How to make money on services in 2021

The service sector in Russia is the most accessible for aspiring entrepreneurs. The reason for this lies in the simpler organization of business in this area and a small investment. In addition, the business of services does not require special skills and abilities from the entrepreneur, which makes him even more attractive. But before starting a business related to the provision of services to the population, it is necessary to choose a specific direction.


Outsourcing is a refusal of an organization to independently perform secondary tasks or tasks not related to the main line of business, and transfer them to another organization (outsourcer or outsourcing company).

This direction is gaining more and more popularity, as it allows companies to focus on the main processes.

Outsourcing can be implemented in different directions: programming, maintenance of equipment, cleaning of office premises, advertising, security, legal support, logistics.


More and more people are buying goods over the Internet, ordering food at home, giving up frequent long trips to shops or catering establishments. In this regard, there is a growing need for the delivery of goods of different categories, which makes it possible to start your own activities in the delivery sphere.

The delivery service can be practiced in a specific direction, be general or assigned to a specific store / group of stores.


Each of us sometimes needs the help of a qualified specialist. Sometimes a lawyer, sometimes a programmer. And if you have good knowledge in any area, then you yourself can become an excellent consultant and make good money on it. However, before starting such an activity, it is worth working in the direction you have chosen, to understand the basics and assess the degree of effectiveness of your work and such an enterprise.


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Anyone can open a business in the field of public services. The main thing is to have the skills and abilities that are in demand in order to sell them profitably. And the investment will be required minimal. The main resource is the entrepreneur himself.

If you are a beginner entrepreneur and plan to start your business from scratch, the most important parameters of a successful business idea will be a low investment volume and a quick payback. The service sector is best suited to these conditions, since 90% of the resources spent in this niche are knowledge and time. You can implement most of the business ideas presented below on your own, without involving employees and even without having an office. The main thing is the high demand for the service and the quality of the service provided by your business.

Why open your own service business

  • Almost anyone can start their own business, because everyone knows something better than others - this is usually connected with work or a hobby;
  • A minimum investment is required to implement the idea of ​​your business;
  • There are a lot of small business areas in the service sector - and each is in demand among the population;
  • The service sector is the first step to a serious business. Any direction can be developed;
  • Such a business can be created even in a small town and beyond. It is important to correctly assess the demand for the provided services;
  • Business in this area is stable. There is always a demand for services among the population, even during a crisis, clients visit hairdressers, repair cars, go to ateliers, shoe shops, etc.

Who is interested in business ideas in the service sector

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a business and earn money with minimal investment;
  • Current businessmen seeking to expand their business through new business ideas;
  • Professionals who are ready to apply their knowledge and experience to develop their own business;
  • People without higher education or who want to change their direction of work;
  • Employed who are looking for additional income; <
  • Students who want to earn extra money in their free time or implement their business idea;
  • Women on maternity leave who are comfortable working from home.

Popular Service Business Ideas

Home order services. Currently, there is a high demand for mobile enterprises that are ready to come to the customer's home. People are willing to pay more to save time and comfort. Therefore, mobile hairdressing salons, car washes, tire fitting, dry cleaners, etc. are actively developing.

Children's services. Another profitable area is services for children. Development studios, private kindergartens, tutoring, babysitting services and more.

Utilities and repairs. Today there is a demand for activities in the field of utilities, such as repair work, "husband for an hour", etc.

Online services. Business ideas based on online services are being actively implemented, which save time and money. There are many specialists on the Internet who provide consultations, conduct training, and provide intermediary services. Read more about online business ideas in the article: Online Business: 15 Realistic Ways to Create a Personal Online Business in 2021

Beauty services. Recently, the beauty business has been extremely popular in the service sector: beauty salons, hairdressing salons, manicure studios and other areas. The sphere is actively developing from year to year, new interesting ideas appear that can be successfully developed with a minimum level of competition in small business.

In order to choose and implement a successful business idea, the following parameters should be taken into account: the demand for and the need for services for the population; your personal knowledge, skills and abilities. How quickly you can make money directly depends on this.

Making a profit from the provision of services is an excellent option for those who want to start their own business with minimal costs. The main ingredient for success is a good idea. You may not have special talents, but show organizational skills and unite people capable of providing certain services on a paid basis. In this case, the organizer acts as an intermediary in the consumer-performer chain.

