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Starting your own small home business without investments, as experience shows, is not at all difficult! Electrician on call is a great idea for anyone looking to start making money providing services to the public. The main thing is that the hands grow "from where it is necessary."

Why is such a service business good? First, as I said, there is almost no start-up costs. The second is the demand for consumer services on the market at all times. Well, at first, until your business is on its feet, you can work without applying for an individual entrepreneur.

The story of a "living" person providing electrician services on call is instructive. In this article, you will find enough practical advice that can be used by everyone who has chosen the difficult path of developing their own, albeit small, business.

Business without investment: electrician on call

I read in one magazine that you can survive by what you can do. Men chop firewood for pensioners, do carpentry work, repair electricians for lonely women. In short, you can provide services if your hands grow from the right places.

It was also said in that blessed article that services should be "necessary for clients"! This theory was perfectly understood, but weak sociability and soviet infantilism delayed the process of insight for another three boring, drunken years.

Once that crummy magazine was again in my hands and the article was outlined, as they say, in Lenin's way - with a pencil and notes in the margins.

It turned out that I had overlooked one very important circumstance about how exactly one should choose the type of activity.

The article said that one should not be picky - all works are good if they pay from the heart, so to speak. And that it is not necessary to invent a bicycle, but it is better to look around: at relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, friends, and simply copy it talentlessly. I'll make a reservation right away that it won't be possible to copy it talentlessly - each experience is unique and inimitable!

And now, a person out of this world for the first time, truly and truly, looked and appreciated his neighbors ... What did I see?

The bulk of people drag out a miserable existence for a parental pension, for a handout from the state and the employer ... Actually, there were no people with business acumen, tenacious for life, in my environment at first glance.

Once, at a friendly drinking party of rock musicians, I noticed my sidekick, bass-guitarist Rusik, that he had laid a cool table for the umpteenth time in a row. I sincerely noticed - without envy. And he replied - that he has been talking to us for six months now, how he works as an electrician on call.

So, how to open an electrical installation business. In fact, it is not difficult to open a company that performs electrical work. The business plan is very simple. Undoubtedly, you, or your partners, must have experience in electrical work. Otherwise, you simply will not understand what and how to do. The first step is to register a Limited Liability Company. You can do this yourself, but it's easier to contact a specialized organization.

This organization will prepare all documents for registering your company in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and in the tax office. I want to say right away that a company needs to do with a full taxation system. That is, with VAT. Since, most customers and general contractors do not want to work with a simplified system. Also, you need to open a bank account, putting ten thousand rubles on the account. This is your authorized capital.

Office rental for a business for electrical work

Of course, you will have to rent an office, as a lease agreement will be required when registering a company. Of course, the office needs to buy office equipment and install all the necessary programs. All that remains is to recruit engineers and workers for your electrical installation company.

Electrical Business Training

Further, you and your employees need to undergo training in: safety, industrial safety, labor protection and safety. That is, Safety, Industrial Safety, Labor Protection and Electrical Safety. And, create commissions to train electricians.

Without this training, you will not be able to work on serious construction sites. You will also need training in PTM - fire-technical minimum. ATM, usually required when entering a serious object. Then, perhaps, training will be required to work with lifts, and work at heights. And also, most likely, for work at especially dangerous technical facilities. Now, all these trainings can be done remotely, in specialized training centers. Of course, you have to pay for all this.

Electrical installation business Joining SRO

Currently, a license is not required to perform electrical work. But if you are going to do serious work, you will have to become a member of the SRO. SRO is a Self-Regulated Organization. By becoming a member of it, and paying contributions, about 300,000.00 rubles, you can. First, to perform work that affects the safety of capital construction facilities. This is virtually all electrical work at most sites. Secondly, to perform work with a total cost of up to 60,000,000.00 rubles per year.

You can work

Finally, after going through all these ordeals, you will be able to participate in tenders for the performance of electrical work. I want to remind you that the electrical installation business is a responsible and serious business. You will have to study a huge amount of guidance documents. All kinds of RD, SP, SO, SNiP and GOST. BUT, first of all, - PUE, the main governing document of electricians. Something like that. This was the owner's review. Good luck ...

The key difference between this income is the need for education. Of course, higher is not required, but secondary special is necessary. And this is not just a crust about education. This is, first of all, knowledge and skills, which in practice are transformed into a good permanent income.

The profession of an electrician requires a good theoretical foundation. This is required:

  • to preserve their lives and the lives of people who use the result of the work of an electrician;
  • because the work of an electrician is performed strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations;
  • to improve living standards by improving professional skills.

You cannot become an electrician after completing one month's course. Good knowledge can be obtained at a vocational school, technical school (college). The best option is a university.

Having acquired basic knowledge in an educational institution, it is necessary to start gaining practical experience (as in any other profession). You should not count on a large salary at the beginning of your career. Task number 1 is to learn how to apply the knowledge gained. In addition, in practice there is an opportunity to learn a lot of things that were not taught in educational institutions, or the material was given superficially. And it doesn't hurt to test theoretical knowledge in practice.

