Services for business: a selection of the best programs for promotion

Financial model of the service center

Brief Investment Memorandum

Today, almost every home has a computer or laptop, and for many it is now a working tool. There are more computer users, and devices are more complex and more expensive. Therefore, when something breaks or malfunctions, it is more profitable to contact a repair specialist than to buy a new device.

Mass demand for services has become the reason for high competition in the computer repair market. Service centers are opened by electronics manufacturing companies, trading companies, small workshops appear, as well as private craftsmen. The qualifications of specialists and the marketing strategy of the company are of key importance in this matter. Successful computer repair service companies have an excellent opportunity to scale and enter the federal market.

Initial investment amount - 552,500 rubles;

Monthly costs - 258 945 rubles;

Monthly profit - 96 845 rubles;

Payback period - 9 months;

Break-even point - 2 months;

Return on sales —45%.

How does ordering services work now?

There are two classic ways to find a wizard. For example, in this article I will use a search for a plumber in my hometown provincial city of Togliatti (± 700,000 population).

People write in Yandex or Google "plumber Togliatti" and go to company websites. Most often, managers answer for a very long time and the application is placed in a few days.

People call the masters, sometimes they don't get through, sometimes the masters are inadequate. They also agree to take the application in a couple of days.

In both cases, a person does not receive the appointment of a master immediately, and in the worst case can spend a lot of nerves searching. For example, before writing the article, I got through to Avito only to the fourth master, who did not give the impression of a specialist. And even then he will be able to drive up only after 3 days. Can you imagine how I would feel if a pipe actually burst in my house?

What's the business idea?

The world is now moving towards more automation. If a program can do something, then what's the point of paying a person? The idea of ​​an online service boils down to automating the work of a manager and the process is as follows:

  • The client finds the website of the service through the search
  • Leaves a request, informing that he wants to order
  • Free mothers respond and offer their prices to come and fix it here and now
  • The client chooses the one who likes best and negotiates the details in chat or by phone

It turns out that without a manager, a client can receive suggestions from masters who are ready to solve his problem here and now. If the question is critical, then, as a rule, he is even ready to overpay 15% -20% for speed.

How does the business owner earn?

You can check compliance with labor law requirements, calculate the amount of compensation for delayed wages, quickly find suitable government support measures, calculate vacation pay, sick leave and maternity pay free of charge using smart electronic services. We share the most useful ones.

Labor Navigator

The service is a set of instructions in the form of a step-by-step scheme of actions for common problem situations that an employer finds himself in. The labor navigator will tell you what to do in the event of an accident at work and will give detailed instructions on how to fill out the work book correctly.

For each situation (hiring, firing, changing working conditions, wages, etc.), the service issues more than a dozen actions of the employer and describes them point by point, referring to regulations.

Electronic Labor Inspector

This service is also called a self-test service. It can help you assess how conscientiously and accurately you comply with the requirements of labor legislation. The website states that the interactive tool allows "to look at the design and content of documents through the eyes of a real state labor inspector." As a result of the check, the service issues a conclusion on the absence or presence of violations and provides instructions, templates and samples of documents to eliminate the identified problems.

The online inspector is currently in pilot mode. Nevertheless, users have access to at least 200 checklists on various topics. To use the service, select a topic that interests you and answer the proposed questions, taking into account the actual documents and circumstances of the company. The service will issue an inspection report indicating violations of the requirements of the law and show how to eliminate them.

Duty Inspector

Another useful tool for clarifying any issues related to labor relations: working hours, rest time, dismissal, labor protection, wages, etc. The service has already accumulated a certain base of answers to the most common questions. But any user can ask their question to the inspector for free and get an answer to it within three working days.

Labor law requirements

Thanks to the service, you can get acquainted with the list of basic requirements of labor legislation and see on the basis of which regulations they operate. Employers are denied access to information on a specific labor situation.

Everything you need at the start of a business for individual entrepreneurs and LLCs under 3 months

Coworking spaces and technology parks

Dear Entrepreneurs, in this article we will talk about a growing business idea - the creation of an Internet application aggregator. This business is very interesting because you, having minimal experience in the area of ​​interest to you, can easily start it. And besides this, any project can be easily scaled to the whole of Russia, which will bring you a huge number of orders and, accordingly, profits.

The essence of the idea

The older generation remembers exactly, and young aspiring entrepreneurs, most likely, also found thick free newspapers that postmen dropped into our mailbox every week. In these newspapers we could find all kinds of services in the form of advertisements and private ads. There was everything - repair services, making windows and furniture, tire fitting, advertisements for tutors and even various magicians and healers.

At the time, these newspapers were one of the few ways to connect client and contractor. And one of the most effective places to advertise their services. One small ad in such a newspaper cost as much as the salary of a company executive.

