Business plan for opening a plumbing store

In order to start a new business, you need to think carefully: will there be demand for the goods and services offered. It is believed that a niche should be sought in those industries where there is a stable growth perspective, for example, in housing construction. “The Ministry of Regional Development plans to commission about 70 million square meters this year,” says Vasily Prorva, an expert at the Busines-сhildren analytical bureau. - The government plans to increase the volume of housing commissioning by 2021 to 90 million "squares". It can be assumed that all contractors of construction companies will be in demand, including those who specialize in the installation of heating and water supply systems. "

With the introduction of new in-house pipeline systems, the outrunning demand will be for services for their repair. Such a forecast is given by analytical services of commercial structures that sell pipeline fittings for water supply, sewerage and heating networks. That is why sellers are planning a 15-18% annual increase in purchases of polypropylene pipes and sanitary accessories. All this gives grounds to assert that assembly startups have every chance of successfully entering the construction market.

Where to start?

The legal difficulties of registering an installation company lie only in its status, since the choice between an individual entrepreneur and an LLC has its pros and cons. The former have fewer problems with bookkeeping and a simpler tax base, but higher personal responsibility for obligations, up to personal property. LLC's liability is limited by its authorized capital, but it will have to maintain full-fledged accounting and participate in self-regulatory construction organizations, deducting a one-time 300 thousand upon joining and 60 thousand rubles of annual membership fees.

But the biggest problem with editing startups during their formation lies in the personnel issue. “Finding workers is both easy and difficult,” says Sergei Naumov, head of the construction department. - If the installation of external piping systems prevails, then the key skill here is working with butt welding extruders and with electro-hydraulic welding machines for welding pipes and fittings in main pipelines. Inside the house, the requirements are simpler: you need to have experience with a machine for welding plastic pipes. " However, the process of teaching newcomers to more experienced specialists, as a rule, does not present big problems. In two or three months any responsible "student" will become a professional.

What tools to equip installers with

Experts say that labor productivity and the quality of installation of the pipeline system depends a lot on what plumbers are "armed" with. If in Soviet times their professional equipment often consisted of a set of keys, sanitary flax and gaskets made of technical rubber, now electro-hydraulic press guns, pipe benders, die sets for cutting threads on pipes for various purposes and so on are used. “For an installation startup to be successful, it is necessary to choose the right tools for workers,” says Igor Pustovalov. “Otherwise, repairs at one object may be delayed, which is fraught, first of all, with image losses.”

Previously, an installer always had a hacksaw for metal or a "grinder" in his arsenal. In reality, these are very inconvenient tools in an apartment environment, since the pipes are close to the wall, and furniture is placed around. Experience has shown that a hand or electric pipe cutter is a good helper in this matter. You will also need a set of klups, and even better - electroklupps. “Besides, mounting on press fittings has been gaining popularity recently,” Igor Pustovalov shares his experience. - It is produced with an electro-hydraulic press gun or manual press jaws. This method of connecting pipes is simple and reliable, and, most importantly, it significantly increases productivity. "

What the installers are talking about

Experienced specialists shared their professional secrets with the journalist Еquipnet. u, in particular, indicated the cost of tool kits for different types of repairs. “If we are talking about standard apartment repairs associated with eliminating leaks and blockages of pipes with a diameter of up to 50 mm, as well as replacing cranes and various gaskets, then the optimal arsenal of tools is estimated at up to 60 thousand rubles,” says Viktoria Sinelnikova, director of the power tools store. - But for work in apartment buildings for a complete set for the installation of heating and water supply from polypropylene, metal-plastic and copper pipes will have to pay about 170 thousand rubles.

Plumbing products are considered one of the most demanded, therefore, opening a plumbing store means counting on constantly growing profits and a continuous flow of customers. High-quality goods in this area are required by many, and their cost is constantly growing.

Initial stages in the plumbing business

  • Rospotrebnadzor's paper giving permission to organize the workflow;
  • an agreement obligating the disposal of mercury lamps;
  • conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological station; <
  • an agreement on disinfecting measures for transport transporting products sold;
  • an agreement on the removal of various garbage, including solid waste.

After completing all the formalities for creating a business from scratch, you need to decide on the assortment, the territorial location of the store, suppliers who are able to regularly provide goods with high quality indicators. For maximum efficiency of actions, the agreement is concluded directly with the manufacturer of plumbing. If it is planned to sell products of foreign manufacture, then the contract should be concluded with organizations directly related to the foreign manufacturer.

Transportation will take longer, costs will increase significantly, but as a result, the product will be of better quality and in demand.

Shop assortment

  • water heaters,
  • accessories and various furniture for the bathroom;
  • heating radiators;
  • mixers, accessories for sinks, bathtubs;
  • hoses, gaskets;
  • baths made of acrylic and cast iron;
  • toilets;
  • heating and water supply systems ( pipes, clamps, etc.);
  • shower cabins;
  • mirrors.

The main thing in the store is the variety of types and materials. Pipes should be selected from polyethylene, metal, pvc. Mixers should be presented with both budget options and expensive ones.

Kitchen sinks, hoses for washing machines and dishwashers, heaters are desirable for sale.

Nuances of business

The area of ​​the premises must be at least 60 sq. m. Its approximate cost is equal to the interval from 50,000 to 100,000 rubles. It is better to think about renting a place in a large shopping center in advance, since you will have to pay more for such a room.

