Freight dispatching service business plan

An entrepreneur can create his own taxi service with a small investment, but the work of a company requires a lot of effort from a businessman. First of all, it is necessary to maintain a high level of competitiveness, because the market in this segment is quite saturated. How to do this, as well as how to work out other aspects, we will consider in the taxi business plan with calculations, presented below.

Relevance of opening a taxi service

Creating your own taxi fleet or interactive taxi service is a highly relevant idea. There are several reasons for this:

  • Consistently high demand for passenger taxi services. This factor is a guarantee that the company will earn good money and quickly pay off. The need to move both within the city and outside it arises in every person. The clients of the company will be people of high, average income, as well as those with below average income.
  • Lack of serious investment burden at the start of the project. If you cannot invest in buying cars and opening your own fleet, you can hire drivers with your own cars. This option involves mediation between the customer and the contractor. It also allows you to significantly reduce the cost of car maintenance and maintenance.
  • The independence of the business from the development of the urban transport network and the number of private cars. Taxi services will always be in demand, and the company will always find its customers.

These factors determine good project opportunities at the start.

Description of business and services offered

There are several options for organizing a taxi business. For a taxi business plan with calculations, we will indicate the main ones:

  • Acting as an intermediary between the driver and the client without our own vehicle fleet. In this case, the entrepreneur concludes contracts with the drivers, and it is also possible to cooperate with vehicle fleets. Acting as a coordinator or intermediary, the entrepreneur makes a profit from a percentage of the order.
  • Creation of your own vehicle fleet and work with other dispatch services. In this case, you enter into a contract for the provision of vehicles for the use of a third-party company and receive profit from the rental of vehicles.
  • A complete taxi service. It is also planned to open a dispatching service and create a car park. In this case, you will receive a large profit, but you need to be prepared for the fact that there will be a significant investment load at the start of the project and complexity as it is implemented.
  • Mixed type. The most optimal, simple and profitable option. Part of the vehicle fleet is owned by the entrepreneur, and part is owned by the drivers. As you work, you will be able to expand the vehicle fleet, and, accordingly, increase the level of profit.

You can determine the appropriate format of work by analyzing your own capabilities, regional features and the level of competitiveness.

What services can a taxi service provide to clients?

  • passenger trips within the city;
  • passenger trips outside the city;
  • waiting for passengers. According to the regulations, a certain amount of waiting time is free (5-15 minutes). If the waiting time is exceeded, the service is paid by the client;
  • transportation of animals;
  • transportation of goods within the city and the nearest suburb;
  • courier services - then there is a delivery of purchases, food, gifts;
  • meeting or delivery of customers to train stations and airports;
  • "sober driver" service;
  • sightseeing tours of the city and the nearest suburb, it is possible to draw up your own routes;
  • transportation of passengers with small children - in this case, a child seat is required;
  • pre-order a taxi for a certain time. In this case, the car arrives in advance;
  • consulting services from operators, calculation of the time and cost of the order.

The company should not necessarily provide all the indicated services.

The types of services that will be provided to the client should be carefully designed. This is, first of all, about the tariffication of the services offered. In order to set the best rates, you will need to carefully analyze the offers from competitors. Affordable rates will make your taxi service stand out from the competition.

The sphere of transport and transportation is one of the most promising in terms of earning money. It is not at all necessary to have your own vehicle fleet to generate income. It is enough to acquire a mobile phone and a laptop and act as a link between the customer of the service and the contractor. This is how many owners of large transport companies engaged in the delivery of goods began. To achieve the same success, you will have to draw up a business plan for a freight dispatch service. It reflects the economic indicators of the future project and indicates a clear vector and procedure for the entrepreneur's actions.

Features of earnings

A freight dispatch office is an intermediary between customers and carriers. The work process is as follows - the customer calls the operator, informs him that he wants to transport from point A to point B. The dispatcher is looking for a driver who will do the work. For this he receives a percentage of the order amount - 10-15%.

Attention! When it comes to groupage cargo, the operator's task is to correctly plan the route so that the carrier spends a minimum of fuel and makes delivery quickly.

Market Analysis

In general, the freight market in Russia is developing rapidly. The construction of new roads has led transport companies to take away part of the customer base from the railway workers. Automobile transportation accounts for 60–65% of the total mass of transport logistics services. However, in order to achieve success in business, it is necessary to assess the situation in the local market, in a particular city. A business for the transportation of goods should be opened in large settlements with a well-developed infrastructure.

Help. Those who live near the border should consider the option of organizing transportation to the near abroad.

Market analysis involves the collection of information about the transport companies already existing in the city. It is important to find out what services they provide, how much they charge for transportation, what promotion methods they use. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors will help you avoid their mistakes and achieve success faster.

Project Brief

First you need to choose a business format. The control room can be set up at home or in the office. The first option will allow you to save on rent and build a small customer base. The second should be considered as a prospect for the development of the project, this is exactly what the presented business plan considers.

Let's briefly describe how to open a taxi dispatch service. After all, this is a rather profitable, interesting and relevant business. Today, the demand for transport services of this kind exists in every city, regardless of the population size.

With the right approach and a well-written business plan, you can organize a service that will take orders and direct drivers to the right place. And if you get positive feedback from customers, offer additional services, create a high-quality service, then in six months you can expect the full payback of the project.

Enterprise Concept

To enter the market competitively, you should first study it. To do this, find out what services already exist in the city, what they offer, how many calls are accepted per day, the size of the average check, etc. For this purpose, you can become a client and personally communicate with drivers of different companies.

