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Good day! Today I am writing another business plan for my business website, biz911. et

A couple of months ago one of the subscribers of my VK group "Business Secrets for a Newbie" just asked me to write a business plan for the provision of welding services. If you do not have money to start, then read the article: how to make money.

Just want to apologize for such a long delay, and unfortunately I do not have time to write articles, too many topics have appeared since the beginning of 2021, so I am rehabilitating myself, and today we will consider the business plan for welding.

Welding business plan

Provision of welding works as you understand to relate to the service sector, namely to the professional skills of a future entrepreneur.

As I have said many times, “The best business is skill-based or hobby-based.”

For a very simple reason, the future entrepreneur knows the business he is going to do, as they say from the inside.

It should be noted right away that the provision of welding services, as well as the services of an electrician or a plumber, are considered the most monetary areas.

And this is for a simple reason, you need to be a specialist to provide welding, electrical or plumbing services.

The welder's income from simple “covens” can be more than 100,000 rubles. per month.

Here's a simple example from my personal experience with welders:

At one time I was engaged in plumbing services. Very often we had to turn to the services of a welder: weld a pipe, or weld a thread on a water supply pipe - these are the main directions.

How to organize a welding business? How to make money on welding? In the modern construction market, there are many areas of activity that can bring real profit with a small start-up investment. One of these areas is the welding business, the metal welding business. This is extremely popular among the population, since in the life of almost every person there are situations when it is required to weld, weld or weld something, but not everyone can do it on their own, since not only investment is required, but also the possession of special knowledge and the availability of funds personal protection.

Also, this type of activity is quite popular among entrepreneurs who concentrate exclusively on performing welding work, which is why you should be prepared in advance for serious competition.

Welding work: business plan

How to start creating your own business? A very important part of doing business that should not be overlooked in any case is the business plan. Welding work for the employment center is one of the promising areas of employment for citizens.

Before starting any business (welding business is no exception here), you should carefully think over the business plan of the future project, so that before starting work and investing funds, you should calculate the tactics and strategy of doing business. Do not assume that the welding business is necessarily the opening of your own construction company. At the first stage, all attention should be focused not on providing a wide range of services, but primarily on gaining a reputation and building a client base.

This is how the welding business is born. How to make money on welding, because this is a specific service that is not as widely demanded as, for example, the sale of basic necessities? But it seems so only at first glance, since the construction industry, metalworking and even just the household sphere cannot do without the services of a welder.

First steps: registering a company

Having decided to engage in the provision of services in the field of welding, you should register as a business entity. There are several registration options. It all depends on the expected amount of work. If you plan to serve an exceptionally small circle of individuals, then it will be enough just to get the status of an individual entrepreneur. If in the future it is planned to cooperate with large or medium-sized construction companies, then it is best to register as a legal entity. The best option may be to organize an LLC, since this form of entrepreneurship has two advantages: a simplified taxation scheme and the absence of liability in the form of movable and immovable property. This is the first thing that involves opening such a business as welding. The business plan must certainly contain this item.

Second stage: looking for a room

The next step is to find a suitable office space. Of course, some small companies accept orders exclusively via the Internet or by phone, but the presence of a small (no more than 30 m 2) office will look more respectable and will have a positive effect on the reputation.

We promote the service

It is not worth discarding the mass media, since they will become the main engines of the future enterprise due to regularly placed advertising. At first, it will be enough to submit advertisements to free newspapers; later, when the business expands, radio and television can be involved. In addition, it will not be superfluous to create your own website on the Internet, which will also become a tool for accepting orders.

Step three: find workers

With the right approach and thoughtful organization, this business option for welding, as well as the manufacture of finishing materials, is very profitable and in demand on the market. Let's consider the main points that are important to consider when opening a welding business, how to select employees, what needs to be taken into account at the initial stage.

How to start a welding business

The successful combination of two areas of work, as a rule, is inherent in the welding business. What is this? First of all, this is the provision of various welding services, as well as the manufacture of metal products.

An important point in starting this business will be the experience of a welder, as well as the level of his specialization, so it is important to find a good specialist to start.

If we consider who is interested and whether there will be a demand for the provision of these services, then orders in this business are accepted both for the population and for private entrepreneurs and organizations.

The welding business is in great demand, since there are very few really good specialists on the market. But it is worth noting that the very idea of ​​opening production will not be enough, it will be necessary: ​​

  • capital for starting this business;
  • find a team, team;
  • calculate whether this business will be profitable, that is, make a business -project;
  • think over how you will advertise your business;
  • choose the orientation: for small consumers or do you want to place orders for large enterprises (you will need to proceed from your capabilities) ...

