Free and budgetary ways to promote small businesses

If you are not in the subject and do not know that the main business is built on the Internet, your first question is “Internet business, what is it all about?”.

My answer: Internet business online is a job where you use the opportunities provided by His Majesty the Internet. I understand that I will say a terrible thing, but business over the Internet assumes your full responsibility for all aspects of it.

Yes, there will be no evil boss who will place the bulk of the responsibility on someone else, but not on you. An online business assumes that you will be in charge of everything until your business takes off and you cannot hire employees if the need arises. But this drawback simply pales before the opportunities that you get.

Complete freedom of action. You work when you want to, not when they tell you. You don't need hundreds of permits to make an important decision. Your income depends on you, not on the mood of your boss and his subjective opinion. Beauty!

What is the difference between offline and online business?

There are a few clear differences between online and offline businesses. Knowing these differences will help you succeed.

Offline business

Offline allows you to interact with customers in person. Communicating with customers and selling is easy because people can physically visit the office.

Typically geared towards a specific territory, while online businesses target a specific city or entire country. Offline businesses can be spread across multiple locations with franchises or networks to increase their availability.

Offline businesses make products and services easier to buy because people can see and touch products before deciding whether to buy. Many well-known offline companies also have online presences to help make business even more accessible.

Offline marketing is based on TV and print advertising, while online marketing mainly relies on online advertising. Both forms of business can benefit from both types of advertising.

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“Doing business without advertising is like winking at girls in total darkness,” said one wise marketer. But what if all the money is invested in goods and premises rent, and the advertising budget is very limited (or not at all)? Use free and cheap ways to promote your business - both online and offline.

Registration in company directories and profile catalogs

Before the Internet came to every home, there were “yellow pages” - plump telephone directories with information about companies. Now they have moved online. Regional directories, as a rule, contain a minimum of information about the company - type of activity, address, contacts, sometimes work schedule and reviews.

Popular company directories with coverage throughout Russia:

  • 2GIS. Registration is free, but there are also paid promotional offers. The main plus is the integration with city maps. In addition to the address of the company, the directory shows its location on the map.
  • Yell. u. This portal is positioned as a otzovik, but at the same time contains basic data about the companies: a short description, class of the store, types of delivery, etc. Registration is free.
  • Zoon. u. Positioned as a recommendation service. In addition to basic information about the company, there are sections "Price List" and "Promotions". Free registration.

These are large directories, and there are also small ones, which are innumerable. It makes sense to register only for "live" ones. Go through the sections of the catalog, see how long ago they were updated.

If the assortment of the company does not change, and the competition in the chosen niche is small, registration in the catalogs of companies can give a good profit. But you should not rely only on it.

When I worked for my father, even before I started SEO, I registered a company in directories. An enterprise from the industrial sector, therefore, was registered in profile catalogs such as metaprom. u or on sites where the corresponding category was.

Data indicated standard: name of the company, name of the head, legal address, phone and fax, e-mail. It was in 2021–2021.

So, there are still calls from people who learned about the company from such directories.

Publication on specialized sites

Auto business is not only tire fitting, car wash, taxi and auto parts sale. This collection presents 47 alternative ideas for making money related to auto themes, as well as links to guides and business plans for starting these types of auto businesses.

You can approach washing the car creatively - by hiring several girls of model appearance. The cost of services can be increased fivefold at once - clients will still be there. At the same time, most of them will not care about the quality of the car wash. The main thing here is the show. A separate surcharge in bikini car washes is taken for a topless car wash.

Snow removal services

An excellent way to make money in the winter season is to dig up machines that are trapped in the snow. The service has spread in large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. The tariff for excavating one car is 1000-2021 rubles, an operational call can be estimated at 5000 thousand rubles. The services may include not only cleaning the car from snow, but also cleaning the snow around it, pushing it out of the snow, charging the battery and “lighting the car”. No investment is needed - just having a shovel at home. If you plan to do this business seriously, with the purchase of a snowblower, then you can read about the opening of such an auto business here.

Lighting / painting rims

Glowing discs are of two types: with LED backlighting and painted with a paint, which includes a phosphor. There are several options for implementing a business idea - you can sell paint, LEDs, LED strips, caps and other goods (you can, for example, create your own wide-profile online auto light store), or you can also provide services for painting and installing LEDs. The cost of painting services varies from 4 to 12 thousand rubles. and will depend on the car brand, the number of paints, the complexity of the work and your reputation.

Dispatch service for ordering construction equipment

Not every company can afford construction equipment, for example, a car for an auto business - it is more profitable to rent it. The dispatch service for the construction equipment is an analogue of the passenger taxi service, only in the special equipment segment. Business is an intermediary between customers and owners: the former can quickly find and use rental services, while the latter receive additional income from the use of technology. To open such a control room, you will need to invest in the creation or purchase of software and the development of a mobile application. In the future, a telephone and Internet access will be enough.

Car upgrade can be not only external, but also internal. Services in sewing covers and hauling car interiors are in great demand. Clients are both owners of old cars and owners of premium cars. Such a business in the garage is profitable due to the fragmentation of services (sewing seats, armrests, doors, steering wheel, installation of inserts, embroidery, engraving, etc.) and the use of different materials (velor, leather, alcantara, flock, vinyl, carpet). In a word, on one customer you can earn both 1 thousand rubles and 50 thousand and even 200 thousand

Freight Car Wash is a specialized business for buses, trucks and trucks. It is difficult to clean the truck from dirt without special washing equipment, so this service will always have customers. Truck washes are located in industrial areas, along highways and near parking lots. You can equip the sink by installing an automatic complex, which will cost 3-6 million rubles, or by purchasing a manual complex for about 300 thousand rubles. High start-up costs are offset by significant income - 20 cars per day can give daily revenue of 35-50 thousand rubles.


Did you know that progress is moving at an incredible speed these days? Of course you know. That is why many people are thinking about starting their own business via the Internet. It should be understood that more and more clients go for help, first on the Internet, and only then scour their city. It is because of this, and also because of many other reasons, such as scale, convenience, modernity, that you need to think about starting a business on the Internet by choosing one of the business ideas described below via the Internet.

Business ideas on the Internet from scratch

There are ideas and projects with which you can start making money on the Internet from scratch, that is, without money. But then the earnings will be minimal, and yet it is necessary to have at least some knowledge. And if we want to make good money and have knowledge, we need a budget for the first ad. Therefore, we will refer business ideas from scratch to ideas up to 5 thousand rubles and having at least some knowledge, otherwise you will not earn money except on clicks.

Freelance or Business

Investments from 0 (20) thousand rubles

There are a dozen excellent sites on the Internet that provide an opportunity to earn money on simple tasks. Earnings are not the greatest, but it is worth starting your path as an entrepreneur on the Internet with this activity. The process of working with tasks is approximately the following: you register on the exchanges with Wmmail or Profitcentr tasks, select a task (work in social networks, registrations, reviews, clicks, etc.), complete them and submit a report. The advertiser checks your report and pays for the job. You can figure this out in 1-2 days. You can also create your own exchange.

Performing various tasks; on the exchange, you can earn from advertising and a percentage of transactions.

How to promote (advertising) your business?

To make it easier to work, you need to register accounts in different social networks, start mail and work from a convenient browser. Along the way, you will understand how to work more efficiently.

Advantages: easy money for beginners.

Disadvantages: not business; small income.

Investments from 0 (20) thousand rubles

Most of the work goes on text and freelance exchanges. Also, some companies are willing to pay good money if you write a worthwhile article for them on a specific topic. It is better to study immediately on the exchanges, working for a small fee and gaining rating and experience.

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