Also study the other side - people's opinion about existing offers, services, prices. For example, forums and social networks often discuss such topics. You will be able to find out the wishes and claims of potential customers and form your own concept, thanks to which you will be ahead of your competitors at the start.

To immediately stand out from the list of taxi services, you need to think over a unique offer. And here it is not necessary to underestimate the cost of services, since this strategy is unlikely to justify itself. It is better to offer something in addition to regular transportation from place to place, for example:

  • Delivery of groceries or other goods from stores.
  • Accrual of so-called free kilometers to regular users.
  • Favorable prices for serving large events (weddings, corporate parties).
  • VIP transportation.
  • Providing a car with a driver for the whole day at the agreed rate.
  • Callbacks and order notifications via SMS.
  • Transportation services for children, retirees, etc.

There are three options for opening a taxi dispatch office:

If you opt for the second or third option, then a number of advantages will open up for a novice entrepreneur:

  • Starting your own business from scratch does not require large investments.
  • By providing a variety of services, you can significantly expand the scope of activities.
  • It is not necessary to rent a large control room.

Some entrepreneurs, especially beginners, naively believe that there is nothing difficult in organizing dispatching activities and this business will not require large financial investments. On the one hand, this is, of course, true. But here, as in any other business, there are pitfalls that you need to know about "on the shore" in order to successfully bypass them. There are a lot of dispatcher services now, as network companies are actively developing and dispatcher services are constantly required. Despite the great competition in the segment, an entrepreneur will always be able to occupy his own niche and build a good client base. It is best to focus on long-distance and even international transportation, because they are best paid for. We present to you a business plan for a cargo dispatch service, which you can take as a basis.

Project Summary

Organization of your own dispatching service can be relevant only in a city with a well-developed infrastructure.

There are two formats to choose from:

  • Dispatch service at home. In this case, the cost of renting an office will be zero, but you will not have to count on working with large companies.
  • A separate office that is rented in a business center or call center. We will focus on this option in our business plan. Having your own, fully equipped and staffed office with a whole staff of specialists will give great advantages and allow you to expand your business by adding new clients to your piggy bank.

A serious market analysis should be done first. You should start by looking at transport companies and self-employed drivers with whom you can interact on a mutually beneficial basis. This option will be the most acceptable at first. To win over a clientele, you need to work out the distinctive points. For example, round-the-clock work or experienced dispatchers with existing customer bases.

If the center is located in a border town, it is best to focus on intercity transportation as the most profitable.


For investments and costs to be justified, you need to start a business with official registration and obtaining permits. It is not worth choosing the form of doing business for an individual entrepreneur because of the increased risks. For example, the cargo may be lost. If the incident is your fault, claims can be made, and the individual entrepreneur risks all his property.

Registration of an LLC will cost more than opening an individual entrepreneur. It will cost about 15 thousand rubles.

It is not planned to be engaged in the transportation of dangerous goods or in foreign economic activity, therefore, a license is not required.

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A step-by-step plan for opening an individual entrepreneur to work by taxi

Consider the first option, how to open an individual entrepreneur to work by taxi. To do this, as mentioned above, you need a car. It can be personal, rented, or used by proxy. To work without fear of fines, businesses need to be legalized. To do this, you need to register the business under the activity code 60. 2 "Taxi activities". It applies to the services used by the population. At the initial stage, an individual entrepreneur is the most optimal form of an enterprise for taxation and organization.

The next step is to obtain permission for passenger transportation from the local authorities. For this, the entrepreneur writes an application and attaches his passport and documents to the car. If there is no ownership of the vehicle, then a lease, leasing agreement or a notarized power of attorney is attached.

There are some requirements for the vehicle that will allow you to open an individual entrepreneur to work by taxi:

  • On the side of the body there should be special markings "checkers";
  • The roof should be equipped with a bright orange lantern;
  • A taximeter must be installed in the vehicle.

A number of requirements are also imposed on an individual entrepreneur as a driver. Firstly, a person whose driving experience is less than 3 years will not be able to open an IP. Secondly, before starting work, you need to undergo a medical examination. The driver's admission to work is indicated by a stamp in the waybill. Usually medical services for the examination of drivers are offered by the dispatch service. Thirdly, the vehicle must be inspected before leaving, which is also noted in the waybill.

How to organize a dispatch service?

Today there is already an alternative to radio communication - special software that can be installed on a cell phone. Before you buy it and open an individual entrepreneur, you need to study and analyze numerous proposals. As with any software, it is important that the program is supported by maintenance, has the ability to improve and expand its capabilities.

In order to open an IP and start working, it is enough to hire 4 dispatchers. The enterprise will work around the clock, so you need to organize 4 shifts, 24 hours each. Next, you need to attract drivers to the business. You can advertise the employment of employees with their own car. It is necessary to conclude an agreement with them on the provision of information services, according to which they are required to pay the taxi dispatch service either a fixed amount or a percentage of the value of the orders transferred.

Taxi service with fleet

Usually the third option for a taxi business arises in the process of developing the first or second business model. To answer the main question, what is needed to open a taxi service business, it is necessary to draw up a clear and detailed business plan. Without it, it will be difficult to organize an enterprise, calculate the upcoming expenses, income and profit. One of the main points of a business plan should be market research. An entrepreneur must study the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in order to bring a new service to the market that will be liked and remembered by customers. The financial part of the business plan should be divided into two sections:

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