Escort is a job or a lifestyle

Escort services are in demand, for example, in such cases as: the solemn conclusion of a partnership agreement, the presentation of a prestigious award, participation in a large forum or a visit to a secular get-together - all this is an occasion for any business person to think about how and with whom to go out. This is the reason for the growing popularity of business support services

The essence of business in the field of escort services has been known for a long time. This means that you come to the event not in proud Byronic solitude, but accompanied by a charming companion who plays the role of an accessory.

- Suppose your partner is in the company of such a girl for a business event, - says Denis Matyskin, director of a Tomsk company that provides business escort services. - First thought: "Oh, my partner is attractive to such beautiful women!" And if a lady, in addition to external data, presents the grace of thoughts and judgments, then ...

Escort services are not limited to presence at business events. For example, a businessman flew to another city for negotiations. Everything around is new and unfamiliar. It is not even known where you can eat decently or take a walk with pleasure. Not around the hotel! So why not arrange a pleasant city tour for the guest, accompanied by a person who is wonderful in all respects, capable of supporting a conversation on any topic - from local history to sports, and if necessary, in a foreign language?

However, this essentially corporate service owes its popularity to attributes that play an important role in the business community.

A solid car, an expensive suit, a stylish watch and a great companion - a row in which there is no violation of logic. But most importantly, business escort services, in the opinion of Tomsk entrepreneurs, is a universal service, focused on both businessmen and hired managers: “If, for example, a career manager seeks to create an image of a successful, successful person for himself,” explains Vadim Lobatenko, Denis's partner Matyskin, - then, appearing at a corporate party with a spectacular lady by the arm, he will immediately attract attention. And there, who knows, it’s not far from promotion ”.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

In such a logical chain, a direct causal relationship, to be honest, is already hard to see, but the supplier is simply supposed to embellish their products and services a little.

The main thing in this business is a complete guarantee of confidentiality of information. A girl invited to a business meeting hears everything perfectly. That is why the model is required to sign a nondisclosure of service information. Although absolutely "terrible secrets", as you know, are discussed in a different setting. There is no time for beautiful girls.

Escort Services Not To Be Continued


A tough magazine

Many men dream of a beautiful model who will have a lot of fans as their girlfriend. He walks with her arm in arm, and those around him gaze enthusiastically and envy. Ewushki look at models as an economy of style: long legs, slim and fit figure, beautiful clothes. and again, a sea of ​​admirers who are ready for anything to meet the goddess. teenage girls turn on the TV, where models in fashionable outfits from famous haute couture stroll down the catwalk. In their dreams, they imagine themselves that someday they will also be able to walk gracefully along the carpet. For them, the model is a symbol of a luxurious, carefree life. they are not ready to do anything to get into the world of glamor, without health, go on unbearable diets, after which they are doomed to infertility, but this is still a small part of what they have to do to become a top model. I'll tell you about the models in Russian.

There is no model business in Russia, I'm sure of that. But there are escort services. For those who are unfamiliar with this term, I will reveal its meaning. Perhaps the fashion business in our country is at an embryonic stage, but prostitution and drug addiction have long since reached a decent level, and are overtaking all developed countries. Most of the young ladies imagine the work of the model as follows: she came to one casting and was noticed out of a thousand, immediately signed a contract for a million dollars, sent to Milan and introduced him to Numi Kambel, and tomorrow they were married to a Russian oligarch or an Arab sheikh-oil tycoon.

But in life, things are not at all like this: female models run from morning to evening at all castings, in search of at least some work, beg the photographers time to make a portfolio for them for free, borrow for decent outfits, and then go to a nightclub, posing as a successful model. Party organizers love these applicants and are happy to offer jobs on various promotions with a salary of 1,000 rubles a night, but the drinks are free. From that moment on, the career of the Russian model began. After the first stage, the young maiden does not stop attending auditions, and suddenly, an unknown store of wedding dresses selects her for a photo shoot, paying 1500 per day. Then she begins to believe in herself and persistently sends her photos to all kinds of proposals. Finally, the catwalk! This is what she has been waiting for.

This is evidenced by the article “Oligarchs are buying up modeling agencies and creating harems for themselves”, which was published in the newspaper Express Gazeta,

“One of the former numerous suitors of Ksenia Sobchak allegedly loves extreme sex. After talking with him, a lot of models will learn what sadomaso is. And they cannot work for a long time until the bruises go away. This gentleman ties the girl like a bag: the leg and hands are together behind her back, the rope is fixed on the neck. But, despite this, many girls agree to risky tricks: the fee is painfully high - about $ 2021 at a time. "

“According to the tax authorities, the salaries of the models of the most prestigious metropolitan agencies, with which they pay taxes, range from 600 to 4500 rubles a month. At the same time, "Modus Vivendis" is located in a separate building near the Kievsky railway station, "Fashion" has an office of about 300 sq. in the area of ​​Chistye Prudy. Point occupies a three-storey building near Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Property prices in these areas range from $ 2,000 (for rent) to $ 10,000 (for purchase). The agencies are either bought out by very cool businessmen, or are financially supported by them. "

I repeat that in Russia this model of the modeling business is very common, there is a reason for this: models are paid very little, they have to take a "hack" to stay in their profession. now consider whether it is worth embarking on the trail of the model. Her prospect is very dubious: spoiled appearance, health and reputation.

In the broad masses, escort agencies are considered to be conspiratorial brothels, which is actually not very close to the truth. To make sure of this, we contacted one of these places for information - the MissBliss agency - and found out how they (and the market in general) work.

