Office for an hour as a business; review of a promising idea with a small investment

We have already talked about choosing a business idea and writing a business plan, as well as about how to register an individual entrepreneur or LLC and how to choose personnel. After all this, the next thing you have to do is find and rent an office for your business. Of course, it is possible (and even better) to do this even earlier, before the registration of the company (at least, agree about this with the future landlord). This will make it easier, and you will not have to register a company at mass registration addresses, i.e. buy a legal address.

How to rent and where to find an office?

In principle, you are not obliged to rent an office, especially if you have registered as an individual entrepreneur. And there is no need to immediately rent an office in many businesses. As long as you are at the very beginning of your business journey, and all your work is, in fact, in your work laptop, then of course you do not need an office.

But, you need to understand that, firstly, it raises confidence in you, and secondly, doing everything at home may be less effective. I say, maybe, but not assert - it all depends on the situation. For me, let's say, it was like this.

In some types of business, of course, you need not only and not so much an office as warehouse, production and sales premises. Especially if you are engaged in any retail trade, where the main rule is - do not look for cheaper, definitely look for a better location in terms of location - it will be of the greatest importance for the prospects of your new business.

How to rent and where to find an office competently?

Let's take a step-by-step look at how to find and rent an office correctly.

Office? Why?

First, you definitely need to figure it out with yourself - why do you need an office and do you need it at all? Take it seriously - this step is actually more important than all the others. You must clearly understand why you need an office. Of course, this largely depends on the type of business - a representative office, a showroom, a sales office, a call center or a store.

But it also largely depends on what your ideas about your own business from scratch are, what are your plans and goals. Be specific and clearly define - what do you need an office for? Make yourself a sign like the one you see below.

Office functions Quiet office (for work) Dispatch room Showroom Sales office or store Visitors per day No Few / rare Frequent Location availabilityNot importantNot so importantImportantVery importantAreaSmallDepending on the number of dispatchers so importantImportantVery important

Also pay attention to the presence of parking, access system (for employees and clients), the possibility or impossibility of making noise, the environment (where you can eat, who works nearby, where the windows look, etc.), weekend access days and, of course, for such necessary things as telephone communication, the Internet, etc. It is also important that it is convenient for you and employees to get to the office, so that the office itself is appropriate for work.

Based on all this, you will make a decision:

  • 1 Types of commercial real estate
      • 1. ... Shops and shopping centers
      • 1. ... Office centers and business centers
      • 1. ... Warehouse premises
      • 1. ... Entertainment establishments
  • 2 Factors on which the success of commercial real estate depends

Apartments are always in demand, but the construction of commercial real estate may turn out to be even more profitable.

First, it's easier to find clients. If housing is bought only when there is money, then commercial real estate is taken, and when there is money, and when they are just planning to earn it.

Secondly, entrepreneurs are much more mobile. The owner of his own apartment sticks to it with his soul and changes only for good reasons, and a businessman, finding a better located office or shopping center, will move there without hesitation.

Finally, it is successful commerce that is primary, well-earning employees buy apartments and pull the housing market up.

And if you haven’t thought about how to make money on commercial real estate, it’s time to consider such an investment, because it can provide a stable cash flow for a long time.

Types of commercial real estate

Any company occupies a certain area, but an investor who does not have contracts with direct customers should pay attention to the following categories:

In conceptual terms, trade is one of the simplest types of entrepreneurship that does not require special education or huge initial capital.

It is no coincidence that shuttle traders became one of the first and most widespread categories of entrepreneurs in Russia. Buy cheaper - sell higher, which could be easier.

Entrepreneurial activity based on the operation of the office premises owned by us is attractive for its simplicity and affordability. You can use the office in different ways, depending on the capabilities and preferences of the owner and the specifics of the premises itself.

General principles for choosing an office business

For any business, the need for an initial investment of capital is obvious - for opening a business, purchasing materials and means of production, promotion, advertising, etc. A significant part of the costs falls on the acquisition and then maintenance of fixed assets. These costs are significantly reduced in a situation where the already available office space acts as a tool for making a profit.

