Hotel business plan

Investments: from 50 thousand rubles

Payback: from 1 to 4 months

In the modern world, one cannot do without electricity - this is one of the components of the life support system. Any house, apartment, office, shop cannot be imagined without lighting or electrical appliances. But for the functioning of electrical equipment, high-quality installation and maintenance is required. In this article we will try to cover the topic of electrician services business.

Business Concept

There will always be work for an electrician, since not every man himself can fix the malfunction of a simple switch or lamp, and what can we say about modern complex electrical appliances.

The main tasks in this type of business will be small-scale electrical work in household and medium-sized industrial premises. Potential clients will be a fairly wide audience - this is practically the entire population, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

What is required for implementation?

This business does not require huge resources.

The main resource is specialists.

For starters, you can start working yourself, having an education in the profile and admission to work with electrical installations up to 1 kV. Subsequently, with good work and increased demand, 1-2 specialists can be hired.

Brief Investment Memorandum

Every year both external and internal tourism grows in our country. The geography of the spread of small and medium-sized businesses is also expanding, which entails periodic business trips and professional retraining that require movement around the country. These factors are contributing to the active growth of demand for places to live.

The opening of the hotel today is a very urgent and promising business. You should pay attention specifically to the middle class, and be focused on providing quality services at affordable prices.

Small hotels are the most dynamically growing type of accommodation in Russia.

This business plan is designed for a city with a population of over 1 million.

Key Success Factors:

  • comfortable rooms;
  • high quality of services;
  • good location;
  • reasonable prices;
  • dynamically developing demand.

Description of business, product or service

As part of this project, we will consider a small hotel with 30 rooms.

Let's select the following room categories:

  • double deluxe - 2 (5,900 rubles);
  • single deluxe - 2 (3,900 rubles);
  • double "standard" - 11 (4 190 rubles);
  • single "standard" - 9 (2 790 rubles);
  • double "budget" - 3 (3 490 rubles. );
  • single "budget" - 3 (1 790 rubles).

We use a rented premises with an area of ​​about 900m2 to carry out our activities. One room has about 20-25m2.

Glamping Financial Plan

Brief Investment Memorandum

This is a new direction in business, the first glampings appeared in Russia in 2021, and the oldest is in Karelia. Wealthy people come to such campsites to comfortably spend time in nature, retire and get away from the bustle of the city for a while. Visitors do not need to give up the benefits of civilization, because the peculiarity of the glamorous camp is that for modest money they will receive a hot shower, soft bed, Internet access and delicious food.

The average cost of a check in glamping is about 2700 rubles per day, including three meals a day and accommodation with all conveniences. The maximum number of places is 22, additional income can be received from renting parties and picnic areas.

The advantages of this type of business:

  • absolutely new direction demanded by wealthy clients;
  • low competition, and in some regions - its complete absence;
  • quick payback despite on a significant amount of investment;
  • the relative stability of the project to unfavorable economic trends, as well as the ability to quickly change the concept;
  • the prospects for business expansion by attracting foreign tourists.

Discounted payback period - DPB, months

Net present value - NPV, rub.

Internal rate of return - IRR,%

Description of business, product or service

Laundry as a business idea came to Russia from abroad. By now, laundries have become commonplace. The volume of this market in 2021 exceeded 1 billion rubles. It is planned that the indicator will grow by 15-17% annually. This means that a vacant niche for a new enterprise in this industry will definitely be found.

Market overview and business outlook

In 2021, more than 1,500 laundries operate in the Russian Federation. Most are open in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The market in large cities is less saturated. The share is 3% of the total volume of consumer services in the Russian Federation. On average, there is 1 laundry for 50,000 people. In European countries, for comparison, there is one establishment per 1000 people. So the domestic market is far from saturation and is quite promising.

List of services and their cost

Most modern laundries operate on a self-service basis. This saves on staff costs. Customers are not required to wash themselves. For an additional fee, the visitor has the right to leave clothes and linen to the laundry staff. The representatives of the institution do all the work for the client.

The washing process takes about 2-2.5 hours - if powerful, spacious washing machines are installed. The institution can provide services to the following categories of persons:

  • ordinary citizens;
  • hotels and hotels;
  • catering establishments.

Laundry services are required by many organizations to maintain cleanliness and commitment to customers.

The cost of washing depends on the weight of the items. Price list:

  • washing up to 5 kg of linen - 150 rubles, over 5 kg - 250 rubles;
  • drying up to 5 kg - 150 rubles, over 5 kg - 200 rubles; <
  • Lux service, which includes washing, drying and putting into a package - 300 rubles up to 5 kg, 500 rubles over 5 kg;
  • washing and drying winter and insulated clothes - 400 rubles / piece;
  • washing and drying covers, blankets, blankets - 350 rubles / piece.

Experts recommend selling consumables:

  • powders ;
  • conditioners ;
  • bleaches.

In the 21st century, people carefully monitor their appearance. Therefore, the services of beauty salons are in high demand. The market capacity in 2021 exceeds RUB 95 billion. The annual growth rate is 10-15%. Despite this, the market is not oversaturated. With the right approach to starting a business, you can start your company from scratch and quickly start making a profit.

Beauty Salon Formats

First, develop the concept of the establishment. Select the services you will provide, define the level and class of the organization. There are the following types of beauty salons:

  • Economy class. They use cheap materials, and the list of services provided is minimal. The economy class cabin employs staff with a low level of qualifications. The premises have been renovated and inexpensively equipped.
  • Business class. The salon employs highly qualified specialists who use cosmetics from well-known brands. The room has good finishes, equipment and furniture of the middle price category. The organization provides a wide range of services and asks for them more than economy class salons.
  • VIP class. The organization is distinguished by a high level of service. The salon employs professionals with the highest qualifications. The emphasis is also placed on the exterior of the cabin. They carry out design repairs in the room, buy expensive furniture and equipment. There are many services, and maximum prices are set for them.
  • Lux class. This is also a VIP category salon, but they use unique techniques. It uses an individual approach to each client. Usually such salons are closed.

If you are just entering the market, it is better not to open a VIP and luxury class establishment. The exception is situations when an eminent master is ready to start cooperation, or you open a salon under a well-promoted brand. In a different situation, it is better to open a budgetary organization in one city. If things are going uphill, you can create a network of organizations in neighboring settlements. Gradually, the masters gain experience, it will be possible to develop a client base. You will have free funds to purchase expensive equipment. As a result, on the basis of the salon, you can open an institution of a higher class.

Analyzing the market

The beauty market in the Russian Federation is actively developing. In 2021, it is saturated by no more than 50%. The demand for services is not planning to subside. Well-groomed and attractive looks are highly prized.

The target audience can be divided into two types - potential and real. The first category includes people who visit the salon from time to time. These can be women and men of any age with an average and slightly below average income level. The most in demand are hairdressing services.

The main target audience is women aged 27-45. They usually keep a close eye on their appearance and often visit beauty salons.

Legal issues

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