Computer enthusiast - hoarder: a comprehensive guide to doing business in a crisis

The level of computerization in Russia is the highest among the countries of the former USSR and one of the fastest growing in the world. More than 70 million Russians use the Internet using a variety of devices - PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets. Computer equipment often requires repair, installation and software updates, fine-tuning. These services are provided by specialized service firms, popularly called "computer assistance". The demand for computer services is growing in line with the dynamics of the market for electronic devices.

Target audience

The demand for computer services comes mainly from individuals. On the part of organizations it is less (they apply if they do not have their own system administrators or acquaintances, customers are mainly individual entrepreneurs). A promising segment of clients for a business in the field of computer assistance is budgetary organizations and departments: they are actively computerized, and a significant part of employees own a PC only at the initial level, not being able to solve technical problems. There are few system administrators in the staffing tables of state institutions (and the salary is low).

Segmentation of individual clients from the point of view of a business plan for a computer service can be carried out according to the most frequent types of technical problems that require outside assistance:

  • the Internet does not connect (problems with a wi-fi router or network): women of all ages most often complain about such problems;
  • an additional device is not connected ( printer, scanner, etc.): women 18-25 years old;
  • I can't use it (consultation, training is needed): women 18-25 years old, inexperienced users - schoolchildren, pensioners;
  • there is no required program (antivirus, office platform, or the operating system itself): all categories of clients;
  • accidentally deleted files (formatted the disk): schoolchildren, retirees;
  • the device does not turn on or does not boot: all customer categories;
  • the device is damaged (dropped, tea spilled) and urgent repairs are needed: all customer categories;


This is one of the main risks in the business plan. There are a lot of "gray" players in the computer help market - not registered legally and working on advertisements in the newspaper. But few work efficiently and strive to get regular customers. No one has a guarantee for the repaired equipment. They have no opportunity to work with legal entities. A full-fledged entrepreneur has all these advantages. The competition between officially operating firms and individual entrepreneurs in the segment of computer assistance is average.


There is no urgent need for a separate room for computer repair. It makes sense to rent an office if you cannot work from home. The work is 99% offsite.

If you rent an office for computer assistance, then you can be the most modest - 10-12 sq. meters (it will cost 15-20 thousand rubles in Moscow, 8-10 thousand in the regions), you can "coworking" (joint work with other master entrepreneurs, 5-7 thousand rubles in Moscow, 3-4 thousand . in regions).

It is better to find a premise for a computer repair business with a ready-made repair and infrastructure. There are no requirements for SES, but the Fire Department can check:


Friends, it's not a secret for anyone that oil is rapidly losing in price, and after it the ruble is gradually depreciating. Prices for iron and other equipment are slowly but surely climbing up.

The readers of my blog know that about a week ago I managed to order components for my new assembly at the old prices after I sold the "sandal" at a flea market for a tidy sum. So, all this time I have been tracking the prices of components a little, a lot of hardware has already managed to add about 10% of the original cost in price. And I dare to assume that further prices will only go uphill.

But there is one caveat. The so-called "flea market" has not yet had time to react to the general rise in the cost of components and equipment on the market. And if I had at least some initial capital, I would have long ago started buying various "popular" components at bargain prices in order to resell them in the medium or even short term.

But my business is beggars, to write articles here, and to buy that little things, purely for the soul, as a hobby. And to you who want to increase their capital and make money on a possible future crisis, I can tell you what and when to buy, and most importantly, how to buy, so as not to go into the red. The guide of a novice hoarder, so to speak.

What can I know about this? In fact, a lot, at one time I was able to rise due to the cryptocurrency fever on the resale of video cards and other components. And in "our time" the principles have remained the same, so I have a story to tell, to teach you the "skill" of trade and the correct purchase of PC hardware. The article can be useful not only for hucksters, but also for simply economical enthusiasts who want to try their luck at flea markets.

What to buy now in order to profitably resell in a crisis? Top bargains at attractive prices

So, here is an approximate table of the most profitable purchases now for resale in the future (from several weeks to six months), I also advise you to monitor various "throw-ins" when they expose something at a fabulous price.

How not to buy trash and go at a loss? Commandments of profitable buying

1. Weed out the huckster. Buy parts only from regular "users". You can resell to hucksters, but buying something from them is pointless, you are unlikely to sell it more expensive.

Computing technology has firmly entered our life - now almost every family has 2-3 computers, laptop, tablet. Some people use computers for entertainment, others make money from them, and still others use them for communication and shopping. But the equipment breaks down sooner or later and requires repair. Computers break down much more often than other household appliances because they depend on software to function properly. The user can install some malicious program from the Internet or catch a virus, and the technician has to be carried for repairs. Therefore, a computer repair service will always be profitable.


Let's consider how to open a computer repair service center and what is needed for this. Computer repair is a profitable and promising business. The repair itself can be divided into two types:

  • Block-programmed.
  • Physical.

