Mediation: how to use someone else's business to make money

Someone is engaged in the production of food, someone produces metal structures, and others are engaged in making money on the Internet.

Oddly enough, few people think that intermediary activity is a very profitable business that can bring huge profits.

The only problem is how to choose the right niche for doing business, as well as organize it according to the mind.

How to start making money through mediation?

To become a mediator, you need to have the following qualities:

  • the ability to quickly find relevant and valuable information that can be resold;
  • the ability to negotiate and bring all parties to a consensus.

Positive and negative aspects of mediation

The positive aspects are very good earnings, and the work itself cannot be classified as particularly difficult. In addition, it is not at all required to invest any significant funds at the very beginning of their activities.

If we talk about negative aspects, then it is necessary to single out fairly frequent disruptions in activities for reasons beyond your control. In addition, there are times when one of the parties fails to fulfill its payment obligations.

In general, such incidents can be avoided if you choose the right field of activity that will interest you and where you can navigate well. Since today the business is divided into two parts, when entrepreneurs can work not only in the "real" world, but also on the Internet, we will consider all areas where mediation may be required.

Property Sales

In the era of maximum dissemination of information, intermediary services are recognized as a particularly profitable type of business. Therefore, many novice entrepreneurs are interested in what this occupation is like as entrepreneurship in the service sector.

The scope of mediation - the opportunity to become independent

  • Ability to search, find unique information that is inaccessible to a large circle of users or products with low cost. To be able to find a place where to buy cheaper, and sell more expensive, but at a lower price than competitors. This increases the chances of becoming an excellent intermediary (speculator).
  • Communication skills.
  • Ability for self-promotion and product promotion. If the intermediary is able to negotiate with the seller and the buyer on mutually beneficial terms, then the likelihood of a successful business increases.
  • Creative approach to business.
  • Minimum start-up capital and supply of consumables. Sometimes intermediation does not need an initial investment, but for its own development, obtaining fresh information and finding clients, minimal financial investments will be required.
  • Increased persistence and stress resistance.

If the intermediary is not persistent enough, the business will not rise soon.

An example of the advantages and disadvantages of mediation

Any mediation is positive and negative. Pros:

  • Good money.
  • Conventional mediation is a relatively simple form of earning money.
  • This kind of business requires little investment.

  • Disruption of deals and agreements for various reasons.
  • Probability of cheating.

How to start a profitable business

  • Affiliate platforms. Advertising new services and products in demand is a lucrative form of online business.
  • Purchase and sale of network resources. You can buy a site and sell it on other sites at higher prices.
  • Advertising on Internet resources. It is worth thinking about opening your own resource, where you can place advertising banners for money.
  • Working with online stores. It has become available to make purchases from foreign sites, but there is a risk of being left without a paid item. The intermediary assumes possible losses by receiving a share from the agreement.
  • Speculation. You can resell goods without forming an online store. When starting to work, you should focus on specialized products.

  • Real estate. Choice, exchange, purchase of an apartment, house, office - these questions are always relevant. Official real estate offices and private representatives can be engaged in a profitable type of business. To use intermediary services, a potential buyer pays an impressive percentage to the agency, but the profitable services of a private intermediary are cheaper.
  • Renovation of apartments and offices is a good idea for a start. Apartments are a profitable object as they often require renovation than offices. A great solution is to look for clients in new homes. It is possible to take several profitable orders at once, working with different professional teams.
  • Sales office. Many manufacturers need representatives in other regions and countries where the product is being promoted. Advertising and end-customer agreements are required.
  • Recruitment services. Various companies often have no time to independently engage in personnel selection. The recruiting company finds suitable specialists according to the stated requirements, and selects suitable vacancies for employees.
  • Virtual online mediation. With the ubiquitous distribution of the global network, it has become easier to look for customers and manufacturers who have pages on social networks and official sites. The essence of the network does not change, you just need to bring the seller and the consumer closer together.

There is historical evidence that mediation made good money back in Ancient Egypt. Even slaves in slave markets were sold by intermediaries.

On the other hand, this does not mean that such a scheme of work has always been held in high esteem. For example, in the USSR, people involved in mediation were called speculators and even punished with real terms. However, fortune ultimately turned out to be on their side: the first Soviet cooperatives earned millions precisely through mediation.

And we, as a business portal, of course, could not just ignore this topic and decided to compile for you a TOP of business ideas based on intermediary services.


