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On the bbport website. u presented a large number of ideas in various areas of business. Any businessman can enter the portal and select a category of interest to him, for example, business ideas in medicine.

Starting a medical business

Medicine, as a business area, implies the opening of various medical institutions: a rehabilitation and medical center, a drug fair, a sanatorium, a pharmacy.

After you have found a suitable idea, pay attention to what documents are required to register your own business:

  • registration of individual entrepreneurs;
  • licenses of doctors;
  • licenses for medical activities.

When you start to implement this idea, pay attention to the education of workers. Medicine presupposes the work of qualified personnel. To improve the professionalism of medical personnel, refresher courses should be organized.

Responsible approach to implementing business ideas in the future will lead to high income.

Directory of Medical Business Ideas

Currently, businessmen can search for projects for business in the field of mezhicina on various sites. Catalog with ideas, presented on our portal bbport. u, easy to use. It offers profitable concepts for starting a business.

It is necessary to study all the options for the development of the sphere in order to establish a medical business, 9 examples of which are described below.

Not every such business requires a medical education, much less experience. It is more important in this matter to have an organizational streak, strong endurance and patience, but the main thing is start-up capital or good investors.

General information

Relevance of the medical business

Medicine is in great demand at the present time and this industry provides a large inflow of funds to the State Treasury, the same applies to individual entrepreneurs. Not all people are ready to go to public hospitals for help due to queues, lack of time and poor service, and poor-quality equipment and old-style laboratories play an important role.

All these moments give rise to the opening of medical centers, which can be found now in every city. In such clinics, qualified doctors work and, having paid a certain amount for an appointment, you can get quality advice. The ideas for starting a medical business can be very different. From building a medical clinic, which requires huge investments, to a massage parlor and selling medical equipment.

Important! Perhaps not everyone knows, but when you come to a private clinic you can get free consultation and treatment under compulsory health insurance. You should find out about the possibility of providing free services at the registration center of the center, and if so, you need to write a statement there.

Collection of documents and preparation of equipment

Medicine is a fairly profitable business, especially if the right direction is chosen.

For small businesses with a small capital, you can organize a massage room. First, you need to open an LLC or individual entrepreneur and pay the state fee. After obtaining permission from the fire and sanitary services, it is worth purchasing the necessary medical equipment. The massage room should first of all be equipped with a couch, as well as waiting furniture. In the massage room, you need to install a refrigerator in which the cream and oil will be stored.

After all the preparatory stages, it's time to search for employees. As a massage therapist, you need to take a person with a specialized education or after qualified massage courses. In this case, you need a certificate that allows you to operate. The standard massage therapist takes 30-40% of the proceeds, and the manager deals with advertising and provides clients.

Medical Business Ideas


More than 10 years have passed since the state lost its monopoly on medical activities. Nowadays, private medicine is becoming more and more important. Medical activity in its content is one of the most complex. Features of entrepreneurial activity in this area are associated with the following circumstances

  • Medical activity has as its object such particularly valuable intangible benefits as human health and life, and an unfavorable result of treatment can lead to serious consequences for the patient.
  • The medical sector is the subject of special attention of the state and is largely regulated by departmental and sectoral administrative regulations - instructions, guidelines of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, regional health committees, and the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (MHI).
  • A significant role in medicine is played by professional standards, medical experience, qualifications and specialization of the person directly providing medical services.
  • Medical activity, with the exception of individual cases related to emergency intervention in order to prevent an unfavorable outcome, by its legal content is the provision of socially significant services. A medical service is the implementation of measures or their complex aimed at the prevention of diseases, their diagnosis and treatment, which have independent significance and a certain cost.
  • The relationship between the manufacturer and the recipient of a medical service, as a rule, is of a contractual nature, but differs in the source of funding, that is, if the service is provided for a citizen free of charge, there is a contractual relationship in favor of a third party, with which payers are the compulsory health insurance fund, the municipality or the state, and the consumer acts as the beneficiary. At the same time, the consumer of the service is subject to consumer protection legislation.
  • The subjects of relations regarding the provision of medical services are, on the one hand, a person providing such services, having the necessary professional knowledge and skills, confirmed by relevant documents, on the other, an individual - a consumer who needs to receive the corresponding service.
  • Medical intervention with the goal of achieving health benefits can lead to associated problems. For example, the use of certain medications, treatments or diagnostics creates adverse side effects. In this regard, a special role is played by informing the recipient of the service about all both favorable and possible adverse consequences associated with the provision of the service and the patient's consent to medical intervention.
  • In medicine, it is very difficult to determine and qualify the reasons for an unfavorable outcome, to determine the measure of responsibility of the person who provided the service. Harm to health in connection with medical intervention can occur due to the late appeal of the recipient of the service to a doctor, simulation, an accident, the incurability of pathology by means of modern medicine, the patient's failure to comply with recommendations and other reasons not directly related to the fault of the doctor.
  • Unlike works and other services, the result of which materializes in created or changed things, a medical service, as a rule, is characterized by the absence of a tangible result, and moreover, the expected result may be completely absent, with absolutely proper execution. Many medical services are expensive and / or unique. In this regard, the assessment of the quality of medical services provided is a difficult problem.
  • Traditional medicine is an independent area of ​​medical activity. Pharmaceutical activity, which also requires licensing, is closely related to private medical activity.

