We open a company that provides the services of handymen and movers: a business idea

One comic expression reads: "If earlier students studied and earned money, now they work and learn". And, in the words of the classic, “all this would be funny if it weren’t so sad”, because to this day the situation of students is complicated by scanty scholarships. Therefore, some young people are supported by their parents during their studies, and some are looking for ways to earn money on their own.

As you know, students, for the most part, are active and enterprising people, because life itself forces them to be so, and, trying to get out of another difficult situation, they often find brilliant solutions. Such a person is Sergei, who told us his story about how in his student years he was able to organize his successful business, providing the services of loaders and handymen. And, of course, Reconomica is in a hurry to share this story with you, dear readers.

I've considered all possible ways to work part-time

Hello, my name is Sergey Kropachev. In my student years, like most students, I had no money, I could not get a permanent job and go there every day. And I decided that I needed a side job in my spare time with instant pay and no obligations. I think that all students set the same criteria for themselves. I spent a lot of time looking for something suitable: I had to shovel the entire Internet, and these are the results I got. Conventionally, all available part-time jobs are divided into three categories:

  • work in the supermarket in free time;
  • some small business of his own;
  • occasional part-time jobs once a month.

Supermarket job

This side job has its advantages:

  • the assurance that you will not be thrown;
  • fixed payment for the work performed.

  • low wages;
  • payments once a month.

Own business

  • complete freedom of action;
  • payment by agreement.

And the cons for me were like this:

Investments: from 20,000 rubles

Payback: from 1 month

Having decided to organize your own business in order to have a permanent source of income, you should not lose sight of such a simple income as a team of handymen. This type of business is characterized by low financial investments and quick payback.

Business Concept

The general laborer team is an intermediary between workers and employers. The fact is that simple hard workers cannot always find a job, but you will take on the responsibility of ensuring their employment. The contingent will depend on the focus of the services you provide. You can organize a construction brigade, but in this case, you need, in addition to ordinary workers, to hire specialists: painters, plasterers, and so on.

The services of plumbers are also in demand, especially such a team will be in demand in big cities.

Today in the newspapers you can often find an advertisement for the "husband for an hour" service. In this case, the workers do the male work they can: fix or nail something, dig up a plot of land, bring in furniture, chop wood, clean snow. It should be noted that 80% of orders for such services come from private sector residents.

Handyman services will be used by:

  • individuals;
  • industrial enterprises in need of one-time work (loading, unloading, repairs).

But keep in mind that there may be problems with hiring workers. As a rule, such a position is accepted by people without specialization, the unemployed and students. There is a risk of facing irresponsibility and alcoholism. The most responsible category of workers are students, who always need money. They will do the job, firstly, with high quality, and, secondly, quickly. But only part-time. Therefore, it is good if your staff consists of different workers - permanent and temporary. You can organize your activities so that most of them work on weekdays and students on weekends.

What is required for implementation?

As already mentioned, this type of commercial activity requires minimal costs. To organize a brigade of handymen, it is necessary to purchase all the necessary tools (hammers, axes, saws, shovels, gloves) and hire labor.

Step-by-step startup instructions

Business on the services of loaders, at first glance, may seem unprofitable. However, if you look at it from the other side, companies that do business on the services provided by movers are always in demand. The advantage of such a business is also that it can be organized without investment. In fact, loaders are handymen who carry out the transfer of heavy things when moving, construction waste, unloading vehicles with goods, and so on. The rental of such personnel is always in demand.

Considering the wide range of potential customers, we can conclude that the business of the services of workers can bring a good profit if it is organized correctly, having thought over every detail.

Potential Clients

Handyman and loader service for carrying heavy items may be required in various situations. Potential customers for the business owner in the field of such services are:

  • ordinary citizens who need help with moving (as a rule, they order such assistance: transport and several handymen loaders);
  • private companies in demand in a simple work force (usually they do not order transport, as often there is a need for the usual movement of things from place to place);
  • companies that need one-time work (unloading cars or cars);
  • organizations , whose activity is seasonal, there are sharp surges in activity during a certain period of the year (harvesting, etc.).

It's worth noting that you shouldn't tackle all these niches right away, it's better to focus on something specific. In any case, at the initial stage. In the future, if the business on such services goes uphill, you can think about expanding your activities.

Short diagram

So, what is the essence of a business organized on the service of loaders, and what is the income based on? An approximate scheme of the case for the provision of assistance by loaders is as follows:

  • An order is received from a customer who needs cargo assistance. For example, you need 5 people.
  • The agency for the provision of these services assigns payment for the work of one handyman. Let's say 150 rubles per hour.
  • 5 people are selected from our own base of loaders, who are suitable for the corresponding type of work. They are promised a payment of 100 rubles per hour.
  • At the appointed time, the handymen go to the place and work off their money.
  • The client pays for the services of the agency, which, in turn, pays for the staff.

