Service business development ideas

Any settlement - be it a small town or a metropolis - is a potential market for starting a business in the service sector. This branch of entrepreneurship assumes the lowest financial costs, therefore it is very promising for the development of small business.

But even small (in terms of costs) startups can eventually grow into large profitable companies (for example, outsourcing has great potential). Before choosing which to start a business, it is important to familiarize yourself with the top directions of the most profitable industries for 2021 in this area:

  • Software development. According to analysts. The current trend, in which the demand for the development of computer programs, applications for smartphones, all kinds of games and navigators is growing by 17% every year, will continue until 2023. A small business, in which the founder only needs time, knowledge and availability of a PC, with such a demand for products, has every chance to grow into a highly profitable enterprise.
  • Consulting services. One of the new options for the post-Soviet space, and therefore promising for business, options for consultation is the help of a psychotherapist. If in Europe the services of such specialists are used by 41% of the population, then in the USA 73% of families attend psychotherapists. The services of a financial consultant are gaining more and more popularity.
  • Copywriting services have their own characteristic features: the business creator himself must understand the correct writing of texts, the ability to combine customer requests, the requirements of search robots and the preferences of the consumer (reader). Before developing this type of activity, you should prepare yourself for rigid self-organization: work will require independent planning of the schedule, perseverance and scrupulousness.

Before deciding to promote an advertising campaign for your undertaking, you should remember the main trends of 2021 in promotion:

  • mandatory presence of your own website on the World Wide Web;
  • maximum presence in social networks of the region;
  • use of new applications and platforms for promotion advertising on the network.

Attention! Today, the information space of the Russian Internet contains many resources, where lists of ideas for opening your own business in the service sector are presented with minimal or no investment.

Service Industry: Rough New Venture Business Plan

Before starting any business, it is necessary to draw up an approximate simple step-by-step action plan that will help to systematically approach the organization of the enterprise:

  • Definition of the business idea: the scope of the company, the product (service) that will be supplied to the consumer, the analysis of the relevance of the offer on the market and how much it will be in demand, the possibility of entering it and studying the main features of competitors.
  • Planning the volume of initial financial costs: selection of premises (whether it will be a company organized at home, in a separate own or rented building), the amount of necessary investments (despite the fact that the service sector does not provide for the purchase of goods, may require the cost of auxiliary materials - stationery, office equipment or furniture; it is important to calculate how much money the legal registration of the business, advertising costs will cost);
  • Purchase of the necessary equipment, consumables, preparation of the premises for work.
  • Recruitment: you should clearly define the skills that you want to see from your employees and select employees accordingly;
  • Providing first services to clients, testing the chosen business model, eliminating shortcomings in activities firms.
  • Even after the company starts making a profit, it is necessary to analyze the trends of the selected market segment, study the social signals of potential customers, be aware of advanced technologies in the creation, promotion and implementation of your product.

Attention! It is important to remember that each type of business has its own characteristics, and the algorithm for opening it may differ from the general principles and rules. At the moment, there are many information sites that present layouts for the creation of a particular type of activity.

Service industry: the benefits of starting a business from scratch

If a person has decided to engage in entrepreneurial activity, has a small start-up capital, the most reversible and profitable activity will be business ideas in the service sector. This industry has a huge variety of species.

In most cases, minimum investment. The main condition for business development is the knowledge and skills of the personnel, which takes more than 90% of the resources. To promote your business, you need to choose the right one for these conditions, the ability to do your job efficiently.

Business on services is profitable

Entrepreneurs have a huge choice in types of activities, especially in the service sector. The main task facing an entrepreneur is the correct choice of the type of activity and its return on investment. You should carefully study the market for services in order to make a profit in the first year of operation.

The types of services for business are very diverse and have several directions:

  • cleaning ;
  • legal ;
  • hairdressing salons;
  • consulting ;
  • transport ;
  • construction.

Each direction has its own characteristics. To make a business profitable, you need to have certain knowledge in the chosen direction, start-up capital. Anyone can do this, even those who have very little money and have a fear of starting a big project.

Services are exactly what any entrepreneur needs to start a successful business. The variety of services is expanding every year. This is a place where anyone can prove themselves.

Students, after graduation, are looking for a high-paying job, which is not always possible. Creating your own business is a step forward towards creating new jobs, improving your skills, increasing income.

Today, the most popular areas in the service sector are:

Directory of consulting companies

Marketer's Library

Features of growth and development of business in the service sector

K Baksht Chapter from the book "Building a service business: from scratch to market dominance" Publishing House "Peter"

Crazy ideas and action plans

I have little faith in strategic planning in the early years of building and developing a new service business. What is it recommended to do there in classical management planning? First, you need to define the mission of the Company and its strategic goals. Then draw up a strategic action plan for the next three to five years. Based on this, draw up a medium-term action plan for the next year. Then draw up an operational plan of action for the next two to three months. Then every week to carry out certain actions outlined in the operational plan. Review the operational plan once a month, the medium-term plan once a quarter, and the strategic plan once a year.