Setting up a private medical enterprise

First of all, an investor wishing to invest in this area is faced with the question of determining a specific direction of activity. Paid medical services can be provided to the population in the form of prophylactic, medical and diagnostic, rehabilitation, prosthetic and orthopedic and dental care.

Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of July 26, 2021 No. 238 "On the organization of licensing of medical activities" approved the nomenclature of works and services for the provision of appropriate medical care (hereinafter referred to as the nomenclature), in accordance with which specific areas of a person's activities are determined providing medical services.

Article 56 of the Fundamentals of Legislation on Health Protection establishes the following requirements for a person engaged in private medical activity:

Higher or secondary medical education.

Specialist certificate

The regulation on licensing medical activities, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 4, 2021 No. 499, establishes the following conditions necessary for obtaining a license:

  • The license applicant (licensee) has the appropriate premises owned or otherwise legally owned.
  • Availability of appropriate organizational and technical conditions and material and technical equipment, including equipment, tools, transport and documentation, ensuring the use of medical technologies approved for use by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
  • Availability and maintenance of fire protection means (fire alarm and fire extinguishing), fire-fighting water supply and the estimated stock of special means necessary to extinguish a fire, as well as a personnel action plan in case of fire.
  • For a legal entity, in addition to the corresponding provision in the statutory documents, indicating the possibility of providing paid medical services, it is necessary to have employees (doctors, nurses, engineering and technical workers, etc.) with higher or secondary - special, additional education and special training that meet the requirements and nature of the work performed and services provided, as well as the presence of the head of the licensee and (or) his authorized person of higher special education and work experience in licensed activities (for specific types of work and services provided for nomenclature) for at least 5 years.

Today, opening a medical center is a rather promising direction of entrepreneurial activity. The days when medicine was completely free are over. Therefore, a large part of the population, in search of help, turns to private centers, where services are provided at a higher level. As a result, such activities bring good income to their owner. But before proceeding to the direct implementation of the project, it is necessary to develop a clear business plan for the medical center, in accordance with which the business will be built.

Business description, goals

A private medical center is an institution that provides the population with a range of health restoration services for a fee. Since such activities directly affect the health of citizens, they are strictly controlled by the state, which is manifested in the regular licensing of each type of service provided by such an institution. But despite the difficulties in opening, the activity is quite relevant and offers a number of advantages for an entrepreneur.

Relevance of the idea

Medical services are always relevant for the population. Before starting your own business in this direction, it is important to decide what exactly to open. With a large initial capital, you can choose a multidisciplinary private clinic. Paid diagnostic centers are also in demand. For novice businessmen, a narrow-profile institution will be optimal. Dental, gynecological, ophthalmological and cosmetology directions are relevant today.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Opening a medical center as an entrepreneurial activity implies a number of significant advantages:

  • the demand for medical services among the population does not fall, which means that the profit is coming steadily;
  • in the absence of tough competition in the region, the institution has a high income;
  • this area is considered one of the most difficult in business, so the owner of the center quickly gains experience;
  • quick return on investment.

But this idea is not without its drawbacks:

  • large financial investments are required to open a business (especially in the case of a multidisciplinary medical clinic);
  • the relative complexity of licensing and registration of an enterprise.

In addition, a possible negative outcome of treatment can be attributed to negative aspects. Its consequence can be serious financial costs, and in severe cases, even the loss of a license.

Market Analysis

The market for private medical services is highly fragmented - the 25 largest companies, according to RBC, do not choose even 17% of total revenue. Perhaps it is now that small clinics can grab their piece of the pie, build a stable business, and start scaling.

Secret has learned what the small private clinics that have come into play in the past five years hope for and who can build a business in this area.


