Ten Business Ideas for Psychologists

An online psychologist is the same specialist as the one who receives and consults patients in the usual way in honey. injury. Therefore, you will also have to work responsibly, efficiently and professionally. It is better to consider this idea for those who have work experience and specialized education.

How to launch online consultations competently, with minimal financial costs and at the same time bypass competitors is the topic of this article.

  • 1 Who is a psychologist and how to become a psychologist on your own
  • 2 Relevance of a business idea
  • 3 How to start a business with online psychologist consultations
    • 3. Choosing the direction of psychology
    • 3. Examples of problems with which people turn to psychologists. Who is a child and family psychologist
  • 4 What you need to hold webinars
  • 5 Psychologist's advertisement
  • 6 Paperwork
  • 7 How much money is needed to start a business
  • 8 How much can you earn on online consultations with a psychologist. Service price

Who is a psychologist and how to become a psychologist yourself

A psychologist is a person who has a specialized higher education in the specialty “Psychology”. The principle of its work consists in the study of methods and forms of organizing personal manifestations of mental orientation. An online psychologist helps people cope with their problems, provides them with remote support, provides consultations, and gives advice.

Do not confuse the two concepts - psychologist and psychiatrist. These are different specialists. The psychologist does not make diagnoses, does not prescribe medications. His patients are citizens with a healthy psyche who have experienced temporary difficulties.

A psychologist does not need a license to practice. The only requirement that the law regulates is the availability of a diploma.

You can become a psychologist on your own if you take the appropriate courses (usually they are accepted there on the basis of an existing diploma of higher education in another specialty). The main thing is that the educational institution that will issue you a diploma has state accreditation. Without a diploma, you will not be able to call yourself a psychologist and sell your services as a psychologist, even if you studied independently and studied psychology well as a science.

Read also how to open a psychologist's office.

Relevance of business idea

We have completely reviewed the wonderful encyclopedia of business ideas, found many interesting projects there, rummaged on the Internet in search of additional information, and prepared a rating of business ideas for psychologists who want to start their own business or are looking for new solutions to commercialize their knowledge and skills.

Rationalizer's tenth place for traders

The idea is intended primarily for research psychological institutions, showing that all ingenious is simple. You just need a real embodiment of interesting ideas. Can't our Skolkovo come up with something like that?

So, research shows that investors who trade on stock exchanges at home via the Internet often act irrationally: their behavior, being influenced by emotions (fear, greed), can jeopardize the ability to understand current goals and actual positions making the right decisions.

But warned means protected. The “Mirror of Emotions” gadget from Philips Design and the ABN AMRO incubator, consisting of two parts - an EmoBracelet bracelet and an EmoBowl bowl, probes the trader's emotional state, and signals (the bowl begins to pulse with red lines) when to take a time-out, calm down and reconsider their actions.

Product brochure: Leaflet. df

Ninth Place Parting Service

Bernd Dressler (Berlin, Germany) has developed a service to save people from unpleasant explanations when parting. For a fee, a professional psychologist will tell you this unpleasant news for you. There are also paid consultations to help prepare for such a conversation, if your principles do not allow you to shift this burden of responsibility.

Similar services have appeared in Russian-speaking countries. Here it should be noted the "Bureau of Partings" by psychologist Natalia Tselyuk (Minsk, Belarus), which advises those who are in a difficult situation: when the relationship seems to continue, but for one of the partners the moment has come when you really want to end it. And also "Sorry-service" from Marina Ivanova (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine), in which they help in a civilized way to dot the "i" about the protracted conflict, and, if possible, to resolve it.

But if there are no chances anymore, and the glass of love is smashed to smithereens, then pay attention to the services of Ellie Scarborough (Austin, USA), who offered a service for overcoming the consequences of breakups, and which successfully helps to return self-esteem and self-esteem to the abandoned women. More about this idea at "1000 Ideas".

Eighth Place Alibi Service

"Let the one who never needed a little alibi for his little lie be the first to throw a stone!"

Frenchwoman Regina Muizard considers the purpose of her project to preserve the family and protect freedom-loving husbands from unnecessary suspicion and clarification of the relationship. Fake postcards, restaurant and hotel bills, fake plane tickets. Complete programs of seminars and conferences, business calls, wedding invitations from a distant relative - all are used to create a lasting alibi.

Every year thousands of psychologists graduate from universities. Some of them never dare to work in their specialty, since salaries in government institutions are not very high, and it is scary to open a psychological business because of vague prospects.

Although the current society or times of change can put a person in such conditions that his psyche will be subjected to endurance tests every day. A person will need help, support that relatives or relatives are not always able to provide, and not everyone will go to complain about life to friends.

This is where a profitable business today comes in handy. A psychologist is the person who will always listen, analyze the situation, and help. This profession is in great demand today. That is why we will talk about what is needed to open a psychologist's office, consider in more detail all the stages of the formation of a promising business.

Where to start?

Once you decide to enter this business, you should make every effort to avoid competition. To do this, decide on the services that you will provide in the center. Study the distribution of business in your region, determine the target audience, its priorities and preferences.

Before opening a psychological office, you need to understand what services the population will need in the place where you are going to open the center. What are your potential customers most worried about? These can be: difficulties in raising children, depression, anxiety, grief, personal success and achievements, addictions, family problems.

