How to start your own business

Mini factories for small businesses - 5 advantages + features of conducting such a production + 6 examples + 9 best mini factories.

People who decide to go into private business face certain problems at the initial stage. Which field of activity to choose? Where can you buy the right equipment? How to save money?

Mini factories for small businesses are a good solution for young businessmen, which simplifies the search for answers to the above questions.

Why is it worth purchasing a plant in a mini format?

Before starting your own manufacturing business, you need to pay attention to all the pros and cons of such activities.

The advantages of buying a mini plant for business include the following factors:

Small in size compared to full-fledged factories, this equipment is easy to assemble, install and transport.

Some mini factories are equipped with wheels, which allows you to quickly transfer them from one point to another.

This feature makes it possible not only to save on land and premises rent, but also, if necessary, to change the location of the mini-factory without special costs.

Low cash costs for starting a business.

Today, many home-based entrepreneurs use Chinese equipment, including small business machines. Despite all the nuances of the country's economy and tax regulation, small business keeps afloat and actively masters new ways of further development.

Advantages of mini equipment in production

Mini equipment has the following features:

  • Small and will fit in a private house, apartment, garage;
  • The production process does not require the involvement of a large staff of employees;
  • Fixed costs related to ensuring the uninterrupted operation of equipment (energy consumption, technical repairs) do not amount to exorbitant amounts;
  • Allows you to organize a mini-plant or a production line with the least risks;
  • Pays off quickly (6-12 months ).

Small business machine tools from China have a number of advantages, in particular:

  • Affordable price (cost varies depending on the type of machine and its production capacity - from 10-50 thousand dollars and above);
  • You can find a unit for any sector of the economy;
  • Manufacturers offer:
    • Warranty for a certain period of operation;
    • Possibility to purchase spare parts;
    • Video instructions for using the equipment; <
  • Can be delivered by intermediaries who will fully accompany the transaction for a small fee:
    • Negotiate with the manufacturer;
    • Check the technical parameters of the purchased equipment ;
    • Arrange delivery, customs clearance from the exporting country to Russia;
    • Deliver to the client and carry out commissioning.

Among the most popular areas of the economy using Chinese machine tools for small businesses are the following:

  • Machines for food production;
  • Packaging machines;
  • Brewing equipment;
  • Equipment for the production of building materials ...

Which mini-machines are suitable for small businesses

Below is a list of today's most popular small business machine tools that are in demand by entrepreneurs in a wide variety of manufacturing niches.

Production of corn tubes

  • 1 What to look for when starting a business
  • 2 Step-by-step plan for opening
  • 3 How much you can earn
  • 4 How much money is needed to start a business
  • 5 Which equipment to choose
  • 6 Which OKVED should be indicated for the business
  • 7 What documents are needed to open
  • 8 Which tax system to choose for a business
  • 9 Do I need permission to open
  • 10 Technology of doing business
  • 11 Newbie in business
  • Now every day the number of people who have decided to open their own business and receive the money they earned, and not spend their knowledge and skills on someone, is increasing.

    You need to take into account a few useful recommendations in order to get positive results from the business in the future.

    Before starting your own business, you need to decide in which field of activity it should start and which business idea to use.

    It's good if few people work there. This way you can avoid unnecessary competitors.

    It is better to choose the field of activity that is familiar enough and there is some kind of knowledge base.

    What to look for when starting a business

    Success accompanies competent, serious, tough people who are able to overcome obstacles.

    Step-by-step opening plan

    The general procedure for a beginner businessman should be something like this:

    • search for a promising direction.
    • market monitoring.
    • registration of a business entity.
    • purchase of equipment.
    • recruiting and hiring.
    • search for orders (buyers) through advertising.

    How much you can earn

    Many people think that small business is a very risky investment of money and an event in general. However, for a professional in his field, mini-production in the field of small business can be a profitable business that combines his favorite pastime.

