Everything you need to know when opening a housing and communal services management company

Until recently, only state-owned enterprises were involved in servicing apartment buildings. However, the low level of competition and high profitability made the housing and communal niche promising for investments. The example of housing and communal services business plan includes an organizational, investment issue, the advantages and disadvantages of such a business, and important nuances of the management company. Such an enterprise is considered quite unpredictable, but a deliberate approach to business, patience shown will help create a prosperous, profitable company.

Business features and benefits

Opening your own business in the form of a housing and communal services management company is a promising idea that requires large initial investments, the payback of which will take time.

The peculiarity of the business lies in the low level of competition and rather easy search for future customers. People who are accustomed to public services quite easily switch to private entrepreneurs offering similar tariffs, but with a better set of additional services. Private firms have already earned the reputation of being reliable providers of resources and services that perform as well as government firms.

In the second year of operation, the business fully pays for the invested funds and begins to bring the owner a net profit.

Business Profitability

The initial investment will be required for the lease of premises for the company and the purchase of basic equipment for servicing the apartments. The management company must have the entire set of equipment in order to profitably transfer it for temporary use to groups of workers. Renting equipment is not a profitable investment of money, because it is often very expensive. Buying your own inventory is the most calculated option for a company's development.

Following the business plan, starting a business, servicing up to 10 apartment buildings, will need to invest from 1.5 to 3 million rubles. Considering that the houses will have about a hundred residential apartments.

The management company, as a business, rests on the timely payment by residents of the entire amount that has come up for using the services. In cases of regular non-payment of utilities by residents, it is your business that will suffer, because the responsibility for paying for services lies with him. The contracts for the supply of resources are concluded by the management company, which undertakes to pay the indicated amounts for the resources provided. If a company is heavily indebted, legal proceedings may start, which could lead to bankruptcy.

Step-by-step plan for opening a management company

In order to implement a business plan, you need to go through several important stages:

  • Registration of a legal entity.
  • Registration of licenses, attestations.
  • Rent of premises.
  • Purchase of equipment, personnel selection.
  • Signing contracts with residential buildings.

Every day more and more Russians are discovering the benefits of running their own business. But what if the number of applicants is constantly growing, and there are fewer free niches? In this case, a business in the field of housing and communal services is the best option. Creation of a management company from scratch does not require much time and effort, and the low level of competition in this segment will ensure high and stable profits.

What is MC?

UK - is an organization of a commercial nature, which, on the basis of an agreement with the tenants of apartment buildings, takes on responsibilities regarding its technical and sanitary maintenance. The company acts as an intermediary between consumers and service providers.

For its services, according to the agreement, the CM charges a certain fee, which consists of two parts:

It is customary to distinguish several types of companies:

  • Managers. These organizations are not directly involved in the provision of repair services, maintenance, etc., but only act as intermediaries.
  • Operational. Such companies operate on the basis of a common property management agreement, but without providing utilities to users.
  • Hybrid. This type of company is independently engaged in the provision of various types of services necessary for the operation of apartment buildings.

Who can open a management company

According to Russian law, a business entity registered as:

In addition, the following person should be in a leading position in the company:

  • Has a qualification certificate for the right to manage MKD
  • No outstanding convictions for crimes of an economic nature
  • Not entered in the register of disqualified persons

Companies where management positions are held by persons convicted of economic crimes, or who have a temporary ban on such activities, are not allowed to operate.

An additional requirement for the applicant is Russian citizenship. This is due to the fact that foreign companies are not allowed to manage multi-apartment buildings.

Documentation to open

The mention of the first housing associations was noted in 1921, it was then that the first activists appeared who understood the attractiveness of this case, and began to take municipal buildings under their wing. Typical management companies began their existence relatively recently - 2021 was the beginning in the field of managing multi-storey buildings of a new era, and every year they are gaining more and more popularity among start-up entrepreneurs.

High profitability and little competition in this area are becoming the main reasons why businessmen want to occupy this niche. But is it so easy to open your own management company and why, with such financial attractiveness, there are still free places in this market?

So, how to start a management company from scratch? The answer is in this article!

It is allowed to carry out management activities only after obtaining a license, the issuance of which is regulated by state bodies.

Who can get permission?

A legal entity can count on obtaining a license to carry out work as a management company. or physical face:

  • registered on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • having a qualification certificate;
  • without a criminal record;
  • not in the register disqualified persons.

For tenants, this is an organization that manages all apartments in the house, providing a certain list of services established by the state or expanded by agreement with tenants.

To start a business in management, you need to take a few steps:

1. Finding a suitable place for an office.

Material on the topic: "Business idea of ​​housing and communal services" with full explanation and justification.

Debtors of housing and communal services - how to build a business on this

In almost every apartment building in Russia there are people who owe a certain amount for utility services. They may not pay for various reasons, but the debt of many of these people grows every month. And very often representatives of housing and communal services do not know how to deal with this kind of misfortune. e block the riser throughout the entire entrance.

Sometimes, the maximum they can do is to post a list of debtors somewhere near the elevator in order to "shame" the malicious defaulters. Does it often help? Not really.

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But this is not so simple. There are similar objections on the same forum:

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Your own business in housing and communal services: How to make money on utilities

Housing and communal services is an optimal field of activity, on which it will not be difficult to build your municipal company from scratch. The business plan of the management company for housing and communal services is drawn up taking into account the needs of residents. It is important to take into account all the little things, and then the organization will not only pay for itself, but also bring considerable income. An example of a business plan will be presented below.

Step-by-step instructions on how to create a management company in the housing sector

How to start a management company from scratch: required documentation

You can open a management company from scratch, but there is another option, opening a new one on the basis of a different one. The first option requires the following documents:

  • application for the management company and its registration (Form No. 11001 of 2021);
  • charter of the management company;
  • minutes of the meeting on the establishment company;
  • agreement of the founder;
  • resolution on the appointment of the director of the organization;
  • lease agreement for premises or letter of guarantee from its owner;
  • receipt on payment of the state fee.

If the company is created on the basis of a previously operating enterprise or the acquisition of a franchise, then the documentation is somewhat different:

  • updated charter of the organization;
  • application for registration of changes (Federal Law No. 13001 of 2021);
  • minutes of the meeting where it was adopted decision to change.

After that, changes are made to the documentation of the management company. Enterprise development programs are being confirmed.

Next, the management board must choose a bank with which the company will cooperate in the future. All current and savings accounts are registered there. It should be clarified how to open a special account. First, half of the capital is deposited, then the account must be fully replenished before the expiration of twenty months. But you can put the entire set amount in the bank (less than 50% is not allowed). Then the final selection of clients and suitable objects is made.

What are the conditions and requirements for obtaining a license?

Mandatory licensing of a management company engaged in housing and communal activities is legally established. Only citizens of the Russian Federation or officially registered institutions can carry out management and financial activities. The law also requires the leadership to have qualifications.

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