The business idea of ​​providing household services for the population for minor and technical repairs at home

Many of our compatriots, especially during a crisis, greatly value their time - after all, it is also money. Therefore, for busy people, the issue of a comfortable and high-quality solution to everyday problems is very relevant - especially when it comes to dry-cleaning clothes, repairing shoes, painting leather jackets, etc. Accordingly, in order not to run around the area in search of a good specialist to solve a specific issue, it is more convenient for the client to solve all problems in one place - the so-called point of reception and provision of consumer services (consumer services center).

Previously, these tasks were solved at home, because in the same building there were shops for the repair of shoes and small household appliances, dry cleaning and painting of clothes, etc. Now these services, as a rule, can be obtained at different points, and often a narrow problem, for example, replacing buttons on a winter jacket, takes a long time to solve, since it is difficult to find a master. In such a situation, the center of personal services may be in great demand among residents of large cities, because the demand for these services among the population is very high.

Project Description

We are opening a consumer services center in the capital. We will offer our clients the repair of shoes and clothes, dry cleaning, painting of leather accessories, making keys, repairing small household appliances, etc. This means that at our point the client can leave clothes, shoes or equipment. And our representatives, in turn, will indicate the damage, the list of works and the terms for returning the goods on a special order form.

After that, things are delivered to partners who will directly repair shoes or wash clothes, etc. And within the agreed time frame, the client will receive back the finished order. The client's benefit is high-quality services in one place, the contractor's benefit is the influx of new orders, our benefit is the receipt of income as a percentage of the cost of the service. According to calculations, if we earn $ 90-100 from the provision of personal services every day, and the investments will pay off in 4-8 months.

Starting capital

Initially, we need to purchase furniture. In particular, you will need a couple of tables and chairs, a safe for documents and money, cabinets or racks for storing clients' clothes and household appliances, etc. We'll put $ 750 for all this.

Of the equipment, we need two laptops, an MFP, a wi-fi modem, a burglar alarm, two mobile phones, etc. You will also need an electric kettle and a microwave oven. We will try to keep within $ 1,500.

We will purchase equipment for making keys, as this service is urgently needed by customers. For the purchase of a machine tool, blanks for ordinary and intercom keys, other professional equipment and simple tools (screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, etc.), we will take into account $ 1,100.

Ongoing expenses

Renting a 30 m 2 room with renovation in a residential area will cost at least $ 200. We will lay down $ 100 for the Internet, mobile communications, utilities, and a subscription fee for signaling. We will spend another $ 50 on tea, coffee, repair of equipment, stationery, detergents, etc. We will pledge $ 200 for the purchase of blanks and other necessary trifles. Total: 550 $.

Good day! Today I am starting to write another business plan for the service sector, which a subscriber of my VK group "Business Secrets for a Newbie" asked me to write and the topic of the article "Business Plan of the House of Life".

Today I went through the Internet and was amazed, there is practically no information on this topic.

So let's take a look at how to open your own home from scratch step by step.

How to open a House of Life from scratch step by step

We will start a home life business plan with official registration. To do this, you must open one of the available forms of ownership.

Registration of the House of Life

In a small business, the best option is:

I recommend opening an LLC, especially if it has a single founder who will act as a director.

In this case, according to the Labor Code (Labor Code) of Russia, a person cannot conclude an employment contract with himself. As a result, if there is no employment contract, then there is no salary, and if there is no salary, then there is no personal income tax and insurance contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (pension fund), MHIF (health insurance fund), FSS (social insurance fund).

That is, in other words, the founding director should not pay anyone or anything. At the very beginning of the business, this will significantly help in the development of home life, because the less expenses, the stronger the business will be on its feet.

Provision of consumer services to the population

This idea is not suitable for everyone, or rather not everything, from the list of services presented below, it can work in a particular region or city. Therefore, before opening a business, among other things, like before any other, you will need to carefully study the market in your region / city.

Let's start with a list, because very few people generally know what belongs to household services, as a result of which many people think that this is only washing, some minor household repairs and cleaning. In fact, everything is much more interesting and extensive here.

  • List of consumer services + What is it
  • The nuances of this business

List of personal services + What is it

According to the tax code, personal services are paid services provided to individuals. It should be understood that the same activities carried out already to legal entities are not considered a consumer service and are not subject to imputed tax (UTII).

