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What you need to know before starting an apartment renovation business?

Step-by-step instructions for starting an apartment renovation business

At the initial stage, you have to decide in which niche you want to build your business. There are two global areas in the apartment renovation business: working with the budget segment and premium.

- The first type is the most laborious, but at the same time the most massive and often profitable. With a competent approach to building a business. Get ready that most often they will order the repair of the bathroom, toilet - the bathroom as a whole. It seems to clients that they will try their hand at repairing a small one, and then get to a large one - rooms and the rest of the apartment. In fact, this is not always the case: repairing a bathroom consumes most of the budget and people refuse further work for a couple of years, '' says Ramil Turnov, head of construction teams.

The Komsomolskaya Pravda expert jokes that high-quality finishing of bathrooms at the start is a pass to the world of the apartment renovation business.

- First, your contact is being passed from hand to hand through friends. Secondly, your portfolio is always in front of a person's eyes. And when he is ripe for the next renovation - most often it is the kitchen, he will most likely invite you, - adds the interlocutor.

The second bold chunk of orders is the premium segment. You need to break through to it, build a portfolio of projects and make the necessary acquaintances. Then sooner or later people with wealth will pay attention to your business. By that time, the company should have a contractor capable of preparing design projects. In the premium segment, turnkey repairs are more often ordered: from the hallway to the balcony. These are expensive orders in which the cost of work starts from a couple of million rubles. It is also convenient for the director to manage such an object: a team, all equipment in one place.

Registration System

Without registration, the path to serious business is closed. If there are no documents, then the attitude of the clients is formed correspondingly - distrust. Put yourself in a person's shoes: would you give a stranger a large sum, call him into the house and ask him to make repairs? So the man in the street is looking for insurance and guarantees.

Becoming self-employed in this area will not work: after all, you have to attract workers to contracts, and, we hope, your turnover will be higher than the maximum in this system of 2.4 million rubles. Opening an LLC is troublesome and costly. Leave it in your plans for the future, when your undertaking in apartment renovation will turn from a business dream into a large company.

The ideal option to start a business from scratch is to open an individual entrepreneur. With it, you can make a seal and conclude contracts with customers, indicating all issued in the tax details. For people, it is also a sign of reliability that at any time they will be able to “break through” your data on the Internet and see a bona fide company, and not a debtor liquidated for debts.

As for OKVED codes, refer to section 43., where construction and finishing works are indicated in the classifier. The section is divided into several smaller sub-items, from which you can choose your own. Over time, you might want to add 74.0, which includes interior design.

When organizing a business for the repair and decoration of apartments, substantial sums are not required for the initial investment, but with properly organized work and a competent approach to business, you can get a good profit.

Every year, many new residential buildings are put into operation, which need to be repaired before moving in. Also, in secondary housing, cosmetic repairs are usually carried out every 5-7 years. Today there are a large number of different companies that provide services for various repair work. Therefore, in order to compete with them, you need to do your job with high quality and at affordable prices.

Direction of work

  • VIP or luxury level. To cope with the task at hand, the foremen and specialists who will carry out the repair must be of the highest category. It is better not to start your own business with this category of repairs, since for its implementation you will need special equipment that will be very expensive, exclusive building materials, as well as the presence of your own designer and architect in the staff. In addition, it is very important to find clients willing to do this type of repair. For a company without an established positive reputation, this will be extremely problematic.
  • Economy This is one of the simplest and most popular types of repairs among the population. Services for its implementation are in the middle price category, so almost everyone can afford this type of repair work.
  • Cosmetic. Today, this type of repair is considered the simplest that any team can perform. The main services are: wallpapering, wall plastering, tile laying.

In order to win a large number of customers and make a good profit, you need to focus on cosmetic repairs, as well as economy class. Such services are universal and can be in demand by many people who want to transform or update their home.

