Business presentation plan: clear and accessible

The executive summary and presentation are the parts of the business plan to which potential investors and lenders pay the most attention, as they are the summary of the final document.

Why presentation is important to business plan success

Not all entrepreneurs pay due attention to preparing a presentation for a business plan. This is mistake. The information presented on the slides is what investors pay the most attention to when they get acquainted with a business idea, so their development should not be left to chance.

It is important to understand for what purpose the presentation is being created. It should be remembered that it is being developed in order to convince the audience that the draft business plan for which the presentation was made will be profitable and worth investing in.

Business project presentation structure: main sections

Drawing up a presentation for a business plan begins with defining its structure, a sequence of slides. The following sections will be presented obligatory for consideration, in their logical order.

Company service (or its products)

First, you need to tell what product (service) will be manufactured. His photographs are placed on the slides. It focuses on what its strengths are. It is also worth mentioning the manufacturing technology, its uniqueness. If this is a product, not a service, they dwell in more detail on the materials: where they will be purchased, in what quantity, which suppliers offer the most favorable prices.

If a product or service is an innovation, you need to focus on this and explain what its essence is.

Basic information that is indicated on the slides is taken from the section of the business plan "Description of products (services)".

A business presentation is an advertising presentation of the company's activities in order to develop partnerships. Usually a business presentation is needed where the issue of obtaining investment or sponsorship is raised for the further development of the project.

Although a business presentation is a story about a business, it still needs to combine a grain of seriousness, artistry and marketing.

Therefore, in many ways, a business presentation is not just a report, it is the formation of interest and the transmission of your ideas. How well your performance will go will determine whether you can achieve the goal that you set before the performance.

How to Create a Business Presentation for a Startup

The ideal number of slides for a presentation should be approximately one slide for each section. If you want, you can add more slides so as not to overload the sheet with information and leave "air" on the slides.

Slides with a minimum of text look good when they have slogans or headings. Maximum you can add a small descriptive part. Therefore, you will not be able to read the slides, and you cannot do it.

You should also remember about the time. After all, a speech that is too long will look too long. To learn how to fit in time and not be afraid of performing on stage, you will have to practice several times before the performance!

Guy Kawasaki suggested the 10/20/30 Rule for presentations: use 10 slides, story for 20 minutes, and use 30 point font.

This is good advice to help you build laconic presentations and keep your thoughts flowing. However, if the topic calls for it, don't be afraid to go overboard and do more than 10 slides.

Business Business Presentation Plan

We offer you a universal business presentation plan with an approximate time estimate for presenting your project to potential investors. This outline is suitable for almost any topic and can also be used to present your product or service.

  • Introduction and welcome (30 seconds)
  • Company story (4 minutes)
  • What he does your company, main services and achievements;
  • Description of existing products or services;
  • What are the problems of potential target audience and how can your product or service meet the needs of consumers?
  • Tell us how competitive your product or service is in the market;
  • How do you intend to differentiate yourself (price, quality or service)?
  • Compare your product with competitors and highlight the advantages; <
  • What is the size of the market you are going to enter?
  • What is the growth potential of your market?

3. Industry analysis (1 minute)

I develop products in various fields.

In furniture, clothing, IT, consumer goods, etc.

I will work with some products for a long time, and I will launch some products once, mainly for a season for 2-4 months.

And to develop products and bring them on sale, I need money.

I attract investments for my ideas.

The full video is articles on YOUTUBE: HERE

I attract investments in rounds. Now is the first round and I offer very favorable conditions for investors.

Conditions for attracting investments

Attraction of investments on the terms of a loan means that I fully bear the risk. And regardless of whether the project fails or not, I will return the borrowed money to the investors. I conclude an agreement with investors, which has legal force, and in case of failure I guarantee to return the borrowed money.

Now I am raising an amount of up to 3 million rubles. and I invite investors to invest in my project.

Anyone can invest in my project with an amount of 10 thousand rubles or more.

I sign a contract for a year. Payments under the agreement will occur every month.

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that information should be presented in an accessible form, structured and of high quality. But it is not always possible or there is enough time to create a beautiful and creative presentation. Why use paid presentation templates?

  • Saving time - you no longer need to spend precious resources on a selection of images, themes and graphics;
  • Saving money - buying a presentation is much cheaper than hiring a specialist and pay him a salary;
  • Quality;
  • Reusable;
  • Choosing the theme you need for the project with all the additions;
  • Multitasking - with using a presentation, you can present any information easily and creatively and solve the problem;
  • Creative approach - qualified specialists have already worked on creating a universal presentation template for business.

Entorum PowerPoint Template - Business with flexible infographics

A template that's great for business presentations. It is available for use in four convenient resolutions: 16: 9; 4: 3; 16:10 and A4. With a choice of dark or light theme, any information will be presented in a winning light. You can also add values ​​to each graph for better clarity.

The main characteristics of the template:

  • more than 10 presentation slides;
  • 28+ infographic slides;
  • 5+ visual content slides;
  • 15+ slides for the provision of company services;
  • 17+ map slides;
  • more than 25 slides for content and story presentation;
  • the presence of vector icons.

PowerPoint Pitch Deck Template

A creative and bright template for the presentation of any business. It has everything and more. Specially designed colors, animations and graphics will help you present relevant information in the best possible way. Template characteristics:

  • over 210 unique slides for relevant data display;
  • a variety of icons in 24 categories: animals, arrows, creativity, buildings, business, Christmas, designer tools , training and others;
  • 17 color schemes;
  • more than 220 maps of all countries;
  • light version 16: 9;
  • folder with pictures;
  • the ability to bring details closer and present the main problems;
  • animations and effects.

Every - Minimal PowerPoint Template

Business presentation is an indispensable tool for communication of most organizations with their partners and clients. It allows you to visually convey important information about a company or product and to motivate the audience to take action. Here we will talk and show you the features of creating business presentations from Artrange Digital.

Aims and objectives of the article

I have been working for many years at an agency that creates several hundred business presentations a year around the world. And in this article I would like to share my tools and methods for creating such business presentations as investment project presentations (Pitch decks), commercial proposals, sponsorship packages, sales presentations and more. I will try to demonstrate all techniques with examples.

Important: in this article you will not find general information about creating presentations, as well as the various platforms on which you can theoretically create presentations. It assumes you have basic PowerPoint or Keynote skills.

Business presentation for reading and how it differs from presentation for speech

I want to emphasize one important point that has motivated me to write this article: business presentation for reading and presentation for public speaking are two completely different types of presentations.

  • Export format. Wherever you create your business presentation, its optimal export format will be PDF, so that your customers can read it from any device, including a phone. A presentation for a speech can have a wider range of formats because the speaker himself monitors and adjusts the screen. I personally use Prezi rather than PowerPoint when creating presentations for my speech.
Conclusion: You can treat business presentations as documents or reports with a key proposal, which were not designed in Word, but in PowerPoint. I think it's not a secret for anyone that this is happening due to the acceleration of time in our digital world, and more and more often we have to use a visual method of communication with customers and partners.

useful tips and techniques for creating business presentations

Use interactive navigation

In PowerPoint, you can insert icons or shapes on the side of a slide and make them hyperlinks to other slides. This is a very good solution for presentations up to 10 slides. Good navigation with icons solves two problems: it allows readers to quickly jump to the desired section and helps to understand where you are in the presentation.

Important: if you are using navigation, you do not need to number the slides - just on each slide, highlight the item in the navigation where the reader is currently located. I am attaching interesting examples of this technique from the Artrange cases.

Practical example of dot navigation at the bottom of a slide

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