Services to the public: the most promising business ideas

Buying and selling business equipment

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Do you think that Instagram is overflowing with the offer of manicure services and you can't squeeze into this niche? You are wrong. 90% of DIYers are self-taught and offer mediocre services. If your salon offers better services, and the staff takes care of the needs of visitors, you will definitely not be left without clients at all.

Riding to the sea for a natural tan is an expensive pleasure. A visit to the solarium is much cheaper, therefore the demand for the services of such establishments is stable. A tanning business is profitable - it does not require an impressive initial investment and quickly pays off.

When opening a private kindergarten, entrepreneurs expect to start a business that will bring joy - but in the end they only get a headache. We will tell you how to open a kindergarten without unnecessary stress.

You can succeed in the air conditioning business by providing only quality services and organizing an effective marketing campaign. The market is oversaturated, so you'll have to face stiff competition.

It will not be possible to characterize the investment in the logistics center as minimal - it will require large expenses. But after a year, logistics will begin to bear fruit in the form of impressive profits.

By opening another shoe repair shop "around the corner", you can waste all your money and turn out to be "a shoemaker without boots." Before starting a shoe business, you should consider what unique benefits you will offer your customers.

Gym business is more than relevant in the fast food era. However, the competition in this area is also great. You will have to decide on a significant investment and find the right instructors to count on success.

The idea of ​​a food delivery business to apartments and offices looks tempting, because it does not require significant initial investment and can be implemented by one enthusiastic entrepreneur.

Well drilling is a very promising business idea, because water is a resource that will always be valuable. However, to open such a business, you need expensive equipment.

You can make very good money on the desire of young people to decorate their bodies with tattoos, because the cost of a tattoo in Russia is quite high, and the competition is still minimal.

An employment agency is a business that can be created with minimal financial investment. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that there will be no significant results for a long time.

Currently, a service business is rightfully considered a type of entrepreneurial activity that does not require significant start-up investments. To start it, it is enough to use your home PC and mobile phone (preferably with two SIM cards). If we evaluate the business in relation to these insignificant costs, then mathematically we get a significant profitability. With all this, mind you, there is no need to rent an office, pay for advertising.

The main mission of such a business is to effectively bring the seller with the buyer, the customer with a specialist who performs repair, construction, plumbing, etc. works that are in demand in everyday life. Thus, the basis for its creation is the professional services provided to the population by specialists. The accumulated interest of the intermediary is income for such a business.

However, if we take into account the absolute figures, that is, count in rubles, then the start of such entrepreneurship is not associated with high earnings, it grows gradually, not as fast as in the investment business.

It is based on a business idea, the relevance of which is proved by an entrepreneur in the event that his work gives a result: the sprout of business planted by him is gaining strength and becomes a dynamic entrepreneurship that has its own market and creates jobs.

Top Ideas

Which service business should an entrepreneur choose? The question is clearly rhetorical, since it does not imply a universal answer. Around us invisibly exists a market of popular consumer services, where you can and should earn money.

How to define it? Take a look at the ads - offers of personal services. Among the most popular are the following: repair and installation of plumbing, electrician services, tutoring, courier services, professional cleaning of premises, tailoring, gardening services, babysitting services, taking care of pets, installation of windows and doors.

What should a future entrepreneur do with this list next? You should choose only one, but quite often demanded service, and concentrate on it as much as possible. The market for this service will become your service sector, on the basis of which you will have to create your business. In it you have to become a professional.

How to develop a business with the services of an electrician

Here's one of thousands of possible examples. In the city, for example, there is a consistently high demand for the services of private electricians. However, many of them, in addition to good days, have periods of downtime when their professional skills remain unclaimed. It is under such circumstances, when information from customers does not reach the performers, that the business on services reveals its potential.

The business idea is universal: first, you form a base of specialists, and then you carry out an operational search and provide them with orders.

In order for a pure intermediary to become successful, he must become a recognized dock in the study of demand, find customers an order of magnitude more efficient than a specialist himself can do. This is the business know-how of services.

The days when small towns suffered from an acute shortage of goods and services are long gone. Large companies and enterprising townspeople are firmly entrenched in their territory. Entrepreneurs who have retained their business from the early 90s and 2021s hold their positions especially well. This leads to the question, what services can be provided to the population in a small town where everything is already available? Let's try to give an objective answer to it.

