The best summer business ideas

Summer is a good time to promote street business. It is worth thinking over, calculating everything to the smallest detail, this is the only way to accumulate business ideas for the summer with minimal investment.

Important! The business must be in demand, then it will become prosperous, profitable, regardless of the field of activity.

Preliminary marketing research

To minimize risks, it is recommended to start a business with conducting marketing studies. A survey of the target audience will allow you to find out how much the offered service or product is in demand. This will allow you to determine the economic feasibility of the venture, the likelihood of covering the costs and getting financial growth.

The picture is visible with the correct SWOT analysis. He will showcase the pros and cons of a summer seasonal business, which will help in the decision to launch it. As one example of SWOT analysis:

#StrengthsOpportunities1PopularGet profit2Fast and relatively easy earningsExpand your business

Important! A similar table, compiled for each individual case, will become a visual aid for a novice entrepreneur.

Most Popular Summer Businesses

Summer is the time of vacations and vacations. Therefore, active citizens have free time to earn extra money. A business idea for the summer of 2021 is worth thinking about now. The first step is to assess your own qualities and abilities, since summer business is the prerogative of people with a quick mind who are able to flexibly change tactical moves. For entrepreneurs working in seasonal business, the main categories of thinking should be “now” and “here”.

The advantage of summer entrepreneurship is high profits. By resorting to small tricks, a novice businessman increases the profitability of his business up to 40 - 50%. Examples of such directions are:

  • rent of equipment for trade, for example, kvass, ice cream;
  • choosing a good location of the outlet;
  • purchasing goods at minimum prices.

Funds invested in promotion pay off very quickly if you choose the right development strategy.

Seasonal Business Features

With a reasonable approach, seasonal business brings considerable profit - its profitability usually exceeds 60%.

Making money quickly in a short time is a normal desire. This problem can be solved, in particular, using the weather factor. Residents of coastal cities are familiar with examples of this approach, successfully exploiting the summer heat and beach needs of visitors. There are other ways to "make money" in a short amount of time.

A seasonal business is different in that it generates income at certain times of the year. It is common in resort regions, but many of its directions are in demand almost everywhere. It's all about demand: some goods and services are needed when the weather is warm, while others are needed when the weather is cold.

The seasonality of the business gives some specificity to the methods and marketing approaches to its organization. If an entrepreneur can earn only in summer, winter, spring or autumn, then during his activity he needs to have time to get such a profit that it will be enough for the whole year. Consequently, the requirements for profitability in this case are increased.

This article outlines ideas for the best way to start a seasonal business in 2021. The options can be compared, you can choose the most profitable and those that you like. If someone comes up with their own ideas, then this can only be welcomed.

Is it worth starting a seasonal business

The dependence of demand on the time of year is typical for almost any business, so it should not embarrass people who decide to open a business with clearly seasonal characteristics. The main condition for success is adherence to the most important rules:

  • demanded direction of activity;
  • optimal taxation system;
  • competent organization of work;
  • effective measures of commercial promotion ;
  • flexible pricing policy.

Hotels in seaside resort towns experience significant seasonal fluctuations in demand. But their services are also in demand in winter - tourists come not only to sunbathe and swim. There are other attractions as well.

The beach gear business seems like a benchmark for seasonal marketing, but that's not entirely true. In winter, people travel to foreign resorts, and the richest citizens are included in the consumer segment. They can be offered the most expensive swimming trunks, swimwear and other accessories for sea recreation. Accordingly, the decrease in the number of winter sales is partly offset by the high profit margin.

Almost all agricultural activities are highly seasonal. This circumstance is due to its very nature.

A real entrepreneur can make money on everything. Even at the time of year. A seasonal business is ideal for students and those looking for a temporary job. Minimum preparation, maximum impact.

Why is it worth doing a seasonal business? High profit, fast payback, high demand, low initial investment and high profitability, which can reach 100-200%. Many products are sold at a large mark-up in the summer, so the revenue from seasonal sales will be higher. Understanding what is worth starting a summer business.

The easiest way to organize a seasonal business is to trade in goods that are in high demand in summer: soft drinks, ice cream, sunglasses, air conditioners ... But there are more than a thousand types of summer business activities in the world. And among them there are many original ideas.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel - and choose the unpretentious option with the sale of seasonal goods. And you can find an interesting idea and benefit from the unique provision of your services. The main thing is that the product should be located at the intersection of industries or market niches. Usually, each niche already has a leader, but at the “junctions” the competition is lower, which means that you will have a chance to take a place in the sun. By the way, one of the most successful summer business products is a liquid filled electrofumigator that repels mosquitoes and flies. Let's see what else the market offers interestingly.

