How to open a beauty salon from scratch

Modern beauty salons attract visitors with a huge range of services, which includes hairdressing, spa treatments, nail services and much more. People are willing to pay good money to look younger and prettier. That is why beauty salons are a profitable and profitable business.

Having spread back in the early 90s of the last century, beauty salons do not lose their attractiveness and popularity. In Moscow alone, about 500 beauty salons and studios open a year, offering a wide range of services.

Before we tell you how to open a beauty salon from scratch in a small town, consider the different types of salons.

  • 1 We are opening a beauty salon. Types of salons
  • 2 How to open a beauty salon. 3 tips for choosing an interior
  • 3 What documents are needed to open a beauty salon
  • 4 How much does it cost to open a beauty salon: making a list of services and purchasing equipment
  • 5 Salon beauty in a small town. Profitability
  • 6 7 factors that will make a business successful
    • 6. Prices
    • 6. Clients
    • 6. Frames
    • 6. Lighting
    • 6. Sale of cosmetics
    • 6. Promotions
    • 6. Franchise

Opening a beauty salon Types of salons

There are several formats of beauty salons:

  • Classic, which include a full range of services from haircuts to facial cleansing to spa treatments.
  • Express cosmetology, specializing in the provision of services lasting no more than 30 minutes.
  • Nail service salonsNail Bar, where you can get a manicure, pedicure, and at the same time have a cup of tea.
  • Hairdressing salons Dry Bar and Color Bar, which specialize in cutting, styling and dyeing hair.
  • Brow Bar salons, where not only eyebrow care is carried out, but also manicure and makeup services are included.

How to open a beauty salon interior selection advice

For a beauty salon, both apartments on the ground floor of residential buildings and premises in shopping centers and hotels are suitable. A big plus is huge windows and glass doors. Also signs, decoration, design.

Design should be given special attention. For example, in the salon "3D Hairstyle Facades" (Austria), the facade resembles loose hair, which is not only beautiful, but makes the salon recognizable against the background of other establishments.

Starting to make repairs to the premises, which will require at least 100-150 thousand, you need to properly plan the space, create coziness. But at the same time, you need to think carefully about the use of various materials. If carpet is quite suitable for the waiting area, then it is better to lay out the floor of the hall itself with tiles.

What documents are needed to open a beauty salon

To open a small beauty salon, it is better to issue documents as an individual entrepreneur, but if you decide to immediately start a larger business, then your option is LLC.

Features, financial and marketing plan, risk analytics

Caring for a beautiful appearance has reached a qualitatively new level in recent years. Home procedures are not enough for people, and beauty salons belonging to different segments of presentability are becoming more and more relevant. Business in the beauty industry is highly promising in terms of demand. With a competent study of a business plan for a successful beauty salon and professional management, you can expect a stable flow of customers and high profits.

Factors of Beauty Salon Success and Profitability

The main goal of the project is to generate income by providing the population with hairdressing and other services related to the beauty industry.

Based on this, the following factors of the profitability and success of the enterprise can be distinguished:

  • an increase in the number of services;
  • improvement of the quality of services provided, an increase in customer focus;
  • an increase in the level of interest in the beauty industry, the desire to get closer to Western beauty standards;
  • increase in the qualifications of masters, attracting customers through unique specialists and directions;
  • increase in the number of male clients (according to statistics, today it is approximately 25% of all visitors ).

Description of the direction of entrepreneurial activity

Salon business is a direction that is developing at a fast pace, so it is not recommended to offer visitors all possible services that the direction abounds in immediately after opening. Innovations should be introduced gradually, for reasons:

  • to find out your target niche and understand which areas are in great demand;
  • so as not to confuse customers.

Beauty salons have a relatively low initial investment and pay off quite quickly - within six months or a year. The average bill in an economy class establishment ranges from 700 to 1000 rubles. Ensuring a large flow of customers is achieved by a variety of services provided, walking distance, convenient schedule.

