How to open a cleaning company

All entrepreneurs, perhaps, have faced the problem of cleaning office and other premises. At one time, these issues were addressed in the three most common ways. Some took on a staff a cleaning grandmother in a dark blue robe, who grumbled, poked a mop at the monitors and washed everything in a row with washing powder, or even foul-smelling chemicals. Others hired a visiting aunt with their own set of rules. She could at any moment burst into the office and in a stern tone demand to release him for cleaning. Sometimes it came to the point that the employees of the company were obliged to wash the floors.

Even in large shopping centers, cleaning the premises has always been troublesome and ungrateful. A large turnover of staff among the cleaning ladies, the loss and damage of small branded inventory, the hassle of dirt and debris - all this turned the maintenance of cleanliness into a sore throat for any boss. But now you can calmly breathe and say: "Goodbye, cleaning lady, long live cleaning!"

What is cleaning?

Cleaning is usually understood as a set of quality cleaning services that can be ordered from a special company, the so-called cleaning company. The Western history of cleaning is more than a hundred years old, and in Russia the first such companies appeared only in 1994. According to experts, the capacity of the Russian cleaning market is 6 billion rubles, with an annual growth rate of 30 percent.

This phenomenal growth is primarily due to the specifics of modern finishing materials widely used in office and shopping centers. It turns out that many of them require their own cleaning technology. It turns out that cleaning a room from the rank of work that can be performed without any skills and knowledge has moved to the stage of an intellectual business with its own specifics, management, machines, special chemistry, etc.

In other words, the dynamics of the formation of the cleaning business in Russia is conditioned by necessity - demand, for which, naturally, supply will appear. As a result, the Internet is filled with questions “I want to open a cleaning company. Where to start and what to do? " And it looks like this flow will only grow in the near future.

Looking for serious clients? Forget about cleaning PI

When answering the question of how to open a cleaning company, first of all, you should think about the form of ownership. Experienced people advise to open an LLC with either a single imputed income tax (UTII), or with a simplified taxation system (STS) as the tax base. But it is not worth registering an individual entrepreneur to work in the cleaning market. It just so happened that a respectable client categorically does not like to trust private owners to clean their office.

But it may also happen that a cleaning company will have to switch to the classical taxation system. For example, if you come across a very large client for whom VAT accounting is fundamental. Well, in order to get a million from him for cleaning, you must agree, it is worth changing the tax regime.

However, in the cleaning business, desire and company alone are not enough. Special knowledge is very important here. If you do not want to receive them, then it is better not to meddle in this business.

Learn, Learn, Learn

Having appeared in Russia in the 90s of the last century, the cleaning industry has become one of the most highly profitable and profitable, and now the profits of cleaning companies in our country are 2-3 times higher than those abroad. More and more clients are using the services of cleaning professionals. If at first these were business centers and banks, then gradually shopping and entertainment centers, industrial enterprises, railway stations, airports and hotels began to join them.

Most of the cleaning companies are located in metropolitan areas, Many of them have a large staff and a good client base. This is not the case in small towns. Cleaning companies there are just beginning to conquer the market, proving their advantage over the still existing cleaning staff. But even in the regions, cleaning from professionals is starting to enter the market thanks to a wide range of services, reasonable prices and modern technologies.

How to start a cleaning business

Before entering the market of cleaning services, you should think about choosing a client base, that is, with whom you will work: with individuals or legal entities

Cleaning services can be provided:

It should be borne in mind that most of the income comes from shopping and shopping and entertainment centers, which account for up to 50% of the country's cleaning costs. In second place are hospitals and clinics - 18%, in third - business centers -17%. The rest of the sector - only 15% of the costs, which means that the income will be small. It follows from this that you need to focus primarily on shopping malls and public institutions.

For a quick start, download a ready-made business plan of a cleaning company with a guaranteed result.

What services can be provided?

Since the market of cleaning services in Russia has appeared relatively recently, we have less demand for cleaning. Therefore, along with cleaning, cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture, washing windows, you can offer such services as repair and construction services, security of objects, catering, consulting services, etc. More range of services - more profit. But the costs of starting a business are also considerable. Therefore, we will try to consider a project that does not require large investments, and which can be quickly recouped.

Business registration: what documents are needed?

Modern progress does not stand still, stereotypes, attitudes, opinions are changing, and more and more often cleaning companies with their cleaning specialists are replacing the usual and ordinary cleaners. There are many reasons for this, and above all the quality of the services provided to the client, because an employee of a cleaning company, thanks to the availability of special equipment and rich experience, washes, cleans and cleans much better, faster and more efficiently than an ordinary hired cleaner. This can be explained by the presence of special equipment, which today every company respecting itself and its customers possesses. How to open your own cleaning company?

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How to open a cleaning company?

The times of household vacuum cleaners, brooms, floorcloths and mops are slowly but surely going down in history, as most of the office and retail space is decorated with marble, granite or ceramics. Very often the floors in offices are covered with parquet boards and only a specialist with modern washing equipment can perform high-quality cleaning and washing.

In addition, ordinary people often resort to the services of such firms, for example, when carrying out general cleaning, moving to a new place of residence, and simply to maintain order and cleanliness in an apartment or house. Undoubtedly, there is a certain demand among Russian consumers for this type of service, which means that a cleaning company, with proper business conduct, will be able to bring its owner a decent and stable profit.