Perhaps, it is worth starting with the fact that in the Voronezh or Tambov regions you can buy potatoes in bulk for 7 rubles and sell, for example, in Arkhangelsk at retail for 30 rubles / kilogram (the exact geography in this case, of course, unprincipled). This requires a small truck, for example Gazelle-Farmer, and 30,000 rubles. start-up capital. Having carried out 6 such "trips", you can earn 300 thousand rubles.

Ilya Kramarov from Novocherkassk has been in this business for ten years. He explains his success by knowing where "the most delicious potatoes in the world are sold at the lowest price." According to him, 3 tons "fly away in a day," filling his wallet with 50 thousand net profit per trip.

In the age of nanotechnology, it is best to “speculate” (in the good sense of the word) with scientific ideas. To do this, you need to find scientists far from commerce. Such people are much more likely to choose fame instead of hard cash. Having signed an agreement with them to promote the results of their research into production, one can visit the nearest technopark or the annual regional venture exhibition in order to find a buyer for "raw but promising technologies."

Developments in chemistry and materials science are in demand. You can also make money on devices that save resources. But, in fairness, it is still necessary to understand science in this case, at least in order to correctly explain to the investor what the highlight is.

Commercial call centers

Commercial call centers are a classic scheme for generating intermediary income. For example, every city has a taxi on call service. They are often the simplest control rooms that can be organized as a basic home business.

However, this business is not alone. Taking calls, it is quite possible to make money on a variety of popular services. For example, a nanny for an hour, a tutor for an exam, a plumbing emergency gang, sober movers, a personal chauffeur, and much more. The main thing is to have a good database (and, of course, you can't do without a competent advertising campaign here).

What kind of business people are not doing! What kind of goods and services do not sell in order to earn.

I once took a step in the direction called "working for myself" and for about 10 years now I have been engaged in mediation. Hard? I won't lie - yes, it's difficult. But only at first. Is it profitable? In general, yes! I didn't become a millionaire, but I have enough for everything.

It all started about 10 years ago, quite by accident. At that time, I read a lot of different literature about success, money, attracting them.

Having a permanent job, I was drawn into the oriflame company. I went to the meeting every weekend for several months, where various trainings were held.

I sold little cosmetics, but during trainings they put my brains in place. It was there that I understood for myself many different life principles, rules, thanks to which you can increase your income.

I've been in the mediation business for years and still think there is a lot more to learn. A lot of people get paid the annual salary of middle managers for a deal.

I haven't reached such a level yet. I am content with what I have, but I am not going to stop. It all started with wooden pallets.

Mediation on wooden pallets

It all started exactly when I worked as a storekeeper in one large company. She was stationed outside the city, in the so-called modern logopark.

These are huge Class A warehouses. It is in such places that the goods of the network companies are deployed: Pyaterochka, Monetka, Sport - master, and so on.

I worked as a storekeeper. After trainings and books, my outlook and attitude to work changed, which allowed me to soon take the place of the shift supervisor. When the warehouse manager went on a long-awaited vacation, he gave all the shift managers various tasks that needed to be completed before his return.

Mediation is one of the forms of doing business. In this case, there is another link between the buyer and the seller - an intermediary. His profit is the mark-up on the product. The intermediary business is one of the most primitive. However, this is a lucrative option. The main thing is to organize it correctly. This is one of the most profitable businesses.

Intermediary business: what is it

Intermediary business involves bringing two parties together to sell a product. The mediator's job is to bring the seller and the buyer together.

The best example of mediation is the real estate business. The seller finds buyers for his client's apartment. He completely controls the course of the transaction and after its completion, the agent receives his commission.

Do not assume that the activity consists only of bringing the parties together. Additionally, you will also have to take on certain responsibilities. Therefore, this option of earning money can rarely be called easy.

Mediation business can be realized in any area.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The intermediary type of activity has both advantages and disadvantages. And this is the first thing a person who has decided to give preference to this area should become familiar with.

Earning money through mediation has the following positive qualities:

  • Minimum investment. They may also be completely absent. Usually, with this option of earning, there is no need to rent an office. It will be possible to find a comfortable place to work over time as you scale your business.
  • Great opportunities. You can do such a business in almost any area. This can be real estate, selling clothes, etc.
  • Fast payback. If you make every effort and organize everything correctly, then the business will pay for itself very quickly. If the investment is minimal, then the profitability is almost 100%, which not every business can boast of. This is a significant plus for entrepreneurs.

This earning option has its drawbacks. If one of the parties poorly fulfills its obligations, then the entrepreneur will have to bear responsibility for this.

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