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If you have an Idea and there are clients willing to buy it, you can make money on anything. However, some business niches look very attractive for beginners, but in fact it is very difficult to make money from them. There are several types of IT-related businesses in which you most likely will not be able to make significant money: too much competition, too low profitability, low demand, etc. Of course, in any niche you can come up with something new and unique, something that is really in demand by customers. But new ideas and business models are a separate risk for starting a business. The idea may sound attractive, but it may still not work.

Web Studio

Not too long ago, web design was a great business for beginners - all there was to know was HTML basics and some Photoshop. Sites were needed by everyone and the customers were not even too picky. The monthly "salary" was fully guaranteed by 2-3 small projects. And if we take them for further support, then it was quite possible to quickly reach a normal permanent income.

Over the past few years, competition in web design has become too high and customers have become very demanding:

  • Everyone needs a unique design.
  • Management system.
  • Integration with stores and back-end systems.
  • Copywriting.
  • SEO, SMM and other promotion.

That said, customers' website budgets are even lower than they were a few years ago.

So, if you do not have good experience in selling websites, as well as extensive skills in web programming and design, then it will be very difficult for you to make money on a web studio. And if you have all this, then you will be willingly accepted into an existing business with a salary higher than the income you can count on when opening your own business.

Somewhere in 2021 - 2021 there was a boom in sales of computer equipment. It was at that time that most of the large stores today amassed huge capital. Almost every family bought a computer, and organizations ordered large quantities of these devices and accessories. But that time has passed, and the demand for these goods has cooled down a little, the market has become saturated and at the moment has been holding at the same level for several years. In this article, we will discuss how to open a computer hardware store in your city and how you can attract customers, competing with market leaders.

Business format

The business of selling computer equipment has undergone many changes, and if earlier money was earned mainly on sales, now the lion's share of the profit comes from the repair of computer equipment.

This business may be most profitable in small towns where there are no branches of large retail chains. Yes, goods can be ordered from the Internet, but warranty service and availability of goods in an offline store often do their job, and the client goes to small stores in his city.

How can you be competitive? First of all, it is a service. You need to make a special bias on it. Focus on warranty service, assistance in choosing the right model of a computer or laptop. Try to solve the client's problem as quickly and efficiently as possible, and you will get his trust. There are many examples of such a business and they can be found in almost every provincial town.

Also keep in mind that there are some customers who do not want to order on the Internet or do not know how. Plus, you can conclude contracts with local businesses and organizations for maintenance, as well as discounts when ordering computer equipment and components from them in your store.

Selection of premises and equipment for trade

Before opening a computer store, you should first of all take care of the selection of premises for trade. Of course, it is most profitable to rent a retail space in crowded places or in the city center (in the provinces), but it's okay if your office is somewhere around the corner, the main thing is correct advertising.

The size of the premises should be from 35sq. ... And more is possible, in this case you can make a beautiful presentation of all the products of your store. It is desirable to have an additional room for a computer repair workshop. Also, in this additional room you will store all the equipment that will come to you for service. The size of the additional room must be at least 25 sq. ...

To trade computers and peripheral devices, you will need to purchase trade equipment: shelves, glass racks and display cases, as well as arrange a workplace for the seller. The seller will need to install a PC so that he can place orders and see the availability of a particular product in the supplier's warehouse. It is advisable to keep all records in electronic form so that you can view current orders at any time.


If you are thinking of opening a store of computers, components and accessories, then you will need to carefully work out the assortment and decide on a list of the initial purchase of goods that will be in your warehouse and goods that you will bring under the order during 1-2 days.

Almost every family has a desktop PC or gadgets that replace it (tablets, laptops, etc.). Unlike, for example, furniture items, electronics become obsolete within two to three years. Therefore, despite the fact that the houses of modern people are overflowing with this "good", the sale of computers and consumer electronics will remain a very profitable business for a long time to come.

First Steps

Before starting the organization of this business, decide on its scale, which directly depends on the amount of your finances. Would you like to open a small shop in a semi-basement or strike at an analogue of a shopping center? Selling exclusively hand-built computers or a complete line of consumer electronics? In any case, the preparatory part of the business consists of three main stages:

  • Registration of documents for the creation of IP. The procedure is not very expensive (the state fee is 800 rubles) and is relatively fast.
  • Rent of premises for a trading floor and a warehouse. The area depends on the specific line of business.
  • Creation of the "face" of your company: logo, color style, name. In conditions of increased competition, the "face" of the company sometimes plays a decisive role.

Be sure to research and know all your competitors, monitor their prices to find ways in which you will stay ahead of them in this market segment.

Build and sell computers

The IBM PC platform is so flexible that, by combining tens of thousands of types of components, you can assemble desktop PCs for both general and highly specialized purposes. Moreover, their price can vary from 10-12 thousand rubles feasible to everyone to exorbitant 200-300 thousand. The main advantage of this line of business is the low level of initial investment.

A large room is not required - 20 sq. meters for the retail space and 10-15 for the "assembly shop". Two people can be hired as staff: an assembler and a sales manager. It is best to work "on order". Establish contacts with suppliers of renowned components (for example, nVIDIA, AMD, Intel), get access to their product databases and first make a "virtual" PC assembly for the client via the Internet.