And when you make an approximate list of those questions that will be addressed to you, outline the ways to solve them: seminars, trainings, personal conversations, group lessons, watching films. Naturally, to provide a full range of services, you need employees, the selection of which is also worth worrying about at this stage.

You should roughly distribute responsibilities between them (one conducts trainings, the other conducts conversations, etc.). By the way, if you yourself are not an expert in this field, then you should still consider the business plan of the psychological office, since there are many professionals, and the idea is very promising.

Business Registration

In order to legally draw up all the documents, you need to choose the organizational and legal form that suits you - individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur) or LLC (limited liability company). What is the difference? The first form of registration (IP) has some advantages. This means that the amount of tax will be less (single tax), and the system for submitting all reports is much simpler.

An LLC should be chosen if the business plan of the psychological center involves working with legal entities. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, you can change the legal form at any time. If you have the time and desire, collect all the required documents yourself, otherwise find an intermediary who will do everything for you for a fee.

Investments: from 70,000 rubles

Payback: from 1 to 4 months

In the modern world with its rapid pace of life, rapid changes and little stability, a person is prone to stress. Stressful situations at work, on the road, in stores leave no chance for a quiet life. In this difficult situation, a specialist, a psychologist, comes to the rescue. Increasingly, people began to resort to the help of a psychologist and, as in foreign films, to get personal or family specialists. In this article, we will try to reveal the topic of business for the services of a psychologist.

Business Concept

A psychologist's job is to advise people on issues of concern, such as parenting, family and interpersonal relationships. As well as conducting trainings, seminars, group works and even recently popular Skype consultations.

Potential clients are a fairly large audience, they are practically the entire population, and, possibly, small and medium-sized businesses.

What is required for implementation?

This business does not require huge resources.

The main resource, as in any work, is highly qualified specialists.

But consider an example when a person, having an education according to the profile and, preferably, a wealth of work experience, begins to provide private psychological assistance services to the population. In order for people to start turning, it is necessary not only to be known about you, it is important to earn trust in such a matter. The best way to do this will be a website or a group on a social network. This is a fairly cheap and very effective way to tell the world about yourself and your intentions.

Licensing is not required to conduct a private practice for the provision of psychologist services. But the registration of an entrepreneur is desirable. To do this, you must contact the nearest tax office, submit an application and obtain the official status of an entrepreneur.

The psychological salon is a new business format for women, which has parallels with the salon culture of the 18th-19th centuries, when secular ladies, at the behest of their souls, organized circles on various topics.

Do you feel that there is something badly missing in the modern world? What was before, but suddenly disappeared somewhere, imperceptibly evaporated, like summer dew.

Do you feel like three curmudgeons, whose names are “bare functionality”, “dry practicality” and “demanding efficiency” have taken over our souls lately? This brazen trinity, under the sauce of a healthy lifestyle and time management, dictates a productive daily routine for us, simplifies and standardizes the appearance of familiar objects, takes away delicious food, turning it into semi-finished products, changes the faces and characters of people beyond recognition ...

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

The cult of time and money plays a cruel joke with us. Most of the smiles on the screens of gadgets are not behind the true pleasure of life. For most of us, in the eternal pursuit of the stereotyped ghost of success, there is neither time itself, nor a sense of beauty and harmony, nor a sense of our own need and importance, nor true creativity. Creativity of the Soul.

We offer you to open not a business, but your own business. A business for which money is not in the first place, but your Soul (although there will be plenty of money too). Our proposal is not a worn-out stock photography with a smiling businessman in a suit, who stands in a spacious office and directs “a look into the future”. And not promises of multimillion-dollar profits in record time on charts and graphs. We have something else.

What is a “psychological salon” in general

Perhaps from foreign or Russian literature and cinema about the 18th - 19th centuries, you remember how secular ladies, shining with beauty, wit and all kinds of talents, gathered around themselves famous people from high society: writers, scientists, politicians , artists, public figures and had graceful conversations with them "about everything." This phenomenon was most popular in France, where it was called the French word “salon”, and the owners of the salons were called salonnières.

Salons were the platform where writers read out their new works to guests, artists presented new paintings, politicians made important decisions in heated debates. In Russia, salons were also popular, but disappeared during the revolution. One of the last famous salons, whose owner was the writer Zinaida Gippius, for example, was called “a real oasis of Russian spiritual life at the beginning of the 20th century”, and the writer Andrei Bely said that “culture was truly created in it. Everybody here once studied. " And although this era has gone forever, the spiritual need for such "cultural oases" remains.

We invite you to start your own business by opening not a literary or political, but a psychological salon. The owner of the salon or, as they used to say, the “queen of the salon” in it will be you and only you.

You yourself will offer your guests (forget the dry word “clients”) to choose topics for group discussions and disputes (that is, “master classes”, “trainings”, “intensives”, etc.) to create the scenery and atmosphere of the salon (the former "psychological office"), to indicate permitted and forbidden thoughts, to create a circle of confidants, desired speakers and persona non grata, and so on. You can create your own cozy island by doing what your soul asks for. And most importantly, at the same time you will be able to help people who need help.

“So excuse me - you ask, fanning yourself in surprise and reproachfully shaking your head in an elegant hat” - where will you be in all this? Yes, you! Company! Sorry, but what will you do? What is your franchise, your proposal? ”. And this is exactly the most interesting thing!

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