Car service business plan: features, requirements, useful tips

Despite the abundance of car services and craftsmen in every city, none of them is sitting idle: the domestic demand for car repair services remains open. The number of machines is growing, both new and serviced, and they all require technical support.

In such conditions, opening a service station seems to be a profitable direction for investment. In this material, we will give a detailed business plan for a car service center from scratch, tell you about the stages of development and give an approximate calculation of payback.

Description of the car service project

You can really make money at a car service. Despite the high competition in the market, the demand for auto repair services remains high and continues to grow along with the growth of the car fleet in Russia.

You can get started in different formats; This car service business plan considers the idea of ​​opening a multifunctional car service center, which will offer a wide range of services, from repairs to washing. This will allow you to reach as many clients as possible and increase revenue.

It is necessary to warn that it is better to open this business for a person with experience in car services or with the support of such an expert.

The case will require rather large investments, more than 10 million rubles. You can implement a project by your own efforts or with the help of franchisors.

Relevance of auto repair business

The number of vehicles in Russia is growing every year. As of the beginning of 2021, the fleet of automotive vehicles in the country totaled almost 52 million units, 84% of which were passenger cars.

This directly affects the capacity of the car service market, because every car needs those. service. In value terms, the market capacity is about 600 billion rubles. in year. There is potential for further expansion due to the growth of the vehicle fleet and the deterioration of transport.

Your own car service can be an excellent source of high income, however, this will happen only if you approach the organization of your business responsibly and work on all the nuances. A business plan for opening a car service with calculations is the first thing that is worth studying on the way to opening an enterprise. Below you can study the business plan, which contains detailed recommendations for opening a service station.

Assessing Enterprise Benefits for Working with Machines

Someone may find a service station as a car service attractive, others, on the contrary, however, what can be said for sure - the enterprise has enough advantages and even those businessmen who have just started way. Among the advantages of a car service it is worth highlighting:

  • High demand. This type of entrepreneurial activity is always relevant due to the fact that the number of car service services is growing every day. Today, according to statistics, in large cities there is one car per family, more and more often a car is called a basic necessity.
  • Bad roads. Despite the fact that for motorists the condition of the roadbed in Russian cities is a significant drawback, for car service owners it is, oddly enough, a significant plus. Due to the fact that the condition of the road surface is poor, you will always have a steady stream of customers. According to experts, car owners use the services of a car service and service station about five times a year.
  • Long time using auto. The car market is wide - both new and used models are offered to buyers. There is no prejudice among domestic buyers about buying used cars. Old cars, although of good quality, need regular diagnostics and repairs.
  • Easy to do business. The owner of a company that provides services for the diagnosis and repair of cars does not need to have any special skills. The hired specialists will carry out the direct work, and the owner will continue to perform the management and administrative functions.
  • High business profitability. The investments made in starting a business will pay off in a short time - but this is only relevant if you manage the company competently and take care of attracting a constant stream of customers.
  • Possibility of forming the competitive advantages of your workshop. The fact that in the represented business sector there is rather high competition is true. However, this does not stop you from working on the factors that will set you apart from other companies and help form a large customer base.

For example, professional and qualified craftsmen can become an advantageous competitive advantage. Despite the fact that any city is full of service stations, there are very few really good specialists - that is why they are in special demand. Take the time to find really good employees, and when you do, make an effort to keep them.

Working out the list of offered services of the service station

To open a car service, just one desire is not enough: first, you need to think about and decide what services you are going to provide: their range is quite wide. Having decided on the niche that you are going to occupy, you will be able to answer other questions: what premises will be needed, equipment, how many employees, what will be the initial investment volume, and others.

Below are some of the most common types of service stations:

  • Specialized car workshops. This direction involves the repair of a certain brand of cars, perhaps even the official representation of the manufacturer. This direction will be most profitable if such a niche is not occupied in the city, that is, there is no official representative of the brand. By doing this, you immediately get an advantage - the owners of a car of this brand will turn to you.

Important: if you decide to take this path, you should be prepared for pitfalls: manufacturing companies have serious requirements for their representatives, so you have to try to fulfill them all - it's not easy.

  • Tire. As the name implies, these car workshops focus on tire-related services - replacement of summer and winter tires, wheel alignment, tire repair, wheel alignment. As a rule, such workshops never stand idle without customers, for the reason that low-quality roads are an honorable supplier of service consumers.

Important: if you decide to open a tire service, you can significantly save on equipment and premises - almost any building can be adapted for business needs. However, by giving preference to this option, you significantly reduce the flow of clients and the possible earnings. It is recommended to open tire shops with the prospect of expansion.

  • Car service for working with electronics.
  • Service station, the main direction of which is body work, which includes repair, straightening, painting, restoration, welding, etc.
  • Diagnostics and repair, full range of services. As a rule, at such service stations, masters troubleshoot problems with the chassis, suspension, engine, and many others. The most common type of auto repair shop. Unlike the three above, it covers a full list of services. This is the most profitable option, for the implementation of which you will need to hire several specialists of different profiles.