If the buyer is satisfied with the price, then draw up a sales contract with an advance payment and send an order form. As a rule, in 5-7 days the components arrive at the store, and their assembly takes no more than 2 hours from a professional. Thus, only computer peripherals (mice, keyboards, speakers) and the most common components for assembling home and office PCs can be kept on showcases.

The total initial investment in this business will not exceed 200 thousand rubles. The items of monthly expenses will be only rent, "communal" and salaries of employees (salary + interest). The amount of prepayment from customers should almost completely cover the purchase cost of the components. Along the way, you can organize trade in various small things: disks, flash drives, printer paint.

Investments Profit Payback 1. 10.00125.00 per month13 months

In recent years, people cannot imagine their life without computers and the Internet. This can be used by opening a club. In it you can play games, communicate on social networks, search for information.

Is it profitable to open in modern realities?

There are a huge number of people who cannot imagine their life without computer games. For them, this is relaxation, a way to spend time with friends, to escape from everyday problems.

Even more people need to urgently print documents or other information, use e-mail. There is not always a computer or Internet access nearby.

In all these cases, you have to look for the appropriate salon. So opening a computer club would be a smart decision. In the near future, this idea will bring considerable income. If you are thinking about whether to open a computer club, you can draw up a business plan and see all the pros and cons of this business. This is a great opportunity to do something interesting.

The demand for computer clubs in small towns has dropped significantly. This type of business has prospects for development in large cities. It is good when the population is 800,000 or more. Fans of Internet games will actively visit such clubs.

Step by step plan

There is a business plan for the computer club, according to which some work needs to be done. Only in this case you can count on profit. To begin with, you have to think over the whole algorithm of your own actions. Here's a step-by-step guide to get your project up and running quickly.


A well-designed business plan for opening a computer club will allow you to get a stable profit. It is important to carefully choose the location of the room. It should be taken into account that most of the clients' premises are young people, students, schoolchildren. They often have to copy training material, print out works.

It makes sense to locate the club in a business location with no competition. You can find premises next to conference rooms, large hotels.

There is no point in opening a club in the city center. The main thing is that the place has a high traffic of people. In addition, there must be access to high-speed Internet. If the area has already been selected, you need to clarify which providers provide services there. More often, the problem of finding an Internet source is in a small village.

Good afternoon, readers! The present conditions have brought many people to the Internet, but some do not have the necessary technical capabilities. For this reason, right now, renting out a computer is especially relevant. It has already become one of the principles of work of many organizations, which means that you can try your own hand at any individual. Moreover, right now we will provide a detailed description of a profitable business idea.

Renting a computer has long been of interest to many people. Someone needs temporary use, and someone wants to try their hand, in any case, the number of potential customers in large cities is almost unlimited. However, the current situation has also made its own adjustments. People are looking for additional income and the opportunity to communicate, and even a short period, for example, 1 week, is quite enough for the development of their own group on a social network or a channel in Telegram, as indicated below. It turns out that you should offer the population services that they will not refuse.

Phased organization of computer rental

Of course, renting a gaming computer should not be one-time, which implies a complex organization. Yes, you can always just "let us use" your own equipment, but this will only bring trouble and waste, you can not even dream of any profit. So what do we propose to do without further troubles?

Stage one - registration of an individual entrepreneur or registration as a self-employed. First of all, you need to ensure the legality of your own activities. This is a prerequisite, without which it makes no sense to appear on the market for goods and services. True, now it is possible to register as self-employed, which gives a reduction in income tax to 6%. Sometimes it is beneficial to use this option if there is no plan for a sharp increase in the size of the annual tax in the foreseeable future. All the same, we will provide for the costs of 800 rubles, although registration is free on the official portal.

Stage two - preparation of equipment. Renting out a computer via the Internet, of course, always begins with the purchase of equipment. Yes, someone will decide to simply transfer a personal computer to use, but it is more practical to prepare in advance for the high demands of customers. We are not talking about colossal initial investments, but we suggest that you take your work seriously, purchasing, for example, 3 computers of different configurations. Usually this is more than enough for a start, because people have some choice, and you have the opportunity to vary the cost of delivery for 1, 3 and 7 days. At this stage of preparation, you will have to spend about 80-100 thousand rubles.

Stage three - website creation and advertising. We will not talk about the need to find a room or open a warehouse, but just say that you just need to create your own website for a detailed description of the services provided. This is a prerequisite, because even over the phone it is impossible to reveal the secrets and advantages of one or another option. If the future user goes to the site, he will be able to independently and without haste to figure out all the intricacies. After that, all that remains is to launch an advertising campaign for referrals and subsequent calls with orders.

How can I guarantee myself when I rent a gaming computer?

Before you start actively attracting customers, you need to understand that renting a gaming computer can lead to trouble. Indeed, the technique breaks down regularly, and the software must be monitored, eliminating even minor problems in time. It's just better to stipulate some additional conditions in advance that will exclude unexpected problems and large monetary losses. What options should you use?

  • Collateral system;
  • Drafting a contract.

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