Home Business for Women: Best Ideas and Tips

In the past three years, women entrepreneurs have made up a third of Russian small and medium-sized businesses, told Forbes Woman in the All-Russian public organization "Support of Russia".

"Own" does not mean "control"

If you look at the data in the Unified Register of Small and Medium Enterprises, including micro-companies, it turns out that women own almost 1.8 million out of 5.9 million companies and individual entrepreneurship.

At the same time, the total share of women who head companies, being CEO, is only 20% - and this figure has not changed over the past few years. This is 4.5 times higher than the world average, said Ekaterina Trofimova, partner of Delloite. But in Europe, the proportion of female CEOs is 35%.

According to Trofimova, 20% of small companies with revenues of up to 800 million rubles are headed by women. The share is reduced in large organizations - up to 12%. “In this case, we are talking about both the owners of the business and those who are in charge of the process. In the 200 largest companies in Russia, about 6.5% of CEOs are women, ”she specifies.

The smaller the business, the higher the profitability

Trofimova notes that women in micro-companies demonstrate higher profitability of sales in terms of gross profit. In this case, the indicator is 16% higher than that of men. Also, their efficiency in managing costs is rated 2% higher.

Also, smaller companies run by women are 16% more profitable. This indicator is approximately at the same level in medium and large companies, but the return on assets in large organizations headed by women is 21% lower than in those headed by men.

Interestingly, according to Trofimova, the default percentage of micro-companies run by women is 15% lower than that of organizations in the sector headed by men. “In small companies it is about 8%. Women perform better, ”she says.

"Women's business" in Moscow - services and trade

Most of the “women’s business” is scattered across the regions. Moscow accounts for about 30%. “About 30% of women are employed in small and medium-sized businesses in the capital, which is about 150-160 thousand entrepreneurs. Most of them work in the service sector, about a third in trade, and the rest in the manufacturing sector. Approximately 20% of women hold managerial positions, ”added Tatyana Mineeva, Ombudsman for the Protection of the Rights of Moscow Entrepreneurs.

Today there are no problems with organizing a successful home business for women - there are different ideas, the main thing is to choose the option that suits your desires and inclinations. And even if you do not immediately succeed in taking a leading position (for this you will have to work for several years), you should not be upset. The road will be mastered by the walking one.

Business Startup

It has always been believed that a man should bring the main income to a family, but this is not entirely correct. There are many ideas for women looking to start a business. In some cases, minimal investment is required, and sometimes you can start without them. The main thing is to find your niche.

It is better to choose the area in which you understand, so that the work brings not only money, but also pleasure. There is no need to focus on a business with maximum profits, since there is always high competition.

Choosing a business to your liking is one of the guarantees of its successful development. You can temporarily get a job in a company working in your area of ​​interest in order to better study the topic, its specifics and features. Watch documentaries or feature films about the success story of a business woman.

What to Consider to Make Your Business Successful

It is not necessary to immediately have deep knowledge and skills, you need to start acting and gain experience in the process.

There are recommendations, taking into account which you can open and expand a business project:

  • Idea selection. You need to understand what you love and know how to do. After that, get acquainted with the existing directions and among them choose those that correspond to your abilities.
  • Check for demand. Each of the selected options is evaluated for how popular it is in your area. There are special services, for example, "Wordstat", with the help of which you can see the number of requests for a product or service of interest. This is how the most attractive project is chosen.
  • Implementation. At this stage, information about the selected business and the experience of competitors are studied in detail.
  • Development of a client base and project automation. At first, the buyers can be friends and acquaintances, then people are attracted using social networks, through free ads, etc. When there are regular customers, you can move on to automating the business and engage in its overall development.

Small town options

Let's talk about women's business and ideas. It's not just about home work, but we'll start with it.

One suitable way of earning money for women is a handicraft business, which takes only 2-3 hours daily.

You can sell your own products using ads on social networks, on different platforms of hand-made fans, or in creative stores in your city.

A completely profitable business for women at home is working in Joint Purchases. The person acting as the organizer receives 5-25% of the participants for providing the opportunity to purchase something interesting at an affordable price. He collects the order and funds from the participants, then buys the goods and makes a distribution.

Handmade soap is very popular nowadays. Natural, fragrant and delicate soap is appreciated today, and with its quality characteristics it has a very affordable price. It should be noted that the handmade soap offers on the market create the demand for it.

Home Business Ideas for Women, Housewives, Pregnant Women and Maternity Moms

  • Braiding at home. It is very fashionable now to have long hair braided into a beautiful braid. And how many types of these braids - not to list. The idea is simple, watch master classes on the Internet, study, train and practice.
  • Growing indoor plants for sale.
  • Raising rare breeds, for example, cats, chinchillas. And also for sale. About cat breeding.
  • Closer to spring - growing seedlings for summer residents. This is for those who have an insulated balcony or veranda.
  • Nails, hair and eyelash extensions are very common lately.
  • Tutoring for schoolchildren. Any school subject in this idea can be your weapon. Buy a couple of textbooks of what you are stronger at and go ahead.
  • Freelance.
  • Earning money on the Internet.