    As practice shows all over the world, it is a small manufacturing business that not only turns out to be the most viable, but can grow and develop dynamically over time. Take Steve Jobs, who built the first batch of computers in the garage. This room, by the way, is very often used by aspiring entrepreneurs. We will touch on it in the article. However, probably, all huge corporations and companies - giants once started small.

    What business idea to stop and where to start?

    For a mini-production for small business to be successful, already at the planning stage it must have:

    • an original idea;
    • knowledge of how to implement it;
    • money.

    As in any business, it all starts with the idea of ​​a mini production. One will finally decide to fulfill his old dream. The other just wants to make more money. But, one way or another, an entrepreneur has a better chance of success if he takes up a business, the essence of which is clear to him.

    In addition, personal property will help, which can be used for the site where mini-production is carried out. Then rental costs will be saved. Therefore, aspiring entrepreneurs often choose such mini-production ideas that are easy to implement using their home. When deciding on a business, they also conduct an analysis of the regional market in those places where it is planned to sell the goods. It is also important to calculate the degree of demand for the future product. An entrepreneur must have deep knowledge and skills to translate his business idea. Mini production without a good theoretical and practical basis is doomed to failure. After all, you will have to hire staff who understands all the intricacies much better than him. And this is a significant additional financial investment.

    It is impossible to start a business without start-up capital. Mini production costs money. Since this is a rather acute issue for beginner entrepreneurs, we will choose options that can be implemented with the least investment. At the same time, mini-production ideas should certainly be promising. Without this, they are useless.

    Why small business ideas have a future? Having chosen a mini-production, the entrepreneur at first is usually both the owner and the worker in one person. Therefore, he knows well what is needed for the functioning and development of his enterprise. Thanks to this, he is able to:

    • respond quickly to changes;
    • focus on the most promising directions;
    • even change location if the need arises.

    An entrepreneur is completely free in his actions, therefore he is capable of quick changes, which is impossible to implement in large companies. This mobility helps increase income.

    One of the most popular types of business in the country has been and remains trade, followed by services. At the same time, other types of entrepreneurial activity - production - have been undeservedly forgotten and have sunk into the summer. Moreover, with the right organization, a large number of ideas can be easily marked out in your own garage. Taking into account the introduced incentives for small businesses in Russia (0 rate for individual taxes), such a business receives an additional incentive. There will be no talk about problems with imports or devaluation. The main question remains, what to do?

    Idea for organizing a small workshop

    Any business starts with an idea, today we will talk about such a direction as the production of greenhouses. Earlier, on the pages of the blog, I talked about the greenhouse business, and also talked about what a greenhouse and greenhouses are, we will not repeat ourselves. What is the greenhouse itself?

    By and large, a greenhouse is a set of arcs made of a metal profile or a square pipe, fastened together with spacers. Making a greenhouse is by and large a simple matter, requiring a minimum set of equipment and knowledge, which makes them a very convenient product for organizing a mini-workshop for home production. Moreover, the main buyer of greenhouses are private households buying them for small household plots.

    What do you need to organize a mini workshop for the production of greenhouses?

    Equipment for a small workshop

    The list of equipment is rather short, it consists of:

    Pipe bender - a device that allows you to bend (bend) pipes (like round, square), a profile of various metals. Modern electromechanical pipe benders allow you to bend pipes at an angle of up to 180 degrees, ensuring the maximum pattern of finished products.

    It is important to organize production that it is necessary to use electromechanical products, despite the high cost compared to hydraulically, these devices provide maximum accuracy, which is important in the manufacture of arches for greenhouses.

    Buying a new one will cost from 80 thousand rubles, you can buy it cheaper, but if you want, you can do it yourself.

    A grinder (angle grinder) is a necessary tool in a small mini workshop for the production of greenhouses. A new grinder will cost about 5-10 thousand rubles, depending on the quality, size of the stone, brand.

    It is important that when buying a grinder, pay attention to expensive ones with a large disc, which will allow you to use it both for cutting pipes and for cutting the wooden base of the greenhouse.

    Electric drill, spray gun. Other small equipment, from pliers, gloves, other accompanying small equipment.

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