Types of possible areas of work:

  • hairdressing services: haircut, coloring, hair extension, professional care, styling, braiding, etc.;
  • nail service: pedicure, manicure, extension , care, design;
  • body care, including - depilation, massage, wraps;
  • cosmetology - face care, anti-aging procedures, aesthetic cosmetology, eyebrow correction and dyeing, tattooing.

Beauty salon is a promising type of business that is gaining popularity. According to research, there are 77 salons for every 1000 women in large cities. At the same time, it is rather difficult to obtain the same data for provincial settlements. But in order to occupy a niche in this business, the salon must be opened now, because after a while the market will be oversaturated with such services and it will be more difficult for newcomers to make a profit in this area. For readers of the site // lady-biznes. u we have drawn up a ready-made business plan for a beauty salon with estimates for 2021. Below you can see the approximate costs of starting such a business.

List of services

To open a beauty salon, you will need start-up capital, which can be attracted in part or in whole in the form of credit funds. In 2021, entrepreneurs can take advantage of the state program aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

It is immediately necessary to decide on the list of services that the beauty salon will provide. Let's take the following for example:

  • hairdressing services - haircuts for women, men, children;
  • manicure;
  • pedicure;
  • cosmetology services , including epilation, peeling, eyebrow, body and face skin care;
  • massage;
  • solarium.

To open a beauty salon with a similar list of services, you will need a room with an area of ​​125 m 2, which will be divided as follows:

  • Reception - reception area with a counter and a wardrobe - 11 m 2.
  • Hairdressing hall - 26 m 2.
  • Hair care cabinet - 12 m 2. This is a specialized room where washing, curling and hair dyeing will be carried out; it should not be confused with a hairdressing salon.
  • Pedicure and manicure cabinet - 12 m 2.
  • Massage room - 16 m 2.
  • Solarium - 15 m 2.
  • Make-up artist's office - 8 m 2.
  • Staff room - 15 m 2.
  • Utility room - 10 m 2.

At the same time, in our business plan, the cost of funds for the repair and refurbishment of the premises will average 240-280 thousand. rubles.

Renting such premises will require 70–80 thousand rubles per month, the purchase will cost 5.6–7.2 million rubles, depending on the area of ​​the city (prices are average for the regional centers of the western regions of the Russian Federation).

The premises can be located on the first floor of a residential building and must be removed from the housing stock. It is desirable that it be a lively place not far from entertainment, shopping, business centers, as well as public transport stops.

Aspiring entrepreneurs often wonder how to open a beauty salon without proper experience? It's easy to open up, despite the paperwork. It is more difficult not to go negative in the first year of work. It takes time to appreciate the benefits of your salon. A beauty salon is the clearest example of the dependence of the customer flow on the quality of the services provided and the attitude of the staff towards visitors. You don't need to invest millions in equipment and interiors, but establish a warm, friendly environment and excellent service. It is these two points that can turn a random visitor into a regular customer.


Current state of the beauty industry market

The beauty industry is a capricious lady. This area is highly dependent on the economic situation in the country.

In times of crisis, girls and women from ordinary families of average income will prefer the salon of little-known novice masters who receive at home. Or they will go as models to beginners working under the supervision of a mentor.

However, according to statistics for the last 5 years, the number of cosmetic and hairdressing establishments has been steadily increasing. For example, over 5,000 beauty salons are registered in Kazan for 2021. And the inhabitants of Kazan are about 1 200 000 people. If you single out the target audience from the entire population, the size of the competition becomes clear.

Competition is one of the main problems of entrepreneurs who are planning to open a beauty salon. If you segment businesses by popularity, you get the following rating:

  • Traditional hairdressing and beauty salons - they account for about 75% of all establishments.
  • Family format - 10-15%. In such establishments, the whole family will be able to satisfy the need for beauty: for men there is a hairdresser who can also correct the beard, for women - a manicure, pedicure, lashmaker, for children - a hairdresser.
  • SPA salons - 5-10%. This percentage is typical for large cities, in the provinces the percentage is much lower. This is due to high prices.
  • Grooming salons, children's hairdressing salons, etc. - 2-3%.

