Drawing up a business plan for a courier delivery service

Courier delivery service is a developing area of ​​activity. Within the framework of such a business, the transportation of correspondence, various goods or gifts is carried out. Moreover, this happens in a fairly short time.

The organization of the courier business is interesting in that it is possible to attract people with low or no qualifications to provide such services. Currently, there are not so many companies of this kind. Therefore, the shipping cost is high. How to organize a courier service? The nuances of the development of this case should be reflected in a previously drawn up business plan.

Service market

The most powerful structure that carries out the delivery of correspondence and cargo in our country is the Russian mail. However, it is slow and unreliable. In this regard, most firms and companies try not to resort to its services.

A business plan that looks at how to set up a courier service should include information about the work of competitors. The existing postal services adhere to the rules approved by the International Postal Convention. They provide for the weight of the shipment. It should not exceed thirty-two kilograms. If the order value does not exceed one hundred dollars, the duty will not be charged.

When organizing a courier service, express delivery can be carried out with a cargo weight of up to several tons. In this case, a duty is imposed on all items. Most of the courier services would like to have a license for postal transportation.

However, the Convention clearly defines the national operator. In Russia, this is the "Grandpost" service, functioning in all towns and cities. This company is beyond any competition. In this regard, for the stable development of your own business, you can master the courier market within only one city.

Business start-up prospects

If you are thinking about the question of how to organize a courier service, then keep in mind that the business you open will compete only with small similar companies within the region or city.

In the event that the goods delivered by your service are larger than CDs or books by weight, you will need from ten to forty units of cars, a garage, an office and a warehouse to open a business. Some courier companies only deliver magazines and correspondence. In this case, it is enough to purchase one car and rent an office from two premises.

It should be remembered that this business is capable of bringing its owner a stable profit. That is why a budding entrepreneur should pay special attention to this business. In addition, the organization of a courier delivery service is not a very complicated process. This is due to the fact that this case does not require special education and professional skills. A significant start-up capital will not be needed here either.

First Steps

It is always necessary to deliver, bring, deliver something. Therefore, the courier service is a very attractive business project

If you want to start your own business by organizing a courier delivery service, then you should know the basic key rules. They will help you find out more precisely how to open a courier service without problems and competently conduct business in the future. The messenger business is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. Indeed, its organization does not require deep professional knowledge, no special education, no special equipment, or even a huge start-up capital.

What is required to open a courier service?

Firstly, it is preferable to organize such a business in large settlements, since in small cities the demand will be low and your courier service will not bring tangible income;

Secondly, you will need at least a minimum number of employees on the staff (at least, this is a dispatcher, driver, accountant, and in the case of delivery of "heavy" - a loader);

You also need to decide what your service will deliver: agree that documents and, for example, medical equipment require completely different conditions of transportation;

If you are going to transport dangerous goods, before starting work you need to obtain a special certificate for their transportation;

And finally, you need to attract potential customers through advertising.

Required Attachments

As mentioned above, if you decide to open a courier service, you don't have to make a big investment. However, you will certainly need some funds. Which ones? Car. It will need to be purchased, unless you are going to hire people with private vehicles. By the way, in the summer you can use the services of schoolchildren - the owners of scooters and motorcyclists and it's great to save on this.

Courier service is a good business idea for entrepreneurs who have good management skills, are able to competently organize work and reduce unnecessary costs. The attractiveness of this idea lies in the fact that at the initial stage, the costs are low and courier services pay for themselves.

Courier service business plan

Types of services

Before drawing up a business plan for the courier service, you need to decide on the format of the services that will be provided:

  • Business letters and documentation. With the development of Internet technologies, the need to transfer data on paper has not lost its relevance. Therefore, the delivery of papers to the addressee is still in demand.
  • Parcels and parcels. Such items can be sent by mail, but it will take too long. It is much more convenient to use the services of a courier who will deliver the shipment quickly and on time.
  • Flowers, food, food. To provide such a service, you need to conclude an agreement with flower shops, cafes, fast food organizations.
  • Products. Online shopping is very popular. It is often more profitable for online stores to work with a courier service than to have in-house couriers.