Everything looks pretty in theory. But in practice, what is the point of writing detailed plans for five years ahead, when a simple adjustment of the price list can radically change the whole essence of the business? Including the average transaction amount, range of target Clients and sales geography? After all, about the business in the service sector, we can only know one thing for sure: its essence changes quite often. Sometimes - strongly, from time to time - dramatically. In fact, we begin to build one business, after a while we turn it into a second, then into a third. Sometimes you have to create a new business on the basis of the previous one five, or even seven times, until the next attempt is finally successful.

Therefore, two things are enough for business development in the service sector. First, you need to set strategic or medium-term goals. A few is best (as with setting life goals). If there is only one goal, the development of the Company will go ineffectively. After all, not at every moment of time you will be able to successfully make efforts to achieve this goal. When there are several goals, you can temporarily switch to achieving any of them. And when there is only one goal, there is nothing to switch to the period of forced waiting and the business will be idle. On the other hand, if there are too many goals, attention and resources will be too scattered between them. The best option is three to four goals. Of these, perhaps only one will become a priority. The rest will be significant, but not as important as your main goal. In addition, at least one of the goals must be financial in nature. No matter how you strive to develop your business, you must not forget that all this translates into an increase in turnover and income.

Secondly, for each of the goals set, you need to draw up plans for the nearest actions, thanks to which you will move towards achieving these goals. Such plans can be completely informal. And look, for example, like a simple list of steps written on a piece of paper of your favorite diary.

Why do we schedule only the next steps, and not draw up a detailed plan? I am deeply convinced that we initially do not know exactly how we will go towards our goal. And we cannot know this. From the moment we embarked on the path of achieving the goal, we begin to gain the appropriate experience. And the more we have already done, the better we understand how to proceed. Of course, as we gain experience and gain more information, our vision of how to achieve a goal can change dramatically. It would be strange if a merchant negotiated with his thousandth Client in the same way as with the first. Therefore, you do not need to try to foresee all the nuances. We have planned the next steps - we are performing them. We took the first steps - it became clearer what the next steps should be. So we walk until we achieve our goal.

Setting worthy goals and doing the right thing to achieve them will have a very positive impact on your business. But the most powerful results you can get are crazy ideas. That is, such goals, the achievement of which initially seems almost impossible.

The part of the economy that includes both commercial and non-commercial services is the service industry. It is also a free category that reproduces various types of services provided by organizations and enterprises, as well as individuals.

Those who provide services, serving clients are service personnel.

There are two types of business - service business and commercial.

According to many experts, it is simpler and easier to carry out their activities related to services. A service business is organized at the work of one specialist or one specific job.

The influence of any factors is minimized, the risk of such activities is reduced. Business in the service sector does not involve very large investments, which is a positive moment for start-up entrepreneurs.

Having a clear idea of ​​his goal and a certain store of knowledge, a businessman can earn decent money on his own business, while investing a minimum of funds. Let's look at a few examples of successful service businesses.

Joiner's shop

The essence of this business is the opening of a carpentry workshop for the manufacture of door and window blocks.

A carpentry shop is an activity in the business sphere in which wood products are manufactured and manufactured using modern equipment.

The demand for door and window blocks made from natural materials is increasing every year. A small carpentry shop can produce simple door and window frames, using simpler and more inexpensive technologies initially. Such products will be in demand among individuals engaged in construction on their own, as well as in stores selling specialized materials at retail.

Required equipment and technology

Surely each of us at least once in his life thought about starting his own business. Every time on the web, there are announcements of workshops and lectures by experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to share their knowledge of business development in the service sector with newcomers. 2021 offers many opportunities for enthusiasts: young people actively join teams and organize their first project using progressive co-financing platforms.

What are the advantages of the service industry


Going through the types of services for business, experts have come to a common opinion: accounting ranks first in the list of the most profitable types of services with a generous percentage of profit. Not a single modern company can do without accounting. Regardless of the general state of the state economy, everyone needs the services of accountants.

You can organize accounting support for the affairs of real estate and legal offices, a doctor's office or clinic. Abroad, the biggest incomes for accountants come from real estate, law and medicine.

Real estate agency or car rental

Real estate agents do not face high costs of organizing their business. You just need to get a license and become part of the most profitable business in the real estate services industry, organizing transactions for the purchase, sale and rental of housing.

Car rental or vehicle leasing will be no less profitable business. Knowing a foreign language well, you can make profitable deals with foreigners who travel around our country. Investing in a small car rental business will quickly pay off.

Hostel Organization

Hotel services are not cheap, renting an apartment is also not affordable for everyone. Thanks to new types of business in the field of tourism services, which have taken root well abroad, we can also profitably use our residential square meters. In the beginning, you can clean the hostel yourself and take orders by phone. When things get going, you can hire a receptionist and a cleaning lady to spend more time with your family.

Consulting and Administrative Services

Business consulting is a very profitable business. Basically, your firm will be a commercial enterprise providing advice to the public on issues such as:

  • various branches of education;
  • marketing;
  • image;
  • tourism;
  • environmental problems.

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