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We have collected in one place tools for different stages of business. They are especially useful for individual entrepreneurs and LLCs under 3 months old. Choose helpers who will simplify your work and free up time for great things.

Calculate the risks and benefits

When the work is in full swing, it is difficult to change the direction of the business. It's better to ask yourself questions in advance that will help you achieve success even from scratch. Will the business idea attract customers? Is the investment enough? What can go wrong? What does the law require? The Internet, other entrepreneurs and potential clients will help to find out the answers to beginners.

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We talk about the painful problems of entrepreneurs, share the advice of the owners of shops, workshops, coffee houses, factories and construction companies. First-person stories will help you assess demand, analyze the market and start a business from scratch with minimal risk. We also devoted many articles to franchise business.

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In the course of a young individual entrepreneur, you will learn how to draw up transactions, accept money and pay taxes. Each lesson will have clear instructions and funny comics. And the course for beginner employers will tell you about 11 situations from registration to the dismissal of an employee. Both courses do not require knowledge of laws and are designed for small businesses.

Whether customers will buy is worth checking before starting a business. If you are planning to develop a popular program and start your own business, we will help you assess the prospects, build a business model and lay the foundation for scaling. The acceleration is free, the duration is 3 months.

Start simplifying business tasks

The business idea has been selected, it's time to get started. Here the routine already begins: choosing OKVEDs, analyzing tax systems, submitting documents for starting a business. But your allies also appear - online services that automate the work of individual entrepreneurs and LLCs. For example, programs for starting a business.

How to open a real estate agency + is it worth doing it in 2021 at all - an overview of the services market and the advantages / disadvantages of a niche. 4 steps to start a real estate agency from scratch + analysis of a viral plan for starting a business in 2 stages.

Regardless of the state of the country's economy, the need for real estate is constantly high. People move in, leave, rent, rent - and all this is done with the risk of being deceived. The third party acts as the guarantor of the transaction and ensures the safety of both its participants.

Today we will talk about how to open a real estate agency in Russia, and whether it is worth doing it in 2021 at all.

What is a real estate agency?

The history of real estate agencies began in 1794 in the United States. The founder of the direction was William Crookshank. Progress came to the borders of our state later. There is no exact date, but the first similarities of agencies began to arise in the second half of the 19th century and they were called apartment bureaus.

A real estate agency is a commercial type organization that mediates between a buyer and a seller of real estate. The company receives income as a percentage of the sale or at a fixed price for the buyer.

To extract greater benefits, about 40% of agencies combine brokerage services with investing in the primary real estate market.

The 2021 crisis hit the real estate market hard, but after a couple of years, activity began to recover. After the closure of third agencies, the demand for services began to grow, and due to the lack of satisfaction, it is still relevant to open a real estate agency. The graph above clearly makes it clear that the demand for services is growing, and the tendency will last for at least a couple of years, until the market is completely saturated.

Important! In 2021, the nature of sales has changed. Buyers prefer housing in new buildings, and therefore, combining brokerage services with investments in the primary housing market becomes even more profitable for real estate agencies.

Real Estate Market Trends 2021:

  • new buildings launch more economy projects with prices below the market average;
  • prices on the secondary housing market are decreasing due to increased demand for primary ones;
  • in some regions there is a program for the demolition of dilapidated housing, which causes difficulties in terms of organizing trade in the real estate market;
  • 50% of clients of real estate agencies come via the Internet.

The company can find a client base in any situation in the housing market. If we are talking about a recession, there is a switch to sellers; in case of growth, attention is focused on the buyer. The key to success in a niche is high-speed switching between sides + adequate price tags.

Material on the topic: "Electronics business ideas" with full explanation and justification.

Marketing for electronics engineers!

Useful information for professionals in the field of microcontroller systems developing their business

Small Business Electronics Ideas

The electronics business ideas described here are highly successful and lucrative small and home business opportunities for electronics professionals looking for a way to start their own small business to freelance from home. This article provides a list of ideas that do not require large investments and have an easy way to make money. These ideas work both online and in the local local market. At the same time, you work from home on a flexible schedule.

Renting out electronic measuring and testing equipment is a really profitable business in the long term. Small companies and individual electronics professionals are often looking for rental electronic measurement equipment because they don't have the budget to buy expensive devices. And especially, if they need such equipment urgently, they will be ready to pay more, since it is unlikely that they will be able to acquire and get such specialized equipment in a very short time.

Dropshipping is one of the most active businesses on the Internet today. You do not need to spend money on organizing a warehouse. All you have to do is request the multi-product supplier to ship products directly to your customers.

Servicing office electronic equipment is a successful small business idea that does not require any investment. It is typical for small and medium-sized businesses that they are not puzzled by the issues of standard servicing of their electronic equipment in their offices. By offering a more modest service package than that of official dealers, you will be able to service such equipment cheaper, and it will be a profitable business for you in the long term.

PCB assembly and installation is a non-investment freelance work from home. You can offer PCB assembly and wiring services to local manufacturers of low-cost consumer electronics or low-cost business electronic products.

Home Based Computer (CAD) PCB Design is a no-investment freelance work from home. You can offer computer-aided design services to small companies and individuals who cannot afford full-featured computer-aided design tools.

Home power equipment manufacturing business (UPS, converters, switching power supplies). With an increasing number of electrical and electronic devices in homes, the demands on power management and reserve stocks are increasing significantly. You can design and manufacture your own power supply products (UPS, converters, switching power supplies) and sell them to individual customers. And maintenance of such equipment after the end of the warranty period gives a large additional profit to the business.

The business of designing and manufacturing home electronic devices. If you can choose a good low-cost device that frees the landlord from some troublesome household chores, then you will get an excellent opportunity to develop your business. For example, it can be electronic mosquito repellents or various health care gadgets.

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