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Business ideas from the United States are a consequence of the peculiarities of the American way of life, so they turn out to be new and unique for Russia. The use of ideas is possible, but you should be extremely careful, because adjustment to existing reality is required. Many startups turn out to be successfully embodied in life and even managed to bring significant income to the entrepreneur, but at the same time, other factors must be taken into account, and not be guided only by the accumulated experience. So what should you rely on to achieve the desired results?

Most of the ideas of American entrepreneurs concern the service sector, as well as catering. For this reason, a beginner should try to understand which product or service is of interest to potential customers, how the need of the target audience can be satisfied.

For example, young people usually find it difficult to care for their elderly relatives. In these cases, it is advisable to give preference to special devices that can significantly ease the worries of the elderly and sick people. For example, a special watch that allows you to remind you to take a medicine, an airbag to protect against falls, a landline phone with smartphone functions deserve attention. Entrepreneurs can sell these devices and generate substantial profits.

Pets and small children are also profitable businesses.

Self-service laundries and car washes should be noted among the most interesting proposals.

Vending business also initially began to develop in America. Initially, it was possible to buy food and drinks in vending machines without the help of a seller, but now - medicines, household items, swimwear and many other things.

Despite the minimum financial investment, income in most cases turns out to be significant.

Features of American Entrepreneurship Ideas

An entrepreneur should look for the most interesting ideas for himself, strive to look at situations with optimism and go towards the set goal, regardless of difficulties and obstacles.

Business idea Food ordering service

The first thing that forms the foundation of a successful business is an idea. It is she who can inspire a modest and very mediocre-looking person, making him subsequently a successful and prosperous businessman. Some ideas come to mind on their own, and some can simply be borrowed by implementing a project at home that has been successfully tested abroad. And there is no need, as they say, to “reinvent the wheel”.

Business ideas from Europe that are not in Russia

Many Russians are thinking about how to realize their aspirations by starting their own business. But sometimes the problem may not even be in the initial capital, but in the lack of ideas. For some especially attentive compatriots, it is enough to go to several European countries and bring from there a whole "bag" of promising, simple and affordable projects that can be easily successfully implemented at home.

It's no secret that business development throughout the post-Soviet space began precisely with borrowing foreign ideas and copying successfully implemented projects.

Bicycle cafe

The bicycle has long earned a reputation as a reliable two-wheeled friend of Russians. This is especially true for young people. And some use the bike for business. In particular, they create mobile cycle coffee shops that travel around the city and stop where customers are. All you need to do is purchase a tricycle and a coffee machine. You can assemble a coffee shop with your own hands, or you can buy it for 1.5-2 thousand dollars.

There are several types of bicycle cafes. In addition to the bike cafe, which allows for the most mobile customer service, novice businessmen open snack bars for cyclists. The initial capital for opening such a cafe is much higher than for a bicycle coffee shop. It is necessary to rent or acquire ownership of the territory on which it will be located. You will also need to install a special parking lot for bicycles, spend money on advertising and, of course, on production equipment for the cafe, as well as on the purchase of food. The total costs in a large settlement can be from 10 thousand dollars. Much will depend on the size and location of the bike cafe. The rental price in the center of any Russian metropolis will be very high. At the same time, it is possible to provide cyclists with tire inflation services, as well as an assortment of the most frequently requested spare parts.

A bicycle cafe can also be a themed cozy cafe for bicycle lovers. It will be especially interesting for ecotourists when, along with a cup of aromatic coffee or a hamburger, you can also rent a bike.

In this case, you will have to spend money on the purchase of bicycles, which are subsequently supposed to be rented out.

The payback period for such a bicycle cafe is rather short. This is especially true for a pedicab who sells coffee on a mobile basis. In this case, you can recoup the costs in three months. On average, the payback period for a stationary bike cafe will be about a year.

Do not forget that the work of a bicycle cafe should be coordinated with the municipal authorities.

The idea behind the American clothing business is this:

In the USA, branded clothing is chosen, but either the cheapest at the sale price or with a seasonal discount is bought, while the purchase is made in bulk.

It is profitable to buy and import not 1-2 pieces, but to buy goods from different sellers in bulk, collect them in an American warehouse and take them to Russia in such a commercial batch.

To whom and how to sell in Russia?

I have several acquaintances and each has its own sales strategy:

Friend # 1. I created several accounts on social networks and by displaying things in them, he sells.

Friend # 2. Again, through social networks and personal acquaintances, she created a community of joint purchases, collects orders and recommends stores where you can buy cheaper.

Acquaintance # 3. It specializes exclusively in specific orders and only for certain brands. At the same time, he buys not the cheapest things.

Friend # 4. Having my own clothing store, I made a commission trade department so as not to label the goods, there it sells branded items bought in the United States at large discounts.

Where and how to buy clothes in the USA?

People who built their small and profitable business on this have studied the topic. To do this, we initially took the time to study American stores. What sellers and how they conduct sales, are there any loyalty programs, is it possible to become its participants. Is there free delivery of parcels within the United States.

Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter from your favorite stores.

The economic markets of the United States and the Russian Federation differ in many ways, and it's not just the exchange rate. Capitalism, which is much more widespread in the West than in Russia, has brought up a new type of people and entrepreneurs with different standards of thinking. They come up with unusual startups faster and implement them. For this reason, there are always many American business ideas that are not in Russia and that can be implemented in the post-Soviet space already in 2021-2021.

