useful and customer-friendly. Easy to use and purchase. The site is like a tamagotchi. All the time you need to pay attention to it, update it so that it continues to grow and bring new customers.

Invest in search engine optimization (seo)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about driving organic traffic to your website through search engines.

This is so that customers, when they enter words or queries into the search bar, can find a solution to their problems on your page.

For example, by entering into the search "Buy a washing machine is not expensive in Moscow", they should get a link to your site in the top ten sites. Unless, of course, you really sell washing machines in Moscow. If you are a newbie, or a business owner, and you do not need to understand SEO, you should hire a specialist. This is not a fast track and can take several months. Do not rely on quick results, as in advertising.

Create your own podcast, or advertise on podcasts

We have prepared budgetary and at the same time effective methods of attracting the target audience.

) Submit information about your organization in directories and online maps

List of popular services:

  • Yandex. arts;
  • Yandex Reference;
  • Google Map;
  • Google My Business;
  • 2GIS;
  • Maps ... e (from Mail.u Group).

Online maps and guides are a free and quick way to inform the audience about your business (services, contacts, office location) and to attract additional traffic. Ideal for offline points and businesses with a specific geo-reference: beauty salons, fitness centers, car service, etc.

) Get started with content marketing

Prepare useful material in various formats: text, video, audio. Place on sites visited by your target audience (target audience). The content demonstrates your expertise and makes the target audience loyal to your organization. Be helpful to your target audience.

The bottom line - work in the direction of content marketing gives:

  • Expertise in the eyes of partners and target audience.
  • Increase the importance of the site for search engines.
  • Increase the loyalty of your audience.
  • Capitalization.

Examples of sites for posting materials:

  • Yandex Zen;
  • YouTube;
  • Soc. networks: Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, TikTok;
  • On the company's website;
  • Publications on thematic resources of your niche;
  • On the platforms of opinion leaders; <
  • Executive. u etc.

) Engage in online reputation management - taking measures to increase target audience loyalty

Promotion of Internet resources is a difficult job and requires special knowledge. Virtual businesses are expanding and more and more people are opening online stores or commercial information blogs. Moreover, it is difficult to promote even an expensive project to the first positions of search engines. It is not enough to choose high-quality hosting, come up with a simple and memorable domain, create and fill the site with information. Serious analytical work is required to assess performance and creative work to implement non-standard solutions. For the commercial promotion of resources, you need a friendly team of a webmaster, SEO specialist and a programmer. Moreover, you can work centrally (from the office) or decentralized (with remote specialists). After completing several high-quality projects and building a portfolio, you can attract a constant stream of clients.

Working with optimization from within

Competition is developed in any branch of entrepreneurial activity, and it has not bypassed the Internet. A virtual company must earn a name and attract customers. A beginner specialist can submit an ad on one of the freelancing exchanges and offer their services. On average, you can get from 100 thousand rubles for work. But the rates depend on which site needs to be optimized and the amount of work to be done. Since the complex promotion is stretched in time from 3-6 months to a year, payment is made monthly: about 30 thousand rubles a month.

The price depends on the niche. In some niches (lawyers, online stores of popular goods), the competition is fierce, you have to invest a lot of time and effort in promotion, and this work is more expensive than shops for outboard motors or a meat farm. Also, a lot depends on the breadth of the topic of a particular site. More services provided or promoted products - more budget.

The promotion of each virtual project needs its own approach. General tips and tricks are not equally effective for different projects. Only by understanding what issues should be resolved on a specific resource, you can achieve high results. Sites can have a different focus, and this also needs to be taken into account.

Commercial website promotion includes the following stages:

  • Technical work (setting up the site code).
  • Work on the usability of the site, creating a convenient interface to improve behavioral factors.
  • Development of a semantic core (a set of keywords for search).
  • Preparation of content (texts, photos, videos).
  • External optimization.
  • Social media promotion (SMM).
  • Setting up contextual advertising.
  • Preparation of landing pages (one-page advertising projects).
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of making changes, constant revision until the end of the project.

This list is full cycle services. You can focus and work successfully in one or more areas. For example, specialize in contextual advertising or landing pages. When a person searches for a product in a search engine or interesting information, then he is offered many resources at once. You need to distinguish your customer from a number of similar offers. Your work will be completed when the previously agreed indicators for the number of unique visits and the TIC of the resource are achieved.

Advantages of virtual business include:

  • Minimum investment.
  • At the start, no advertising is needed, it is enough to build a portfolio.
  • At the initial stage, you do not need to register an individual entrepreneur or LLC.

Of the minuses - teamwork. It is unrealistic for one specialist to cope with optimization: knowledge in programming, web design, and writing skills is needed. Remember that each narrow specialist needs to be paid, so additional costs are discussed with the client in advance.

Make a website

A website is an online branch of your company, accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world where there is Internet. This is the very first and most important step towards promoting any online business. Why does a business need its own website:

  • This is the best platform to present a company, products and services to clients exactly in the form in which it is beneficial for the business owner.
  • A springboard for all types of promotion and advertising. Any advertising media - from contextual advertising to brochures and business cards - will lead to your site.
  • A way to attract customers. Intending to find products or services, most people go to a search engine - where they will find your site.
  • A platform for interacting with customers - through feedback forms, callbacks, contact details, comments, reviews and any other means of communication that you provide to them.
  • It creates a trustworthy image of a company. You can sell and promote through Instagram and even indicate your VKontakte group on a business card instead of a website. But you will never achieve a solid company image and customer trust without having your own website. For most, social media is nothing more than entertainment. Not everyone dares to make a serious purchase there.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and small companies are often skeptical: they say, we are too small to acquire our own website, we don’t need it, or our business “doesn’t fit” with online. This is a classic mistake. Any business has a place on the Internet if you find a competent approach to promotion.

Another common mistake is to think of building a website as a difficult, time-consuming and costly task that only developers and companies with a thick wallet can do. There are many ready-made solutions and website builders that are as simple as two or two and do not require any technical knowledge. The 1C-UMI service is one of those. It is specially designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and is packed with all the tools you need to promote online.

When promoting a business on the Internet, you will be faced with the need to perform many tasks at the same time. For example, update the site, conduct contextual advertising and search engine optimization, publish posts on social networks. In order not to waste extra time on little things, you will have to optimize routine processes and, if possible, combine the execution of different tasks. The 1C-UMI ready-made website service solves this problem. In addition to managing the site, it combines in one panel all the necessary tools for online promotion: contextual advertising, SEO, promotion in social networks. You can forget about millions of open tabs and different applications for working with the project.

Search engine optimization

For business, SEO-promotion is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. At least basic. Whoever is not in search engines is invisible to customers. Where to start?

  • Register the site in search engines.

How else will they find out about its existence? Without this step, no further search engine promotion is meaningful.

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