How to start a small business in the USA

The United States of America has always attracted people who want to get rich and achieve fame. It is not for nothing that the term "American Dream" has developed, which characterizes the ability of any person, regardless of his nation or class, to become successful, wealthy and famous. Now, in the wake of the economic crisis in Russia, many of our compatriots have appeared who want to move their business to the United States, or open a new enterprise there. However, there are specifics of doing business in the USA that you need to consider if you want to be successful in this country.

USA is a country of entrepreneurs and startups. Therefore, migrants often want to start their own business in this particular state. For 2021, very very low taxes are adopted there, there is no double taxation with the countries of Europe and the CIS.

  • However, a budding entrepreneur should know that he will have to re-learn the culture of doing business, study American business literature, know the language, that is, constantly learn and improve.
  • There is a lot of competition in the States, so supermarkets and companies are constantly organizing marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, trying to satisfy the client as much as possible. Therefore, you have to be assertive, arrogant.
  • In the US, the perfect well-functioning service, because any business depends on customers and visitors. Therefore, stores will often offer you coffee, pick up clothes, and give you a small present.
  • We have to build a lot of partnerships, negotiate, treat colleagues favorably.
  • Outsourcing is very popular - remote accountants, lawyers, consultants are found in almost all companies.
  • Low level of corruption, but harsh measures against tax evaders - heavy fines of up to 25 thousand or a criminal sentence.
  • Difficult relations with the government - each state has its own laws, so if you live in one city and do business in another, you will have to report in both places.

Prevalence of Small Business in the United States

Many schoolchildren in America have been in business since childhood. Almost 8 out of 10 people worked for themselves legally or not. It is beneficial for the state, since this is the only way the economy develops. Most Popular Industries in the States:

  • Service industry (tutoring, private gardens).
  • Construction (do the work yourself or with the team).
  • Health care (many small dental offices, massage at home).

A small business is a business with an annual income of less than two million dollars, assets of less than 5 million, and the number of employees does not exceed 500, 1 or 2 owners. This type of business is easiest to start from scratch, as it requires small investments (up to $ 500 thousand), and there is also a chance to get a loan from the state or funds.

Medium entrepreneurship often grows out of it. And although this form pays more taxes than small dots, it has more privileges.

Features of business in the USA for foreigners

To make the final choice of activity, you should visit America to meet with business partners and get a detailed acquaintance with the proposals live. For this, a B1 \ B2 visa is suitable. To obtain it, you need to fill out a DS-160 form and a certificate of monthly income. After approval of the application acceptance and payment of the $ 160 fee, prepare for an interview with the consul.

Business immigration to the United States is perhaps one of the easiest ways to move there for permanent residence. It cannot be said that it is low-cost, but all roads are open to persons with start-up capital. Read about which enterprise in America is easier to open, how to do it and where to start, read this article.

Business Features

If the economy is well developed, then the transfer of business to America will not be a punishment, but an incentive for the further development of various areas. There are several types of benefits for entrepreneurs at once.

The most important among them are:

  • Ability to “deplete the bowels” at a discount.
  • A loan to pay off debt as an investment to a business.
  • Depreciation at an accelerated rate.

One of the most common benefits is discounts for those who plan to take out a loan.

The latter serves to further stimulate private investment.

Indirect amounts take away less of the market than direct ones. Priority is given to excise taxes and sales. And the introduction of excise taxes applies only to certain product categories. For such an issue as taxation in the United States, the introduction of VAT is not practiced. Although for Europe it was he who became the main source of the budget.

Business in the USA from scratch

A businessman wishing to start a business in the United States should know that his experience of entrepreneurship there will not help; he will have to re-learn both the basics of business and building business relationships with American colleagues, study business literature in English, communicate with different local structures, gain experience and look closely at how and what competitors are doing.

Many Russian émigrés in the United States cannot open their own business, hardly survive in the American business atmosphere and do not know where to go, although they have all the opportunities for doing business. And all this happens because they do not have the aspirations and desire to learn again, to start a business from scratch, moreover, with their insolence, inability to build partnerships and work in a team, they cause misunderstanding among American businessmen.

