Services for the public: the best business ideas from scratch

Everyone needs something all the time: to cure their teeth, then get a haircut, then fix the car, then deliver a bouquet, then repair the computer. A business that is based on providing services to the public or legal entities will always be in demand and profitable. Nevertheless, many tie up with this topic, not even having time to understand it, which, of course, understandably frightens many by the level of competition, the lack of good ideas and originality, and large investments. However, you cannot open a business without risk. There will be mistakes, of course. Without them, no business begins. Even if you get a job in a company as an accountant or go to work in a store as a seller, you will have difficulties. This is quite normal, and you need to be prepared for this in advance.

The main thing is that you feel the needs of your clients and can help them in time. You should know what your guests need at the hotel, what services attract in the fitness club, what prices suit, and what scares away. You must be ready to communicate and open to all feedback, comments and suggestions. This is the only way you can achieve success, regardless of the direction of your activity in the service sector. We will give a few examples to start a business, and give a short description of each of them.

Cargo transportation services

You can transport goods for both private and legal entities. Individuals most often use cargo transportation for moving and order the transportation of furniture, household appliances, boxes of things. Organizations hire transport companies to transport goods from warehouses, deliver goods to the client.

Those who are engaged in transportation services should understand what responsibility they bear for the cargo. In order for customers to be satisfied and there are no omissions between you and your customer, it is better to make an inventory when transporting large cargo and valuable things. So you give guarantees not only to your customers, but also insure yourself against unnecessary problems.

Branding Agency

These services are used by organizations and individual entrepreneurs to attract more customers, increase sales and expand spheres of influence. Such agencies are engaged in the analysis of the company's activities and based on the data obtained, they make up a portrait of the client. This portrait will become the future brand that will attract customers.

To make a selling brand, you need to understand the essence of the client's activities. The brand must speak for it, and therefore you must take into account all the features of the company, its uniqueness.

Photo-video salon

Wide range of opportunities, constant client base and work every day. A good photo studio always receives orders, and therefore has serious revenue. Orders for photo or video filming can come from both individuals and organizations. It can be a birthday, wedding or corporate party. It can be shooting for memory or even for documents. The latter option is a good solution for salons that have just opened and do not yet have sufficient skills and abilities. In this case, the photo studio may offer services such as photo printing, ID photo, photocopier.

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Hello everyone. I live in a city with a population of almost 700 thousand. I am 24 years old. The desire to do my own thing is great. Experience in construction and trade for about 8 years. But I decided to go a little into another not easy sphere, the service sector. Of course I would like to go into trade, but finances sing romances.

The idea is to open an office for the provision of various services to the population (hereinafter referred to as COO), for example: transport, cleaning, assembly, loaders, apartment renovation, car rental and many other services. All this will be possible to order in one place. There is a website, there is no design with content yet, so sketches. There is no experience in development, so I did everything in the constructor.

I see the work of the UC in about two options: First - WE take agency fees for providing orders to the contractor. There is already an agreement with many performers, mainly physical. faces. It works like this: 1. The customer contacts us. (for example) you need a gazelle for 2-3 hours. 2. We call the contractor (driver), he drives up to the customer.

Second - (I would not like) WE act as an information service, i.e. people do not call us, but directly to the performers. Performers pay monthly rent for being in the database. Several people are possible for one service. (here you still need to somehow persuade the performers to pay for the placement) The first option is more suitable.

I am interested in your opinion, would you use the services of such a company yourself?

Still interested in the legal side of the conclusion of contracts, reporting. What documents to give to the customer. What is the best agreement to work with physicists? Maybe someone came across a similar one. In general, tell me how best to do it. Thanks in advance.

There is 1 million rubles and a hellish desire to work for yourself, but there is no clear idea of ​​what to do. I really want advice, ideas or something else worthwhile. (taking into account the current economic turmoil in the country) The city is large (St. Petersburg) and it seems that you can occupy yourself with a lot of things, but I can't stop at one thing! I thought about such a wonderful thing as smart and home and everything connected with it, but somehow scary. (the demand seems to me not very big) I also thought about the design of the studio (interiors) and the completion of finishing materials (closest to me, since I have been working in this area for about 7 years) But there are concerns both because of the economic situation and in terms of finances! Tell gentlemen what to do !? Thank you so much .

Good day! Recently I opened a translation bureau (IP) in ursk. Question: do you need an office for such a bureau or can you work according to such a scheme (the customer calls, we meet with him anywhere or I myself go to him, ptm negotiate the details and terms, payment or email me a photo or in text format, I tell him As for the notary, the question also arises of what to do, because you need a translator's signature (I can act as a courier for the first time. I am a future translator by profession, 4th year), I also have a database of about 100 translators (English, German, IT, Spanish, French , Arabic, Jap, Kit, Polish). As for the demand - there are calls, but I concluded that we need translators for such languages ​​as Armenian, Latvian. Thanks for the answers! I will be glad to answer!

Good afternoon, dear experts! LLC is engaged in advertising on the Internet, a lot of payments by bank transfer.

Did you know that 1.7 billion people around the world are employed in the service sector? This area is in second place in popularity, only slightly behind trade, but significantly ahead of production. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to discuss services for the population in the form of business ideas that will bring a stable income.

The high demand for this area from entrepreneurs is quite justified. Unlike manufacturing or trade, entering such a business is much easier. Virtually no investment is required. All that is needed is your knowledge and skills, as well as a minimum of funds for advertising.

Services for the public: business ideas in a crisis

Pawnshops. crisis, they not only stay afloat, but also thrive. People are more willing to part with jewelry and antiques in order to spend money on something more important.

Microloans. Also, they have not lost their popularity, loans "to payday" are used very actively in times of crisis.

Marriage agencies. These organizations are equally successful in difficult economic times. The increased popularity is associated with the fact that clients are willing to pay for finding a financially secure man. However, many people prefer to find a groom abroad.

Insurance companies. They also feel more confident, especially when working with small and medium-sized businesses. Representatives of such enterprises insure their business in case of bankruptcy.

Pizza, sushi to go. During a crisis, the population goes to cafes and restaurants less, trying to save on entertainment. However, businesses that offer discounts when ordering take-out menus still have good revenue.

Sofa upholstery, bathroom restoration. When people's incomes drop, everything related to repair companies and furniture stores fades into the background. But services for the renovation of furniture or plumbing are experiencing a new upsurge.

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