Non-standard business ideas

Non-standard business ideas on adne. nfo is a salvation when you howl from your daily routine, when you are tired of a boring office and do not have enough strength for changes.

Do you need a push from outside? Why not find inspiration in someone else's experience of implementing non-standard ideas?

The actions of these eccentrics seemed like madness or a momentary whim, but in fact, their heads were visited by brilliant thoughts.

Who seemed to buy advertising space on human skin? And a baseball cap to cool your head? Who will eat caffeinated chips or peppered ice cream? Our answer is many!

Marcel Roth and Mamie Lichty built their business on human absent-mindedness and lack of assembly. The bunglers who are forever losing pairs of their socks can buy a subscription for their delivery. The model, size, frequency of receiving the order and the client in socks are determined!

Paul Darby sold a program for mobile phones based on the feng shui trend - Fonshui. Almost 40 million phones around the world have downloaded an application that helps its owner to arrange application icons in Feng Shui.

In the past, banker Kerry Killing has assessed the possibilities of women in traditionally male paths. The lady became the head of a construction company under the piquant name "Feminine Touch". All construction and repair services are provided by women.

The most original way to accumulate millions was invented by David Mark. He sold his geese scaring service to golf course owners. Those did not please Mark's employers with high harmfulness on an expensive coating.

There are a lot of similar sages and unique ones. Their endeavors were crazy, but they paid off. Go for it!

Non-standard business ideas without investment

Organization of home cooking for the holiday. Cooking at home various festive dishes for family holidays, delivery, serving. Or cooking in the customer's kitchen.

Non-standard business ideas: unusual and innovative solutions

In Spain, not far from Valencia, a new very original bar called Casa Pocho has recently opened, which is different from many establishments. This is an unusual establishment, and its peculiarity is that the visitors to the bar, and these are people affected by the economic crisis, come to "blow off steam" in the bar and curse the bartender with the latest expressions in exchange for free beer.

Here are some examples of unusual small businesses.

• In 1994, a young Swiss working for an advertising agency came up with the idea of ​​selling socks to customers and delivering to a specified address. The novelty was that anyone could subscribe to socks and knee-highs of the desired color over the Internet. render completely. Delivery of goods was carried out several times a year (the frequency was determined by the customer himself). In the period from 1999 to 2021, BlackSocks sold about 120 thousand pairs of socks in 25 countries around the world, and the annual turnover was about 1.5 million .------------------ -------------------------------------- • Another enterprising businessman is an American. He started a company that cleaned premises after suicides and murders. Such an absolutely not joyful job pays very high. Murder Scene Mop Up has already earned its first 1 million .------------------------------------- -------------------- • In China, Japan, USA there are services for those who like to break the dishes in anger. It turns out that you can destroy someone else's without prejudice to your own kitchen utensils. True, you will have to pay for this pleasure: 3 vases will cost $ 10, and 15 plates - $ 45. Other companies offer to express their negative emotions over the phone or cry in a special bar .----------------------------------- --------------------- You may argue: these examples will not take root in our country. interesting small business

• However, this is not the case. Here is another great example of an interesting small business, however, now organized on the territory of our country. An enterprising Russian businessman arranged for a home serenade delivery. The ordering process is very simple: choose a place and a person to whom you want to present a song and flowers. The rest of the performer's head hurts. This business is very popular among both women and men .------------------------------------- -------------------- Your own interesting small business is not a luxury, but just knowledge, work, motivation + an unusual, new and demanded idea!

Stress Relief Button

Office workers often work under stressful conditions, which is why stress relievers are gaining in popularity. Tokyo-based Solid Alliance has launched the USB stress button, a stress relieving button that plugs into a computer. This gizmo has three modes of operation: Show in full.

explosion mode. After pressing a button on the monitor screen, a countdown begins, which ends with a massive explosion animation. fighter mode. Thanks to him, you can very famously beat the face on the screen. worksheet mode. Upon a call from the button, an Excel worksheet appears on the screen and, by pressing the button, an emulation of work in this sheet is created. In the Japanese, stress relievers are quite common; suffice it to recall the classic examples of the stuffed executives in the corridors of corporations. Not necessarily the product will bring commercial success, but informational success is guaranteed.