Of course, it must be admitted that in the cleaning business, like in any other, even now there is the highest level of competition, and getting your own permanent customer base is one of the most difficult and important moments. Indeed, even in small cities of Russia, three or four such companies are necessarily working, which have long divided the market of cleaning services.

Market Analysis

Opening a cleaning company must begin with an analysis of the market for services and the presence of competitors in it in the locality where the company will operate. At the same time, it is necessary to find out how many cleaning companies operate on the market, and try to understand how they are doing with their client base and what the average monthly volume of work they do.

After conducting a market analysis, you need to soberly assess whether the company you have created will be able to find a place “under the sun”. In the event that the market for cleaning services is oversaturated, it will be very difficult to get a permanent clientele, which means high stable income. In addition, you will have to identify and define a list of competitive advantages, thanks to which companies and people in need of cleaning services will contact your firm.

Such reasons may be the company's pricing policy acceptable to customers, high quality of services provided, a system of discounts and incentives for regular customers, etc. It should be noted that opening a cleaning business with a standard set of services, in the face of tough competition, is pointless and doomed to failure.

Cleaning companies about appeared in the CIS countries not so long ago. This type of earnings does not require large investments. A cleaning company is an interesting option for a woman who decides to start her own business. We will analyze how to open a cleaning company from scratch, where to start and how to succeed in this business.

Analysis of the market of cleaning services

First of all, you need to define your target audience. As a rule, small companies are reluctant to cooperate with cleaning companies. They are quite satisfied with two or even one cleaning lady, with whom an employment contract is concluded.

Individuals order general cleaning services after renovation or before any important celebration. These are one-time orders with a high check, but they are not stable. A more solvent population can afford a cleaning lady for routine cleaning 1-2 times a week, but this service is in demand mainly in large cities.

Some entrepreneurs open cleaning companies that not only clean the premises inside, but also wash the facades of buildings. It pays well, but certified industrial mountaineering specialists are needed.

In 2021, NeoAnalytics published a research on the market of cleaning services in the Russian Federation. According to their data, in 2021 the volume of this market reached 83.5 billion rubles. There are about 1000 cleaning companies on the market, up to 30% of the turnover belongs to large companies. The market was actively developing until 2021, after which the growth rate slowed down.

Market trend - expansion of the range of services and consolidation of cleaning companies.

There are 3 types of cleaning:

  • Daily complex cleaning (washing floors, dusting, cleaning mirrors).
  • Cleaning of the surrounding area (garbage removal, washing of facades and windows, cleaning of snow and leaves).
  • Cleaning after renovation (general cleaning with getting rid of stubborn dust, removal of construction waste, removal of heavy dirt, cleaning furniture)

Basic set of services:

  • daily cleaning,
  • general cleaning,
  • cleaning after renovation,
  • window cleaning,
  • carpet cleaning,
  • microwave oven and stove cleaning

In our country, this direction is only gaining momentum. About 20% of legal entities resort to professional cleaning services. Apartment owners are increasingly turning to the help of specialists in cleaning matters. Unlike legal entities, for individuals, the main determining criterion for selection is the affordable cost of services.

  • 1 Business advantages and disadvantages
  • 2 Step-by-step business plan for opening a cleaning company
  • 3 Determine the format
  • 4 We decide on the range of services
  • 5 We draw up a technological map for the provision of services
  • 6 Paperwork
  • 7 The choice of premises for a warehouse and whether an office is needed
  • 8 Selection of equipment for cleaning
  • 9 Selection of suppliers of chemical products
  • 10 Selection of personnel
  • 11 Advertising and marketing
  • 12 How much does it cost open
  • 13 How much can you earn on cleaning
  • 14 Possible problems and risks of business
  • 15 Conclusion

Business advantages and disadvantages

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages in the cleaning business. Among the main advantages are the following points:

Disadvantages of business include:

Step-by-step business plan for opening a cleaning company

The algorithm for forming a cleaning enterprise from scratch consists of the following points:

  • Market capacity research. At this stage, it is necessary to analyze the existing competitors. The list of provided services and pricing, USP of the company, strengths and weaknesses are subject to a thorough analysis.
  • Identification of potential customers. Drawing up a portrait of the target audience and analyzing the potential number of consumers. It is necessary to understand the number of legal entities located in the coverage area of ​​your business. Determination of the potential number of consumers. This indicator can be preliminary calculated taking into account the number of houses and the number of apartments in each house, taking into account the conversion rate.
  • Determining the format of your business, as well as drawing up a list of services provided and conducting pricing. Formation of a unique offer that will set you apart from competitors. For example, you may be distinguished by the high quality of services, workers of Slavic origin, or the possibility of cleaning at night.
  • Selection of premises, study of a lease agreement for an office.
  • Registration of a legal entity.
  • Purchase of specialized equipment, detergents, chemicals and consumables.
  • Search for employees and their employment.
  • Define a marketing plan and estimate advertising costs. Preparation of printed products: brochures, flyers, business and discount cards for regular customers. Launch of advertising on internet platforms and social networks.

Determining the format

The main factor that determines the format of your business is work with legal entities. In this case, a more suitable option would be the organizational and legal form “Limited Liability Company”. For a company cooperating with individuals, the "individual entrepreneur" format is suitable. It is worth choosing a simplified taxation system with a tax of 6% of income, or 15% of the difference between "income" - "expense".

The registration process will take approximately one month. Cleaning services do not require a license. When registering a legal entity, it is required to fill in the OKVED codes. You can use the following codes to register:

Determining the range of services

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