How to open an entertainment center: a business plan

Entertainment business is popular and promising. Every person, be it a child or an adult, is not averse to having a good time and getting a portion of unforgettable impressions. By choosing this business niche as the main one, the future entrepreneur can be 90 percent confident of success. In this article, we'll look at the most popular entertainment business ideas that can be easily implemented.

How is the entertainment business in Russia developed?

The entertainment business in Russia has been actively developing since the early 2021s, when the economic situation improved, which led to an increase in the welfare of citizens.

Today, the Russian entertainment market continues to confidently move forward, overtaking the markets of many countries.

However, the United States remains the leader in the entertainment industry, while Russia ranks 14th in the ranking of the world's largest markets in this area.

Options for starting an entertainment business

There are a lot of options for opening an entertainment business. Anyone planning to engage in this type of activity can familiarize themselves with several lucrative seasonal and year-round business niches listed below.


Zorbing is rapidly gaining popularity in many cities of Russia. This is a type of entertainment in which a person runs inside a large ball (zorb) or descends in it from a hill. There are three types of zorbing: summer, winter and water. The impressions that the visitor of the attraction gets is unforgettable!

To implement a business idea, you need to go through the registration procedure for an individual entrepreneur or open an LLC, purchase 2-3 zorbs, if necessary, an inflatable pool, find a place where the attraction will work, hire employees or do business personally, organize a good advertising campaign , then the entertainment business will pay off faster.

Amount of investments required:

  • registration of an individual entrepreneur - 1000-5000 rubles;
  • purchase of a zorb and components - 10000-100000 rubles. The cost of the ball depends on the season in which it will be used, the quality of the fabric and welding of seams, the manufacturing company, etc.;
  • renting a plot for an attraction - 70-100 rubles per 1m2;
  • purchase of an inflatable pool - 30,000-100,000 rubles;
  • an employee's salary - 600-800 rubles a day;
  • additional expenses - 5,000-10,000 rubles.

Business entertainment in crisis

Hello everyone. So the May holidays are over, and with them the downtime of my blog ended, which means that I am back with new ideas for your business. During my vacation, I analyzed several topical topics for business, and the most promising of them was the sphere of entertainment. Its prospects are explained, first of all, by the possibility of implementation in a crisis.

Entertainment in crisis

Let's think about how to combine entertainment and crisis. Look, in the absence of a crisis, people with an average income buy themselves modern technology, set a goal for themselves - to buy expensive property and travel abroad, but the onset of the crisis negates their plans. What are people interested in now? So, any person, first of all, wants to live well, and to live well means to enjoy life, which the entertainment sphere gives. In their free time from work, people are looking for an interesting pastime for themselves so as not to get bogged down in a routine.

Modern entertainment

All of the above is well understood by the people who have created this kind of entertainment as "Quests in Reality", which you probably already heard about. "Quest" is a very relevant and easy-to-implement business that attracts many people looking for an interesting pastime without big expenses. I will give you some new types of entertainment that are currently the most interesting and in demand:

  • Quests in reality are a game of thinking and logic, in which you need to solve a certain problem in a certain time. At the same time, the atmosphere of the game should give the player a sense of the reality of what is happening based on the quest.
  • A wakeboard is an extreme sport that involves water skiing or boarding, but the propulsion force is created through a cable that moves a special mechanism, not a watercraft. This is the most modern type of wakeboarding.
  • Geocaching is not such a new, but little-known form of entertainment, which consists in finding a pre-laid cache. The search for the cache is carried out using a GPS navigator and solving certain riddles during the game. As a rule, interesting sights and scenic areas are located next to the cache.
  • Rope park - I have devoted a separate article to this type of entertainment “Rope park as a business idea”.

These types of entertainment were recently invented by people specifically for those who are looking for an interesting pastime.

Now you understand that the entertainment industry has great business potential. And further success depends on your imagination. Think about how you can occupy and entertain people in your free time from work and offer your services! And remember that everyone wants to live well and have fun. And I wish you success in your business. Feel free to click on the social media buttons below and also read my other articles.

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The entertainment industry is a profitable business, always open to creative ideas and new players. In a business on attractions, you can start with a budget of 50 thousand rubles and recoup them in a couple of months.

The entertainment industry is one of the most profitable businesses. People love to relax and have an interesting time. The Russian amusement market is growing by 20% per year. The number of entertainment venues is increasing. Today, no city holiday is complete without attractions. Therefore, business will be popular in any city. The main thing is to choose the right idea and location.

Analysts predict that growth rates will accelerate in the near future. The entertainment industry remains in the area of ​​interest for small and medium-sized businesses. Entertainment areas open with minimal capital are usually concentrated either on one main attraction or on one target group of visitors (for example, children's trampolines).

Entrepreneurs advise starting with small areas and simple attractions. First of all, you should pay attention to mobile types of attractions. First, it solves the seasonality problem. Secondly, mobility allows you to reach a large audience and quickly recoup your investment.

Features of the amusement rides business

When deciding to open a street attraction, it is necessary to assess the specifics of the business.