In a word, the question of opening a beauty salon is not so important. It is more important to find for yourself the answer to the question "how to choose the right course and stand out favorably against the competitors."

Types of beauty salons

To open a beauty salon, you need to decide on its type, since the chosen type determines the potential target audience of the establishment.

  • Economy. Takes an honorable first place in terms of market presence - 50%. Traditional beauty services are provided here: manicure, pedicure (not always), haircut, coloring. The interior is the most modest, the craftsmen are beginners. Such salons are located in sleeping areas, the main visitors are those who live or work nearby. The price tag is more than loyal, so you have to pay 500 - 600 rubles for a manicure with a coating and light design. You need to invest at least half a million rubles in economy-level salons. Payback usually occurs after 1.5 years.
  • Business. Salons of this level occupy 30% of the beauty industry market. Their arsenal of services is replenished with a beauty parlor, a solarium, and sometimes even a SPA. Here work masters who are well-versed in fashion trends. Business-level salons are more focused on the client, on his individuality, and are located closer to the center. For the same manicure, you will have to pay 2 times more than in the economy. Business is business, so it will take 2-3 million to invest. The payback period is 1 - 1.5 years.
  • Lux. They account for a modest 20% of the market. To open a luxury-level beauty salon, you need to have a well-known name. Such salons are usually author's, i.e. a famous stylist is at the helm. For example, renowned French stylist Jean François Minos opened a beauty salon of the same name in Moscow, adhering to advanced European traditions. Luxury salons offer the most expensive services such as massage of all kinds, relaxing therapy. However, the usual manicure and haircut in them are also expensive, given the professionalism of the masters, the highest quality of cosmetics and consumables. People come here not so much for services as for an attitude. Luxury salons do not have an upper investment limit. Not less than 4 million, as a rule. Payback can come in a year, if the strategy is worked out to the smallest detail.

Beauty salons are also differentiated into full-service salons and monoformat salons (Nail studio, barbershop, cosmetology center, SPA studio). They predict a great future for mono formats (we'll talk about them a little later).

The heroine told the editorial board of “TAKE THE CARD!” why the idea of ​​opening a beauty business for 500,000 rubles is complete nonsense. What entrepreneurs need to know about cosmetic licenses and criminal penalties. How the segment of beauty coworking can crowd out beauty salons, and why you shouldn't trust advertising agencies for targeted advertising.


How did the idea of ​​becoming an entrepreneur come about? Why a beauty salon?

I have worked as a hired lawyer for over 13 years. In recent years, I was planning to start my own business, I thought for a long time about the idea of ​​a business that would be profitable, at the same time interesting, and I myself could use it. The worst thing is when the entrepreneur does not understand anything that he is selling to people. It is also important that the case is relevant for at least 10 years in the light of constantly changing trends.

After evaluating everything, I settled on a beauty salon.

Naturally, I did not immediately quit and open my own business - after all, there was a fear of the first step. Then I decided to take Konstantin Evstigneev's business courses. He once developed the Persona network of beauty salons. The courses lasted a week, but, nevertheless, it was very interesting, intense and useful.

Are beauty salons a profitable business? Can you make money on it?

During the course I once heard the phrase that in most cases opening a beauty salon is tantamount to a business toy, which will always be unprofitable. But for me it is, first of all, business. And any business, if you approach it wisely, will always be profitable. Unlike toys or just a hobby, they need to be practiced. For the last few years, working as a lawyer, I have been involved in supporting startups, so I know what to do and how to calculate the profitability of the case.

Initially, you need to correctly assess your target audience, develop a business plan, on the basis of which you can start to gradually develop your business.

I started from the geographical location - I was looking for a place with the maximum flow of people.

Why did you decide to open a business not in Moscow, but in Balashikha?

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