Welding equipment

As with any business, the welding business needs to be thought out to the details. It is worth considering all types of work that the welder provides and on the basis of this buy equipment. Thus, the welder will come in handy:

  • 220 volt apparatus for providing welding work, there must be various additional functions and modifications;
  • welding clamps;
  • semiautomatic devices for more detailed or spot welding;
  • a device for cutting metal, for gas welding;
  • a set of soldering irons;
  • tables;
  • fasteners for equipment.

What kind of work does the welder do?

  • welding and cutting metal;
  • assembly of propylene pipes;
  • replacement of the heating system in houses, apartments, offices;
  • welding of various alloys (steel, non-ferrous metals, polymers).

An experienced welder never sits without work, this is especially true for modern society, when everyone learns and goes to work in offices, and does not want to earn money by hand. The number of normal specialists in this market is constantly falling, and the demand for services remains high. Customers of welders' services are not only commercial companies related to construction, but also individuals who need to solve an everyday problem, such as making a gate to a garage or weld a frame under a fence. In this article, we will take a step-by-step look at how to start your own welding business and how to look for profitable orders for your work.

It is worth noting that a welding workshop can be opened both in large and small cities, the main thing is to first assess the competition and draw up a plan to attract sales. The list of services of such a workshop will include services for the manufacture of various metal structures with a visit to the site, the execution of individual orders right in the garage, or the sale of finished metal products.

Where to start?

If you decide to associate your activity with welding, then you need to be a specialist in this matter yourself, and many even start such a business alone, and even with minimal investment. Based on this formulation of the problem, if you do not have the skills of a welder, then you need to go and study with specialists. These can be private schools or training courses, individual lessons with a master, self-study. As a result, you must have a knowledge base and skills to get a job as a welder, albeit for a low salary.

Working in such a workshop will provide the most necessary for you as a future specialist - experience. Communication with professionals, useful advice, working with various types of welding equipment, all this will bring an increase in your qualifications, and as a result, you will be able to perform even quite difficult work.

List of ideas for the welding business

Before you open a welding shop, you need to decide on the direction in which you will work, and there are actually many of them. The second is to study the competition and, if possible, try to choose a type of activity with a minimum number of firms providing exactly the same services as yours.

If you live in a city where there are many private households, then this direction will allow you to earn good money. Homeowners often renovate, improve, and decorate their private property when building real estate.

The steel structure welding business offers the following product options:

  • Fences.
  • Wickets and gates in fences.
  • Gates for the garage.
  • Decorative fences.
  • Benches.
  • Visors and awnings.
  • Frames for the terrace and more.

There are many areas of metal application in construction, and people come up with various designs, which are then ordered from specialists. For example, some people order frames for greenhouses or trellis for grapes.

In this case, the welder invests his own funds in the material and manufactures the product. Subsequently, using ads on the Internet, he sells it at a premium.


The profession of a welder is more than in demand. The demand for welding never ends. The intention to earn a living in welding is a good idea. This will bring not only high, but also stable income.

The advantage of a welding business is that it can be of any scale - from a lone specialist to a solid organization. You can also become an individual entrepreneur by creating IP welding jobs and hiring experienced and reliable welders. In order to organize a welding business, you need to have an initial start-up capital.

Opportunity Assessment

Before taking action, there is a thought - what to cook in the welding business. Since you are at the very beginning of the path and do not yet have real experience, you should really evaluate your strength and knowledge. If you want to become a leader, but there is no education in this area, it makes sense to graduate from welding courses in order to still have a general understanding of the process. After the promotion of the business, more complete knowledge will come.

A lot depends on where you want to deploy your business. If you live in a small village or have gardening nearby, then it is advisable to focus on small business welding. When living in a large industrial city, you can focus on orders from enterprises and factories. In this case, the welding business will be most successful if they have serial production and orders will be carried out on an ongoing basis.

IP opening

At the initial stage, a reasonable solution would be to open an IP. To do this, you need to complete many organizational matters. You need to register your small company and do it, observing all the rules.

The status of an individual entrepreneur can be assigned to an adult citizen of the Russian Federation. With the written permission of the parents, this can be done earlier - at the age of 16 and in some cases even at 14. Individual entrepreneurs can also be filed by other states, provided they have a residence permit or permission to temporarily reside in Russia.

Registration with the tax authority is required. The plus is that there is no need to form a legal entity.

First of all, you must pay a state fee of 800 rubles. It is convenient to do this on the official website of the tax service.

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