How to start a cleaning company from scratch - step by step guide

Cleaning is a promising business area in Russia. According to statistics, 80% of commercial real estate in developed cities of the USA and Europe is serviced by cleaning companies. In Russia, the market share is significantly lower. However, the rapid growth rate of the opening of new organizations, the expansion of commercial space, as well as the increasingly popular service of private cleaners, make cleaning an urgent and profitable direction in business.

Organizing your own cleaning company, like any other business, is quite difficult. But this option of entrepreneurship has a relatively low entry threshold: lower capital intensity, rich selection of personnel, etc. Therefore, everyone can open a personal cleaning company. However, staying afloat by effectively fighting competition is a more important and difficult task.

Target audience of the cleaning company

The client base of a cleaning company is divided into 2 categories: individuals and legal entities. In the first category, the target audience is families with an income of at least 20,000 rubles per family member. As a rule, such families can afford to periodically call a cleaning lady to neutralize the consequences of repairs or, for example, a noisy party. The second category of clients is represented by commercial properties that need to be kept clean. As a rule, these are offices. The demand of individuals for cleaning services is variable. Therefore, the main income of the company will come from the concluded service agreements with various organizations.

Cleaning company services

The range of services of the cleaning company is quite wide. The most popular are:

  • Daily cleaning. This usually involves cleaning floors, dusting, cleaning mirrors, taking out trash, etc. The service is provided quickly enough, does not require the use of special cleaning agents. Most often it is ordered by offices on a daily basis (or every other day). The average cost is about 10-20 rubles / sq. ...
  • General cleaning. In addition to the previous service, we remove dirt from the surface of furniture and walls, wash skirting boards, windows, etc. This type of cleaning takes much longer, so it costs the customer more. Usually they order every 2-4 weeks. The average cost is 60-80 rubles / sq. ...
  • Initial cleaning of the room. In this case, the service is provided after construction or repair work. In addition to general cleaning, this includes taking out debris, thoroughly removing dust from all surfaces, ventilating rooms, etc. Cost - from 80-100 rubles / sq. ...
  • Cleaning furniture, carpets, etc. This service is mainly used by private clients. Stubborn dirt is removed from sofas, beds, upholstered furniture, unpleasant odors, etc. The cost depends on the furniture, for example, dry cleaning of the carpet costs 200 rubles / sq. ., and dry cleaning of the sofa - 1,500 rubles.
  • Other services: stove cleaning, window cleaning, cleaning of adjacent territories, etc. The cost is agreed with the customer in each specific case.

Business plan

Business Registration

Any entrepreneurial activity requires official registration with the tax authorities. Legislation opens up a fairly wide choice of organizational forms and tax systems for a businessman. In this case, it is most profitable to register yourself as an individual entrepreneur. This will eliminate the need to hire or outsource an accountant (individual entrepreneurs are not required to maintain full-fledged accounting), and will simplify the withdrawal of profits. The associated risks are relatively low. To register as an individual entrepreneur, you need to fill out the P21001 form and pay a state fee of 800 rubles. The STS is suitable as a taxation system.

Room selection, car

Despite the fact that the service is provided directly at the client's premises, it is required to rent a separate office, in which contracts with customers will be concluded, all the necessary inventory and equipment will be stored.

It is not necessary to occupy an expensive area in the city center - a small room in a residential area or even on the outskirts is enough, but transport interchange is of great importance. The driver with staff and equipment must get to any point in the city as quickly as possible. The cost of renting such premises is approximately 400 rubles / sq. ...

This article will talk about how to open a cleaning company from scratch step by step.

First, by registering a business (individual entrepreneur, or LLC) with the tax office, you should start studying:

  • the target market;
  • the work of competing companies.

What do you need to open a cleaning company? It is necessary to decide to whom to provide services:

  • commercial organizations;
  • individuals (cleaning floors, windows, walls, dust control).

More profitable work for legal entities is the maintenance of various industrial buildings, warehouses, offices. There are fewer private clients (usually they are rather rich people, or single men who work), in addition, there is less profit here. But the first option is more complicated, it will also require more investments.

Cleaning happens:

  • one-time (including capital, including after repairs);
  • daily;
  • specialized (carpet cleaning and other ).

So, it's roughly clear how to open a cleaning company business. It is advisable to choose one particular direction, gradually expanding the scope of your activity. A fairly large client base will gradually be developed. One should take into account the presence of competition - other firms providing the same services. To begin with, it is recommended to study the activities of companies in this area: a list of services provided, prices, experience in the cleaning market. After that, you need to create a list of services provided, select suitable target objects, think over a business strategy, solve the issue with prices, which will allow you to get more profitable customers. You will need to open an Internet page, or a website with a detailed description of the company's services (IP), contacts for communication. It is quite appropriate to advertise on television - it will pay off in a couple of weeks - a month. Promotion through print media will be even cheaper. The creation of the site must be entrusted to professionals who can create an online cleaning order form. All this will allow you to quickly find new customers. Now it is roughly clear where to start the cleaning business.

Step one - registering a business, determining the services provided, studying the work of clients, creating a website.


Cleaning services are a new and effectively developing area of ​​the modern market of services provided to legal entities and individuals. Abroad, cleaning services for industrial, office and residential premises are quite in demand and are in great demand among the population and entrepreneurs. In Russia, the cleaning business began its development only in the early 90s and is evolving every year, especially in large cities.

Large shopping centers, office premises, industrial and warehouse buildings, cottages and apartments - all need professionals for general or regular cleaning of premises. This will provide a stable income and help to occupy a certain niche in the market of services provided.