Main types of repairs and finishes

  • Ceiling finishing works. Most often, the client orders his plaster and painting. But in some cases, at the request of the client, wallpapering or other materials can be performed.
  • Performing work on stretch or suspended ceilings.
  • Wall decoration. Their alignment, plastering, painting or wallpapering must be performed without fail. In addition, tiling can be done.
  • Finishing the floor. First of all, the screed and the required subfloor are laid, depending on what material will be used. For example, tiles, linoleum, parquet or laminate flooring.
  • Complete replacement of old door and window openings with new ones.
  • Decorating openings and various niches. That is, craftsmen can perform, for example, arches or other elements of varying degrees of complexity only if their installation does not threaten the overall safety of the building.
  • Assembling various furniture.
  • Complete replacement of various types of plumbing equipment, as well as electrical wiring.

The main advantage of performing this type of repair is that simple technologies and inexpensive materials are used here, which is very important to start developing your own business.

Organization of a team of workers

First of all, it is necessary to recruit people who have various construction specialties. These include:

  • painter ;
  • plaster ;
  • electrician ;
  • plumber ;
  • tiler ...

I will describe in detail for you the scheme of making money on renovating apartments (mediation), with the help of which I earned almost 180 thousand rubles in July. Moreover, you don't need to do repairs or any other types of work yourself, that's why I called this way of earning passive.

Let's start with the fact that you will not bring anyone personally and even via the Internet to this very construction company, other people, namely realtors, will do it for you FREE OF CHARGE. No, of course they will not do it for free, they will receive their percentage from the repair estimate of the client whom they bring to this very apartment renovation company.

Why will some realtors bring clients instead of us, why would they? My answer is that they should not bring clients to construction firms, but to realtors who are engaged in the purchase and sale of residential / commercial real estate, and mainly residential real estate. Our interest, of course, will also be in the percentage of the realtor.

So, after reading, you already understand that the puzzle has not yet come together, but in an open chain we have: apartment renovation firms that want more clients and realtors who bring clients to this very firm.

Description of the scheme of work

Let's understand in detail the motivation of each side in this chain, and what you will offer them in general, in order to understand how perfectly thought out this system is!

So, what do we need for this scheme to work:

  • The city in which you live must have a population of at least 300 thousand people, because the larger the city - accordingly, the more potential customers will come and the more you can with to earn it. The ideal options, of course, are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other million-plus cities, but do not rush to get upset if you are not from there, in any case, if you do everything exactly as in this method - from 50 thousand rubles every month you will earn you can.
  • The largest aggregator site: export-base (database of legal entities and companies in the Russian Federation), which generates all companies in the Russian Federation for various types of activities, there you will look for realtors and construction companies engaged in renovating apartments in your city.
  • Find a freelancer or your friends who can design a printed leaflet for further printing, later you will understand why it is needed. Or make it yourself if you know how to work with graphic editors.
  • The budget for all costs up to 8 thousand rubles, mainly for printing these same leaflets.
  • The ability to move around the city, either on your own transport, or on public transport for negotiations with repair companies and realtors, or transfer these responsibilities to another person who, in your opinion, is better able to negotiate, for example, your friend, with which you will do together.
  • Order a new SIM card in your own name, according to an agreement, from official operators, do not use left SIM cards, because it is through this "golden" SIM card that a flow of customers will be generated to the repair organization, which you will leave to the same construction the firm because customers will call them directly! And a SIM card in your name is your guarantee, later you will understand why.

Getting contacts

We go to the site and choose the city in which you live.

Then, going down a little lower on the site, select the desired heading, that is, the activities of the companies that are of interest to us, namely the repair and decoration of premises. We need exactly the phone numbers of these organizations, no other additional. we do not need information, unless the address of the company, to which we will then go to negotiate if necessary.

As soon as a person stopped using natural caves for shelter from bad weather and learned to build houses, he also needed the interior decoration of the house - repairs. how are things today in this ancient and eternal market?

Previously, when there was no business in Russia, but there were repairs, everyone who worked in this area was “black” entrepreneurs. Later, when it became possible to legally organize their own business, "white" entrepreneurs appeared. However, the operating principles of licensed firms are not much different from those who do not have a license and never will. This business was both black and remained so in 90% of cases. Tax authorities can neither theoretically nor practically track anything, money flows in live banknotes from one wallet directly to another wallet.

