How to choose a niche for business in 2021

Business in megalopolises

The key to business success is solving a customer or customer's problem. The main deficit today is time. Nowadays there is a lot of demand for services that contribute to its replenishment.

Three quarters of Russians live in cities. In megacities, citizens are attracted by the prospect of high earnings. Visitors are not embarrassed even by the high operating costs of housing rent, food, transport and utilities.

Many entrepreneurial people associate the opportunity to receive high incomes with the organization of their own business. It is believed that opening a business in a big city means success. But which one? After all, there are risks, and you need to remember about them. Every entrepreneur wants to find a win-win. The main criterion for choosing a direction of activity is the high demand for a product or service. Let's think together about what commercial products are in demand in a large Russian city.

What is most in demand in big cities now

With all the variety of ideas for a new business, it should be understood that the demand of a big city has already been largely satisfied. This does not mean hopelessness. There are surely some unfilled consumer niches that need to be identified. Even in conditions of fierce competition, it is possible to identify a new format that takes into account the peculiarities of the needs and income of the population living in a particular microdistrict.

It's not enough just to open a grocery store that is believed to always pay off. You need something to stand out. For example: homemade baked goods, high-quality semi-finished products (dumplings, dumplings), significantly distinguished by taste and recipe against the background of industrially produced products. We need our own "chip", without which a small, little-known outlet will be ruthlessly crushed by a large retail network.

Taking into account the uniqueness of the offer, the following areas of interest are of interest:

  • Renovation of residential and office premises.
  • Real estate operations.
  • Trade.
  • Cleaning services (cleaning).
  • Repair of household appliances, clothing and footwear.
  • Consulting support, including legal.
  • Entertainment for children and adults.
  • Training.
  • Tourism.

From the list it can be understood that all commercial activity is divided into two broad categories, which in the ancient Roman manner can be attributed to "bread" and "circuses". People pay for something that cannot be done without or for something that promises pleasant emotions. They have a need for goods and services.

Products with the highest demand

I don’t want to state the banal truths about the high demand for meat, bread, sausages or good, but inexpensive clothes and shoes. The systematization of existing knowledge will be of great benefit.

The fair sex from all over the world strive to take care of themselves in order to be as attractive as possible. Girls are ready to give almost any money in order to prolong their youth, save time on makeup and look inimitable at any time of the day, to catch the admiring glances of men after stylish styling.

However, not everyone succeeds in correctly performing all the necessary procedures on their own, therefore, services in the field of beauty are becoming one of the most popular in the market.

We present to you the TOP-10 business ideas in the field of beauty, which are relevant and interesting to implement!


It is important for every girl to feel perfect "from the tips of her hair to her fingernails." The fair sex has been following the beauty of their bodies since ancient times. For example, the epilation procedure familiar to everyone in the 21st century has become popular since the days of Ancient Egypt. Then it was believed that hair is a sign of an unclean body, and today this opinion persists. Therefore, girls, especially in the warm season, increasingly turn to depilation or hair removal services.

Today, one of the most popular trends in the beauty industry is shugaring. Sugaring is a way to remove hair using sugar paste. Many clients prefer this method, since, for example, hair removal according to their growth makes the process less painful, and the versatility allows the procedure to be carried out even for those who have delicate and sensitive skin.

Laser hair removal is the removal of hair from the surface of the body using a special laser. The second most popular type of hair removal, which is chosen by girls. But it is also more costly for a business woman, as, for example, it requires the purchase of special equipment for the procedure, the purchase of glasses to protect the client's eyes from laser glare, the purchase of hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing agents.

Hair removal with wax is increasingly receding into the background today. However, it is not worth “giving up” on this option of starting a business in the field of beauty. Waxing services, although painful, but their effect lasts for several weeks, and the procedure itself allows you to remove even long hairs, keeping the skin smooth.


Massage is a business idea, both in the field of beauty and health. Since massage is not only a relaxing procedure, but also a way to improve health, for example, with osteochondrosis, scoliosis and other disorders of the body. However, this option is not suitable for everyone: in order to engage in this activity, it is imperative to have a medical education and a diploma or certificate confirming the passage of massage courses. If you fit these criteria, you can choose the following options for starting a business.

The first and most important step on the road to financial independence is to competently put into practice some profitable business idea. Traditionally, it is believed that starting a business requires huge financial costs, but in practice, many startups require very little investment. We have collected some top business ideas to start making money quickly.

Services in demand

In the service sector, significant investments are not needed to start a small business, however, world experience has shown that only the demanded sphere of activity is guaranteed to bring income. According to Forbes and Dailybusiness, now the most profitable for startups with a low entry threshold are consulting in various fields, services in the field of repair and construction, and beauty business.


