Trucking business: where to start this business and how to get customers

The key elements of success in any production activity are the provision of raw materials and timely delivery of finished goods to retail outlets, places of sale. Logistics companies are engaged in the formation of a commodity circulation system - enterprises that specialize in the movement of various goods.

The demand for them in Russia is high - especially given the large size of the country and the remoteness of settlements from each other. Therefore, the idea of ​​opening a logistics company seems promising. This is a profitable direction of business activity - the business can quickly pay off and start bringing high income to the entrepreneur.

From the article you will learn how to open a logistics company from scratch. We give approximate economic calculations, we tell you when the break-even point will be reached.

Functions of logistics companies

Logistics deals with the management and control of the transportation of products from one point to another. Accordingly, logistics companies perform the following functions:

  • a supplier of raw materials to the manufacturer;
  • a supplier of finished commodity products to sales points (to a consumer);
  • handling and temporary storage of goods until they are delivered to retail chains / production.

Agreements with logistics companies are concluded according to the outsourcing scheme.

For firms without their own vehicle fleet, interaction with an outsourcer allows you to optimize the costs of freight turnover and delegate authority for deliveries to professionals.

Characteristics of the logistics market in Russia

After the fall, the freight market has resumed its growth since the end of 2021. The Russian economy is in a recovery phase, which leads to a revival of activity in the field of logistics. According to experts' forecasts, in 2021-2022. this market is expected to grow steadily by more than 7% annually.

In Russia, only a fashion is emerging to use external providers of cargo transportation services. Thus, the share of logistics outsourcing slightly exceeds 30% (in Western countries - more than 50%). But the trend stands out clearly: manufacturers are increasingly shifting all the work of transporting and delivering goods from themselves to specialized companies. And most often, logistics is carried out by road. Road transport is the market leader - more than 68% of the total traffic.

With the growth of the trade sector, the need for delivery of goods not only within the country, but also abroad, increases. The opening of new online stores, offices, enterprises requires the movement of a wide variety of goods: from products to bulky equipment, so a transport company as a business is a reliable and profitable source of income.

Starting a business in this direction involves considerable initial investments, monthly expenses, as well as a large driving and organizational experience. Ill-considered hasty actions can lead to quick bankruptcy, if you do not work out a detailed business plan, do not draw up a step-by-step algorithm of actions, and do not follow the advice of firms that have withstood fierce competition.

What are the types of transport companies

There is a constant need for transportation. But at first, the question of what task to cope with is feasible. These can be:

  • Transportation of a narrowly targeted sector: only furniture, only groceries, only groceries, etc. In this case, it is enough to have a couple of machines corresponding to the load.
  • Cooperation with manufacturing companies or wholesalers. You need to count on any tonnage, which means you have a small fleet of vehicles with oversized vehicles.
  • Delivery from large industrial manufacturers to raw material processing points.
  • Transportation of goods over long distances, possibly even abroad.
  • Delivery to warehouse. Requires oversized machines.
  • Courier deliveries within one district / city / town. Here you can get by with light transport.

The transport business can be developed without technology. The lack of funds for the purchase of a vehicle fleet is compensated by the creation of its own control room, acting as an intermediary. This type of service is in demand, as it undertakes the preparation of accompanying papers and a quick search for shipping companies.

Experienced experts say that a park with two Gazelles can generate income from 65 thousand rubles a month. But one should not hope for a quick payback of the project, this can happen only in 1.5-2 years, besides, you need to try hard to have constant employment.

Choosing the scheme of the transport company

The start depends on the chosen direction. It is either the role of an intermediary or the direct provision of services. The first option does not require investing in the purchase of a garage, car fleet, hiring a large staff: drivers, locksmiths, etc. That is, you can work without transport.

All that is required is a small room, a computer, and the founder will be able to perform the role of a dispatcher independently. It would be nice to have friends related to shipping. Then all that remains is to accept applications from customers and establish communication between customers and performers. The dispatcher has his share of the transaction in the amount of five to ten percent. Therefore, the more impressive the customer base is, the more income you can expect.

There is another option, protected from ruin, but requiring monthly royalty payments and a one-time lump-sum payment. This is a franchise job. The aspiring entrepreneur finds an already established firm and provides services on behalf of a company with a positive reputation. Thus, the payment of royalties is a guarantee of a win-win option with constant employment.

Step-by-step instructions

What does an ordinary man with rights do if he does not have enough money? That's right - he taxis! There is a demand for taxi services almost always and everywhere. Entrepreneurs starting a trucking business think about the same.