As a result, the difference goes to the businessman's wallet. Having carried out simple calculations, you can understand that this is an amount of 250 rubles. in an hour. If the movers have worked eight hours, the agency receives 2,000 rubles. As you can see, this business is very profitable. Plus, it's pretty simple.

True, a quite reasonable question arises: why the client himself does not find loaders for himself on an ongoing basis? It's pretty simple. And in this case, there is a connection with taxation. If the organization allocates 150 rubles. per hour to one loader, 39% will go to tax. As a result, only 90 rubles will reach the handyman himself. Plus, staff expansion is a headache.

To get rid of unnecessary hassle, many companies prefer to sign an agreement with agencies that provide cargo services.

How to start a handyman services business

The handyman services business performs all possible work related to maintenance, repairs, painting, carpentry, electricity or cleaning services. This area of ​​activity is free on the market, so you can earn good profit on this. To start this business you need to do the following:

Has sufficient experience to start a business.

Most entrepreneurs in this business have spent a lot of time to gain experience in this field. The main activities are plumbing, electricity and construction. If you gain experience in these areas, then you can safely open a company for the provision of handyman services.

Before starting this business, you need to have an idea of ​​what type of business the future entrepreneur would like to create. You need to think about a list of specific services that are in demand in the market. Consider what type of customers will be served as there are individuals and businesses in the market.

Come up with a good company name that relates to handyman services. In the future, the name can be used in the site address (domain name). License acquisition will vary by location. Choose an organizational and legal form with the help of which you can optimize the future taxable base. Each business must have a bank account with a legal entity and obtain a taxpayer identification number. For the successful registration of a future entrepreneurial business, it is best to consult a lawyer who, for a monetary remuneration, will do all the work and provide the businessman with all the information in an understandable form.

At the beginning of any business, an entrepreneur can perform services on his own, but as they pay off the investment and increase the amount of work, additional staff will need to be hired to help complete all the work on time. With a large number of employees of the company, you can perform several tasks at the same time, this in turn will increase income. Each employee of the company performing these services must have experience in a particular area.

In this business, you may need a truck or minibus, otherwise you can rent a vehicle to increase the speed of work. It is advisable to stick a logo with the name of the company on the car, this will allow potential customers to immediately recognize the company and spontaneous advertising will be made.

Every employee should have a basic set of tools. For each field of activity, you will need to spend no more than 30,000 rubles for the purchase of tools. Find a cheap supplier in advance for the purchase of nails, pipes, fasteners and other special tools. It is better to purchase consumables in bulk at a low price, since they will be spent in large quantities.

For the most effective advertising, it is necessary to print out leaflets and distribute them throughout the locality, indicate discounts and special offers in them. Advertise with local newspapers and television. Develop a website from a future company. To do this, you need to register a domain and hire a designer to ensure a quality design. On the electronic page, indicate contact information by which you can contact the company and indicate the list of services of the company. Social media can be used as cost-effective advertising by registering on major social media and posting information about the services provided and their prices. After each completed task, ask the client to leave a review for the services on the site and in social networks. You should always be polite and remain calm even about negative reviews, as you need to remember that a potential client can read negative information from the company. To do this, you need to be able to smooth out conflicts with all unhappy customers.

As you develop, you can provide additional services, thereby increasing profits. Try to create a specialized store for plumbing and construction. This will allow you to purchase tools and consumables quickly and at the lowest prices, since all tools will be purchased in bulk.

Almost everyone has used the services of loaders at least once: when buying new furniture, large-sized electrical equipment, moving to a new place of residence, etc. Loader services have been and will always be in demand. Therefore, young entrepreneurs should think about organizing their own business to provide such services in order to generate a permanent income.

Business idea - provision of loader services

Today in Russia such business as the services of loaders is still not very widespread. Therefore, the first reason why young businessmen should pay attention to this type of activity: this niche of commercial activity is practically free. The second reason: to organize a business involving the services of loaders, you do not need to have exorbitant financial resources, the main thing is to have a desire to work and make a profit.


Starting your own business, involving the services of loaders, is necessary with the registration of a legal form: you can create your own company (legal entity), register as a private entrepreneur (IE).


Handymen (loaders) of such an enterprise must be adequate people so that they do not have to do work for them later. At the initial stage, there should be at least 3 people. At the initial stage, handymen should be under constant control, that is, the entrepreneur will need to be directly involved in providing services. After a certain period of activity, when the system of work enters its course, such a need will disappear by itself.

Handymen required at the initial stage of starting a business:

  • experienced manager
  • driver
  • at least 3 loaders.

To achieve success in this business, you need to monitor the quality of services. Therefore, the success of the enterprise, of course, will primarily depend on the movers themselves.

For this job it is recommended to select men in good physical shape, without bad habits. The reputation of the company, the number of orders, and accordingly the profitability of the business will depend on them.


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