Starting a welding business

Those who want to earn big money go to welders. The fact is that this profession is considered far from safe. During welding, the worker breathes in manganese, which, being a neurotropic poison, causes neurotoxicosis. Pneumoconiosis is in second place in the list of occupational diseases, followed by occupational eczema and, of course, asthma and bronchitis.

Of course, welders understand this. “This profession has always been in demand, albeit dangerous,” says Nikolai Zaitsev, an expert on the labor market. “The demand is especially high for installation work, for which the employer or customer is willing to pay at the highest rates.” However, there are nuances that must be taken into account.

Welders are considered to gravitate towards individual earnings. Analysis of the forums revealed the following patterns: workers in this profession prefer to work in an emergency, while receiving earnings comparable to those of bank managers. For example, earnings of 30 thousand rubles at factories seem scanty to many. That is why online discussions about "where welders are paid a lot" are popular.

“In the glorious city of Vladivostok, on the reconstruction of heating units, I earned 60 thousand rubles in piecework for two manufactured and installed units,” the forum member morgmail shares his experience. "Although it was a seasonal job, you can earn more."

The welder claims that he did this job in 100 hours.

But this is rather an exception. Welders claim that it is difficult to earn more than forty thousand rubles on a watch. “I worked the year before last in Kolyma,” writes Igor Krylov. - For the summer they paid 120 thousand, although travel and grub were free. In small towns, this money seems huge. "

One is good, two is better

“My wife worked as a surveyor in a construction company,” says Igor Krylov. “So she felt that it was much more profitable to fulfill the total order than to work one at a time.” At the same time, the welder recognizes that the negotiation process of the contract price requires a certain knowledge of the estimated and calculated office work. And in fact, organizing a brigade or artel to perform large volumes of welded work, workers must hire a professional estimator who, for the facility being built, will be able to estimate the real value of the order. We are talking about getting a subcontract for all types of welding works.

Together we are power

The legal form of an artel can be very different, but experts advise working under the guise of an LLC - a limited liability company. In this case, the procedure for receiving an order will be simplified, since all controversial issues related to VAT are removed. “It will not be difficult to buy such a company with a seal and a bank account: all you have to do is go to a law office,” advises Nikolai Zaitsev. - They will buy it back after the order is completed, so as not to have problems with reporting in the "off season".

It is also important that a team of welders that has its own bank account can spend money on labor protection. “When I worked alone, at the end of the working day I always had a headache and breathing hard,” says Vasily Makarov, a welder from the organized brigade. - Now we have bought all Aurora Chameleon masks for 2,300 rubles and devices for the forced supply of clean air for 11,000 rubles. The situation has changed dramatically. Not a single respirator, even the best one, will protect one hundred percent from chromic anhydride, from vanadium trioxide and its pentoxide dust and other harmful substances. "

Issues with welding machines are also professionally resolved. For example, a customer can offer devices, the operation of which is associated with professional difficulties: the arc is not immediately ignited or its size is larger than desired, there is metal splashing, and so on. Or, even worse, they may be required to work with their personal equipment, accelerating its wear and tear. “Once we were fulfilling a large order,” explains Igor Krylov. - The foreman gave out cheap Chinese machines, which were very difficult to cook, although, as we later learned, the company purchased good Forsage-301 welding inverters. "

Business idea: a team of welders

The welding business is a good idea for those who have a goal and desire to invest their capital in this business and have sufficiently high welding skills.

The advantage of this business is that any scale is suitable for it. You can work independently, or organize a group of welders.

In this article, we have collected the most important information on how to start your welding business, assemble a team of skilled workers, organize work in your company and start making a stable profit.

Business Organization

First you need to calculate all the main points in organizing your business. First of all, you should register your company. At the first stages, or if you prefer to work alone, you can register as an individual entrepreneur (IE) for welding work.

However, if your plans are to develop the enterprise to a large team of experts, you can later re-register it to a limited liability company (LLC).

To open an individual entrepreneur, you need to decide which OKVED (All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities) you will indicate in your application. That is, OKVED is a collection of codes that are assigned to different types of work. The most common code for welding activities is 45. 5..

It is called "Installation of metal building structures". You can specify up to 10 codes in the application, which will allow you to perform different types of work. Also, if in the future you want to change the nature of your work, then you will not have to write an application again. The network has a site where all OKVED codes are collected.

Next, let's talk a little about revenue. The welding business is quite competitive, as at the moment there are many companies working in this area.

For profit, we recommend providing various services.