Opening your own car service is not an easy task. There are many nuances that you need to think about: from drawing up a business plan to registering with the Federal Tax Service and other organizational issues.

In the article we give a step-by-step plan for opening a car service station.

Service station types

Let's define the location and specialization of the auto repair service. You will need this information to draw up a business plan.

Conventionally, all service stations are divided into urban and suburban or road.

Roadways are located at gas stations or along the highway next to hotels. They usually have a narrow specialization, which is associated with minor repairs or tire fitting.

City car workshops are divided into several types:

Complex. These are full-fledged car services, which provide a full range of services, as well as a large selection of components and spare parts in the range.

Specialized. Such stations are "sharpened" for the provision of certain services at a lower cost than in conventional car services.

Certified. Service stations that repair certain brands of cars. They have a certificate from the manufacturer and in the assortment - a large selection of components and auto parts for specific car models.

Car service is a popular and demanded type of business. Despite the growing number of repair organizations, the demand for such services is constantly increasing, and the supply lags behind demand. Not a single entrepreneur from this segment complains about the lack of work. At the same time, entrepreneurs often make a number of mistakes due to ill-considered actions.

Performing thoughtful market analysis and calculating an appropriate development strategy early on can accelerate return on investment and increase profits. Aspiring entrepreneurs, not relying on their experience, use a ready-made car service business plan found on the Internet. This is a valid option, but will need to be adjusted to accommodate emerging circumstances or conditions. Therefore, it is more correct to do the calculations yourself.

It is not easy to draw up a business plan for a workshop. It is necessary to take into account the upcoming expenses, think over the working schedule, search for clients, advertising and other points. Let's consider the principle of drawing up a business plan using the example of a sample compiled for a standard service station:

Brief Investment Plan

Car service business plan with calculations gives a description and economic justification of the enterprise.

The purpose of the car service is to organize the repair of Russian or imported cars. In parallel with the basic direction, a cycle of auxiliary operations will be operated - a car wash, a guarded parking lot, a diagnostics department.

To ensure the normal operation of the divisions, a complex of a garage and technical premises combined with it will be required. Initial coverage - 150 vehicles being simultaneously serviced and repaired. It is difficult to find a ready-made garage, therefore, you will have to build a room according to your own project. You will need equipment, consumables, hiring personnel. The investment will be justified if the list of services covers all the needs of motorists:

  • engine and chassis repair;
  • body repair and painting;
  • tire fitting;
  • diagnostics.

In addition, it is necessary to provide for the expansion of the business, which will be required after reaching the design capacity.

Description of the business of the product or service

The business plan for opening a car service determines the direction and tasks that must be solved in the process of performing the work.

The purpose of creating a car service is to carry out repair and restoration work and maintenance of cars. The list of clients can include both private car owners and organizations that need repair facilities, but are not able to organize and maintain them.

Competent organization of work in the following directions will allow you to make a profit and reach the estimated performance:

Today, Russians operate mainly used vehicles that need regular repairs. As a rule, it is carried out in specialized workshops. A detailed business plan for a car service will help an entrepreneur to start his own business, calculate expenses and income, performance indicators and determine the approximate opening time.

Market analysis and target audience

Step-by-step instructions for starting a business

Necessary equipment and furniture

Business Relevance

The business idea of ​​opening a car service is promising, since the overwhelming majority of car owners prefer to use the services of organizations that carry out their repair and maintenance. People who buy a new car often go to private workshops rather than an official dealer. This is largely due to the fact that the service centers of car dealerships are unreasonably high price tags.

There are several types of auto services:

  • Repair services provided by individual craftsmen. Car service takes place in a garage or in a private house. There are many such specialists and their services for the consumer will be the least expensive. The quality of the work performed will not always be high, due to the lack of the necessary conditions for performing a number of operations and the necessary equipment.
  • Single car services. This is the most popular market segment. The main advantage of this business format is the perfect combination of service price and quality. Due to this, the demand for their services is quite high.
  • Specialized car services. Such establishments work with a focus on a particular brand of vehicle, which significantly reduces the number of their customers. The services provided are of high quality and targeted at a clear target group of motorists. The cost of the work performed is about 25 percent higher than that of single car services. Authorized repair services are usually owned by car manufacturers or large authorized dealers.
  • Networked service stations. They have a branch network in individual regions or cover the entire territory of the country. At the moment, network car repair shops are not very common in Russia. The most famous are: "White Service", "On Wheels. RU ”,“ Bosch Auto Service ”,“ Fit automaster ”,“ TRUCK CENTER ”,“ Tuning & Service ”.
  • A ready-made franchise business. You can use a franchise offer from FitService, BoschService or Wilgood.

The first two options for organizing the service require less initial investment. However, they face serious competition from larger market players. This problem is especially acute in big cities.

Select a field of activity

The scope of the car service may affect repairs:

  • motorcycle equipment;
  • passenger cars;
  • minibuses;
  • trucks up to 30 tons;
  • agricultural machinery.

The entrepreneur will have to decide which cars the service will specialize in. These can be vehicles from foreign manufacturers, domestic or both. According to statistics, the probability of breakdown of both types of machines is approximately the same.

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