The first option is the simplest and cheapest. It means restoring a computer with software (reinstalling the operating system, installing drivers, special programs, recovering data from a hard drive). In case of failure of any parts of the computer, they are simply replaced with whole blocks (memory, motherboard, video card, etc.), without repair and soldering.

Physical repair implies the presence of a soldering station and a circuit engineer who can re-solder capacitors, change bridges, etc. This service offers a wider range of repairs, but does not always pay off the investment made in it.

Please note: at the initial stage, we recommend to act according to the first scheme, providing software and block repair of computers. When you realize that many of your clients require just physical repair of spare parts, then move on to the second scheme.

List of services

The wider the list of your services, the larger the market segment you will cover. Do not limit yourself to reinstalling the OS - provide other services people need. A standard service usually provides:

  • Installing and reinstalling operating systems.
  • Selection and installation of drivers.
  • Install and configure various user programs.
  • Configure various modems.
  • Installing software on mobile phones, tablets, flashing them.
  • Recovering data from the hard drive when reinstalling the OS or replacing it.
  • Preventive services (cleaning from dust, speeding up your computer, removing viruses).
  • Replacement of burnt-out spare parts, their repair.
  • Refueling of printers, their repair.

After working for 6-10 months, you will decide which services are popular in your city and what you need to focus on. Perhaps installing software or flashing tablets / phones will bring you more money than physically repairing microcircuits, so it would be better to focus on this particular niche.

Also, don't forget about the convenience for customers. Be sure to arrange a “visiting master” service - many people are afraid to give their computer away or they simply do not have time to take it to the service during working hours. The visiting foreman is paid at a special hourly rate + takes a certain coefficient for the speed of work, after-hours, holidays, etc.

In this article I want to tell you about a business that I have been doing for a long time and continue to do to one degree or another - this is a home computer help business. The business idea of ​​computer repair is not new and there is a lot of competition there. But as practice has shown, there are enough orders for everyone.

This type of activity does not require almost any investment from you, it is enough computer knowledge at the "enikeyshchik" level and the necessary software. However, the business of computer assistance has its own nuances, which I will tell you about in this material.

How to start a computer repair business

The business of repairing and configuring computers has a fairly low entry threshold. In fact, any schoolchild who has sufficient knowledge can do this so as not to embarrass himself in front of a client and earn his own money.

The beginning of this type of activity begins with the purchase of the necessary media (flash drives), and the search for the necessary software.

  • Distributions of the most popular operating systems (Win XP, Win 7, Win 10);
  • driverpack solution - a bank of drivers needed to configure hardware;
  • MS office several versions, starting from 2021 and more modern;
  • Dr web cureit or another good and free antivirus;
  • Live windows image to be able to boot operating systems from a USB flash drive, without installation;
  • Tube of thermal paste;
  • Screwdriver set with magnetic tip.

This is probably the most important thing to start a computer help business.

Other versions of windows are optional - they are unpopular. They can always be replaced with this "three" of more successful OS. As far as office software is concerned, I recommend having several versions. Whatever one may say, many still have "calculators" which, apart from XP and Office 2021, will not pull anything out.

Driverpack solution is the most powerful driver base for any hardware. Here you can find almost everything you need to work with client computers. Do not forget to regularly update the driver database.

Live windows image - proved to be very useful in a number of cases. It happens that the computer cannot be loaded in the usual way, or it is necessary to extract some information from the hard disk. You will always be helped by Live image and OS boot without installation on the hard drive. This flash drive can be useful in a number of other problems that you will face.

Every day the Internet is getting more and more densely into our daily life. Despite the fact that almost every house has a computer, and the Internet is accessible via a mobile phone, the services of clubs will be more and more in demand

Before we start

For a computer club you need high-quality equipment, for its purchase you need a solid start-up capital. This line of business requires a large number of permits and licenses. Before starting the inventory of the premises and paperwork, find out all the nuances of the legislation. A detailed business plan will help you calculate the initial investment and get a profitable loan from the bank.

Main risks

Computer and the Internet are gradually entering every home. You must provide quality and innovative service that is not available at home. The emergence of a nearby competing club with better service and the departure of regular customers is also very likely.

There is a high risk of conflict situations between the visitors of the club. Your employees are responsible for monitoring customers to avoid violations of the law and damage to equipment. There are strict legal norms regarding the stay of minors in such institutions.

“Step-by-step instructions on how to open a computer club”


First of all, look for premises near universities and schools. Young people make up the majority of the clients of such establishments. Students and schoolchildren constantly need to search the Internet, print or copy educational work. In their free time, young people will visit your club to socialize with friends and have fun.

A business district location can make sense if there are no competitors. If there are large hotels in your city that do not have conference rooms and computer clubs, you can sit near one of them.

Placement in the center does not play an important role. The decisive factor is the availability of the premises, the location on the streets with high traffic and near public transport stops.

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