How to make money on the provision of accounting services

Many start-up entrepreneurs, when choosing their first commercial activity, stop at an enterprise in an office building. Business in the office provides an opportunity to implement many profitable ideas. For a businessman who has an unoccupied office space on his property, this is a great idea.

How to choose an idea for an office business

Factors Internal External Legal component. Is the premises rented or owned by a businessman, what is the organizational form (individual entrepreneur or LLC). infrastructure. Characteristics of the environment (adjacent organizations) that facilitate or hinder the conduct of business. inance. The amount of funds invested, their nature (own or borrowed, money or material objects) Clients. The expected percentage of consumers in the selected market segment. location. Located in a big or small city, area (dormitory, business, center). competitors. The main competitive environment and risk factors on their part. physical characteristics. The area and size of the premises (building), the availability of communications and services. raw materials. Resource sources and potential suppliers. respectability. Is it a quality repair, prestige and status of the appearance of the premises? legislation. Information on all laws and regulations that govern this business. the identity of the entrepreneur. Depends on his abilities, skills and special skills in business management. Availability of intellectual property.

Office rental as a business

What business to open when there is already an office? One of the most popular solutions is renting out premises. Such activities do not provide for any financial risks for the owner, and most importantly, they do not require large investments (except for repairs).

The main problem with renting an office is a small income and a long payback period. The positive side is a stable profit from a business that does not require leadership and unnecessary investment.

Lie detector - polygraph services

A special nuance of this business is that when tested, the polygraph gives no information we are used to. In order to provide such services, you will need to hire several polygraph examiners who can analyze the information received and give an expert opinion. Most of the opening costs will go to the purchase of equipment.

Recruiting or recruiting agency

When deciding what to open in the office, you can dwell on the idea of ​​an employment agency. Such offices usually work in two directions at once (for the employer and the job seeker), providing the labor market with new staff.

In order to receive income from this activity, it is required to hire a team of specialists in the search and selection of employees for enterprises in the office. Business costs are limited to premises with furniture, appliances and hiring employees. But a very important point that should be considered is the creation of an employment database for employers and job seekers.

Party Organization

Financial model of accounting services

Brief Investment Memorandum

Outsourced professional accountancy services are extremely popular today. This is due to many factors. Firstly, it is constantly changing legislation. Secondly, it is becoming more and more expensive to keep a professional accountant with a team on staff. As a result, the payback period of the project is 11 months, and the break-even point falls on 3 months of the company's operation.

To organize a business providing accounting services, you will need to rent an area of ​​80 m2. It is advisable to locate the premises in the central part of the city with convenient access roads, parking and public transport stops. In addition to renting premises, you will need to hire 9 employees.

The company will provide reporting, accounting and financial support services. The average number of orders is 95 pieces. Most of them are for consulting services, the rest for the preparation and maintenance of financial statements. The cost of services varies from 2,500 rubles to 15,000 rubles. As a result, the financial indicators of the project will be as follows:

Initial investment - 557,000 rubles

Monthly profit - 110,000 rubles

Payback period - 11 months

Break-even point - 3 months

Return on sales - 24%

Description of business, product or service

Accounting services are always in demand. They are used by both individual entrepreneurs and large businesses. It is also worth noting that the demand for these services is very high.

In each of our articles on how to start a small business from scratch, we advise our readers to hire an outsourcing accountant. It is really very convenient and saves money on a full-time employee. If you yourself decided to organize a business on accounting services, then we will tell you where to start and how to promote your company!

What are the prospects for such earnings?

Accounting services as a business is a rather promising direction, i. most entrepreneurs, when they open a small business from scratch, independently deal with reporting and other paperwork.

This is due to the fact that not all businessmen at first have enough start-up capital to hire an accountant. Therefore, the manager himself begins to understand zero reporting and other matters, devoting less time to his business. As a result, there comes a time when a lot of paper hassle accumulates and you urgently need to look for a specialist who will help solve the problem.

In order not to complicate the conduct of business, remote accountants have recently become popular, they are engaged in the reporting of the enterprise at home or in their own office, getting a little less than a full-time employee. The benefit is mutual - a businessman saves time and money, you get the opportunity to make money on accounting services. Interested in an idea? Then read on how to open your accounting for a woman!

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Company registration

If you want to organize a business for the provision of accountant services, first decide on the organizational and legal form. You can open an individual entrepreneur or LLC. To make money on accounting services, it is better, of course, to register an LLC, but opening an individual entrepreneur will require much less documents and, accordingly, initial costs.

We still recommend registering yourself as an individual entrepreneur, and in the future, when it’s already possible to fill the customer base and earn solid money, expand the office and open an LLC.

Also, at the registration stage, you need to select the type of activity. For our own accounting we recommend the OKVED code 74. 2 - “Activities in the field of accounting and auditing”. It is better to choose the tax regime “simplified taxation, simplified taxation system”.

As for the directions in which you can earn, for a start it will be enough to provide the following services:

  • Registration and liquidation of enterprises.
  • Accounting.
  • Drawing up reports to the social and pension funds, as well as the health insurance fund.
  • Personnel accounting, as well as payroll for company employees.
  • Zero reporting.
  • Development of accounting policies.
  • Maintaining a sales and purchase ledger.

For a start, this will be enough to organize a business on accounting services. In the future, you can also provide the services of an auditor, a lawyer (if you hire an appropriate employee) and even conduct courses for accountants.

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