How to open a real estate agency

In principle, only people with experience achieve success in this business. If you have a sufficient amount of money and decide to invest it in a real estate business, we do not advise you to rush. Weigh everything and think carefully. The fact is that if the question of how to register a real estate agency is solved by a simple trip to a lawyer and consultation with an experienced accountant (who can advise which form of ownership is better to choose in order to pay less taxes), then the problem with having a clientele is just don't allow.

Therefore, it is best to start a business in which you understand something, understand something, or, as a last resort, you can organize a group of professionals who can effectively solve the problems facing the organization.

Is it that simple?

How to open a real estate agency? In purely legal terms, such a company is not difficult to register. This does not require any colossal financial or time expenditures. It is much more important to have a good office (it must necessarily look representative so that clients do not have doubts about the reliability of your organization). It should contain furniture, computers and a telephone. But all this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, if you seriously enter the market, you need to dig deeper into this issue.

Natural selection

Of course, in such conditions it is extremely difficult for a start-up company to fight for its market share and place in the sun. Each client is worth its weight in gold. People usually try to turn to large agencies for services, hoping for more professionalism than in the quick-maturing one-day companies. Your perspective will not be very bright during the first time you work:

The most desirable clients who need real estate services are people who buy housing for themselves, and not with the aim of resale it profitably. However, they are the ones who most often go to the real "bison" of the market, because they are fully aware of their inexperience and are afraid to get into trouble when working with newcomers.

We just draw you one of the most unfavorable scenarios for the development of the situation so that you are ready for it and can react to everything in a timely manner. If you have been "stewing" in this area for a long time, then you perfectly understand what threats and difficulties we are talking about for the company.

So, now, if, knowing about all this, you firmly and confidently decided to go to the end, then you need to pay special attention to advertising your company. It will attract the first clients to you, and you can get the first money, which, of course, is simply necessary for a young organization.

How to open a real estate business without PR?

A good investment of funds is required at this stage. Do not think that you can get by with "little blood". The fact is that if you choose only one channel to advertise your activities on a systematic basis (for example, only radio), it will still require a lot of money from you.

As a rule, people who have already worked in this field, have experience and their own database, think about how to open a real estate agency. The demand for the services of realtors is growing, despite the difficult economic situation, and not so much money is needed to open such a business. This leads to the constant emergence of more and more real estate agencies. What's in store for newbies? What does a real estate agency business plan include? How much money is required and will the investment pay off? You will find answers to these and other questions in the article.

Registering a business

A beginner entrepreneur must register an individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneurship) or LLC (limited liability company). Choosing an individual entrepreneur, you pay only a single flat tax. And the fee for each concluded contract is an agency fee. OKVED (classification of activities) in this case 70. "Provision of intermediary services that are related to real estate."

Once you receive your registration certificate, you should register with the tax office. If you are a busy person and you do not have time to visit all instances, contact an intermediary, pay him, in a few days you just get all the documents in your hands.

We develop a price list and other forms of documents

It is advisable to draw up a business plan of a real estate agency not independently, but with the support of experienced people who know about it, who have been working for more than one year in this area. In order to have an undeniable competitive advantage, one must not only find a suitable option for the client, but accompany him "from" and "to".

It inspires confidence. As soon as you open your business, you should not dump prices, that is, make them much lower than market prices. Consumers start to think that this service is easy to implement, and your income only goes down. The client needs to clearly explain what is included in the service, how much effort it costs to the realtor, etc.

Recruiting employees

Whoever helps you draw up a business plan for a real estate agency, you should know that it is advisable to recruit employees only by acquaintance. If this is not possible, you will have to place an ad in specialized media, seek help from recruiting agencies.

By the way, there is a free site for a real estate agency (and more than one), it's nice to make yourself known there, many realtors look through such resources in search of work. The number of employees is an individual matter. Sometimes one person with his own database will replace a dozen "specialists".

In addition, you will have to hire an accountant, a site editor (if there is one), a manager, a driver, and a lawyer (optional, but desirable).

Rent an office

Of course, choosing a room is not in the industrial area of ​​the city, but in a place with good transport links. The office should be spacious and comfortable enough to accommodate all employees and clients.

Real estate is a popular investment

Despite the crisis experienced by Russian society, the real estate market in cities with a population of over one million is quite active. This prompts many business people to open their own real estate agency for profit. Real estate is the economic and economic activity of an organization providing intermediary services in the sale and lease of real estate to the population and legal entities.

At first glance, this business seems to be quite simple. And is this really so, let's try to figure it out.

Why attracts a real estate business?

Firstly, starting a business requires minimal financial investments, you only need a phone to negotiate the sale of real estate, and after the licensing of the real estate business is canceled, you don't even need special knowledge and education to do it, the Internet will be in your help. Secondly, at the initial stage, you can work alone, the minimum income from initial transactions can range from fifteen to thirty thousand rubles.