At the enterprise, the work of an electrician is paid either by piece-work (depending on the volume of work performed), or temporarily (by the number of hours worked / days). The hourly wage rate depends on the qualification grade for which the electrician works. Of course, when hiring a yesterday's student, his grade will be minimal. The decision to increase the grade is made by the immediate supervisor. Depending on the company in which the electrician works, the procedure for increasing the discharge may differ slightly. In general, it looks like this: an employee is sent for additional training (several days), according to the result of which an exam is passed with the subsequent assignment of a new category.

The development and improvement of electrical engineering, electronics obliges an electrician to self-study, to improve his level of knowledge. Otherwise, the day may come when the level of professionalism of the electrician ceases to satisfy the management of the enterprise.

It is great if there comes a time when the electrician becomes "cramped" within the scope of his / her functions. The level of skill is high, the salary is high (the maximum that the company is ready to pay). Most people are happy with this and continue to work at their "home" enterprise. Some electricians are looking for a more decent job, in accordance with their increased professional skills, while others start working for themselves.

Let's talk about the possibility of independent work as an electrician.

A good electrician always has an additional income, popularly called a "shabbat" or "hack" (the latter term is not entirely beautiful, it is consonant with the concept of hack - a bad job).

Let's talk about additional earnings in electrical installation (installation of electrical wiring in houses, apartments). It should be noted right away that working independently, you need to take care of the legalization of your activities before the state. The procedure for official registration with state bodies will not be considered in this article, this information can be obtained from the relevant institutions of your city.

As a rule, the fame of a good electrician "runs ahead of him" and clients find this specialist on the recommendation of friends. For this to work, you need to follow some rules:

Content of the article:

The first stage in organizing any activity is to conduct marketing research and determine the level of competition. Today in Russia there are more than 16,000 organizations engaged in electrical installation. Many of them do not provide a good design and installation quality. This is mainly due to the fact that the heads of companies are sure that the end consumers of services are not aware of whether they performed the work with high quality or not.

Installation of wiring is required for new buildings, when opening restaurants, cafes, workshops, shops, that is, when performing any repair work. Currently, due to the inflow of investments, the region is developing dynamically. The largest segment of the market is still new buildings with a rough finish.

The first step is to register a business

Choose one of two options: an individual entrepreneur (IE) or a limited liability company (LLC). We advise you to opt for LLC. In this case, you will have a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurship development. By the way, it is LLCs that win various tenders.

To register a limited liability company, you need capital in the amount of 10,000 rubles, the charter, minutes of the meeting of founders, a receipt for payment of state duty, an application in the form of R11001 and a code according to OKVED (code 45 for electrical installation work. 1 ).

What are self-regulatory organizations?

Firms specializing in the electrical installation of construction sites must join self-regulatory organizations (SRO).

The main advantages of joining an SRO:

  • obtaining a permit (not required for servicing small objects);
  • the ability to use uniform standards;
  • work at large industrial facilities, thanks to what can you hope for a good profit.

Important! The initial payment is 300,000 rubles, annual payments are more than 30,000 rubles. That is why many entrepreneurs working in this field advise registering as a branch at first.

Any new business must be demand driven. Businessmen wishing to engage in electrical work can be sure that their enterprise will be popular with both citizens and public and private organizations. But before starting a business, it is important to pay due attention to planning.

Electrical work: specifics of supply and demand

The operation of buildings of any purpose cannot do without electrical work, therefore, electrical installation companies are always in great demand.

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Electrical work mainly includes the following:

  • laying electrical lines;
  • bringing electricians from electricity sources to sockets, switches and other points;
  • replacement, full or partial, electrical wiring;
  • installation of a cable channel;
  • dismantling of faulty wiring;
  • fastening lighting devices, electrical equipment, including air conditioners and other systems;
  • laying of cables for telephone, television and the Internet.

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There are two main areas of activity for an organization specializing in electrical work. The first includes simpler steps for connecting, installing and repairing household electrical appliances. This direction is good because it is in great demand, makes a profit, and at the same time is relatively inexpensive in financial aspects, while not being difficult to implement. The second type of work is more complex and involves the organization of the development of electrification systems for various construction projects and their further maintenance. The second option will be more interesting and profitable, however, for the development of a start-up enterprise, the first type of activity will be much easier and more economical.

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The wider the range of activities the company covers, the more demand it will be. But in order to understand what services the company will be able to provide immediately after opening and what financial investments will be required for this, it is necessary to draw up a detailed business plan. This document includes all the expenses that the founder of the company will have to bear on the way of its foundation and development. Taking this into account, they form a list of works that the company will offer to potential customers, calculate the possible profit and form a pricing policy. With proper planning, the payback period for a company created from scratch can be from 1 to 2 years.

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