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  • 1 Mobile doctor: where to start a business
  • 2 Do I need permission to start a business in mobile healthcare
  • 3 Which tax system to choose for starting a business in mobile healthcare
  • 4 Which OKVED is suitable for starting a business in mobile healthcare
  • 5 Which premises and equipment to choose for starting a business in mobile healthcare
  • 6 How much money is needed for start a business and how much you can earn

Mobile communication technologies are increasingly being introduced into our life, capturing all its spheres. Today we can no longer imagine our life without smartphones, tablets and various mobile applications that help us quickly navigate in the modern world and receive the necessary information. In recent years, a new direction has appeared in Russia - mobile health care, which allows you to get a doctor's consultation by phone or via the Internet. It's fast, convenient and relatively inexpensive.

Commercial service centers are already operating in many large cities, thanks to which customers can consult a specialist doctor by phone.

Although abroad, especially in the USA, “mobile health-care” - mobile health has long been in demand, and hundreds of mobile health projects have been created in the world, in our country this niche is practically free, so this is a good business idea 2021.

Mobile doctor: where to start a business

Starting a business, you need to decide exactly how you want to consult patients: by phone or through the website. But the best way is a combination of on-site consultation and telephone consultation. Moreover, if you want to develop your business, you will still need a website. So, first of all, you will need to create a website, buy a phone number, preferably a short one, and a package of calls.

Do I need permission to start a mobile healthcare business

Business in the field of medicine requires a license, but this type can be considered as the provision of consulting services, in which case a license is not required.

What documents are needed to start a business in mobile health

It is most profitable to register a business as an individual entrepreneur. This will require a standard package of documents and payment of the state duty.

Which taxation system to choose for starting a business in mobile health

How to create passive income in 4 days

A marathon where you will create passive live income from scratch and learn specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites

The idea of ​​opening a "Mobile Planetarium" is very promising and profitable, this way of making money is now very relevant. In order to start working in this area, you do not need to be an astronomer or have any work skills. Each session is automated, the mobile planetarium needs to be serviced with the involvement of a minimum number of people.

This complex can operate throughout the year, so profit can be received for 12 months a year. It can be installed both outdoors and in shopping centers, indoor stadiums, etc. The rental range can be constantly updated, it is not difficult to do this. Therefore, such a small mobile entertainment center will be quite attractive in terms of investment for profit.

If you make some effort, you can attract school groups to visit the mobile planetarium. This is a great help in improving the quality of the educational process. Opening a mobile planetarium with an inflatable dome is a great way to quickly recoup your investment and get consistently good profit in the future.

Where to start a business?

To realize the business idea of ​​opening a mobile planetarium, you need to initially invest 200,000 - 250,000 rubles in its organization - to buy a ready-made inflatable dome.

Considering that there are only more than 30 stationary planetariums open in Russia, most of the country's inhabitants do not have the opportunity to admire the beauty of space. Therefore, there are prospects for development.

Thanks to the inflatable structure for the mobile planetarium, many who want to start their own business have an excellent opportunity to do it today.

You can independently choose everything you need for work, taking into account your own needs and expected design characteristics, or use the opportunity to order a ready-made planetarium kit.

The cost of a mobile planetarium with chairs, equipment, etc. will be up to 250,000 rubles. This kit includes:

  • a single-layer planetarium with a diameter of 5.0 meters;
  • an air blower equipped with a check valve (fan);
  • a special mirror with external dusting;
  • Full HD projector;
  • content.

This planetarium can simultaneously accommodate up to 15 visitors. It can function at any time of the year. It must be installed on a site with good traffic. An excellent place would be, for example, a recreation and entertainment park. Of course, for such a planetarium to work, you need to have transport to transport it from place to place.

Brief Investment Memorandum

The mobile coffee shop provides people with hot and cold drinks in public places: at events, in parks, on the streets. Getting a glass on the way to work has become a pleasant daily ritual for many. The attractiveness of this business is that it has a relatively low entry threshold, and the coffee drink is a traditionally high-margin product. The mobility of a point does not exempt from rent, but significantly reduces its size and gives more room for maneuver. In addition, for a budding entrepreneur, this is a chance to try their hand and get out of the business relatively painlessly, if need be.

Initial investment amount - 843,000 rubles;

Monthly costs - 202,281 rubles;

Monthly profit - 54,727 rubles;

Payback period - 17 months;

Break-even point - 3 months;

Return on sales - 30%.

Description of business, product or service

A mobile coffee shop is a fully autonomous car, van or minibus equipped for the preparation and sale of coffee and related products.

