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Good day! Today I have an article on the development of the provision of plumbing services, namely a business plan for a plumbing store.

Opening my own plumbing store is a pretty close business to me, since I am the owner of a plumbing store and I know everything about this topic. In order to open a plumbing store, you first need to make money, but it would be nice if you didn't need them.

Before writing a business plan for a plumbing store, as always, I went to the Yandex search engine with this question and the answer I received did not disappoint me at all. My article, which I wrote 3 years ago, was in the TOP 2.

Everything is fine, but the article is already outdated and during this time there have been many changes. So, I came to my own store, now it's night and in a calm atmosphere I can write a new business plan for a plumbing store for 2021.

Plumbing Store Business Plan Step by Step

At the moment I want to structure the information and write how to open a plumbing store step by step:

Registering a business at the tax office

Every business you open must belong to one form of ownership or another. To open a plumbing store, the simplest form of business ownership is suitable for us - an individual entrepreneurship.

Individual entrepreneurs have many advantages, one of which is the possibility of applying the PSN tax (I myself am on this tax, but more on that later).

When filling out an application for registration of an individual entrepreneur, you will need types of activities from the OKVED2 classifier, which was adopted in July 2021:

47. 2. - Subgroup “Retail trade in sanitary equipment in specialized stores”.

46. 3 - Wholesale trade in timber, construction materials and sanitary equipment

Investments: from 1,500,000 rubles

Payback: from 4 months

One of the promising areas in business is plumbing trade. People always need sinks, toilets, showers and baths. And since a unit of plumbing is not cheap, you can count on a large profit.

Business Concept

It is difficult to imagine modern housing without communications. People are equipping bathrooms and toilets, replacing old plumbing fixtures with new ones. Therefore, the specialty store is undoubtedly a business destined to succeed.

Starting any business involves analyzing the current market. To do this, you need to study how many outlets selling plumbing are in your locality, what kind of products are sold and at what price. With this information, you can easily compete with existing retail outlets.

Clients can be both individuals and legal entities, representatives of various organizations.

What is required for implementation?

Any store competes with its rich assortment. A store of this specialization should also be distinguished by a wide variety of goods. Most often, a person changes all the plumbing at one time, so it will be very convenient for him to find all the necessary goods in your store. If you cannot buy everything at once, then you need to start a business at least with the most "popular" products. The main assortment of the plumbing store:

  • cast iron and steel bathtubs;
  • toilets and bidets;
  • washbasins and sinks;
  • cisterns ;
  • shower cabins;
  • installation accessories: mixers, taps, pipes, adapters, valves;
  • plumbing trifle: bolts, nuts, keys, gaskets, adapters , handles;
  • bathroom accessories: mirrors, shelves, dryers, bathroom rugs, tiles;
  • elite sanitary ware: marble and porcelain products, designer products.

You also need to start arranging the store. Make repairs and purchase the necessary equipment: furniture, showcases, shelves. The store should be warm, light, have a separate bathroom, utility rooms. It is advisable to install an alarm and video surveillance.

Finding the appropriate premises for the store is one of the important points in the implementation of the idea. Plumbing products have rather large dimensions, a building for them needs at least 100 square meters. In addition, the store must have a warehouse where products will be stored in accordance with certain rules. It can be a point in the market, an area in a large shopping center, a room in a residential area. Location close to popular outlets in the city is encouraged. The main condition is that the store must be located in a passable crowded place.

To trade in sanitary ware, you need to find suppliers of goods. They can be chosen from manufacturers from both Russia and Turkey, Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania. You may need to use several providers. The choice will also depend on what kind of consumer the store is designed for: the average resident of a residential area or the owner of an elite new building. Among Russian manufacturers, you can also find quality products at reasonable prices, but exclusive plumbing is not available to everyone and you can only make money on it due to high prices. Inexpensive goods will be sold several times faster.

Plumbing trade is a relevant and profitable direction for starting a business. Statistics show an increase in consumer demand for sanitary ware due to actively under construction residential buildings and neighborhoods. Before opening his own plumbing store, an entrepreneur must weigh all the pros and cons of this niche, analyze competitors, find out his target audience and, based on these data, proceed to choosing a place to open a retail outlet. This article provides up-to-date information with detailed instructions to help you get started successfully in your business.

How to open a plumbing store

The article "How to open a plumbing store" describes step by step the steps that an entrepreneur must take in order to avoid mistakes in the early stages of business development:

Register a legal entity

To start a plumbing store from scratch, you need to legally register your business. If you plan to expand your business or cooperate with large construction companies that can purchase engineering plumbing in large quantities, you will need to open an LLC.