The number of repair and construction companies in Russia is not quantifiable. Only one thing is clear - there are a lot of them. Only in Moscow there are at least five thousand of them. There is enough work for everyone. So many new houses appear in Moscow that the situation for business is just fabulous.

First: construction is in full swing in the country, and houses are being rented out in a stable condition or with minimal finishing;

Secondly, 70 thousand transactions are made annually in the secondary housing market. There are no more than 5% of those who are trying to make repairs themselves, because people do not buy an apartment with their last money, which means that they put in certain funds for repairs and the purchase of furniture.

Thirdly, every apartment needs maintenance every 7-10 years.

Renovation is divided into three categories: cosmetic, economy class, luxury.

Please never use the word "euro" as a prefix to denote the "quality" of the goods you sell. There are no words in Russian to express how unfashionable it is. If our population uses this word, then in a purely ironic context, printed on advertising booklets, it will ruin your reputation, like the habit of talking on your mobile, hiding from your partner under the table and whispering into the phone: “I'll call you back, bro! »

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

How to open your own repair and construction business

So, cosmetic repairs are the cheapest - on average $ 50 per sq. m. For this money, the simplest work is done, giving the room the appearance of a nonexistent virtue: clean wallpaper, ceiling, replacing tiles.

At the other pole - "Lux". It costs $ 100- $ 150. In the course of such repairs, builders give (or create an illusion at the customer's site that they give) Euclidean geometry to the walls, ceilings and floors erected in non-Euclidean space and use the best materials (from the local market) for decoration.

  • 1 How to start a cottage renovation business
  • 2 How to advertise the renovation of country houses
  • 3 How much can you earn on renovation work <
  • 4 How much money is needed to start a business
  • 5 What equipment to choose for repair work
  • 6 Which OKVED must be specified for registration of a repair and construction company
  • 7 What documents are needed to open a repair company
  • 8 What taxation system to choose for the provision of cottage repair services
  • 9 Do I need a permit to open a repair and construction company <
  • 10 New to the cottage renovation business

For owners of suburban real estate - cottages, there are much more options for the implementation of bold design solutions than for a resident of a city apartment.

The main difference between the renovation of a country house is that in addition to interior finishing, the exterior finish is supplemented, which is not provided for renovating an apartment in an urban setting, and you can make good money on this business idea.

The price for renovating a cottage will be much higher than for renovating even the largest apartment in the city.

As a rule, several variants of the estimate are developed for the cottage, where the cost of external and internal finishing works is indicated separately.

How to start a cottage repair business

The general recommendation is that you should only make repairs to cottages by carrying out complex work, including both internal and external categories of work.

The main stages of the repair work in the cottages have similar characteristics, as well as the repair of an apartment in the city.

At the same time, the preparation of a general estimate of work has distinctive characteristics that have significant differences compared to the repair of housing in a city apartment.

  • Development of an integrated design project. Work is underway to draw up the design of each room in the house, as well as a schematic diagram of the design of the exterior decoration;
  • A work schedule is drawn up for the implementation of all stages of repair work;
  • Development of a complete estimate for all stages of work, including taking into account the turnkey option;
  • Development of redevelopment of premises. In this case, it is necessary to obtain permission or approval of the redevelopment from the state authorities, which will allow for the repair on a legal basis, taking into account the change in the technical passport of the house;
  • Works on dismantling old supporting structures (walls, openings, utilities); <
  • Erection of new load-bearing elements, according to the approved design project plan after the approval of the redevelopment agreement;
  • Replacement, repair of utilities in the house. Work is underway to modernize the heating system, the electrical part of the house, the water supply system, low-current systems, etc.;
  • Complex plumbing work;
  • Interior decoration for the repair of a country house. High-quality leveling of walls, ceiling structures, as well as floor coverings. Tiling works for the bathroom and other premises in the house. Painting works, wallpapering, decoration with decorative materials, etc.;
  • Exterior decoration. External finishing works are negotiated additionally;
  • Additional works. Sauna arrangement, fireplace installation, installation of flights of stairs, etc.;

Payment for work is made on the basis of an agreement concluded between the customer and the contractor for the provision of repair work on the cottage.

Highlight your competitive advantages for the customer:

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