However, experience shows that 10-15% of small shipping companies cease operations every year. The bankrupt carriers cite fierce competition (including dirty), unstable demand, and high operating costs as the reasons for their failure. Meanwhile, a competent business plan for your own cargo transportation can neutralize any risks.

Cargo transportation: overview of the cargo transportation services market

The all-Russian cargo transportation market in 2021 reached 773 billion rubles, which is 14.6% more than a year earlier. Real volumes, calculated not in rubles, in ton-kilometers, more accurately characterize the state of this sector of the economy. And here the business has not such impressive dynamics - the growth was 6.4% - or 130.9 billion tonne-km. Compared to 2021, the situation looks quite different. Then the cost volume was 982 billion rubles, and the physical volume was 117.6 billion tonne-km.

Experts say that the positive trend is likely to continue in 2021. But even in these conditions, starting a small business and transporting heavy goods will resemble an ice shower. Of course, we will have to forget about foreign-made trucks and focus on the competition with “colleagues in the shop”.

“Do not dream of high incomes and short payback periods for the transportation of goods,” says Igor Malyugin, an expert on business plans. - At the same time, the income will be. The owner of a company with 2 "Gazelles" can count on earnings in the range of 2-2. average salaries in the region. Of course, if it spins like a squirrel in a wheel. "

How to open your own shipping company: step by step instructions

Here is a short action plan for starting your own small transport company from scratch:

  • work out a business plan for cargo transportation;
  • company registration;
  • search for funds for start-up investments;
  • rent offices and sites for vehicles;
  • recruitment;
  • selection and purchase of vehicles or, as an option, car rental;
  • advertising campaign and marketing;
  • starting the case.

What do you need to start a trucking business?

We continue our series of articles about cargo transportation. In the last article, we told what it is, and whether it is profitable. And in this article, we will take a closer look at how to open your own cargo transportation business and from where to get clients using a real example. Subscribe to the feed so you don't miss anything!

Business Organization

In the previous article, we considered whether it is profitable to engage in cargo transportation, now we will dwell on a specific example in more detail.

Cargo transportation is a very promising niche for starting your own business. Perhaps the main plus is that all business processes are understandable even for a novice entrepreneur. Let's look at where to start this business, how to arrange your business and attract your first satisfied customers.

As an example, we will consider our partners, MVA AUTO. They are engaged in cargo transportation in Minsk and its environs. The first thing to note is transport. MVA has three types of cars in service:

  • Minibus with a volume of 13 cubic meters. Its carrying capacity is 1. tons, and the price per hour of work is 14 rubles
  • The second minibus, with a volume of 16 "cubes" and capable of carrying 2 tons of cargo. It costs 15 rubles per hour
  • And the last car is a van of 20 cubic meters and a carrying capacity of 3 tons. Customers pay 18 rubles per hour for it

There is a good balance here that allows the company to target multiple client groups. For household moving from apartment to apartment, clients choose the smallest car. And for garbage disposal, a van most often leaves.

We will take note that all cars have a carrying capacity below 3. tons, which means they fall under the category of driver's license B. This situation allows you to do without the involvement of additional drivers. Ideally, you can get by with one. At least in the early stages, until you have many clients.

For individual entrepreneurs

It's clear with machines. Now you need to choose a legal arrangement. Self-employment status is a minimum requirement that allows you to run your business completely legally.

It gives the right to conclude contracts, take loans for small businesses, participate in tenders, and so on. The taxation system is much simpler and cheaper here. Therefore, it is the IP that is recommended for the start.

There are limitations: the number of employees (now this number should not exceed 30 people), as well as the annual turnover of the enterprise. The bar changes periodically due to the revision of the minimum calculated indicator. But it will be enough for the first few years. MVA Auto works exactly like a PI. And we can see that she can offer a team of movers, three cars and almost any city moving and transportation services.

For the company

Hello dear readers of dohodinet. u. State policy is focused on the development of small and medium-sized businesses. An active propaganda position of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, concessional lending, and state financial support in a crisis increase the attractiveness of entrepreneurship.

Industry, agriculture, trade cannot exist without the transportation of goods.

Where to start a business

The implementation of a business idea begins with the choice of the type of cargo transportation. The classification of goods is diverse.

By type, cargo is divided into:

  • bulk ;
  • pallet ;
  • food ;
  • hazardous ;
  • bulk etc.

When choosing an object of transportation, a future entrepreneur must not forget that the transportation of some goods requires licensing.

By routing to:

  • international ;
  • regional ;
  • intracity.

Various vehicles are used to transport goods:

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