Ghostbusters Service

Mysterious, inexplicable, supernatural phenomena - frightened and at the same time attracted humanity throughout history. Interest in everything supernatural and otherworldly increased especially after the release in 1984 of the Hollywood fantasy film "Ghostbusters". The film was a huge success. render completely. The plot is based on three young scientists who drive the legendary 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor, study paranormal incidents and catch ghosts. And although many believe that the idea of ​​the film was born thanks to the wild imagination of director (and one of the main roles) Ivan Reitman, in fact, this is not entirely true.

An interesting fact - the creator of the film "borrowed" the image of the hunters, their clothes, weapons and equipment from real ghost catchers, whose team at that time "wielded" in Old England. They wore special overalls, traveled in a black-painted ambulance, and carried special equipment to detect and destroy supernatural forces.

After the successful release of the film, the number of real ghostbusters around the world has increased dramatically. Such organizations appeared not only in the United States, but throughout Europe, and even in Russia (the fight against poltergeists has turned into a real business). And, as the heads of such agencies report, the number of calls is constantly increasing. Perhaps the reason for this is the release of a variety of serials and films of a similar theme. But the fact remains - people are willing to use (and pay) the services of real ghost hunters. So why not start your own anti-paranormal service?

How to become a ghost hunter?

Many people think that the activities of such organizations are based on simple deception. Some create scary pictures in their minds (for example, after watching horror films) and begin to react to every rustle, attributing to it a supernatural origin. Others take advantage of people's fear and offer their pseudo-services. This is how it looks from the side of an ordinary ordinary citizen of our country. Isn't it?

Non-standard business ideas on adne. nfo is a salvation when you howl from your daily routine, when you are tired of a boring office and do not have enough strength for changes.

The tourism boom churns out startups serving the interests of tourists. In 2021, the trend is P2P business models, the integration of blockchain technologies, as well as an increase in the number of luxury and economy services.

World tourism revenues are growing faster than world GDP, and the number of international tourist arrivals in 2021 on the planet grew by 7% at once. Such a rapid growth, which continues in 2021, is accompanied by a constant increase in the service industry and an improvement in the quality of services, and on all fronts and in different price categories. On the one hand, the trends are ubiquitous low-cost, p2p-services for tourists that exclude any intermediaries from the chain, and even an increase in transport capacity, and on the other hand, the expansion of the number of luxury services and services that allow you to create a unique and personalized travel experience.

P2P services for finding unique tours

The Vayable platform is built on the popular P2P business model today, bringing together users looking for a unique travel experience with locals willing to offer such services. These can be customized night city tours, design and photography lessons, private dinners, local wine tasting and all sorts of cultural exchange activities. The organizers are the townspeople from such cities as Los Angeles and Istanbul, Vienna and Paris, Amsterdam and London and many others. A model like the Vayable is trending now. Similar services with unique tours from locals in more than 30 cities around the world, for example, are provided by the CityUnscripted service.

Cabins for feeding babies at airports

Zappos and Mamava have teamed up to create mobile breastfeeding booths at airports. Inside such booths there are two benches and a folding table, feeding dispensers, air conditioning, USB outputs for charging gadgets, and trash bins. Relaxing soundtracks with ocean waves and children's laughter are played inside so that any mom can relax properly.

In room 2425 at Hilton Panama, you can completely forget about the sandy beaches, sea and palm trees that can be seen outside the window. Alienware has packed it with attractive gaming hardware, including a 65-inch 4K OLED TV, an Alienware Intel Core i7-8700 computer, a laptop with 34-inch monitor connectivity, several Xbox One Elites, and an Oculus Rift VR headset. The game room has interactive lighting, two beds with signature Alienware pillows, and costs $ 349 per night.