Business immigration to the United States is perhaps one of the easiest ways to move there for permanent residence. It cannot be said that it is low-cost, but all roads are open to persons with start-up capital. Read about which enterprise in America is easier to open, how to do it and where to start, read this article.

Definition of Small Business in America

Each country has its own definition. In the United States, this form includes enterprises that meet the following requirements:

  • One or more owners;
  • Up to 500 employees in the state;
  • Assets - no more than $ 5 million;
  • Annual profit - no more than $ 2 million.

Small Business Structure in the USA

At the same time, according to the number of employed workers, all enterprises are divided into smallest, small, intermediate, large and largest. The first three categories are small businesses in America. The smallest are 1–24 employees, the smallest - 25–99 employees, and the intermediate ones have from 100 to 499 employees.

Which company you open depends only on the financial component. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the United States pursues a more loyal immigration policy towards large investors.

Investments can range from $ 500,000 to $ 1,000,000. The minimum entry threshold is relevant for rural areas, in large and economically developed states there is more investment. But there is a separate article about this on our portal. The purpose of this article is to tell in more detail about how to start your own business in America.

US Immigration with a Business Visa - What Follows What?

Business in the USA can be bought or started from scratch

Options may be different, but the way to implement them is always the same. So, in order to create not just an enterprise, but a successful enterprise, several important issues should be consistently resolved:

Business features in American style

In the US, taxes are much lower than in the rest of the world, and in the states of Nevada and Wyoming, they are completely absent!

Business immigration to the United States is one of the easiest ways to move there for permanent residence. Considering the current situation in the global economy, the prospects of their business in America are beyond doubt. To open your own business in such a developed country, you need to understand which areas are the most relevant and profitable.

According to the US Department of Commerce, the construction and gambling business is considered the best in the country in terms of profit. However, there are other areas that require minimal investment and are very promising.

Business in America, which is not in Russia

The USA is a country where small businesses thrive. The mentality of Americans is built in such a way that they know how to make money from everyday ideas. If we compare small businesses in the United States and Russia, we can see that American ideas appear on the domestic market with a delay of 3-5 years.

Portable Gym

Americans are an obese nation. People who spend most of their day in the office cannot afford to go to the gym regularly. They just don't have time for it.

Businessmen saw a promising niche in this and suggested that companies equip a small gym where employees can work out during their lunch break. The advantage of the business is that you do not need to pay rent: it is enough to install sports equipment and find professional trainers. A portable gym is a great example of running a small business with minimal investment.

Pet Grooming

The idea of ​​opening a business abroad attracts more and more people every year. At first glance, this is beneficial and profitable, but first you need to figure out whether it is so easy to open a company in another state, what resources are needed for this.

Options for starting a business in America for foreigners

American business is profitable, therefore it is attractive not only for those who want to start a company from scratch, but also for professional investors. A large economic turnover helps to attract start-up and experienced entrepreneurs. There are several ways to open a business on another continent.

Transfer Old Business

This option is suitable for those who have been holding a leading position in the company for more than three years (for example, CEO, leading specialist, manager). In this case, you can apply for a special visa in the United States - nonimmigrant. It gives the right to transfer the organization to America for 5-7 years.

Attention! This visa assumes that a person will conduct the business that he had in his homeland. This means that when you change the field of activity, the state government has the right to close the organization.

Invest in the US economy

This option is relevant for people who have large start-up capital. Any state supports foreigners who invest in the country's economy. Support can be in the form of citizenship or permanent residence, the ability to buy a franchise or a ready-made enterprise. Nevertheless, the investment in the US economy should be approximately $ 100,000-500,000 and more, which is an unaffordable amount for novice businessmen.

Attention! Investments in the US economy are available to residents of those countries that have a cooperation agreement with the US government. Thus, for citizens of Ukraine, Moldova and a number of other states, obtaining an investor visa will be possible, for Russia it will not.

Open a new business

To open a new venture in America, you need to take care of some documents. The latter includes the American Social Security number. However, you can avoid paperwork, obtaining a visa at the first stages of business development with the help of a representative. It could be an American with already valid insurance who will conduct the company's business in America.

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