An entrepreneur who owns an office, with a competent organization of the case, can make a profit with a minimum cost of finance, time and moral strength. Buying office property is also commercially viable, provided that it is used skillfully.

Like any business, the office business requires balanced decisions based on detailed research and analysis.

The main parameters influencing the choice of the direction of activity are both internal, related to the characteristics of the office and the capabilities of the entrepreneur, and external, directly dependent on the market situation.

There are many ideas for using the office for profit

Table: external and internal factors for evaluating office business

In order for the business to be in demand, we take into account the strengths and weaknesses and choose the appropriate idea for using the office.

It is not easy to answer the question: "What to do if you have an office?"

Office Business Ideas

  • 1 How much money is needed to start an office lease business
  • 2 How to start organizing a sublease office space business
  • 3 How much can you earn on subleasing office space
  • 4 How to choose equipment for renting an office for an hour
  • 5 Which OKVED should be indicated for a business
  • 6 What documents are needed for activities
  • 7 What taxation system to specify when renting an office for an hour
  • 8 Do I need an activity permit
  • 9 Technology for renting an office for an hour

Many home business entrepreneurs and small business leaders have nowhere to meet with clients.

Monthly office rental costs don't always pay off.

One solution is to hold meetings in your own apartment. However, this is not solid, the absence of an office often turns off potential clients.

The way out of the situation can be the use of such a business idea as the provision of an office for a short-term lease.

The advantages of this option are obvious.

An entrepreneur will be able to hold meetings in a comfortable environment for a reasonable price, which most often does not exceed several hundred rubles per hour.

How much money is needed to start an office rental business

On the provision of such services, you can organize a highly profitable business.

The starting capital required to implement such an idea is minimal. It can be only 15-20 thousand rubles.

How to start organizing your office sublease business

Hourly office rental is a relatively new trend in the rental business. Every year it is gaining more and more popularity among experienced and novice entrepreneurs.

For some, long-term rent is too expensive or makes no sense due to the specifics of the work. However, a businessman, and even more so a company, cannot do without his own cabinet. Regardless of his status, he conducts negotiations with suppliers, consultations, meetings with clients, signs contracts and discusses the terms of transactions, someone quickly needs a business address. For all this, you need a separate room. It follows that renting an office for a few hours is not a bad idea for a business.

Where to start and how much to invest

To lease one office for an hour in Moscow or any other city, you will need an initial capital of 170-200 thousand rubles. This includes the cost of buying furniture, office equipment, telecommunications behavior, repairs, and the 30-day salary for a cleaner and a security guard. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the cost indicator is higher. If you have your own non-residential premises, their volume will decrease several times.

First, you should choose a suitable object, conclude a long-term lease agreement with the owner with the right to sublease office space. If necessary, they put things in order in the room, equip it with everything necessary, purchase furniture, provide security and the services of technical personnel.

When organizing this type of business, the main attention is paid to the location of the office building. It is desirable that the office is located in the city center, in a densely populated area or in a well-known business center, such as the business parks "Rumyantsevo", "Soyuz", "Stankolit". Only in this case income from activities will exceed the cost of rent and maintenance of the premises.

How much you can earn

Profit is the difference between the cost of rent and sublease after taxes and operating costs. It depends on the initial price and the number of offices that the landlord has. There can be several zoning options for your offices:

  • isolated offices located in one building;
  • one large area, non-capital divided into several offices, at least 6;
  • one undivided space used as a coworking center, to which we will devote a separate section.

To determine the cost of an hour, the area, layout, availability of the necessary equipment matters. On average, this figure ranges from 200-500 rubles. A stable profit is guaranteed if the lease is scheduled at least two months in advance. What is a constant flow of customers for? This means that part of the funds from the business must necessarily be spent on promoting the proposal.

How to attract customers

For this purpose, the entrepreneur uses the following means:

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