Popularity and competition in the service sector

Demand creates supply. The more popular a particular product is, the tighter competition becomes within the boundaries of its specialization. In order to ensure sustainable growth for a business, an entrepreneur has to choose from two options:

  • Open something new and promising. Something that is not available in a small town, despite the good indicators of demand in other regions.
  • Invest in a business that is in demand among the population of the territory. Get into the competition by strategizing and investing heavily with long-term payback in mind.

The decision on which way to enter the services market is taken by the company individually. Based on material capabilities, experience of aggressive business management, calculation of material receipts of future periods.

When deciding to open a business in a small town, the break-even point will be an important parameter for you. The moment from which the company will begin to make a profit, and not pay off the costs of the past and present periods.

Large companies can afford aggressive policies. Federal chains, the activity of which in trade is observed more often than in the service sector. The latter prefers to softly occupy promising territory. For example, offering to open a franchise business. A partnership based on the experience of the franchisor and the boundaries of responsibility between the parties, as well as the customers of the franchisee and third parties.

What services are in demand in a small town?

Fighting competitors involves more than just pouring money in. The quality of service will be an important advantage of the new venture. Give customers more than what they expect when they contact your company. By increasing the level of customer service, the organization will be able to strengthen itself even in a saturated market.

A modern company prioritizes customer satisfaction and comfort. Polite and courteous attitude, creating conditions for simulating a comfort zone. Remember the old phrase: "Make yourself at home." It fully reflects the vector of development of the latter. So the main thing in the question of which services are in greatest demand is the answer: high-quality.

By registering as Individual Entrepreneurs, many Russian citizens begin to think about which branch of the national economy is best to develop their business.

If novice businessmen have an impressive start-up capital, they can "swing" on more serious projects that require large financial investments. In the event that small businesses have limited personal funds, they should turn their attention to less global business projects.

How to choose a business direction

Many entrepreneurs decide to develop their economic activities in the field of providing services to the population. To actively expand your business in this direction, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the nuances, the use of which will allow you to smoothly bypass all the "pitfalls".

Even 20 years ago, enterprises providing household services to the population worked, if not at a loss, then with a very small profit, which was enough only to cover current expenses.

Large circles of the population have begun to trust more companies whose professional activities make their life easier. In this regard, many representatives of small and medium-sized businesses began to develop more actively in this industry, offering Russian citizens well-thought-out and combined household services:

  • leasing of any household appliances;
  • cleaning services;
  • repair and sewing of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories;
  • repair and restoration of furniture;
  • maintenance of moto and automobile transport;
  • repair of household appliances;
  • delivery of correspondence, food, medicines, etc. .;
  • walking pets;
  • making and repairing jewelry, etc.

A skillfully built business in the field of providing services to the population will very quickly be able to recoup all initial investments and will begin to bring regular profit to its owners.

How to calculate the investment, we will tell you in the article on preparing a business plan for a hairdresser.

Starting a successful business requires assessing the real strengths and weaknesses of all options. Here are collected projects that have already been tested by many entrepreneurs and are still capable of generating substantial incomes for their owners.

Recruitment Agency

The main task of the recruiting agency is to help unemployed specialists and companies in need of them find each other. When the economic situation deteriorates, there are many free professionals, when it improves, the number of companies increases. Therefore, there is no doubt about the demand for such services for another 20-30 years. Tart investments in such a business are small - you will need to equip an office for interviews and provide employees with access to thematic Internet portals. To protect yourself from unscrupulous job seekers and employers, it is very important to draw up the correct contract with an experienced lawyer.

Costs and Benefits

Approximate expenses (currency - ruble):

  • Office furniture and office equipment - 100 000.
  • Salary for employees (manager, psychologist, accountant, secretary) including taxes - about 55 500 per month.
  • The cost of advertising a company (leaflets, front signboard, presentation, ad placement) - 47,000 per year.
  • Office rent - an average of 300 per m2 (9,000 per room 15 m2).

Thus, you can open your own recruitment agency with the amount of 200,000.

Tariffs (in rubles):

  • placement of the 1st resume - 300;
  • employment - 5000;
  • assessment and testing of company personnel - 450 per person.

The monthly profit (with a small workload) is 84,000. Excluding costs and taxes, the net annual profit will be close to 95,000.

Business profitability is 9%, that is, it pays off in 1-1.2 years. In a small town where the number of job opportunities is limited, continuing education courses can be organized to ensure continued income.

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