It is quite easy to implement the developments of Western colleagues, because they have already found an undeveloped niche demanded by clients. However, their experience is obviously different from the experience that Russian businessmen can get, i. our audience and the American one spend money on completely different purposes. One way or another, in the right hands and with the right approach, any business idea from the USA for small or medium-sized businesses will quickly pay off.

Benefits of American Business Ideas

While every new American startup has its own pros and cons, there are common benefits to all of them that make business development particularly attractive. Generally speaking, we are talking about:

Even if the idea for a business cannot be called original, invented on its own, it will be an innovation on the Russian market and, at least therefore, will attract the attention of the public and the average consumer.

  • Clients' solvency and interest

This point has many caveats, but in general, when developing an idea, the creators have already chosen an attractive concept that will be worth their money. Thus, a Russian entrepreneur already has an idea in his hands that solves the "pain", the problems of the consumer. Clients are ready to pay the full cost, even if it turns out to be more expensive than similar Russian factories that have similar, but not so perfect services or technologies.

Due to the fact that in his own market a businessman who has taken the idea of ​​a startup from America turns out to be a pioneer, he has freedom of action. He can manage pricing according to his desires, i.e. there is no identical offer from other manufacturers. The only limiting factor is the population's ability to pay. Also, a Russian entrepreneur will not have a bosses like that. This is especially understood by those who have ever set up their business on a franchise of a well-known company. Interesting business ideas from America allow you to develop your own brand and create corporate ethics. In this case, you do not need to fulfill the terms of the franchise agreement, etc.

  • Long-term growth

If a business can withstand the test of time, at least locally, in one city or only in its own area, then opportunities for growth immediately appear: opening new branches, creating its own network. A large audience objectively needs a specific American business idea, so it is almost impossible to reach the peak of development in Russia and the CIS. In all these countries, territorial expansion can be infinite.

American business ideas are attractive not only for entrepreneurs. Trends that are popular in the United States are always perceived in Russia as something especially prestigious, so everyone will want to join modern fashion innovations, not only teenagers and young people under 25.

  • Potentially high profit

The USA is a very attractive jurisdiction for businesses of all shapes and sizes. A highly profitable market, prestige, access to cheap financing attract foreigners to the country who want to earn wealth and improve their financial situation. But before starting an activity in an unfamiliar country, you should first conduct a thorough analysis of your prospects in the local market. And you should start by determining the popularity and prospects of the industry in which you plan to do business. Let's take a look at what areas in the United States were the most profitable and interesting for business in the difficult 2021.

TOP Industries by Profit in the USA in a Year

The list of the most profitable areas for doing business in the USA in 2021 according to IBISWorld:

# Sector Profit, billion $ 1Life insurance99.02Software release83.23Health and medical insurance74.64Commercial leasing73.65Project portfolio management67.86Regional banks66.17Legal companies65.08Education (colleges and universities) 55.69 110Housing for rent53,5

The top Fortune500 companies by revenue in 2021 are:

Name Industry Revenue, mln. Walmartonlayn torgovlya523 964Amazononlayn torgovlya280 522Exxon Mobilneftepererabotka264 938Applekompyuternye tehnologii260 174CVS Healthzdravoohranenie: pharmacies and other uslugi256 776Berkshire Hathawaystrahovanie property and casualty sluchaev254 616United Health Groupzdravoohranenie: insurance and managed care obsluzhivanie242 155McKessonoptovaya trade in zdravoohraneniya214 319AT & Ttelekommunikatsii181 193AmerisourceBergenoptovaya trade in zdravoohraneniya179 589

Top US Startups of the Year

It is equally interesting to find out which companies achieved excellent results during the pandemic to determine a promising niche in the market. In September 2021, Linkedin, a social networking site for finding business contacts, published a ranking of the 50 best US startups. In the top ten there are:

# p / pNameSpecializationDescription of activities1Better. omloans, data analysisonline platform that specializes in online mortgages and mortgage refinancing Previously, it made delivery only from restaurants, but now from pharmacies and other stores, and also doubled the number of employees. Samsara information technology develops applications to reduce fuel consumption, prevent accidents, automate manual processes, improve product quality. Samsara's growing portfolio of solutions includes vehicle telematics, driver safety, mobile workflow and compliance, asset tracking and manufacturing process control - all in an integrated real-time open platform the training needed to analyze data for healthcare providers to develop customized treatment plans or for banks to track fraudulent activity6Outreach Information Technology, a corporate platform to boost sales, accelerates revenue growth by optimizing every interaction throughout the customer's lifecycle. The platform manages all email, voice, and social interactions with customers and uses machine learning to guide reps to take the right action. The company's value is $ 1.1 billion. Brooklinen is a manufacturer and online store of textiles and accessories. Total funding in 2021 - $ 60 million. Attentive digital marketing personalized text messaging platform for innovative brands and organizations. Using real-time behavioral data, Attentive automatically sends engaging text messages to each subscriber at every stage of the customer lifecycle. In September 2021, the company raised $ 230 million in funding for LoomCommunications, a workplace video messaging service. After attracting in May 2021 financing in the amount of $ 29 million, the company is estimated at $ 350 million. 0VerkadasecurityThe company is engaged in the sale of corporate security systems. Its cost in early 2021 was $ 1.6 billion. The company offers security solutions: video surveillance cameras with intelligent web programs.

US Small Business Statistics

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