In general, to open a retail outlet, it will be enough to issue an IP. The main thing is to choose the right tax regime. The simplified tax system will reduce the cost of accounting and taxes.

"When choosing the OKVED activity code, you must specify 47. 2. - retail trade in sanitary equipment in specialized stores."

Think over the assortment of the store

The main issue when opening a plumbing store is the purchase of products and the formation of an assortment. Some items, for example, baths, can be ordered directly from the manufacturer or his representative. This will save money and give you an extra guarantee. The assortment should also include high-margin products sold with a 100-300% mark-up. The share of such goods is determined based on the level of demand and purchasing power. You need to work on the assortment even after the store opens, constantly analyze the market and monitor new developments in your field.

Among the products of a plumbing store, it is desirable to have products of several categories:

  • "White plumbing" or "sanitary ware" (toilets, cisterns, bidets, sinks, pallets, cast iron, acrylic, steel bathtubs and others);
  • " Engineering plumbing "(valves, pipes, mixers, fittings, fasteners, bends and more);
  • " Accessories "(rugs, tiles, shelves, mirrors, and more).

A beginner plumbing store owner shouldn't buy everything at once. The assortment of goods can be formed during the year of operation of the outlet. The store can have products of all categories, but you can also focus on certain ones. For example, people will come from different parts of the city to a specialty store for toilet bowls and cisterns. Thus, you can occupy a certain niche and receive a stable income.

The services of professional plumbers are in great demand. In any city there are a huge number of houses and apartments, each of which has plumbing equipment that requires regular repair and maintenance. Only a few homeowners can do this on their own, so the on-call plumber is a sought-after niche for business.

Relevance and business specifics Types of plumbing work

The essence of the business idea is the provision of paid services by specialists in the repair of plumbing equipment. The circle of clients is not limited. List of services provided:

  • installation of hot and cold water distribution systems;
  • installation of plumbing equipment;
  • installation of sewerage and heating systems;
  • connecting washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, etc.

The customer only needs to call and set a time. The head of the firm must process the message and arrange for repairs. At first, you should not issue large invoices for your work, this will greatly limit the circle of potential clients. Better to focus on quality, build up your customer base and earn money thanks to large turnovers. This will help build trusting relationships with many clients who will provide good free advertising for your business.

Immediately decide how much you need your own office space. Having an office will be a plus when running your own business, but it will require additional costs. If the starting capital is limited, it is better to abandon this idea.

The choice of employees is very important. The work of an integrated team will be a big advantage. At the same time, it is possible to simultaneously execute several orders, which will increase revenues. But good specialists require a certain level of payment. In addition, employees need to be fully equipped with the necessary set of tools; it is better to sew branded work clothes for them. Customers expect to see neatly dressed and fully equipped people.

Plumbing: Step by Step Launch Plan

A step-by-step business launch plan consists of several stages.

Plumber On Call Business Registration

The first stage is registration. Two forms of ownership are possible: a limited liability company (LLC) and an individual entrepreneur (IP). The first is necessary for the provision of plumbing services, both to citizens and organizations, the second is suitable only for working with individuals. OKVED code 43. 2 - Production of sanitary works. You can register an individual entrepreneur within a few working days.

But if you work independently and do not employ hired personnel, then you can register as a self-employed citizen (if this regime operates in your region). At the same time, you do not need to keep accounting, and the tax rate when working with individuals will be only 4%. You can register remotely through the online applications of major banks.

How to start a plumbing business

In modern times, there is a demand for plumbing services, this is due to the rapid overpopulation of people from villages to cities. Therefore, the creation of this business can bring great profit. To start a plumbing business you need:

It is best to get a job as an assistant in the plumbing service and get experience in this field. Working as an apprentice can help build a customer base and build a positive image to grow your customer base.

If the future entrepreneur is not going to do all the work on his own, then you can hire one or more locksmiths to work. Each employee must have work experience and have a portfolio at a previous job.

This financial document will be useful in obtaining financing for your business. It should include the mission and goals of the company, market research and analysis of the customer base, the costs of starting a business, prices for services and employee salaries, and all financial costs and revenues over a period of time. In order to get a loan from a bank, it is necessary to correctly draw up a business plan, and it is also necessary when obtaining financing from private investors.

In modern times, there are many franchises that are ready to help in starting a business and provide their own brand for a certain amount of money.

Business registration.

In order to conduct this business, you must register with the local tax authorities and obtain a license. The most suitable organizational and legal form would be a limited liability company, for which it is necessary to come up with a company name that should be compared with the field of activity.

Equipment for work.

This work will require tools and materials to provide services. The main tools are extension cords, propane torch, circular saw, pipe wrenches, fittings, and more. For a more convenient business and to ensure the greatest amount of work, transport will be required.

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