Bicycle rental

Investments: up to 200 thousand rubles

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle is the engine of trade in sports goods and services related to it. The project can be implemented both in resort areas and in ordinary cities. It is advisable to place the rental point near recreation areas (parks, embankments - where people can ride). Therefore, an entrepreneur should choose a location in advance - it plays an important role in this business. To launch the project in a city with a population of 1 million people, 15 bicycles with an average cost of 10 thousand rubles will be enough. It is also necessary to take into account the cost of renting a rental area (this is approximately 3-5 sq.)

How much can you earn from renting bicycles? The average cost of renting a bike is from 150 rubles / hour to 600 rubles / day. The monthly profit with a 12-hour working day can reach 100 thousand rubles. To attract customers, you can offer additional services - little things that will be appreciated. For example, along with a bike rental, give out a cap or a bottle of cool water. The cost of purchasing these items is minimal and can be included in the rental price. But the return will be many times greater.

Rickshaw excursion

Investments: from 80 thousand rubles

Investments: from 35 thousand rubles

Without going far from the cycling topic, we suggest considering the idea of ​​organizing city excursions in an interesting vehicle. You can buy a rickshaw online or make it yourself from a regular bicycle. However, let's be honest: homemade rickshaws do not inspire confidence and often look rather strange, so we advise you not to skimp on this. On the Internet, you can find pedicabs from China for 35-60 thousand rubles, often even with an electric motor.

Transport is very easy to maintain, looks colorful and will appeal to many tourists and residents of the city. You, as a driver, are simply obliged to maintain this flavor, so an interesting costume will not hurt. And if you supplement your cycle rickshaw with a small excursion, you can significantly increase your revenue. To launch such a business, in addition to transport, you will need to develop travel routes; you also need to conclude an agreement with the administration of the park or recreation area where you will ride people. You can offer visitors routes of different lengths.

Summer business is not only ice cream and soft drinks trade. The busy season begins for businessmen. Don't miss the opportunity - choose an original idea and make money

The easiest way to “fit the season” is to trade in goods that are in high demand during this period: soft drinks and ice cream, summer clothes and air conditioners, sunglasses, seeds and seedlings for summer cottages.

Meanwhile, there are over 1,000 types of activities in the world that correspond to the concept of "summer business" and bring their owners a combined income of millions of dollars. Large firms have been operating for a long time, which are engaged in the only seasonal business. Depending on the season, they change the structure of production, methods of distribution and, of course, the range of goods.

There are more than 50 thousand registered "seasonal" companies in Europe, and more than 60 thousand in the USA. So the turnover in this area of ​​activity is comparable to any other line of business. Do not think that entrepreneurs who have found their niches in the summer business work three months a year. Summer is just one of four types of seasonal business. Among them, perhaps the most pronounced is the winter business.

However, if you are not afraid to switch from one type of activity to another, you can get very tangible benefits in this field all year round. The most profitable seasonal business is not trade in the usual sense. The future, and, perhaps, the present, belongs to the production of seasonal goods, and the main thing here is not to make a mistake in choosing. The main thing is that the product should be located at the intersection of industries or market niches. As a rule, in each niche there is already a leader, and at the “junctions” there is no one, and identifying those that are empty is the primary task.

By the way, one of the most successful products for seasonal business from Russian practice, which has filled just one of these “joints”, is the Raptor electrofumigator with a liquid filler, which repels mosquitoes and flies.

The profitability of this business for the creation and promotion of a new product must be at least 60 percent. In addition to high profits, seasonal business also carries high risks. Therefore, a profitability of 100% and higher is what is considered a professionally executed project. What could be the most promising next summer? We have selected ten businesses that, in our opinion, have good prospects in the coming season.

Worm growing business

The palm here is headed by a strange, at first glance, activity called "vermicultivation". This "pasta" term refers to the cultivation of thoroughbred Californian worms. As it turns out, worms are the most lucrative pets.

For example, the total profitability for cattle is now no more than 18%, the worm easily brings 300%, and this is not the limit. By multiplying, it produces three main products. The most important reason why the worms are bred is the vermicompost they produce, as well as the extract from it, which is a valuable concentrated fertilizer.

We have collected the most popular summer business ideas and gave tips on how to get started quickly for quick income. Read the instructions.

What is the advantage of seasonal business:

  • fast promotion;
  • minimal investment and quick payback;
  • the ability to make maximum markups on the product;
  • high profitability of this type of business.

Reasons for the popularity and prospects of the summer season in business

The popularity of business in the summer increases, as people most of all strive to relax, to afford a little more.

This is especially noticeable in the resort area, but in ordinary cities you can find your own niches for earning money, for example:

  • sale of soft drinks;
  • stall with cotton candy, popcorn;
  • ice cream trade;
  • offer of souvenirs ;
  • sale of remedies for mosquitoes and midges;
  • sale of glasses;
  • sale of beach goods;
  • organization of game attractions, children's complexes.

There are many other opportunities, but these are the most popular in every city.

The pros and cons of seasonal business

What is the use of seasonal business:

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