Below is a complete list of household services for 2021 and their OKVED code.

Nuances of this business

Today, the business related to the provision of personal services is one of the most difficult, but not all, of course. This is due to the low level of profitability, which is only about 10%. Even the leading companies in this industry. To increase profitability, companies strive for constant business diversification and expansion into the regions.

For example, many leaders of cleaning services in the capital market open branches in the Moscow region and cities in other regions. As practice shows, the creation of branches is a more productive way to increase the rate of development than franchising, since the profit remains entirely within the same company, which is very important with a low level of profitability.

At the same time, companies are trying to constantly expand the range of services provided. In particular, the cleaning companies of the Russian market, in addition to cleaning services, offer special services for the delivery of drinking water, the creation of landscape design, etc.

How to start a cleaning business from scratch?

Reading the stories of successful people, you understand that everything is possible, and you have a thirst for activity along with a burning desire to realize yourself in some new sphere. From the list of ideas for a business from scratch in 2021, you can choose interesting options for yourself and start self-realization in a completely new business.

How to create passive income in 4 days

A marathon where you will create passive live income from scratch and learn specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites

There are many ideas that are great for aspiring entrepreneurs. Consider a service industry such as a cleaning company. It is possible to enter the arena in this business with a small investment, because the opening costs depend on the volume of services provided. In this regard, the cleaning business is very flexible, and there is always a need for such services.

It is also worth noting that competition in this market is high in megalopolises, and especially in the city center. But there is an opportunity to occupy a segment with the cleaning of cottages, offices located on the periphery. If it is planned to open a cleaning business in the regions, then this area with high-quality services is quite free there.

This idea is very easy to implement for those who already have a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. In this case, you just need to add (register) the necessary OKVED and tomorrow you can start a new field of activity.

Who needs cleaning services: find out the target audience

To understand who needs cleaning services, you just need to answer the question: for whom is it important to keep clean all the time, but who doesn't want to do it themselves?

The issue of cleanliness is very important for business, because it is the prestige of the company, the comfort of customers and employees. Regular cleaning is always needed. There are also ordinary people who, in order to save time and effort, would like to use the services of professionals.

Let's highlight the main clients of the business in question:

  • Large shopping centers. Agreements with such corporate clients are usually concluded for a long term.
  • Offices. Well-established relationships with offices are quite convenient. Usually, after concluding an agreement with one group of clients, very often their “neighbors” draw up a contract afterwards, wishing to save time searching for a reliable cleaning company or to receive a favorable offer from you.
  • Cottages. Cleaning a large house takes a huge amount of time, so cottage owners are happy to use the services of cleaning companies. Services are often required once a week, but regularly.
  • Individuals. PLs usually order services one-time, for example, to prepare an apartment for sale or to clean up after renovation.

More and more people living in big cities are trying to shift everyday tasks and minor repairs onto the shoulders of others. That is why the “husband for an hour” service is now so in demand on the market.

Household repair services are a business that generates a small but steady income. In our country, such services have received the conditional name "husband for an hour." The essence of the idea is to provide small household services for a fee.

Opening your “husband for an hour” service is quite simple both from a financial and organizational point of view. Anyone can start such a business. The main thing is to have hands growing from the right place and the ability to competently plan all stages of activity.

Why such services are needed

Now the pace of modern urban life does not always allow people to spend time on minor household repairs. Increasingly, repair services began to be addressed to special firms. However, it is far from always convenient to call a company, psychologically it is easier and cheaper to find a person “with hands”. If there is no such thing among acquaintances and friends, or if you don't want to call him, then “husband for an hour” comes to the rescue.

It is advisable to start a business in large cities, where the pace of life is faster, and the population has more financial opportunities. In small towns, the “husband for an hour” service is not very promising, since the population is used to dealing with everyday issues on their own.

In the future, the business can be developed: for example, open a repair shop or assemble a construction team. Summarizing the above, we get a profitable business that can be opened from scratch and eventually turn it into a serious enterprise engaged in construction and repair work.

What skills are needed

Anyone with certain skills can succeed in this business:

ability to fix and repair - plumbing, electrician, provide minor repair services;

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