The business idea is to make a profit by providing courier services to citizens and organizations. At the initial stage, you can start working only within one city, gradually expanding the geographical coverage.

The most popular work is considered to be the delivery of orders from online stores, they can be the main focus, at least at the start. Clothes, flowers, food, dishes, gifts can be delivered. Courier orders can be:

  • Urgent. The courier leaves immediately after the application is received, but payment is made at a higher rate.
  • Standard. The order is agreed in advance and appointed for a specific time.
  • Nightly. Delivery is made at night at a higher rate.
  • Mailing list. An order from one person to several addressees.

Each type has its own tariff. An increased fee is taken for night and urgent orders, and favorable conditions are created for customers by mailing.


How to open a delivery service: 5 popular delivery options, tips for attracting investment, the cost and profitability of this type of business.

► Costs of setting up a business: from 400,000 rubles. ► Payback period of the delivery service: 10-12 months.

The delivery business is gaining momentum every day, since it does not require such large investments as the production of goods or the opening of a catering establishment.

One of the advantages is the fact that it is not so difficult to organize and design.

A delivery company can provide transportation services, both oversized cargo, parcels, letters, and conclude an agreement with a company (more than one), and deliver goods of its production.

In addition to the pros, there are a number of nuances that you need to understand before thinking about how to open a delivery service.

First, it is worth deciding which goods and to whom will be supplied.

For example, you can initially deliver orders to a house in one locality.

This is a good starting point for a beginner because it doesn't require a lot of vehicles.

And if the business thrives, it will be possible to expand the scope of activities to the desired scale.

It is hard enough to find simple and working tips on how to write a budget business plan, courier delivery is a particularly sensitive topic.

Courier service is a great business idea for those who have good enough managerial skills, who know how to organize work smoothly and cut unnecessary costs. As a business, it has one remarkable advantage - initial and variable costs are low, courier services pay for themselves.

How to open a courier delivery service in your city?

To open a delivery service, you need to comply with 2 points:

  • Have access to direct customers. These can be various online stores, restaurants, in particular pizzerias and sushi bars, where the service of delivering food from a restaurant to your home is very popular. Often, courier delivery services on an ongoing basis are required by many organizations that work with documents. Sending employees to deliver documents can be an unaffordable luxury for them, and maintaining their own courier can be unprofitable. Grocery stores and bakeries often require a driver to bring food and raw materials. The courier service may have enough clientele.
  • Have your own staff, consisting mostly of couriers. Also, as the business develops, you may need an operator who will take orders and answer phone calls, while you will act as an administrator. Over time, it will become necessary to hire a person for this position.

What are the costs of this business

Basically, variable costs include payments for mobile services for operators, utility bills, rent for the office where your company is located, costs for the website and advertising, if any, and remuneration for couriers, operators, accountant and other personnel. If your employees have uniforms, this is also a 1 cost item. If you are engaged in cargo transportation, then include an item on the costs of buying / renting and maintaining cars.

At the same time, many costs can be reduced, especially at the initial stage.

With simple calculations for a month, the following comes out:

  • Renting a small office from 15 to 20 m² will cost you around 130-150 thousand rubles per year (this is for Moscow, in the regions prices can be much cheaper), that is about 10 800-12 500 rubles. per month.
  • Utility bills for electricity come out no more than 1000 rubles. per month.
  • Depending on the number of calls and the selected tariff, communication costs will not exceed 2021 rubles. per month.
  • If your company has a lot of orders, then the courier can be "put" on a salary of 15 to 25 thousand rubles. (the same rates apply for operators). If there are still relatively few orders, then it will be more profitable to work on piece-rate wages.
  • Total monthly costs of a promoted and firmly standing courier delivery service are at least 50-70 thousand rubles. per month, a large service with the presence of cargo transportation - much more.

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