Below you will find a story about the legality of escort business in Russia, the ethical side of the issue and about the place in the life of modern people is occupied by meetings of convenience.

Is it legal

The domestic legal framework is a vague and very mobile substance. The work of escort agencies is not subject to clear regulation. This type of entrepreneurial activity in the register of legal entities (USRLE) is registered under the OKVED code 96. 9 - “provision of other personal services not included in other groups”, and, of course, this business is absolutely legal.

This code is also used in Russia for marriage agencies, tattoo and piercing parlors, astrologers, mediums, clairvoyants, genealogy specialists, photo booth operators and other entrepreneurs who do not fall under the existing classification.

An escort assumes the acquaintance and escort of men by girls, that is, pimping, as they call it, but not prostitution, which is prohibited in the country.

MissBliss does not offer sex or other illegal services, and the girls receive escort money. If the meeting between the client and the model develops into something more, then this remains a personal matter of two adult adults and is not a service.

- Andrey Smirnov, MissBliss agency manager

What services are provided and how are they paid for

Escort, that is, escort, can involve a lot of actions. Girls can act as a companion at corporate or private receptions, can provide the services of a guide, personal secretary, translator or just an interlocutor.

Escort services involve hourly or daily payment, depending on what the client needs. Sometimes, if a long-term presence of a girl is required, discounts are provided. If it is planned to travel abroad, then all transport and living expenses are borne by the customer. The money that the model receives is the payment for support, no more. Everything else is at the discretion of the girl herself.

A classic escort agency is when models are completely free, live their own lives and go on dates only when it is convenient for them. This "schedule" allows them to engage in themselves and look better. In addition, this guarantees additional privacy for the girls themselves, because they do not intersect with each other.

- Andrey Smirnov, MissBliss agency manager

The concept of "escort" evokes different emotions in people: someone associates this type of activity with luxury and a "beautiful life", someone perceives the service as a profession, and some boldly declare that that this is a special case of prostitution.

In the article we will tell you about what an escort is and whether this occupation can be considered a professional activity.

What is an escort?

The word itself came to us from the French language and originally meant "escorting persons important to the state under protection." Today the concept has acquired a different meaning - accompanying the client at various meetings and events for a certain fee to form his image. Escort services are provided mainly by girls, and all the work on arranging such a "date" is done by their representatives.

The entire sphere of escort services can be divided into the following activities.

  • Accompanying the client at corporate parties, presentations and various receptions. The main task is to make a positive impression on others.
  • Shared leisure. A client can pay for the services of several girls at once. Here it is supposed to rest outside the city, sailing on a yacht, rest at sea and other types of entertainment.
  • Participation in business meetings or negotiations as an object to which the opponent will be distracted. A beautiful companion will help defuse the situation and increase the customer's status, which increases the likelihood of a positive outcome of the meeting.

The need for this service is due to the fact that in a bohemian society it is not customary to appear without a companion. Successful people prefer to hire these “female employees” than to have real relationships. We are talking about a professionally rendered service - a companion is not only beautiful, but can also charm the client, the environment, and maintain the conversation at the required level. The main consumers of the service are single businessmen, executives, oligarchs who do not have time to create a family or have a serious relationship.

Escorting - where to start?

Models provide similar services. It can be not only girls, but also guys, although ladies are more in demand in this area. By the way, the escort of a stately handsome man costs much more than an elegant, attractive companion. Performers are not required to confirm any titles, provide certificates and prove that they are able to cope with the task at hand.

The main requirement for a candidate is a model appearance and work experience in the fashion industry. There are other criteria for the selection of such "employees":

  • appearance - beautiful, well-groomed look (“calm” manicure, pedicure, haircut and clean skin, make-up discreet and natural);
  • ability to communicate, the presence of a broad outlook and the ability to maintain a conversation on certain topics;
  • self-confidence and a positive attitude;
  • lightness, friendliness, a sense of humor;
  • literacy, tact, knowledge of etiquette and the presence of good manners, punctuality;
  • the ability to subtly evoke male interest.

If the candidate speaks a foreign language, has a pleasant voice and can confirm higher education, then this will be an additional bonus.

Escort is escorting solvent VIPs to various events. The invited girl plays the role of an expensive "decoration" for a man. Beautiful and well-groomed girls can work in escort agencies. They often study at prestigious universities and know several foreign languages.


Young relaxed beauties can work as an escort. This type of activity has many advantages. To quickly get on track and start earning a good income, you need to know some of the features and subtleties of the craft.

Producers of female pop groups and modeling agencies were the first in Russia to start working as an escort. The group leaders agreed on organizing customer support at VIP parties and other events. For a wealthy successful man at all times it was prestigious to appear in a company with a beautiful sophisticated woman.

After a certain period of time, escort agencies appeared, which began to deal only with the provision of specialized services. At the moment there are two directions of escort:

  • local, when communication, meetings and attending events take place on the territory of the country;
  • offsite, it means working with a client abroad.

It is important to understand that a decent agency does not force girls to communicate with men that go beyond the concept of "escort." If a man and a woman find a common language and find the continuation of communication interesting and mutually beneficial, they have every right to develop a relationship. On what conditions they agree is their own business.

Who can work for the agency

Not everyone is hired to work in a VIP escort. A company offering such services must take care of its image. To work with an escort, a girl must meet the agency's requirements. To do this you need to have:

  • a good figure;
  • bright expressive appearance;
  • skin without rashes and imperfections;
  • well-groomed nails, hair.

Men prefer women with natural beauty. Visits to fitness rooms and beauty salons are indispensable.

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