Consulting is both complex and simple business idea. A huge number of crisis situations, in which not only businessmen, but also ordinary people find themselves every day, have created a market for the services of a consultant - an expert in recognizing problems and proposing solutions.

To become a consultant, you need to have deep theoretical and practical knowledge in any area and be able to sell your services. You need to honestly assess your experience and educational strengths in order to offer others help with their problems. You can consult in almost any area, the top most demanded ones include:

  • construction ;
  • logistics;
  • psychology;
  • sales;
  • modern technology;
  • advertising;
  • accounting;
  • education;
  • insurance;
  • legal issues;
  • any business processes.

At first, there is enough work space in the coworking space, and you can also meet with clients in quiet public places or anti-cafe. As the number of clients increases, it will be necessary to rent a small office to make it more convenient to do business. It is advisable to disseminate information about your services:

  • in print media, but before that it is important to make sure that the readership of the publication includes the target audience;
  • via direct mail or the Internet;
  • on social networks;
  • via our own website.

In addition, there is an online consultation option. This is a way to save money on renting premises and the opportunity to work with a large audience, not limited to one locality or even a country. It is possible to provide services using Skype or telephone to communicate with the client.

Over time, interest in some services decreases, while in others, consumer demand increases. Let's take a look at the most in-demand and profitable services that will be popular in 2021.

Service Sector Niche Ranking

According to experts and according to opinion polls, the population most often asks for help from specialists in the following areas of service:

  • Medicine. All people of all ages need professional treatment, therefore, medical institutions, laboratories for the study of analyzes, dental offices, the help of psychologists and aesthetic medicine always remain in the first place in popularity among the population.
  • Household sphere. The fast pace of life of a modern person leaves no time for solving everyday everyday problems. Therefore, such proposals as minor repairs of household appliances, cleaning services, sewing or rental of festive clothes and fancy dress costumes, car washing and much more that people may need in everyday life are a relevant business at all times.
  • Transportation. This business niche includes passenger transportation services, cargo delivery, and delivery of goods. Having your own vehicle, car or truck, makes it possible for the owner to provide services to both the population and companies.
  • Finance. Citizens' literacy in financial matters leaves much to be desired. Consulting and financial intermediation services are always in demand. Accounting support and preparation of tax reports by third-party specialists is a service that is used by both large companies and small entrepreneurs.
  • Jurisprudence. Appraisal of real estate and potential of the company, notarial and advocacy, legal advice, representation in courts and other government agencies - this is not a complete list of business ideas in this niche.
  • Others. Selected service areas worth paying attention to. Organization of parties, hairdressing, aesthetic services, individual tailoring and repair of clothes bring a stable income. Everything related to ritual services (making attributes, conducting mourning ceremonies, organizing burial places) will never lose its relevance.

As the service market survey shows, the profitability of these niches is growing steadily, and the interest from the population is increasing.

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The most demanded services in Russia

Regardless of the region of residence, people invariably use the services of professionals, both occasionally and on an ongoing basis.

Therefore, in order to successfully organize your business and stay afloat, you need to study the whole range of services that are in high demand and will not lose their relevance in the next decade.

Household renovations

Wide niche for private entrepreneurship.

One of the most popular queries on the Internet is “business ideas 2021”. The first time it hit the top was last year, when people were making plans and looking for relevant niches for businesses. Nobody expected quarantine and crisis.

The crisis has two sides: it not only takes business away from entrepreneurs, but also opens up new opportunities in growing niches. There are several factors to consider when choosing a niche this year:

  • Forecasts made in 2021 need correction.
  • Some of the projects that were "shot" during quarantine (medical masks, sanitizers) will not be able to stay afloat, as the situation is changing.
  • Not all new foreign ideas are suitable for Russia.
  • Not all lucrative business niches suitable for metropolitan areas will be relevant in small cities (and vice versa).

How not to make a mistake and not invest time and money in a dummy?

Let's talk about one of the simplest technologies for finding a free niche, which will help you determine the direction for your business:

) Analyze your own skills, preferences and opportunities

In the process of niche, it is important to understand what you are already getting, what you have the ability for.

List opportunities to identify opportunities:

In the last paragraph, indicate the availability of start-up capital, possible suppliers, connections, resources, etc.

Example: you have accounting experience, and your strong point in accounting is payroll accounting. You have friends and colleagues who are well versed in other accounting areas. Why not start an accounting outsourcing firm? During a crisis, outsourcing is especially in demand.

) Analyze vacant and occupied niches

Analyze existing proposals. Take your time to discard obvious ideas, especially in small businesses. Competitors often get along well in the same territory, since they are targeted at audiences with different incomes, different narrow requests, and different target segments. Pay attention to the promotional messages of potential competitors.

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