Mobile accessories are a highly demanded product characterized by high demand, affordable prices and a wide range of products. Manufacturers of phones, tablets and other gadgets in parallel present additional products that are not included in the basic package. This is what makes people want to buy something unique that would distinguish them from other owners of the same smartphones. The business plan of the company for the sale of mobile accessories includes organizational measures and financial calculations, which are subdivided into several more sub-items. Thus, following the sequence of actions and analyzing the market will allow you to bring your business to a decent income in the shortest possible time.

Description of a business idea for the sale of mobile accessories

Description of the project - organization of a point of sale for the sale of accessories for cell phones, smartphones and tablets. The scale of the business directly depends on the amount of start-up capital. If funds allow, then you can open a separate pavilion. If finances are limited, then a portable counter located in a mall or supermarket will do.

The goal is to organize a business with minimal investment and a potential payback period of 3-4 months.

Realization - registration of entrepreneurial activity, finding a place for a sales outlet, purchasing goods and starting a business.

A mobile accessories business idea is much more profitable than it seems at first glance. This is evidenced by the positive aspects of the project:

  • Small investments - at the initial stage, you can limit yourself to a mobile counter on the territory of the shopping center, which provides for a minimum rent and no need for equipment.
  • High margin - more than 70% of all products are supplied from China. This means a penny cost of goods with the possibility of markups up to 300-400%.
  • Demand - accessories for gadgets are in high demand, which in particular depends on the location of the outlet.
  • Fast return on investment - the parameter depends on the markup and sales.

Help: despite the low cost of mobile accessories separately (50-100-200 rubles), the total income per day can reach 7-10 thousand rubles. And goods such as covers, headphones or original chargers can increase the average daily earnings up to 15 thousand rubles.

Negative aspects of business:

  • Competition - there are a lot of outlets for the sale of mobile accessories, and they are concentrated in the most crowded places. At the first stage, attracting buyers will be quite problematic.
  • Quality of goods - wanting to save money, many entrepreneurs buy goods from unofficial manufacturers. In 90% of cases, the products are of very poor quality and quickly fail, which affects consumer confidence and demand and business development in general. It is recommended to cooperate only with trusted suppliers that provide a product warranty.

It is to exclude unforeseen situations that the development of a business plan for the sale of mobile accessories is required.

Just three years ago, the idea of ​​a mobile or mobile gym was puzzling. Skepticism was understandable: at that time, there was no steady demand. In 2021, one of the business forums conducted a survey on the topic "How do you rate a mobile gym?" Nobody called this project a good, much less a great initiative. 10% of the total number of people who took part in the discussion chose the answer “So so. There are many more interesting options. " And 90% of respondents generally called this way of making money "Complete nonsense and a pointless waste of time."

Meanwhile, the situation with the demand for mobile gym services seems to have changed over the years. “Now top managers are concerned with physical exercises for office workers,” explains startup expert Igor Malyugin. - This not only helps to normalize the tone of employees and increases productivity, but also preserves their health. Do not forget that sick leaves during peak loads at the end of the year cause teeth grinding in the management of companies. "

According to the expert, the services of a mobile gym can be in demand by office managers, of course, if you approach the matter correctly. Let's try to understand the essence of this business.

Western experience

MOBILE GYM associations have been active in the US and EU for a long time. The convenience of their services is called availability at any time and, oddly enough, cheap subscriptions.

“We have programs for programmers and managers, for the elderly and sick children who find it difficult to get to stationary gyms,” Mike Grove shares his experience. - For example, toddlers and adolescents with Duchenne dystrophy are required to exercise every day, but the road can take precious strength from them. Or take obese people. They also need our services, since they complex in training with the athletes. But the strongest demand comes from firms that see their employees' overweight as a threat to business. ”

In particular, Dr. Peter Scarborough from Oxford, observing employees working at a computer, found out that lazy men who do not exercise gain on average 2 kg more per year than their dynamic colleagues. attending gyms.

“So many people can't be forced to go to the gym after an hour of driving to work, eight hours of programming and one more hour on their way home,” says office manager Peter Brown from London. - I order a mobile gym, where these guys run for half an hour on the "track". The bus arrives directly in the courtyard of the office center, and if the training time is included in the working day, then the programmers cannot refuse me. At the same time, labor productivity not only does not fall, but also seriously increases. "

Business niche

And many clients don't like this stationary format either. “I live in a village near New Riga, and I have to go straight to fitness in Khimki after work,” says designer Maria Yakovleva. - But I would like to recover after a hard day before going to the gym. And after training, driving for an hour on the roads near Moscow is not the most pleasant experience. "

Undoubtedly, it is not possible to assess the potential of the Russian MOBILE GYM market, but the emerging interest in these services is definitely gaining a positive trend. The lack of competition should also be emphasized. The disadvantages include the information vacuum on the Russian Internet around mobile gyms.

Where to start

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