Recreation center business plan

About 20% of Russians prefer to rest in tourist centers on the banks of large rivers. For entrepreneurs planning to open a tourist center or a suburban complex, the business plan of the recreation center will help to provide for other nuances for successful development. A ready-made example of a business plan for a recreation center with calculations includes the cost of construction, equipment, salary fund and calculation of the project's profitability.

Recreation centers in Soviet times were departmental and funded by the state. Only certain categories of citizens (for example, employees of a particular enterprise) could rest in them. Today, many residents of the country can afford to visit the tourist base. The domestic tourism market is developing at a rapid pace. If in 2021 the Russians spent 776.9 billion rubles on holidays within the country, then in 2021 this figure increased to 900 billion rubles.

Download a ready-made business plan for the recreation center

Building a tourist base from scratch is a laborious process. It includes the construction of buildings and entertainment facilities, design of the design of the territory. In order to avoid mistakes that would jeopardize the business idea of ​​the "Recreation Center", a novice entrepreneur downloads a rough opening plan for free.

Free download of the recreation center business plan

An example of a business plan for a recreation center

How to draw up a strategic plan for a camp site? How to open it from scratch? The entrepreneur is offered two options:

  • Rent a plot and renovate the existing recreation center, build additional facilities, if they are absent (baths, swimming pools).
  • Buy a land plot and build objects from scratch.

The second option requires a lot of time and significant investment. This is what we bring to your attention in the detailed business plan of the camp site.

Relevance of the idea

The purpose of the camp site is to create conditions for recreation away from the city, to improve health. As mentioned above, more and more Russians prefer to go to the camp site in order to:

Brief Investment Memorandum

Vacation is a long-awaited time for every person. With the aggravated unstable political and economic situation in the world, as well as with a sharp increase in the exchange rate, people are increasingly considering the option of resting within their home country. And this trend will only grow in the coming years.

Organization of a recreation center - an opportunity to build a profitable business. This will require a lot of investment from you, but it also gives you great prospects. The demand for quality service that allows you to have a good time is always high. If the base has a year-round cycle of work, as in our case, then the payback period is quite acceptable. Also, this niche has unlimited development and expansion prospects. You should pay attention specifically to the middle class, and be focused on providing quality services at affordable prices.

Key Success Factors:

  • picturesque location;
  • quality service;
  • wide range of services;
  • reasonable prices;
  • dynamic demand.

The initial investment is 33,700,000 rubles.

The break-even point is reached for 4 months of work.

The payback period is from 30 months.

Average monthly net profit is 962,000 rubles.

Return on sales 30%.

Creating a base of building materials is not the newest business idea, but as they say it has been time-tested and is always in demand. All the time, construction has been, is and will be an urgent topic, as well as the repair of the premises, for this all building materials are needed. Especially for the construction of houses from scratch, they do not turn to stores for material, but to wholesale bases.

Let's look at what you need to create your own base of building materials, its needs and risks. An example will be built on real numbers that are relevant at the moment. In order to open a wholesale base of construction materials, an investment of about 200 thousand dollars will be required, the payback period is less than two years.

Planning, costs, competitiveness

Investments are about 200 thousand dollars, because this project does not need highly qualified specialists or special technologies. It is planned: the creation of a base of building materials, a narrow area of ​​work with a possible expansion. The basis of the work will be lumber. Opportunity to expand in areas such as: sand, crushed stone, cement. Such orientations will be beneficial in the initial stages. Due to the narrow range of works, the number of purchases can be consolidated, thereby getting a price that is more favorable than with a wide range of works.

In terms of the territory for such a base, these are warehouses without heating, comfortable access routes for heavy vehicles, a covered area, a railway dead end (the main type of delivery will be rail). Not far from the warehouse premises there will be an office in which administrative and commercial personnel will work. Approximate indicators of the area of ​​premises: warehouse - about 110 sq. ., covered area - 240 sq. ., office - 25 sq. ... These dimensions of the required rooms can be changed, depending on how much space your materials require.

The main advantage in terms of competitiveness is direct dealings with manufacturers of building materials, this will give every chance to ensure a price that will be fully competitive, supplying the right material regularly and in the right quantities. The abovementioned advantage will help to achieve even greater profitability, narrow specialization will reduce operating costs, thereby increasing profitability.

Seasons and prices

Due to the fact that this business is a seasonal business, the base must be ready before the construction season. According to statistics, the first purchases of high activity begin in mid-March. For successful implementation in the right time frame, you need to postpone two months by this time. All this time will be spent on finding a place suitable for the description above, paperwork aimed at registering a lease and an enterprise. Another 20-40 days can take the time spent on the purchase and delivery of materials to the warehouse, preparation for sale. A more or less correct time for the implementation of this project will be from the first to the tenth of January. But nevertheless, by the beginning of implementation and preparation for the sales season, it will not be superfluous to do everything as early as possible, because being late can bring considerable losses.

The basis of all sales will be coniferous beams and boards. In addition to this, there will be crushed stone, cement, sand. Lumber is used in a very wide range of construction. Sand is used in the initial construction of foundations, for concrete, plaster. Such products are characterized only by general quality standards, because of this, the sales area cannot be developed only on consumer reviews.

If we take into account the indicators of average prices for these materials, you can see the following figures:

  • lumber - $ 150 / cubic meter;
  • cement - $ 80 / ton;
  • crushed stone - $ 50 / ton; <
  • sand - $ 35 / ton.

Sales Forecasts and Labor

Good morning, dear readers! It's time to remember the coming winter and think about what you can earn from the snow. We invite you to get acquainted with the business idea of ​​the ski base. This is not a new trend, but if you think about the possible income, it will surpass many other options. True, you need to prepare in advance for the complex construction of your own business, which promises to be very profitable in the future.


The ski resort is a proven business idea. This kind of vacation has always attracted people, so the number of clients quickly becomes huge. You should not give up such a business, because with the correct opening and fulfillment of all requirements, it will be possible to achieve colossal and stable profits. It may seem complicated, but we are ready to give all the recommendations, excluding even minor difficulties that could stop you.

Phased organization of the ski base

Opening a ski lodge may sound daunting, but it isn't. If you look at the process step by step, you will be able to see the availability of a new case. Moreover, we will try not only to provide detailed information, but also to reduce your costs. Because of this, our small, consistent recommendations should be an excellent tip for a future businessman.

Selection of a place and premises for a ski base

The ski resort is not an easy business, so you should take seriously the choice of a suitable place. After that, you will have to decide for yourself what premises you need to create a truly profitable business. If an entrepreneur thinks that he will be able to go the usual way, he is wrong. It is better to pay attention to several premises that will be required to provide services to guests.

  • Reception of the administrator;
  • Equipment warehouse;
  • Lift;
  • Guest house or hotel.

When you plan to rent snowboards or skis, first of all you need to provide a workplace for the administrator and a warehouse for equipment. These premises remain mandatory, and at least 150-200 square meters must be allocated to them. In addition, you need a lift, which is the comfort of guests' relaxation. For a long time, no one has returned on foot to the mountain for a second descent, so additional costs are mandatory.

You also need to think about a guest house or a full-fledged hotel. In this case, the total investment will increase significantly, but in the future it will be possible to significantly increase the profit from your business. If there are additional rooms, it will be possible to offer a new service, so people will start coming not once, but for several weeks, increasing your profits.

Ski base staff

The ski base requires a lot of staff. To service guests and equipment, you need to recruit craftsmen, so you should prepare for the monthly expenses. It is impossible to save on assistants, since without experienced personnel it will not be possible to achieve stable profits.

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