1. seasonality. Street attractions can only be operated during the warm season. Usually, this is the period from April to September. The start of the business should be planned in March in order to establish all the processes by the beginning of the season.

2. Territory. To place an outdoor attraction, you will need to rent land for it. If it is owned by the city, then you should contact the government authorities, and if the park of culture or shopping center - then its administration. For outdoor attractions, location is the main success factor.

Where is it profitable to place a street attraction:

in the territory of shopping and shopping and entertainment centers;

The field of leisure and entertainment is popular at all times. People are ready to pay for their vacation even in times of crisis and a limited family budget. This is due to the fact that the cost of entertainment events is quite affordable for the average Russian. Family holidays on weekends, especially if a couple have children, in 80% of cases cannot do without visiting a shopping center and other institutions with play areas. If you want to organize your own business in this direction, it is necessary to draw up a business plan for an entertainment center in order to take into account possible risks and assess the volume of investments.

Characteristics of a business idea, relevance and prospects

The essence of an entertainment center business is to open an establishment that meets the needs of local residents in terms of leisure activities. To do this, it is necessary to determine the degree of competition in the city and identify the need of citizens for certain types of entertainment.

The criteria for the current business plan for the entertainment center are as follows:

  • the number of residents in the settlement is from 200 thousand people;
  • the location of the business is a shopping and entertainment complex, a shopping center;
  • target audience - parents with children, adolescents, adults under the age of 40–45 (depending on the format of the institution);
  • working hours - from 10:00 to 21:00;
  • initial investments - from 1.5 million rubles;
  • payback period - up to 1 year.

The relevance of the entertainment center is explained by the low concentration of establishments of this type for small and medium-sized cities. As a rule, in settlements with a population of 200 thousand people, there are 1–2 large shopping and entertainment centers where people shop and relax. The establishments are concentrated in the city center, which is somewhat inconvenient for residents living in remote areas. Entertainment centers are very popular, so when you open another business, even in such a small town, you can not be afraid of competition.

Help. Naturally, it makes no sense to open an entertainment center in a shopping mall if an institution of this type already operates there. Otherwise, you will have to compete to the fullest, and the chances of “winning back” the audience are not as great as if the business was located in another area.

Prospects for any project are an increase in turnover through business expansion. In the case of an entertainment center, this is achieved in the following ways:

  • increasing gaming locations;
  • adding new gaming machines;
  • expanding the retail space, if possible;
  • opening a mini-cafe on the territory of the entertainment center.

Help. The increase in retail space is due to the lease of additional space on the floor, if initially the entrepreneur did not occupy the entire space. Otherwise, when the entire floor is given over to business, a reorganization should be carried out, removing the locations that are in the least demand.

Today sports leisure is a promising and developing area. And you can make good money on trends. Read about how to choose a business idea and not miscalculate in this article.

The entertainment industry is one of the largest in the world. Entertainment is an integral part of every person's life, so there is always a demand for this type of service. Even in times of crisis, the entertainment business is profitable and growing. Sports leisure is now popular all over the world. Everything related to an active lifestyle and entertainment attracts attention and is in demand. Therefore, the direction of sports entertainment is growing rapidly and is being replenished with new ideas.

Segway and gyro scooter rental

Investments: 250 thousand rubles

The fashion for unusual means of transportation continues. People enjoy riding segways, gyroscooters, gyroboards, etc. The names are different, but the principle of operation is the same: two wheels on the same axle, on each wheel by an electric motor, which are powered by a lithium battery. Therefore, it is beneficial to open a rental point for all these devices. For a start, it is enough to buy 2-3 pieces of equipment. The price is different. Segway, for example, can be bought for 40-100 thousand rubles and more ... A hoverboard today will cost about 15 thousand rubles. You can buy used and save about 50%.

Any crowded place is suitable for a rental point: parks and squares, embankments, city squares, etc. In short, all kinds of outdoor walking areas. Storing segways and other stuff is easy to organize at home. Business may well bring about 70 thousand rubles of net profit even in small towns. But remember that this is a seasonal business that will run from April to October at the most.

Running Tours

The idea is relevant for large cities, where there is a large flow of tourists and there are many options for creating interesting routes. The price for this type of service can be different - it depends on the city, the thoughtfulness of the route and other things. The price will increase if you sell branded T-shirts, souvenirs or race photos with the tour. More ideas for making money on excursions can be found here.

Adult Dry Pool

Investments: 1 million rubles

In the wake of the popularity of sports leisure, family active recreation centers are opening everywhere, as well as various attractions (trampolines, rope parks) adapted for an adult visitor. Children's pools filled with plastic balls have long been a favorite pastime. But recently, the same rides for adults began to appear. A dry pool is a whole room filled with a huge amount of plastic balls. You can dive into the pool, feel the feeling of weightlessness and take interesting photos for Instagram. Therefore, many will appreciate this entertainment.

To fill a 40 sq. ., you will need about 100 thousand units of balls - and this is 450 thousand rubles. A special washing machine costs about the same to keep the ride clean. Such a business is quite simple to organize and maintain. It is possible to recoup the initial investment within six months and reach a monthly profit of 200-300 thousand rubles.

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