How to start a cleaning company from scratch? What steps should be taken in this direction? Initially, you should decide on the range of services provided.

The main list of services provided in this area:

Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, carpets and floor coverings.

One-time and regular cleaning of offices, residential, retail, industrial premises, underground parking lots, warehouses, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Cleaning of premises after renovation works.

Incoming cleaners (according to a pre-agreed weekly schedule).

In addition to general works, highly specialized areas are offered:

Washing household appliances (refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc.).

  • 1 Features of the professional cleaning business
  • 2 Daily cleaning of premises
  • 3 Dry cleaning as part of cleaning
  • 4 Industrial mountaineering
  • 5 General cleaning service of a cleaning agency
  • 6 How to start opening a cleaning company
  • 7 How much can you earn
  • 8 How much need money to start a cleaning business
  • 9 What equipment to choose for a cleaning company
  • 10 Which OKVED should be specified
  • 11 What documents are needed to open for a cleaning company <
  • 12 Which taxation system to choose
  • 13 Do I need a permit

Cleaning in translation from English means cleaning.

Previously, it was believed that hiring a cleaning lady or housekeeper would be sufficient to keep the premises clean and tidy. But, in connection with the active development of construction all over the world, the requirement for cleanliness of premises has also increased.

In cleaning slang, it sounds like "post-build".

Features of a professional cleaning business

Opening your own cleaning agency, quite an interesting business idea.

Let's look at the peculiarities of the cleaning business and what cleaning of premises is.

The company produces marble grinding, window washing, cleaning any hard surface from the remains of plaster, glue and other contaminants, polishing wood and stone surfaces, removing dust and removing odors.

Yesterday we also hired a job from the builders, and today from a cleaning company. (As a rule, builders hand over objects in dust and dirt).

And today everything shines and smells. No grandmother can do it so efficiently and quickly.

Daily cleaning of the premises

On the one hand, the cleaning business at the initial stage does not require large investments. On the other hand, if you decide to open a cleaning company as correctly as possible, you will have to purchase various cleaning equipment, cleaning products, and hire staff with an office. Nevertheless, this business can even be started at home, which is what some entrepreneurs in the United States do.

Types of cleaning and cleaning companies

All companies specializing in cleaning premises can be divided into two groups:

  • Specializing in commercial and industrial premises;
  • Specializing in non-commercial (apartments, houses).

  • Carpet and floor cleaning;
  • Window cleaning;
  • Room cleaning services;
  • Cleaning apartments and entrances. The first is developed only in large cities and is not suitable for small ones. The target audience in large cities is mostly wealthy people, but it happens that this service is also used by ordinary people who, for example, rented out their apartment and decided to clean it up after the tenants, or those who are just “today” lazy.
  • Organic cleaning. Such services exist, for example, in the USA. The point is that when cleaning the premises, only organic cleaning agents are used that do not contain "harmful" chemicals.

As a rule, the larger the cleaning company, the wider the range of services it provides. As a development, you can then do additional sanitation, etc.

Opening instructions

A cleaning business can be opened in two ways. The first involves creating a company from scratch to serve a specific client (for example, a shopping center or an office of a large company) on the basis of a contract. In this case, you start with one client, and then you can begin to expand and look for additional clients.

The second method involves choosing a specific service and focusing on it, for example, carpet cleaning. In this case, by concentrating on one service, you can become an expert in this matter.

Step-by-step instructions on how to open a cleaning company:

  • Come up with a name / brand for your future company.
  • Create a business plan (example at the bottom of the page).
  • Open an individual entrepreneur / LLC. The individual entrepreneur is the simplest and most budgetary form, but lending is not available to him, since the individual entrepreneur does not have an official salary. In LLC you can put yourself a salary, but it is more difficult and more expensive to maintain it. List of possible OKVED codes:
    • 81. 1 General building cleaning activities
    • 38. 1 Collection of non-hazardous waste
    • 38. 2 Disposal of sorted materials
    • 81. 0 Comprehensive space maintenance activities
    • 81. 2 Other activities for cleaning and cleaning residential buildings and non-residential premises
    • 81. 9 Other cleaning and tidying activities
    • 81. 9. Disinfection, disinsection, destruction of buildings, industrial equipment
    • 81. 9. Street sweeping and snow removal
    • 81. 9. Other cleaning and tidying activities, not elsewhere classified
    • 81. 0 Landscape improvement activities
    • 96. 9 Provision of other personal services, not included in other groups
    • 97. 0 Activities of households with employees
  • Rent an office space with a warehouse for storage. It will cost from $ 500 monthly. In the case of cleaning companies, you can choose the cheapest place, but remember that it is easy for you and your employees to get to it.
  • Purchase cleaning equipment. It is described in more detail below in the article.
  • Buy office furniture, appliances and stationery.
  • Connect the Internet and telephone connections.
  • Create / order a website for your company and connect the CRM system. Help article: What is CRM?
  • Start looking for clients.
  • Hire employees.
  • Opening an office.

A cleaning company can work without an office, instead of which you can use your home. However, an office is essential for those who want to develop their business. Ideally, this should be an area where you can accommodate administrative staff, a meeting room, a storage area for storing cleaning supplies and supplies, a laundry room with dryers and washing machines for cleaning work uniforms and equipment. A plus would be the presence of any room for lunch, with a refrigerator and microwave.

Usually clients of such firms do not come to the office, and all contracts and nuances are discussed in the client's office, or by phone. Therefore, you don't need to make respectable renovations, since you need an office mainly for processing and managing clients.

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