In the meeting room, Eli Loginina and Lisa Maslova have an orange sofa with yellow, pink, blue and black spots. Close up, you can see that it is painted with good wishes from patients. The sofa came to the office on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard from the first clinic "Medok" in Pavshinskaya Poima (Krasnogorsk region), where it stood since its opening in May 2021. "New Year - New" Medoc "" is the motto of the clinic, which aimed at scaling.

The first stage - 24 branches in two years, and in the long term - up to 300 "Medkov" throughout Russia. Money for development in 2021 was given by a private foundation - ten times more than the start-up capital of 8.3 million rubles, which the girls received from a business angel to open the first clinic.

Liza Maslova and Elya Loginina are 28 years old, they both introduce themselves by short names (as it is written even on business cards), come to a meeting with glasses of coffee from Shokoladnitsa, laugh a lot and confidently talk about their strategy. Almost ten years ago, the girls met at Invitro, where they worked as accountants' assistants. After graduating from the Financial Academy, they decided to go into sales: Login went to Troika Dialog, and Maslova stayed at Invitro, plunged into corporate sales and soon oversaw the entire network.

In 2021, the idea came to open your own clinic - they chose gynecology as one of the most demanded areas. “We didn’t want to understand dentistry, and oncology was even more difficult, and 8 million would not have been enough,” smiles Elya Loginina, listing the alternatives. Her expertise in the stock market helped find an investor. Liza Maslova knew the medical market well, so she was able to convince investors. They had a clear concept: a home clinic in a residential area that offers a narrow range of services and "makes patients fall in love with themselves." In the project, Login and Maslova were so confident that the lease agreement for the premises in Pavshinskaya Poima was signed even before they agreed with the investor. Of the three candidates, one business angel agreed on the very first day - for half of the shares of the new company (“We have it like a brother,” comments on Login's shares). The name "Medoc" was born just as quickly, now the founders cannot even remember other options.

Preparation for the opening of the clinic took a year. Login and Maslova themselves were looking for teams to repair the premises and themselves wrote the terms of reference for the programmer and the architecture of the CRM system, so everything cost 20,000 rubles. They themselves recruited doctors, nurses and administrators and, in the best traditions of self-made entrepreneurs, stood behind the counters themselves, meeting the first customers.

“The trick of our first clinic was that we essentially did not offer people anything - just do this project with us,” recalls the hiring of Login's staff. Doctors, according to her, in the first months received 20,000 rubles each, but now they earn more than their colleagues. She refuses to give exact figures, but says that it is about one and a half times higher than the average salary in the market. Most of the doctors came from state clinics, for example, P.M. Sechenov and Kulakovsky maternity hospital. Login and Maslova deliberately looked for specialists not from private clinics - they were afraid that they were aimed at profit. Now they admit that they were not entirely right, but there are still more doctors from state medicine in Medka - about 70% of the medical staff. According to the founders of the clinic, this is facilitated by the reduction of staff in public medical institutions and their closure. There was even an employment center for medical personnel, where Login and Maslova went to present to hunt doctors. For the first clinic, we found three gynecologists, a therapist and an endocrinologist. Until now, all doctors of the founder of Medka are interviewed personally - for example, they chose only 25 out of 500 applicants for new clinics. / P>

Elya Loginina and Liza Maslova Photo courtesy of the Medoc clinic press service

Doctors have become a bait for potential clients. “We just promoted everyone, hung a poster“ Marya Ivanovna is the coolest attending physician ”on three houses. At the reception they wrote what Marya Ivanovna was taking today, and the patients subconsciously thought it was cool, ”Loginina explains. According to her, the doctors were really good, but they had to be promoted among the residents of the district.

In addition to doctors, Medka staked on education, because most of the clients who come to clinics do not understand how they are being treated. A favorite comparison between Loginina and Maslova is a car service, to which a girl comes, hears a price of 30,000 rubles, turns around and leaves. But if you explain to her that “30,000 rubles is a Langeron, if you don’t fix it, in a week you’ll break on a three-ruble note,” then she will remain. Therefore, the founders of Medka trained their administrators and medical staff to explain everything to patients, and also developed standards of work in the clinic. It turned out that this not only helps to gain customer loyalty, but also raises revenue. When a mammologist's record sank in the clinic, for patients who asked, for example, about an ultrasound of the mammary gland, the administrators did not just say "it is done on the fifth or seventh day of the cycle", but they themselves calculated this day and offered to sign up for free time. “90% of patients could not read this cycle! Naturally, when we found out the right day for them, they immediately signed up and came, ”recalls Elya Loginina.

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