The ideal location for a store is a residential area with many new buildings. By building a business in such a place, you can significantly save on rent and attract regular customers. It is important to be responsible when hiring personnel, as competent salespeople are the key to the success of high sales.

Options for opening a store

Plumbing has always been in great demand in the Russian markets. Therefore, it is always very profitable to open a business in this direction. The most popular directions: provide plumbing services or open your own store.

Content of the article:

To start a plumbing business, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur. Then you can collect the package of documents required to open the store. Here is a list of documents:

  • SES conclusion;
  • Rospotrebnadzor permit for trading activities;
  • production inspection program;
  • agreement on garbage removal;
  • agreement on cleaning ventilation;
  • agreement on professional cleaning in the premises;
  • agreement on disinfection of cars.

Opening our own plumbing store

The plumbing store is focused on selling plumbing products. Clients are provided with advice on selection, delivery services and installation work.

The main products of the company:

  • bath and shower sets,
  • faucets,
  • shower program,
  • washbasins and sinks, <
  • bathroom furniture,
  • toilet bowls,
  • hygiene systems,
  • overhead shower,
  • hydromassage systems, <
  • acrylic bathtubs,
  • steel, cast iron bathtubs,
  • siphons and drains,
  • installation systems,
  • showers cabins,
  • shower trays,
  • bidets,
  • urinals,
  • inset washbasins,
  • plumbing accessories ...

In the assortment of the store, you can use finishing materials for the toilet and bathroom. It is necessary to lure buyers with low markups, quality, exclusivity of goods.

Production capacity:

  • a retail space of approximately 100 m2, a warehouse of approximately 35 m2.
  • transport GAZ 3310 1999.

The sales area of ​​the plumbing store should be fairly free, with a bathroom and a warehouse. It is best to look for retail space near new buildings or on noisy streets with a lot of pedestrian traffic. It is good if the urban population with a sufficiently high level of income prevails.

Plumbing goods are quite large, for their placement will require an area of ​​at least 100m². Since many of the products are quite large, the future plumbing business needs convenient access roads and a place for parking trucks. Equip the store premises with a fire alarm and video surveillance system.

Investments: 70,000-100,000 rubles

Payback: from 3 to 12 months

If you are seriously thinking about starting your own business, this article will help. It is no secret that today there is a range of services that are always in demand. In particular, plumbing. Think how many houses and apartments there are in the city. Typically, any living space has plumbing that needs maintenance. But only a few owners are able to repair it on their own. Therefore, the services of a professional plumber are needed constantly.

Business Concept

It is already clear that the business is in the provision of plumbing services. Clients are ordinary people. The range of plumbing services can be different:

  • installation of hot and cold water supply units;
  • installation of plumbing fixtures;
  • installation of a sewerage and heating system;
  • connection of household appliances.

The client only needs to make a call and agree on the arrival time of the master. You, as a representative of the company, need to accept the order and arrange the departure.

At the initial stage, you should not issue huge invoices for services, this will scare off a potential client. In addition, you can earn more due to the availability and efficiency of the provision of plumbing assistance. Thanks to this, you will gain the trust of the client, who in turn will make you "free advertising".

Implementation Requirements

First, decide if you will have your own office. Your own workspace will be a plus for your business, but it will require additional expenses. If the starting capital is small, then it is better not to think about it yet.

It is important to find a specialist who will provide plumbing services. It is even better if there are several masters. Thus, they will be able to fulfill several orders at the same time, multiplying your profit. It should be understood that high-quality craftsmen work only with the appropriate level of payment.

It is necessary to fully provide the master with the necessary tools, as well as, if possible, branded workwear. The client is pleased to see the master, who is neatly dressed and comes with “full equipment”.

Also at the initial stages, you will need the services of advertising agencies. They will be able to design branded flyers and posters. Advertising should be concise and describe all the advantages of the company's services in comparison with competitors. It can be a high-quality and cheap service, a large number of craftsmen. Initial advertising is best placed in newspapers and on the Internet, where the cost is low.

Plumbing is a relevant and profitable direction for starting your own business. People regularly make repairs, change the bathtub, toilet bowl, sink, not counting the cost of consumables, which are required much more often. Choosing this field of activity, an entrepreneur must study all the pros and cons, analyze the target audience and competitors, based on the potential location of the outlet. A business plan for a plumbing store is a prerequisite for a successful start of a project and an early payback.

Description of the project, goals and objectives, relevance of the idea

The goal is to open a plumbing store with an area of ​​80 sq. m. in a city with a population of 300 thousand people.

Tasks - meeting the demand of a wide audience, based on the analysis of the market and products in demand.

Implementation - own funds, search for a partner or sponsor.

Plumbing equipment is as essential a commodity as clothing, shoes and even socially significant products. It is unlikely that any of the people will save money, just not to replace a leaking faucet, a burst toilet or a bath. There will be money for these purposes in any case, even if you have to borrow it or get a loan.

Dilapidated and outdated plumbing also does not stay in apartments for a long time, although it does not change so quickly. In any case, the nearest repair will not be complete without buying new equipment.

The relevance of a plumbing store is that these are almost essential goods, without which a comfortable life in a cozy home is instantly disrupted.

The entrepreneur's goal is to supply buyers with inexpensive and high-quality sanitary ware. This increases the turnover, which means that it shortens the payback time of the project and the return to net profit.

Help: when choosing a business direction, it is worth considering the same relevance of cheap and expensive products. To expand the target audience, you can combine both niches in one outlet or focus on one thing.

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