Startups for 100,000 rubles

In order for the cash flow to bring constant profit, it must not stagnate. The first option where to invest funds so that they constantly circulate is to open a savings account with a bank at a low interest rate. The second, more progressive method is investment. It is worth remembering here that as income rises, the risk of losing everything increases. The third way is to organize your own business.

How to start a business: first steps

To start, you need to decide with:

  • the niche in which you want to promote;
  • the number of participants.

There can be two options here: a single participant and receiving 100% of the profit or a joint project with income equal to part of the investment in the authorized capital.

When the choice is made, a business plan is drawn up, a budget is calculated taking into account the necessary costs, the payback period and the desired level of income. Then all the necessary documents are collected for registration with the tax authority as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity.

In parallel with the paperwork, you can begin to prepare a platform for the start: purchase equipment, look for a room (if necessary), launch advertising. In no case should you save on this point. For promotion, it is very important to declare yourself and get the first customers. The most effective way to announce your products or services would be to open a store on the Internet, create a group in VK, reviews on YouTube.

BBQcash experts advise against doing business entirely on the Internet due to the fact that there are a lot of giant stores (Aliexpress, Lamoda, etc.) and small shops that resell goods from Japan and China. The competition is very high.

TOP areas with the best ideas for business for rubles

BBQcash experts have compiled a list of the most popular areas where it is profitable to invest your capital and start making a profit during the first year of activity.


Hello dear reader, Maxim Khizhkova is in touch.

Today I want to present you 100 ideas for making money on the Internet, I ask you to read this article very carefully.

Nowadays, everything has changed. With the development of the Internet, it became possible to start a business without an office, without a warehouse, without hired employees and even without initial capital. Now you can be in any city in Russia and sell via the Internet to the whole country or to a specific city. In addition, when starting a business, there is usually no initial money to first open an office, purchase furniture with appliances, and also hire employees.

What do you need to offer to make money on the Internet?

For the business to work, it is enough:

1) Find someone who wants to buy via the Internet; 2) Sell to him and accept money via the Internet; 3) Then complete the order via the Internet;

There is money in this algorithm! And that's enough to start your own business. At the same time, starting such a business does not require any initial capital from you, business experience, teaching experience. At first, it is easy to combine business with hired work. And most importantly, you work as much as you want. Want to work 20-25 hours a week and get 150-300 thousand. In this particular business, this is real. And most importantly, you have no risks. You can't go bankrupt!

Real ideas for you

100 proven niches in which they are already making money with minimal investment:

1. Divination by tarot cards; 2. Clairvoyance and prediction of the future; 3. Extrasensory perception and energy gain; 4. School of magic runes; 5. School of money magic; 6. How to get married; 7. How to find a mistress; 8. Longevity and a healthy lifestyle; 9. How to remove the stomach; 10. How to seduce a girl; 11. Reiki school; 12. Removal and protection from damage and evil eye; 13. School of Cosmoenergy; 14. Copywriting of texts; 15. Vegetarian and raw food diet; 16. Investing in stocks, shares and currencies; 17. Chakra opening school; 18. School of lucid dreams and going to the astral plane; 19. Investing in real estate; 20. School of Parapsychology; 21. Infobusiness technical courses; 22. Setting up Yandex-direct advertising; 23. Setting up Google direct ads; 24. Setting up teaser ads; 25. Setting up CPA advertising; 26. School of places of power; 27. Social network sales: Vkontakte; 28. Social network sales: Facebook; 29. Social network sales: Odnoklassniki; 30. Social network sales: Instagram; 31. Social network sales: Youtube; 32. Training on how to sell IT solutions; 33. How to lose weight at home; 34. Training doctors and medical centers on how to sell services; 35. Leadership trainings; 36. School of Healing; 37. School of Voodoo Magic; 38. Trainings in the topic of public speaking; 39. Trainings in the topic of increasing productivity and increasing 40. work efficiency (time management); 41. School of NLP; 42. School of hypnosis (classical and Ericksonian); 43. School for teaching English; 44. School for teaching the German language; 45. School for Teaching Spanish; 46. ​​School for teaching French; 47. Trainings on passing the examinations of the Unified State Examination and the State Examination Agency; 48. School of magic for working with egregors; 49. Trainings for consultants and programmers 1C; 50. Trainings for SAP programmers; 51. Trainings for C ++ programmers; 52. Trainings for HTML, PHP programmers; 53. Trainings on the design of apartments and premises; 54. Trainings to create beauty salons and increase sales; 55. Trainings on creating information business; 56. Trainings in the restaurant business; 57. School of black and white magic; 58. Trainings on creating a franchise; 59. Trainings on the sale of goods from China; 60. Trainings on the creation and sale of coaching; 61. Trainings on website creation; 62. How to lose weight for mothers after childbirth; 63. Trainings on SEO promotion; 64. Trainings on affiliate programs; 65. Fitness and bodybuilding trainings; 66. Trainings on creating landing pages; 67. Trainings for photographers; 68. School of Meditation; 69. Trainings to increase sales in accounting services; 70. Trainings to increase sales in legal services; 71. Trainings to increase sales for real estate agencies; 72. Trainings for wedding agencies; 73. Trainings for companies selling air conditioners; 74. Trainings for companies selling plastic windows; 75. Trainings on creating video clips; 76. Trainings on website design; 77. Trainings for dentists; 78. Trainings for masseurs; 79. Trainings on speed reading; 80. Trainings on tax optimization; 81. Trainings on the organization of private and corporate events; 82. Trainings on the repair and decoration of premises; 83. Trainings selling websites for business; 84. Trainings to increase sales in online stores; 85. Guitar trainings; 86. Trainings on recruitment and personnel management; 87. Trainings to increase the capacity of the brain: memory and mindfulness; 88. Dance school; 89. School of magic for working with creatures; 90. School for young mothers; 91. Trainings on how to maintain family relationships; 92. Trainings on how to make “children get off the neck” of parents; 93. Trainings on launches in info-business; 94. Trainings on the topic of sex; 95. Trainings for women on how to receive money and gifts from men; 96. Trainings on the topic of live trainings in information business; 97. Gestalt therapy trainings; 98. School of personality development; 99. School of constellation according to Hellinger; one hundred. School of Practical Psychology;

What goals should be set in order to receive income?

Immediately set yourself big goals that will motivate you! Do you want a new expensive business class car with a complete set? A luxury vacation for two?

Maybe you want your own home or your own apartment? Perhaps it's time to pay back all your debts, loans and mortgages? Or do you need a lot of money for treatment? Is it time to renovate your home?

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