Loader business

A qualified workforce is always needed. A loader is a demanded specialty in the labor market. The demand for a service motivates to organize a business.

Relevance of business idea

We are talking about creating a service for the selection of such personnel. That is, in fact, the organizer-owner of such a business will need to catch two birds with one stone - look for clients and hire people who want to do their job well.

The model is suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs without start-up capital.

The greatest demand is observed in a big city. A shining example is the St. Petersburg company "Personal Solution", which in just one year of its existence reached a turnover of 6 million rubles. Today the organization has 55 branches in Russia and the CIS.

Who may need the services of a loader

Who can order such a workforce? The following categories of people are more likely to become customers of the service:

those who need help with moving (in this case, loaders are ordered in addition to the car for transportation);

· individuals or legal entities that need labor on a one-time basis (for example, supermarkets for unloading trucks);

· companies with seasonality in their work (for example, a warehouse of building materials, which has increased sales activity with the beginning of the warm season).

It is necessary to give a report that the work can be either the simplest or the rigging (carrying very heavy things). The number of people involved may depend on this condition. So, it makes sense to think about the base of your own specialists.

Who to hire

The main difficulty of this profession is that you can often find not the most reliable people in it.

It's hard to argue with the fact that the services of loaders are in demand. Each of us ordered the delivery of bulky and heavy things home and the movers from the store or from the trucking company always participated in this. In fact, often a team of movers works separately from the same construction or furniture stores, because it is not financially profitable for stores to hire such personnel for permanent work. If necessary, they call the firms that do this and delegate this workflow to them.

In this article we will analyze the main points of business on the services of loaders, and determine what "pitfalls" an entrepreneur can expect along the way.

List of services

If you decide to consider this business idea in more detail, then the study should start with a list of services that are included in the price list of the movers team.

Based on the list of services provided, we can conclude that it is best to open a business with the services of loaders in a large city, where many new residential complexes are being built, people are constantly changing their place of residence, and companies are moving from place to place. It is not profitable to work in a small town, here it is better to look in the direction of cargo transportation and as an additional option in the form of the services of a team of loaders.


In order to work officially and serve companies that require financial reporting from contractors, you need to complete all permits.

  • open IP.
  • specify OKVED. For Russia - this is code 96. For Ukraine - 52. 9, or 82. 9.
  • register several people for work.
  • if you rent an office, you will need to sign a lease for the premises.

You can be registered as an entrepreneur, and hire men for single orders as loaders, but it is better to have a permanent staff of at least 4 - 6 people who will be registered and permanently present on site. If you have any difficulties with paperwork, you can contact a lawyer.


Business on the services of loaders is not at all easy money, because your reputation and the success of the business depend on the staff, but at the same time, it is the employees who are the main problem in this area of ​​activity. Let's talk about this in more detail.

The main qualities of loaders and handymen are responsibility, honesty, efficiency and accuracy. Agree - these are very high requirements, given the hard physical labor and the very low wage rate. Therefore, it is not so easy to find such employees, usually in this business there is a high turnover of personnel, for various reasons: being late, bad habits, not wanting to work, and much more. Therefore, if you find responsible guys, try to motivate them financially and treat them with respect.

From time to time, every family, work collective or company is faced with the urgent need to "manually carry heavy loads over certain distances." This need may be associated with a move to another apartment, office, a sudden increase in the volume of shipment of goods or other life situations and business necessity.

Teams of loaders will always come to the rescue, who will playfully carry furniture and property, lift a piano to the ninth floor or unload / load a truck with goods. The demand for such services is constant and quite high. How difficult is it to organize a "bureau of professional strongmen"? Let's take a closer look at this issue.

Loading classification

In the loading and unloading business, as in any other business, there is a classification of services and activities. Apartment moves are the lowest level in the hierarchy; they are handled by small offices that have not yet managed to reach solid clients.

The next evolutionary step is outsourcing of movers and other unskilled workers to companies. For example, you need to send an unplanned large batch of goods very quickly, while time is running out, and there are no workers. What to do in this case? Hiring temporary workers is a lengthy procedure, and there is no point in doing this if people are needed only for a couple of days or hours. Such outsourcing helps the company.

The third service is loading heavy and oversized cargo in non-standard conditions. It is far from always possible to apply mechanical devices to such objects - hoists, winches, cranes. It is for this reason that the piano in the 21st century is brought to the 9th floor by hand. There are many similar examples in the practice of loading and unloading operations. This service, as a rule, is paid for at a separate rate.