But the widespread use of the Internet, the emergence of smartphones, wi-fi and high-speed networks that allow you to use the Internet from the phone, have led to the fact that when the first need arises, customers do not run to the newspaper, but clog the request on the Internet. And they get a lot of answers.

The idea is to get these clients yourself and then transfer them to the performers. From these orders, you can receive from 20% to 50%, depending on the city, the amount of work and the direction. One of the most popular examples of such an idea is services for the selection of craftsmen for household chores. For example, the service "Your brownie" is vash-domovoi. u

Possibilities of services for aggregation of requests

The above Service "Your Home", basically, aggregates applications in the field of providing household services to the population. These are the services of various masters:

  • plumbing technicians ;
  • electricians;
  • carpenters;
  • masters "husband for an hour";
  • furniture makers;
  • carpenters;
  • builders;
  • repairmen of apartments and offices;
  • handymen.

In addition, the service provides another range of services - cleaning services:

  • dry cleaning ;
  • cleaning of offices and houses;
  • washing windows;
  • cleaning the territory;
  • garbage removal after renovation;
  • loader services.

But the ideas do not end there, there are just a lot of topics for creating an aggregator, among them the following, the most interesting:

  • masters of household repair and construction - perhaps the largest group of services in terms of composition and ability to earn money, not everyone knows how or wants to do repairs themselves, it is easier to call a specialist and pay him 3000 - RUB 6,000 and get the result today in a few hours. In addition, it is always more profitable to order repairs in terms of the fact that you will not have to buy the necessary tools and understand the finishing materials; This group may include the following specialists: electricians, plumbers, welders, carpenters, construction of houses, baths, garages, fences, installation of foundations, installation of security systems and access systems, demolition and dismantling of buildings, concrete work, ventilation work, all work on interior decoration and much, much more;
  • cleaning masters - in the same way, often people have no time to carry out repairs themselves, it is easier to call a specialist who, with professional tools and cleaning products, will do in a day what the client would do for a week ... Well, at this time, the client will take care of his loved ones - children or parents;
  • large household appliances repairmen - repairing large household appliances is a very difficult matter, it is very difficult for an ordinary person to figure out why a washing machine or refrigerator does not work, he would sooner call and call the foreman;
  • computer help - if a client's computer has something broken, it is easier for him to call a specialist to his house than to carry the computer to the workshop. A specialist will come and in half an hour or an hour will install the necessary drivers, launch an antivirus or install the necessary program;
  • designer services are a very interesting topic lately, which attracts more and more clients and specialists. If earlier designers were used mainly by various companies, now everyone would be happy to invite a designer to their home, and recently many have turned for such a service as landscape design and want to decorate the local area;
  • webmasters' services are very an interesting topic, it is especially interesting because there is no need to personally meet with the client, it is enough to talk on Skype or phone, understand the requirements and get the job done. Therefore, accepting applications from all over Russia in one place and transferring them to a good but inexpensive master or several craftsmen who are in a small town is an excellent solution;
  • ordering cars and special equipment is also a very interesting topic, having received an order for a tractor, loader or dump truck does not have to do it yourself, it is enough to transfer it to the owner of this vehicle and get a commission. There is no need to purchase equipment, there is no need to hire a driver - all this reduces business risks. You can even receive orders for the rental of limousines and transfer them to the final executors;
  • delivery of bulk and non-bulk cargo - sand, gravel, manure, sawdust and much more customers order in summer and winter, receive a commission from these deliveries you can;
  • writing works - business plans and feasibility studies, diplomas, coursework, scientific and practical conferences, problem solving and other similar services are easily sold and bought on the Internet on similar services. You don't have to write your own works, and you don't even have to know much about subjects, you just need to find good specialists and you can earn income.

Services for business help to simplify the process of interaction between employees, establish communications and optimize work. Technologies are designed to automate processes and translate them online. This is achieved by using different programs for information storage, analysis and monitoring. They facilitate routine tasks, increase the accuracy and efficiency of their work.

Why does business need services

Web services automate work and administrative processes, communication between employees and partners. This contributes to business development. The value of services is associated not only with the ultimate improvement in financial performance. First of all, they provide analytics of current projects and demonstrate the company's position in the market.

Promotional Services

Useful services for business help in search engine promotion and control of site positions in search results. Automating this process frees up time for other work that requires manual control.


In this system, you can monitor mentions of the company in the media space. Examining the number of mentions of a brand is a way to get information directly from customers and manage a company's reputation. The service is convenient for business owners who need to track changes in the market, learn about the needs of the audience and see changes in the marketing strategies of competitors.


The service helps to automate search engine optimization, organize contextual advertising. He works with content marketing and provides reputation management tools. You can work in the system independently or with the help of platform specialists.


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