Is it worth starting a service business

As a rule, the lack of finance stops you from starting your own business. Investments in production processes are in the millions, and in the service sector you have enough own knowledge and skills to become a successful entrepreneur.

Any product sold is subject to a surcharge. The profitability and profitability of the activity depends on its value. The markup for services can reach thousands of percent.

The service business has a number of other benefits:

  • Self-realization, the embodiment of one's own ideas and receiving benefits from it.
  • Growth perspective. Starting with self-service, you can create a new direction in your business and make it popular.
  • Free schedule. And it's not about idle pastime, but constant work with the correction of the time of employment, depending on personal circumstances.
  • The fastest possible payback.
  • Free pricing. By offering a unique service, doing something efficiently, you can set any price, taking into account the buyer's ability to pay.
  • Direct contact between the contractor and the client, the opportunity to show personal qualities and "get" a regular user of the service. A typical example is hairdressing and manicure masters. The client will prefer a person who can not only be trusted in a professional sense, but also pleasant to talk to.

The main fear of a novice entrepreneur is to lose investments, owe a debt to the bank, and fail to reach the required level of profitability for the project payback. When providing services, all these fears are groundless, since the costs at the beginning of the activity will be no more than 50 thousand rubles, provided that it will be necessary to rent an office.

Making the idea come true

Finding a free niche in the service sector can take some time. If a startup has certain knowledge and skills, it should be analyzed at what price similar services are being sold. This will help popular search engine sites, Internet platforms for the sale of goods and services. Analysis of the proposal will help:

  • Determine competitive prices.
  • Formulate arguments, guided by which the customer can make a choice. For example, a hairdresser should be told about work experience, participation in competitions and diplomas received; it will be useful for an accountant to provide proof of qualifications, refer to work experience in accounting.
  • Determine the amount of income. This is possible when calculating the potential number of service users per unit of time. On the advice of successful startups, you can submit an advertisement for the start of work, design a website, and fix the number of applications within a week. If there are enough potential customers, stop at the development in the chosen direction.

Since 2021, a new trend has emerged in Russia - Russians increasingly order food delivery to their homes. Although now, after several years, this market segment is not very developed, especially in the regions. This opens up a window of opportunity for startups to invest in new food and grocery delivery services in their cities. How profitable this idea is, and how to implement it - we will discuss in this business plan for opening a food and food delivery company. The article contains a step-by-step action plan and an approximate calculation of costs and business costs.

Market relevance

The food delivery industry in Russia is actively developing. The demand for this segment of the business is growing every year, although the supply is still at a low level. In the largest cities of the country - Moscow and St. Petersburg - only 1 restaurant for 4.5-4.8 thousand residents provides food delivery to their homes, as well as several online services. The situation in other cities of the Russian Federation is similar.

And there is room for growth: about 40-45% of citizens use delivery services, more than 160 thousand people order food every day. Nowadays, many Russians don't have enough time to shop, and online home delivery is a great way to save time, get fresh food and stock up on groceries without going outside.

All kinds of products (meat, milk, groceries, etc., etc.) are ordered online, from ready-made dishes - pizza, sushi, rolls and other snacks, although preferences depend on the specific region. The age of the target audience is 23-40 years old, the income is not below average.

Scheme of work

Regardless of what product is sold: ready-made food from restaurants or just fresh food, the scheme of work is as follows:

  • The buyer selects the desired articles on the company's website, indicates his data, chooses the payment method, other necessary data and sends a request for processing.
  • The representative of the company calls the client at the specified number to confirm the order, clarify the nuances of payment, delivery, etc.
  • The courier collects the order: either takes goods from the company's warehouse, or goes to the partner company ( restaurant or store), where he picks up the prepared dish or product.
  • The employee delivers the order to the client at the right time at the agreed address.

The Buyer can pay for the order either in cash or by electronic payment.

Step-by-step instructions for opening a grocery delivery service

Setting up a business will not require large investments (if the couriers work on their cars), yet the main essence of this business is mediation between stores and customers. The main expense items are preparation, office equipment. Courier salaries will consist of salary and interest.

Table 1. Start-up costs for opening a food delivery service.

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