Olga, reader of adne. nfo: in 210 I was left alone. I had a 3-room apartment with a huge loggia. To get over the breakup, I decided to go into business. I was looking for ideas for a long time. Agree, this is more difficult for a woman.

Then I saw groups of flower lovers on VKontakte. There, women were selling potted flowers. I tentatively offered some of my geraniums. Disassembled on the first day. Despite the fact that I could not deliver, the buyers are from Moscow. And so it started: for several years I grew geraniums and orchids. Geraniums are for private traders, and orchids are bought from me by flower shops. I turned two rooms and a loggia into a greenhouse.

in 16 I tried to grow potted strawberries. It bears fruit all year round. This idea took off. From her I bought myself a plot of land on a slope on the south side, now summer beds have been added to my home greenhouse. I plan to make greenhouses.

Women's business: features and business ideas for women

Women are emotional creatures, delicately feeling, having non-standard, artistic thinking. Below are women's business ideas broken down into two categories. The first category requires only knowledge or skill, the second - investment. Learn how to choose a business idea, and what difficulties you can expect on the way to your own success.

Home Business for Women

A long-time hobby may one day become not only a pleasant experience, but also a business that will bring profit and become an additional source of family income. There are many ideas: simple and more complicated, without initial investments and with the need for initial capital. More than a dozen interesting home business ideas for women are presented below.


Also, a florist is engaged in decorating rooms with flowers. These are wedding and ritual halls, places for corporate events, romantic meetings, family celebrations. Sketches are made for the design of spaces, the selection of colors suitable for a particular occasion. Photos of the premises add to the portfolio and promote the business. For a month, earnings are 15-50 thousand rubles.

The next stage of business may be opening a flower shop.

Custom embroidery

You can embroider by hand or on a special machine. The first option is time consuming, but it allows you to create unique and expensive products with only threads, canvas, hoops, needles, scissors and pattern templates. The second one requires an initial investment of 70-100 thousand rubles.

You can embroider panels that are later inserted into a frame, personalize various items of clothing (dresses, blouses, children's knitwear), indoor textiles (towels, curtains, napkins). A great idea is to embroider a portrait of a customer, his pet, a car, etc. on a typewriter. An A4 size picture (21 × 30 cm), which is made in 6-15 colors on a typewriter, costs 2,500-9,200 rubles. A handmade product of a similar size, made in satin stitch or in a cross, costs 50,000 rubles or more (the average lead time is from one month). Business advertising is done through social networks, sites of artisans ("Fair of Masters").

Advice: the embroiderer's workplace is equipped with lamps, a rack for storing materials, finished works.

Home baked goods

Opening your own confectionery will allow you to earn 25-50 thousand a month. A woman who decides to do such a thing will have to start a sanitary book, get a document from the sanitary station that the manufactured products comply with the standards. You can produce sweets and gingerbread, cookies and lollipops, rolls and donuts, pastries and cakes, muffins and pies. From the equipment you will need a blender, a deep fryer, an apparatus for making chocolate, a pastry syringe, baking dishes, a gas or electric stove with an oven, a refrigerator, knives, bowls.

Nowadays, home business ideas for women have become quite real. In this article, we will tell you our own business that any girl or woman can open. It remains to choose from the proposed options.

Specialty employment

It is not in vain that people study so many years at school and university, so that later they will not use the knowledge they have acquired. If you have not forgotten the school curriculum and are highly literate, know how to explain the material and present it in a fun way, then become a tutor.

The main thing is to find an approach to students, not to be ashamed of communication. Tutors are needed every year, for different age groups. Of course, it will not be possible to get tutoring with alumni, because they prefer proven and experienced teachers with long experience.

A profitable undertaking is to tutor with preschoolers or children up to the fifth grade. They go through a simple program that does not need to be explained for a long time. Moreover, at this age, children are obedient, they will see authority in the teacher. You can either explain new material, prepare for the Olympiads, or simply do your homework.

For example, a student cannot cope on his own, in the future he will not need this subject. I do not want to slip into triples and deuces, and parents do not have time to explain. Your finest hour is coming. Usually, you will be hired for such purposes for at least two days a week.

Start charging three hundred rubles per hour, collect your customer base, and raise the price. During the day, they calmly manage to study with five students.

The most demanded subjects are English, Russian, mathematics, social studies. It is not uncommon to face stiff competition here. If you are proficient in chemistry, history and physics, then you can easily find regular students.

  • free schedule;
  • self-selection of the client base;
  • little work during the day;
  • high salary ...

  • a lot of competition;
  • repetition of the same material;
  • constant interaction with people.

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