How the Strongman Recruitment Bureau Works

As a rule, all companies providing such services work according to the same scheme. The manager, who is also a dispatcher, who is also a seller of services, is looking for staff and clients. By negotiating, organizing and controlling the work, he retains 30-40% of the funds received from the client. However, this figure may differ from the named one. Everything else goes to pay for the work done.

Officially registered companies in this market are rare, most of the dispatchers work without any documents. However, there are exceptions - official bureaus of personal services. These are completely legal organizations.

Supervisors-dispatchers are, as a rule, come from the environment of loaders who had enough business acumen to organize their own business. They understand well where their services are needed and what the needs of their clients are. Therefore, sales are direct in nature - this is the main channel for promoting services.

Loader services as a business. How to open a loader business with virtually no start-up capital.

When apartment moves, the most pressing issue of furniture transportation immediately arises, for this, first of all, loaders are required. If you collect a good team, then you can make good money on the provision of loader services.

When organizing a business, you need to decide which clients you will work with, in fact, there are two options.

You can provide loader services when moving, when people move from one apartment to another and you need to transport large-sized furniture, refrigerator, household appliances, a grand piano or a piano, etc.

It is possible to provide loader services to various organizations for one-time work on unloading trucks, wagons, warehouses. For many organizations, keeping a staff of movers is not profitable; it is easier for them to periodically use the services of such agencies.

Each option has its pros and cons, but in any case, it's better to immediately decide with whom you will work.

What is better to issue an individual entrepreneur or LLC?

At the initial stage, while a permanent clientele has not yet been developed, it is possible not to formalize yet, but over time it is better to officially register entrepreneurial activity. To register a business for the provision of loader services, you can register as an individual entrepreneur or as a legal entity, but clients do not care how you are formalized, the main thing for them is high-quality work, so you can simply issue an individual entrepreneur, there will be less red tape and reporting is easier.

How to recruit movers for work?

The specifics of working as a loader is that it is a low-skilled job and unscrupulous workers often go to it, who are often irresponsible and drinkers. Therefore, when hiring, you need to immediately clearly stipulate the working conditions and the system of penalties for late arrivals and absenteeism, although no one is insured against unscrupulous workers.

In the process of work, you need to form a backbone of reliable, proven employees who are responsible for work.

Loader services as a business

To start a business you will need:

To begin with, it's worth deciding, if you're just testing a niche, then you don't have to register an individual entrepreneur / LLC, this will save money and not generate unnecessary responsibility. If the business for some reason does not suit you, just turn off your phone and don’t owe anyone anything. With the legal form at closing, you will have to run + there will be additional. Costs.

Step by step instructions:

1. To issue a corporate phone (you can also use a cell phone, but the city phone works better).

2. Call competitors for prices. Find out the cost per hour of work, number of storeys, large-sized equipment, rigging (grand piano, piano, safe), car cost.

3. Find workers - the best option is job boards. Settlement schemes with workers can be different 50/50, 60/40 or a fixed cost. You can try to get a job with competitors to probe the market. We are looking for a gazelle - we also go to the message boards. 4. Register in the myjobstarter crm system. u. It is possible without a business management system, but then there may be problems with personnel, debts and control. 5. Add workers to the crm system. 6. Sign an agreement with the workers, it is necessary to remove responsibility. 7. Buying a template site is the cheapest option for a budget startup. 8. You can enter your information on the site through our company. 9. Order setting up an advertising company - it is better to entrust it to professionals. The wrong setting will eat up your money. 10. Put money on your first advertising campaign. We recommend a budget of 10,000 rubles or more for the test. How money runs out to do business model analysis.

11. Get the first orders after the launch of the ad. How to make a calculation for a client: you can take data from competitors, it doesn't make sense to set the price cheaper, then you won't earn anything. In the calculation, you can take hidden payments that loaders can voice on the spot after inspecting the place of loading.

- These may be additional payments for large-sized equipment 50-100 rubles. floor per unit (refrigerator, sofa, etc.). - Payment for the number of storeys 50-100 rubles. per hour for carrying things. - The price of the car is not particularly high, we take the market price, but you need to negotiate a discount with the driver. - Additional payment for tools (disassemble the wardrobe, sofa, etc.).

12. Distribute workers and complete the application. It is necessary to appoint a foreman (this is an ordinary worker) - he will be the head of the order and take the money. You must make the final calculation and tell the foreman the amount. The foreman will have to take the money from the client, pay off the workers and the machine, and bring the rest of the money to you. By default, foremen receive more orders than ordinary workers.

13. Workers who have not brought money do not come out for the next order.

The main money in the loader business is the organization's regular customers. For testing, you can temporarily work as a private person, but if you want to earn money, you need to draw up a legal form - LLC with VAT. Many organizations find it beneficial to pay using this particular scheme.

Working with organizations

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