Mini Business: Ideas for Beginners

Mini business online - minimum investment

For those who have any kind of creative or engineering potential and are good at modern communications and communications, it is worth trying their hand at the Internet business. Most relevant ideas:

  • Web design. Today, almost every company, even providing services online, opens its own website, even if it is a one-page or a simple business card. This is solid, it proves the seriousness of the entrepreneur's intentions and his desire to share important information through all available channels. To open a mini-Web-studio, you need about 50 thousand rubles of initial expenses. About 10 will be spent on organizational issues - the creation of an individual entrepreneur, the rest - on the purchase of the necessary software, installation, organization of your own website.
  • Information business. It's all kinds of blog posting and social media marketing. Many companies and brands are ready to pay money for a professional look "from the outside, from oneself", veiled advertising of goods by a simple consumer who is trusted. Many have made a name for themselves and have made a lot of money blogging. Investments - 5 - 10 tons. at the initial stage.
  • Online store. To minimize investments, it can be organized in the form of joint purchases, when prepayment is made by those who are going to buy together. The owner of the procurement site receives an organizational fee, about 15-20% of the value of the transaction. The investments are similar to those that will be spent on building an information networking business.

The profitability of the above methods is from 15% (for a joint venture) to 200% or even more, for example, for a well-promoted blog that has gained popularity. The recoupment of such a mini-business comes practically from the first month of its existence.

Home Mini Business

This is what almost everyone can do and do. Someone is better at caring for children and people with poor health, someone is good at cooking, sewing, doing minor repairs, cleaning, taking care of the garden, shaping and embodying interior and landscape design. This idea can form the basis of a small business of your own.

The main advantage of such a start is that there is no need to purchase / rent a separate room. The service can be provided at the customer's site (for example, patronage, repairs) or at home (sewing, cooking). Material and equipment costs are minimal. At the initial stage, you can get by with an investment of 5,000 - 20,000 rubles, the main thing is to find clients, and if it succeeds from the first month, the payback will also be instant.

In any case, work should be done under a contract. Therefore, it is better to immediately register your business in the form of an individual entrepreneur. The state duty for such registration with the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate is 800 rubles, about 4,000 more will have to be spent on the purchase and registration of a cash register. But, if the business is not related to the manufacture and sale of food products, you can do without a cash register by ordering strict reporting forms (receipts) from the printing house, where the sale will be recorded. If there is an opportunity (the type of activity and regional laws allow), it is advisable to immediately register for the patent tax system (PS). It's cheaper and easier.

Professional Service Ideas

If the experience in the profession is significant, and the direction itself is in demand, you can put it in the basis of a business idea. Relevant services include:

  • legal ;
  • accounting ;
  • medical (massage, procedures);
  • service (repair and repair computers, cars, local networks) services;
  • translations.

The costs are about the same as when starting a mini-business based on the idea of ​​household chores. Profitability is high, not less than 50%.

The main thing that needs to be foreseen in this option is the absence of direct competition. If the niche is already occupied, you should expand the geography of the clientele search or make a unique offer to potential customers.

Not everyone is ready to start an international business, but due to the wage crisis, more people are thinking about starting a small business that will cover the basic expenses of the family. The advantage of a business is that a person himself determines his goals, schedule, and ultimately, income. But the main drawback is that the responsibility lies with the owner. Creating a business is not as difficult as people imagine; the article discusses aspects related to planning, registration of entrepreneurship. And also several simple and inexpensive types of business are presented.

How to choose a business idea

The first problem that a person who decides to start a business faces is finding a worthwhile idea. In this moment, it is better to rely on principles.

First, to determine the needs of people, what the society lacks, what problems one businessman is able to solve. It is not worthwhile to swagger at the world everywhere. But on this principle, fast food chains, dry closets on the streets and TV remotes appeared.

Secondly, an entrepreneur needs appropriate knowledge or understanding of where to find professionals. For example, Steve Jobs was not a computer genius, but he had such people around him. With minimal investment, business ideas are based on service delivery, not creation.

Third, you need a niche. If the idea is brilliant, but has already been implemented, and the market is oversaturated with supply, then it will not be easy to find clients. Today there are thousands of people who are ready to teach promotion in social networks for money, but the demand for these services is gradually decreasing.

  • Identify problems in society.
  • Determine which ones are solvable by creating a business.
  • Describe a list of strengths applicable to entrepreneurship.
  • Conduct market analysis by studying competitors, target audience.
  • Form the benefits of the project and define the scope of activities.

As a result of the work done, possible options emerge. It is worth emphasizing that it is not necessary to create something super new, which was not. Practice shows that projects are profitable when an idea is taken from the outside, improved and presented to the market. According to this principle, mobile operators developed, gradually and one by one offering customers favorable terms of cooperation. Today it is difficult to enter the mobile services market, but still large-scale projects of similar strength appear today. The pace of technology development indicates that a range of new professions and areas will emerge in the next five to ten years. Ideas for mini-businesses are based on the personal preferences of the person who initiated the project.

An idea for a business is acceptable both to come up with something that is more difficult, or to borrow an existing one. When choosing, you should rely on the relevance, profitability and personal attitude to the field by the entrepreneur himself. It is difficult to fully invest in something that does not belong to the soul.

Drawing up a business plan

After defining the idea and before starting implementation, a business plan must be drawn up. First of all, you should determine who it is designed for. It is compiled by the entrepreneur for himself, so only a well-planned project has a chance of success. It is not possible to start a business from scratch, money is required. If the entrepreneur's personal funds are not enough to start, then the business plan includes information aimed at attracting investors.

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