So, you can specialize in different types of welding, welding of pipes made of synthetic polymers and metals, as well as gas welding. It is in this case that you will receive a stable profit.

Welders are those who want to make big money. The fact is that this profession is considered far from safe.

Professional and qualified welding services enjoy due popularity and demand in any cities and regions of the country, regardless of the size of the settlement. Provided a competent approach to the development and implementation of a business project, the welding shop can become a source of stable and high income for its owner. The business plan of the welding shop contains a step-by-step guide on organizational measures, recommendations regarding the process of state registration of entrepreneurial activity, the selection of qualified personnel, advertising and marketing techniques, as well as financial analytics of the indicators of the income and expenditure parts of the enterprise budget.

Relevance of the welding business, its advantages and disadvantages

The demand for the welding business and the services of professional welders is currently beyond doubt, and this type of entrepreneurial activity is one of the most relevant and stable today. An additional advantage will be the personal professional interest of a novice entrepreneur in his own business, the availability of the necessary skills and abilities, since a business based on his own hobbies, as you know, is literally doomed to success.

Among other things, the welding business is valued by entrepreneurs due to the absence of the need for large start-up investments and the purchase of a wide range of expensive equipment. Also, the process of state registration of a business in this area is not distinguished by difficulties and the need to obtain additional licenses, thanks to which even a novice entrepreneur with no experience in implementing other business projects is able to launch his own enterprise in the field of welding business.

The concept of the enterprise and the list of services of the welding shop

The concept of a business project is to organize your own enterprise, which provides professional and qualified services in the field of welding business on a paid basis.

The welding shop provides the following approximate list of services:

  • automotive welding;
  • work with metal pipes of various diameters;
  • welding of gates, metal fences and gratings;
  • welding work with household and household items;
  • work with decorative metal products and structures.

Organizational Plan

Activity registration

There is a widespread misconception that professional welding services on a paid basis can be provided without going through the mandatory procedure for state registration of entrepreneurial activity. In fact, registration in the form of an individual entrepreneur without forming a legal entity is not only mandatory, but also the most favorable option for carrying out entrepreneurial activities, since it opens up wider opportunities for the business owner for permanent cooperation with interested parties, as well as providing their own services to a wide range of clients.

After collecting and submitting to the authorized registering authority a package of necessary documentation and proof of payment of the state duty for registering a business, you must register with the local tax authority, choosing the option of working on the simplified taxation system, which provides an individual entrepreneur with a choice of two options regular quarterly tax deductions in the form of 6% of income or 15% of net profit.

No building and house construction process is complete without welding. As a rule, a team of working welders has a narrow focus of work, and therefore no longer deals with other types of services. Among developers and just individuals, a good welder is “worth its weight in gold”, so the owner of this type of business will always have profit and demand.

Starting a Business - Getting Started

Before starting a business, the owner must register his activity as an individual entrepreneur or register a legal entity, for example an LLC, since in this case a simplified taxation system will operate, which means that the amount of tax will not exceed 6% of the total profit. The amount of the state fee does not exceed 4.5 thousand rubles. In addition, the legal form of an LLC, in the event of a dispute, allows the owner to be liable only for the property of the company, in contrast to an individual entrepreneur, when the owner is responsible for all the property that belongs to him by right of ownership. The expediency of registering a legal entity is when it is supposed to cooperate with other legal entities and with a large amount of work.

Do I need to join an SRO? This is a required step. After registration, you must make a membership fee to the authorized capital and join the SRO (self-regulatory organization). SRO not only controls the activities of the company, allows contact with direct competitors, but can also recommend one or another welding team to a potential client. SRO checks compliance with the requirements set for construction companies, in particular, for welding crews it will check the competence and professionalism of workers, since welding and welding equipment must comply with state rules and regulations: SP 105-34-96, RD 34.5 . 32-96, GOST 95-77, GOST 4. 4-89, GOST 2246-70, GOST 2402-82, GOST 2601-84, GOST 4416-94, GOST 4.33-86, GOST 5264-80, GOST 9087-81, GOST 9467-75, GOST 11533-75, GOST 14806-80, GOST 21448-75, GOST 27265-87, etc.

What do you need to run a business?

To actively work with clients and partners, you need to open an office. The office must be near a convenient traffic intersection so that clients can quickly get to it. The rented premises must have an area of ​​at least 15-20 sq. ...

The rental price will be about 20 thousand rubles per month. In addition to the team of workers, the staff should have an accountant, a client manager who will look for clients and a secretary to support the organizational and administrative work of the office. The office must be equipped with work stations, the necessary equipment (computer, fax, copier, telephone, printer), employees must have access to the Internet. It is also necessary to provide everything necessary for negotiations with clients: tables, sofas, armchairs. The cost of arranging the office will be about 60 thousand rubles.