The main income of real estate agencies consists of intermediary activities. A real estate agent brings together the buyer and seller of real estate and receives a fee for this. Step by step, the work of an agent looks like this: a call-conclusion of an agency agreement - viewing objects - a deal - remuneration. But, like any other type of economic activity, brokerage services in the real estate market have their own legal aspects of organizing a business.

Real estate agencies are opened mainly by former realtors who have worked for an uncle and decided to go out on free bread, while having developed their own base for doing business. Therefore, advice - if you did not work as a realtor and decided to open this business, then get a job for a few months in an existing large agency.

The services provided by the real estate agency are varied. The main activities of real estate agencies:

purchase and sale of residential, commercial real estate;

rental of residential and commercial real estate;

purchase and sale of land plots;

More than three years have passed since the 17-year-old Tyumen schoolboy, the head of Grapteale Technology Rus LLC, Daniil Shusharin, presented a unique project at Innoweek 2021. Daniel promised to leave realtors out of work and radically change the real estate market. The project of the online platform was created by Daniil on the basis of artificial intelligence and allows you to make real estate transactions directly with Rosreestr, without the participation of intermediaries. Ensures the legal purity of the transaction. New technologies have failed to replace experience and live communication with a professional agent. However, not only real estate agencies are engaged in the automation of services, but also competitors, aggregator sites, banks, and the state.

Opening a real estate agency from scratch is difficult. In order to remain competitive, profitable in the long term, a real estate agency must have the main assets: experience, expertise, knowledge of the specifics of the real estate market, a high level of service, and invest in technology.

A franchise increases the chance of starting a profitable business and avoiding mistakes for a beginner entrepreneur. The business plan helps to implement the project in stages.

  • 1 Real estate business, features
  • 2 Pros and cons of business
  • 3 Step-by-step plan for opening a real estate agency
  • 4 Document preparation
    • 4. What OKVED to indicate when registering an activity
  • 5 Choice of location and arrangement of premises
  • 6 Hiring personnel
  • 7 Marketing and advertising
  • 8 Creating and expanding a client base
  • 9 How much money should be invested at the start
  • 10 How much can you earn from a real estate agency
  • 11 Potential problems and business risks

Real estate business, features

At the planning stage, an analytical picture of the market is drawn up. As a rule, all segments are already covered by competitors. However, taking into account the tendencies of the real estate market and relying on the strengths of the project, the expertise of the employees, the client base, it is possible to choose your own niche for development.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses, the real estate market is no exception. Comprehensive government measures support the industry in the long term, maintain supply and demand. For example, developers switch to project financing, the loan portfolio is subsidized, and the developer's unrealized apartments are bought out. Buyers use mortgages at a rate of 6.5%.

The real estate market has a margin of safety and opening your own business, subject to a detailed study of the project, carries acceptable risks for an entrepreneur.

A real estate agency can focus on the main areas, as well as offer comprehensive services to support the transaction at every stage:

A real estate agency can also work with special purpose real estate. Provide legal services, consultations on related issues, engage in appraisal, insurance, lending, cleaning and preparation of premises for sale, cargo transportation. Specialize in economy class real estate or luxury premises.

Depending on what tasks the agency sets for itself, further actions are planned: recruiting, training, renting office space, an advertising campaign, purchasing specialized programs and automating processes. Start-up capital is formed to launch the project.

Is it difficult to open a real estate agency and how to quickly recoup the investment? There are different points of view on this score. It all depends on your dedication, tasks and organization. So, where to start and what you first need to open your own real estate agency.

Business plan, how to write

Any new business should start with planning. Especially if your future business is a real estate agency. The success of your enterprise will depend on how much you carefully analyze the market and choose a niche. In order not to make mistakes and get into the trend, you need:

  • Analyze the real estate market in your city and area where you plan to open an office.
  • Select the range of services you want to provide.
  • Decide on your niche.
  • Study the competitive environment - how many agencies provide services in a particular niche, where they are located, how they promote their agency, etc.

Based on this information, draw up an action plan and set goals for yourself - short-term and long-term.

How to choose an agency name

The name of the company must be taken seriously. After all, already at the very beginning, you set ambitious goals for yourself, which means that the name may be heard. Therefore, it should be:

  • Eloquent.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Easily translated into Latin.
  • Cut nicely - you may need a logo.

If you yourself can't come up with a name yourself, use the services of freelancers. On the exchanges, you can order not only the name, but also the logo of your future company.

Finding an office

For an office, it is better to choose places with high traffic and well-known in your city and area. A person will not look for an agency among high-rise buildings. Therefore, it is better to rent a room near shopping centers, markets, stops or metro stations and other public places. In addition, the office must:

  • Located on the first floor.
  • Have a convenient parking lot.
  • There should be a place on the facade of the building for a billboard with your name and logo.
  • Equipped with a landline telephone.
  • Have multiple isolated rooms - you need a meeting room.

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