Most airlines carry out baggage fees, which is why compact convertible bags have become very popular today, which you can take with you in hand luggage. In response to this need, Solgaard has come up with the Lifepack, the interior of which transforms into a wardrobe with shelves. Thanks to the principle of a portable wardrobe, a person can easily find the right thing without having to break everything upside down in search of the right thing.

Hotel in an abandoned quarry

In China, the construction of the Songjiang InterContinental Hotel, which journalists dubbed the Deep Pit Hotel, or literally “Deep Pit Hotel”, is being completed. The building is being erected in an abandoned quarry 80 meters deep and is an artificial extension of its wall, towering two floors above the ground. The hotel will create 370 rooms, conference rooms and recreation areas. According to the project, it is planned to turn the bottom of the quarry into a luxurious artificial reservoir with swimming pools. In the center of the Deep Pit Hotel there will be a waterfall, which is planned to be the main feature of the hotel.

Travel services with blockchain technology integration

Blockchain technology promises to bring great prospects in the tourism sector to the tourism sector, thanks to which it will be possible to reduce the prices of travel services by 10-30%, and the whole range of services will become easy to find on one site. One of the services in this area is trying to promote the Indian team Bookingjini, promising to free hotels from exorbitant commissions to booking services. Due to the automated booking system and direct orders without the intermediation of agents, users, in turn, can be provided with cheaper services for rental housing.

Unusual ideas for business from creative people - this is exactly what will contribute to the growth of popularity of products among buyers and bring the company to a new level. Of course, you can spend a lot of money in the old fashioned way on advertising, marketing and so on, but not the fact that all this will bear fruit.

It will be much more profitable to find a completely new solution that will allow several times to increase the comfort of using the product, thereby increasing the attention of potential buyers to it. As a basis, you can use an already existing idea, which will need to be slightly changed or modernized.

A striking example of the success of this method is the creation of a non-stick coating for pans: pots and braziers have been used before, but thanks to the coating, a familiar object has been modernized.

Non-standard business ideas are suitable for young and daring entrepreneurs who understand that their products can only be accepted by the same original and creative people. But the majority can remain completely indifferent to them.

Knowledge Sharing Idea

The TimeRepublik platform has recently appeared, where everyone can post announcements about their services, offering something in return. The average announcement on this site may sound like: "In a couple of weeks I will teach scuba diving to the person who will teach me the German language."

For the lessons received, a person will not need to pay from his own pocket, but he gets the opportunity to pay with his own knowledge. The only bad thing is that people who are not interested in anything and who do not know how to do anything will have nothing to do on such courses. But on the other hand, they get the opportunity to learn something new and return to the platform for the exchange of information and skills.

Fancy grocery store with delivery

It's no secret that the state of ecology and the environment leaves much to be desired. In addition, we live in an age of constant stress, which leads to a variety of diseases. A sedentary lifestyle, frequent sitting at the computer in the office also lead to obesity, depriving us of the opportunity to get rid of extra pounds and centimeters quickly and painlessly. An unconventional solution - the delivery of diet food - can take the side of an ordinary worker in such a battle.

Diet meals are developed by experienced professionals under the supervision of doctors, and the company helps to deliver all products to the specified addresses. At the request of customers, delicious and at the same time low-calorie meals can be prepared from the products, which will not only make you healthier, but also help you lose weight without much effort.

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Thanks to the salt cave business, you can not only make good money, but also fulfill your social function - to help people in the treatment of lung, skin, nervous and other diseases.

Aquaponics - growing fish and plants in symbiosis

Expanding our business: becoming bigger and, therefore, richer

Drones as a source of original income

Coworking is an idea for those who are looking for good friends and professionals

Explains the intricacies of the aquarium fish farming business

Making money from breeding crayfish

A profitable way for SMEs to get closer to big business

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