What do you need to carry out welding work? First, there is the equipment. The type of equipment directly depends on the type of work. There are many types of welding and each requires its own equipment. For example, argon welding requires the use of some kind of torches and transducers. In any case, you need a standard set of tools (for example, an inverter and a burner). The cost of the kit is 120 thousand rubles. You can buy new welding equipment on the Viatorg website.

The cost of previously used equipment may be less, which allows you to save money when starting a business. You also need to buy transformers, welding cables, gas reducers, cylinders and fan heaters. It is not necessary to strive to buy imported equipment, since domestically produced tools may not be inferior in quality, but will cost less. For the supply of equipment and materials, you can conclude an agreement with a hardware store or another supplier, which, while guaranteeing constant profitable cooperation, will agree to a discount (as another saving option).

A team of welders must comply with fire safety rules, so you need to buy a fire extinguisher. The process of work itself is accompanied by the observance of safety regulations, therefore it is necessary to buy protective masks, goggles, gloves and a first aid kit in case of injuries and burns of employees.

To create an effective welding team, 3-4 workers will be enough, one of whom will be the head of the team and lead the process. The salary of employees can be expressed in a flat rate and bonuses, depending on the number and type of work performed. It is important to monitor the qualifications of employees, so it would be right to take not only experienced workers, but also send them to advanced training courses, as technologies and working methods are constantly being improved. New technologies help minimize costs and improve work optimization. A good form for organizing your own business is to create corporate clothing for employees with a company logo. The cost of such clothing will be 10-15 thousand rubles, but at the same time it will attract the attention of customers.

The advertising campaign of the business should not be ignored either. It is necessary to order an internet site describing the services you offer. Place a portfolio of your work on it.

If you have sufficient welding skills and are ready to invest in the development of your business, then the welding business is perfect for these purposes. The good thing about welding is that you can create a business of any scale: either assemble your own team of welders, or just work alone.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how to start your welding business, how to organize work, find qualified employees and make your first profit.

Business Organization

Before starting your own welding business, you need to carefully consider all the organizational issues. First you need to register your company; at the initial stage, a simple IP for welding work is suitable. You can even work alone. If you plan to develop, you can soon open an LLC and recruit a team of welders.

To open an individual entrepreneur, you need to decide which OKVED you will indicate in the application. OKVED is a register of codes, each code has its own activity assigned. The most popular OKVED code for welding is 45. 5. ("Installation of metal building structures"). In your application, you can specify up to 10 codes that will allow you to carry out different types of activities. For example, not only to carry out the installation of metal structures, but also to repair pipes (code 45. 3 "Production of sanitary works"). You can find a complete register of OKVED codes on the Internet.

Now a little about earnings. Nowadays a large number of organizations are engaged in welding, so this is a rather competitive business. To make a profit, you need to provide a wide range of services. For example, to be engaged in welding pipes made of metals and artificial polymers, to carry out electric welding (both manual and semi-automatic), to provide welding services using gases. This is the only way your earnings will be stable.

Required equipment

A successful welding business is impossible without a set of professional equipment. To provide various services, you need to purchase a semiautomatic device, an inverter, a plasma cutting machine, an argon-arc welding machine.

Additionally, it is required to purchase burners for semiautomatic devices, cables, gas cylinders. If you are going to open a welding production in a workshop, then you need welding tables. And for workers you need to purchase a work uniform, masks, mittens, and so on. Comprehensive equipment for one employee will cost you at least $ 150 if you use the most budgetary options. But we do not recommend saving on overalls, because cheap robes and accessories will quickly become unusable and you will have to buy them again.

You will also need a welding shop with an area of ​​100 sq. ... It can be rented or bought if you have enough resources. But you don't need a room to do field welding, so think about it if you are opening a business with a minimum initial capital.

Do not forget that many fire safety rules are imposed on welding work, so get fire extinguishers and other fire extinguishing systems. Before starting a welding business, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the documents regulating fire safety rules.

To summarize: if you are a private welder with your own equipment and clothing, working on the road, then your initial capital can be $ 0. This is the most profitable option when you invest in your equipment and training ahead of time, so that you can then channel the experience and skills in the right direction. Well, if you are going to open a welding shop, then your minimum capital must be at least 10 thousand dollars. We recommend that you draw up or find on the Internet a business plan for welding in order to navigate the costs.

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